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  1. mader656

    Gps question? Kinda interested in this one seems good but guessing foreign. To my limited knowledge it seems like a complete system for under 300 it uses phone for screen.
  2. mader656

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    My condolences and are you getting it engraved?
  3. mader656

    Gps question?

    Yeah but looking for a affordable way to do so. Yes transets work but looking for efficiency. And one man.
  4. mader656

    Gps question?

    Is there a affordable way to plot a accurate AB line when both end points can't be seen. A wire works when you can see the whole thing but not on rolling hills. (For fence layout) Ideally looking for sub inch. The good survey grade gps is out of my price range. Some kind of stripped down but accurate light bar or app maybe?
  5. mader656

    Do you Gnuse?

    Nope. Because payloader.
  6. mader656

    Combination rear light - 340

    In or out of the ground?
  7. mader656

    Rain and snow melt take out Spencer Dam

    How much water did the dam hold back? Devastating storm.
  8. mader656

    wiper blade refills

    I get 4 months average per set usually a set in may, it's doesn't rain much till October, a set then. April aka mid mud season
  9. mader656

    Runner where abouts

    His profile says he visited 20 hours ago.
  10. mader656

    Special Request

    I think this was it
  11. mader656

    How windy is it?

    Valier mt
  12. mader656

    fencing pictures

    Got about 2 hours to Finnish transmission install in the suburban. If old plastic would stop breaking I would have been done finally getting close... I'm sure glad my friend volunteered his vehicle lift and a little time made life so easier. Should hit 55 next week 2 feet of snow on the ground lots of frost means tons of runoff, lots of ice on the river too... So apologies to all those along the Missouri River down stream...water is coming... 60 homes down in red lodge water lines froze up..