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  1. Recoil is fine, little stiff to rack.
  2. That is what my wife packs in the winter, lcp in butt pack in summer.
  3. cobfly

    Marvin Russell

    Sometimes it's heaven, sometimes it's ****, sometimes I don't even know. I guess kick the turds out of the trail and keep trudging. Happier new year!
  4. Kisch bull would make them all seem dead. Foundation ABBA.
  5. In my three month quest for info on ivermectin for covid, I landed on a website called,https://www.thailandmedical.news/articles/news. They do some bashing on Trump and western medicine, but also share scientific info from around the world that you won't see anywhere else. Worth a look.
  6. I am not scared of dying, however, I am concerned about living miserabley.
  7. Don't forget the ivermectin just in case! Box of beer, some wormer, good to go! Merry Christmas!
  8. That is a fine lookin' outfit. Merry Christmas.
  9. I will lead the charge!
  10. That is what big pharma and the wealthy that back them are scared of. Therapeutics that work, are cheap and plentiful and well tested = no trillions for them.
  11. I always thought the water on the Weiser river tasted funny.
  12. Not when you drink the minies, like on the seat of my sled.☺️
  13. In a pinch, you can take a break and go have fun.
  14. I made it through the 70's, and only got the clap once. Oughtta be able to get through this. Penicillin then, ivermectin now. Wahoo!
  15. Some Bob Blackwood's and a snaffle bit, you can cover some ground!
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