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  1. Cows just wanna have fun!
  2. State lines have been moved many times. Not like creating a new state. According to the greater Idaho website, they say the state of Oregon is okay with the idea, to get rid of the thorns in their side. Idaho seems okay with it too. We'll see.
  3. The continental divide country of the northern rockies. Stay off the interstate. Lots to see.
  4. I live in regular Idaho. I would be okay with them joining. They have more in common with us than the Willamette watershed. Plus we could use some more conservative minded people to be a firewall against the influx of newcomers that are not conservative minded. I am using conservative as an adjective, not a noun, so as not to get poofed.
  5. The key is to stay out of the hospital, ivermectin for me.
  6. Ruger picked up Marlin from the Remington bankruptcy. Will be American made, with respect to the brand. Have a friend with Rossi levers, and Henry's. He says the Rossi seems smoother. From what I understand, Rossi got a lot of the Colt tooling. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. I just bought a Lee 90472 on Ebay. 50 cal minie for a rifle. My .457's are sweet in the Ruger revolver. Closer to a 44 mag than a 45 long colt.
  8. Lincoln 210 mp. Good all around welder for non production.
  9. Lyman Great Plains Hunter. 1/32 twist. 120 grains fff, 415 grain minie. 200 yard gun for muleys, 150 for elk. 1800 fps .
  10. Gotta like the littles.
  11. Brrrrrrrrr! No I am just getting used to warm beer, incase the windmills freeze up. We have a few in Idaho.
  12. When I am not moving snow, I am casting soft black powder bullets. Did about 100, 415 grain, .54 Cal minies for the rifle, no pics. Then these 220 grain solid base, hollow points for the Ruger old army cap and ball. Have a new mold coming for .50 minies.
  13. These are 7ft tall. Constant motion last 10 days. Ready for a thaw, not me, the piles.
  14. Funerals suck. Hug who is left.
  15. cobfly


    I have thought about inviting a gay guy to my house, let him use the $hitter, and see if it swirls opposite of my flush. Okay, back to fencing.?
  16. cobfly


    True. It was just for a reference. The best thing to do is pull the statutes, and proceed accordingly.
  17. Cross your t's, dot your I's, in writing, and notarized, preferably with an attorney.
  18. cobfly


    In Idaho, it is the left half from center as you face it.
  19. Welcome to ****!?
  20. Well, maybe I should have said, "$hitter". And no worms. I was concerned, because I am a kinda skinny guy, and I did not want to become fat, whilst I saved myself from the plague.
  21. Plus it is fun to look in the toilet to check for worms!
  22. I beg to differ. My sr9c is 10+1 , with a 17 round mag that came with it. So that is 10+1 or 17+1 with the extension sleeve.
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