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  1. mader656

    Winter wood supply.

    5+ suppliers for the county of 10,000 with some having natural gas....lots of competion.
  2. mader656

    Winter wood supply.

    Do you own your tank? When your not a held hostage the price at the same place is cheaper..
  3. mader656

    Winter wood supply.

    Holy cow your getting raped on propane Right around .89 in the mid summer delivered...
  4. mader656

    Winter wood supply.

    Propane was 1.17 dollar for summer fill this September. Not sure about heating oil but red dye number 2 was around 2.60 at the same time. Number one is higher...
  5. mader656

    Winter wood supply.

    My 5 and 7 year old can haul it up stairs. To the wood stove..
  6. mader656

    Winter wood supply.

    Haha Own your tank yup the 800 a tank was a fee years ago long paid for...freind in PA had a lease tank 4 a gallon when i was .89 I want a second 500 for a once a year fill in last year's eternal winter there was more than one person who ran out in the blizzard. One fellow in particular had a half mile of drifts to plow thru to get propane. It only my backup heat, water heater and dryer. Being off grid wood heat is nice as it does not use any electric. My ultimate goal is a outdoor boiler to heat barn and house. 2 or three grain bins for wood storage and a ear corn elevator to load them... All arraigned around the boiler so it's easy to load some power will be used but worth it in my opinion.
  7. mader656

    Believe it or not, you know who this is

    Can't be the first picture was color....
  8. mader656

    Verizon 3G cell phones

    Funny verizon is by far the best here...
  9. mader656

    Will we ever see another IH tractor/equipment?

    2031 when case IH can do a 200th anniversary of the reaper... Since the mccormick name is out it'll be IH reaper.
  10. mader656

    fencing pictures

    About 4 more hole to dig before it goes back to winter Friday then the worst of this project should be over...
  11. mader656

    Farming low ground

    Subterranean drainage pipe
  12. mader656

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    It's a 39 in my part of Montana should hit 50 today.
  13. mader656

    On this date.

    That's cold anytime of the year.
  14. mader656

    fencing pictures

    I really need to put a remove your (insert long litany of swear words here) wind chime clause in contracts I can't stand them more fencing in snow and mud today just the right consistency to stick to boots and the tall grass acts like rebar. Trying to beat the next freeze.
  15. mader656

    On this date.

    Most I've seen in 24 hours is 40 above to 28 below and back to 40 when the chinnock hit.