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  1. Tractor should fit task at hand
  2. Mine is a 1 inch 2000 psi hose. Pro tip a big valve on the return line. Makes less mess... I've wondered about getting the filter cover tapped...
  3. On my 656 i run it in the dipstick hole, a 3/4 pipe fits with a lot of grinding... you need the fastest return for hardest hit.
  4. mader,

     Need some info. Gonna have to drive some 2-7/8" pipe. Guy wants 2-7/8" pipe post and 2-7/8" top rail and 4 cables below that. Will the hand held gas driver you use do this???

  5. My 656 the bolt broke and a caught it half way out. I got lucky. Glad no-one got hurt.
  6. I hate shavers holder doesn't keep them straight ive got a plan to fix that just need warmth to work outside....
  7. Well I had the 100 foot tape in the tractor was going to get string on the way but forgot my wallet...so I improvised...
  8. Up and going... I did not realize the amount of drag that had with the worn parts....sure hits faster and harder... Not sold on the offset yet I can see a little better but needs a counter weight. I think a couple 100s would do it...
  9. More like 2,000 posts... Its a violent, mildly suicidal machine, with that much force something is going to give....thanks This was a learning process so far the bigest thing I've learned is invest in a paint gun for better results....and don't wait so long to rebuild....
  10. Well it's not IH, so I doubt it. it was red I went with cheap rustuleum red cause it gets stratched.
  11. Last couple evenings and this morning assembled machine, replaced all lockwashers, washers, the blocks that the hammer rides on and a few more parts.... Also I've set the driver on the mount in hope of being able to see what I am doing...moved it back 3 inches so I can use the window... We will see how that works out....
  12. My post driver has been in need of some love for the last year... Finally had time Before it had issues with pins this set up the chain of events. Going under the knife Getting apart It was a pain to get that one 1 inch lock nut off Some of the Wear Currently getting the rattlecan why do I get work right in middle of the project... Had to straighten some stuff... Broken press
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