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  1. Thats interesting. He showed me the shaft and I didn't see splines, so it must have been updated. It's a higher hour tractor (8000+) and looked like it was used hard when we got it years ago. We had the rear end rebuilt and the clutches done during the time we had it. It only pulls a 15' drill, 2 row chopper, and some gravity boxes, so it doesn't get worked that hard anymore. Hopefully that's the last time it needs to be split.
  2. Just got my tractor back from the dealer. They had to split it and found the middle gear on the counter shaft had sheared from the keyway and was spinning freely. They put a used counter shaft in and it seems to be fine. I guess gears 2,4, and 5 all use that middle gear when engaged. Wasn't too bad of a bill, was expecting to be more. They said they have never replaced a counter shaft before, so I guess it's not too common.
  3. Still no luck. The sentry light flashes when the tractor starts, but does not come on when it is in gear but not moving. 1) I switched the pressure sensors - no change 2) I tried a test harness instead of the sentry - no change 3) I'm getting 250# of pressure at each pressure sensor in each gear whether it moves or not. Still moves in 1st, 3rd, and 6th. Not in 2nd, 4th, or 5th. I'm not sure how the gearing works internally, but I'm thinking it has to be inside.
  4. Wouldn't go in 2 or 4, so I thought maybe the solenoid on the high side went bad. I was surprised to have 6 gear, but not 5. Anyone else ever have that happen? I thinking it's going to need to be split to diagnose.
  5. No seals are left on mine. The new spacer has sealing rings that look like piston rings, so I think I have the wrong spacer.
  6. My spacer looks like it was part of the turbo and broke off. Did they make turbos with extensions that didn't require the spacer?
  7. On my 5288, the spacer is loose and the exhaust leaks like crazy. I bought a new spacer, but it's too short. What it wrong? Turbo, spacer, muffler eliminator?
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