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  1. It applies to yesterday. I will barter all vowels for a brick of maxi-mags.
  2. All are right, all are wrong.
  3. It is what I did in the shop, wife did it in the house.
  4. Close, but no cigar.
  5. Spray and pray. That is my motto.
  6. Where's the beer fridge?
  7. no, but you can trade 100 rds 22 win mag for one.
  8. Hint: both Y's equal "your"
  9. Legalities aside, it seems you like this feller. Generally an amputation from a leg being sick as opposed to an injury, has a less chance of a great outcome, according to my surgeon. That is where extra will comes in. I was in my first leg at 8 weeks. I still had a big open wound about the size of two silver dollars because there was not enough hide to accommodate the optimum whack. I was pissed and in good shape and told the doc and leg guys if I could heal a wire cut horse in a muddy pen, I could take care of my leg. They performed the hurdle on me, similar to the Ertyl, aka fusing the
  10. C.Y.A. C.Y.W. From a simple man, me.
  11. I am a left bk amp. 14 years now. I will try to elaborate later tonight.
  12. "Sometimes it's heaven, sometimes it's ****. Sometimes I don't even know."
  13. I know I would not like to be a moderator, I can barely moderate myself, let alone a couple hundred more.
  14. Not coincidence, it is a prophilaxis. Not a cure all, just a mitigater.
  15. Blake's wife to be, might be worth a look.
  16. Which outta here?
  17. I too am glad. There is no room for hate and discontent on an otherwise decent forum. Differences of opinion is one thing, name calling a whole other ball game. Thanks B.J.
  18. super vhs. It was vhs format with a higher res.
  19. I still have a svhs camcorder that still works. Do not use it anymore.
  20. cobfly


    You are a good and decent man Finney. I applaud you.
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