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  1. Welcome to ****!?
  2. Well, maybe I should have said, "$hitter". And no worms. I was concerned, because I am a kinda skinny guy, and I did not want to become fat, whilst I saved myself from the plague.
  3. Plus it is fun to look in the toilet to check for worms!
  4. I beg to differ. My sr9c is 10+1 , with a 17 round mag that came with it. So that is 10+1 or 17+1 with the extension sleeve.
  5. The thing I like about Ruger, service after the sale is second to none. A phone call and parts are in the mail. Generally free. They back their products.
  6. Ruger sr9c. My daily carry. I like the thumb safety. I like to carry hot.
  7. It was a fine day. After they fitted my new teeth in wax to me, which felt like a new glove in my mouth, they worked my wife in for a fix. I had 45 minutes to kill, so I went to the farm store near by and I'll be damned, I got the last box of 9's they had on the shelf. Then I went down the road and bought two tins of cci #11 percussion caps. Picked the ole hide up after they floated her teeth and went to a mexican joint and ate a chile verde and had a XX amber and went home. A fine day. Later my SIL came by with a box of Pabst, a can of chew and a brand new mag for the pmr 30 as a present. I a
  8. Ah, you guys are funny sob's, and I'm not being sarcastic. Keep your eyes peeled for Jap 7.7. I will love you long time.
  9. Thanks, headed to town for a dental date with the wife. Permanent dentures for me, cracked tooth for the wife. Happy times.
  10. If you took a whore home, whose business is a felony, would that be felony theft?
  11. Black gorilla tape on edges helps.
  12. Part-time is just that, full-time is just that. Part time is how much you can stand to lose, full time is hoping to make money.
  13. I am set, I just want to keep familiar with my weapons without breaking the bank.
  14. Hit and miss where I live. Not frightful, but concerning. Depends on the caliber and day of week.
  15. Big difference between curing for storage and curing for flavor.
  16. Woods are good. They tend to humble you.
  17. Do not fish for sport, although it is fun. Just like I hunt, do it for the meat.
  18. I was working another 12 hour shift, 7 days a week. Did not know anything until I got home.
  19. It's more fun than shooting with enemies.
  20. Count your ammo, clean your weapons. After much looking, scouting and rehydrating, I have found and organized all my ammo. Funny how it can find homes in funny places. Gun safe had some, air compressor room had some in military ammo cans, mountain coach was a real surprise. Excitement was great so I cleaned all my weapons. A good surprise was an ammo can with powder, bullets, brass and dies. About 20 years back thought I might get into reloading, did not. Found 3lbs of IMR 4831, 200 once shot brass in .308, 100 Nosler 30 cal. partitions, 150 grain, 4 lbs black powder and 200 caps. Called my fr
  21. Perhaps ran into my cowboy friend spending his free government money in Costa Rica, on hookers and blow. You get more bang for the buck down there.
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