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  1. cobfly

    Dog fighting

    Some people need killed. I don't think the Great Spirit would be too pissed if you swapped the life of an a$$hole for the life of a pure animal.
  2. If you have more than enough, then you are sure to have plenty.
  3. Lemonade out of lemons.
  4. cobfly

    Animal theft

    Apples/oranges. Dogs/cats.
  5. There are more things to worry about than the covid. To each his own on the vax.
  6. I have killed many lions with a 22mag. The gun of choice for hound hunters in my area.
  7. cobfly

    Animal theft

    My hope is, if I do not find the prick in this life, when I go to the hereafter, God says to me, "The guy that stole your dog is over there. We are still sorting the herd, so why don't you take him off the ridge, down by that big juniper tree and have at it. Vengeance is yours with my consent."
  8. cobfly

    Animal theft

    Stealing a dog, is akin to taking a child. I am on the hunt. Beware the person that has him in possession and does not give him up, when they know better.
  9. Nobody ever died broke from being a giving person.
  10. This is my therapy. I've crawled outta a couple holes because of this forum! Thanks to all and especially to the people that run it.
  11. cobfly

    South paws

    only when I throw an empty Pabst in the air to shoot at.
  12. They are taking swigs out of my half full glass. She's gettin toward empty. Keep your powder dry boys!
  13. I would much rather be locked in my garage with a cow overnight, than a running vehicle. These people are wacked out.
  14. I resemble that remark.
  15. I like my mountain coach. Everything is within two steps when you are in side. Only good for 2-3 people though.
  16. Majority of airbags, outsourced. Global corporations.
  17. There is good in all bad, if someone is willing stand up. I will cry now.
  18. I have lost count of the dogs and horses buried on my place. Sucks the big wahzoo. I thank the Great Spirit I have known so many, to console myself. I will see them on the other side.
  19. In Idaho, you can shoot at any hour, some things are restricted to daylight, some can be hunted with a spotlight or enhanced scope. The discharge of a firearm is only restricted for certain game, with certain hours. Other than that, shoot away!
  20. cobfly

    Heavenly Father

    The key is, almost all Christian denominations believe in a second coming, because the world has gone to crap. What matters is, will you be complicit, or stand against it. That is what will matter in the hereafter. It will happen. Choose wisely.
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