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  1. Does existing count as threatening in your book too.
  2. Had one in the water heater closet (outside acres) of the trailer I grew up in at 8 or so... Only one I've seen.
  3. Agreed. 12 kill them all.
  4. For perspective I think the front vertical cutting edge on the ctl is 4 inches. Ish I'll confirm later.
  5. Reminds about little Johnny, the older kids would pick on him daily and offer him a dime or a nickel, he'd always take the nickel went on from the early in the shcool year till round Easter the teacher took him aside and said "Those boys are making fun of you, you know that right?" To which Johnny replied but if i get the dime, they will stop and I've made $20 bucks.
  6. I'm even smarter than that. I did ask mil if she knew how to use a broom when she visited.... She did 6 laps flying before she landed.
  7. Always fun when you can't get to the fence with a motor the work adds up.
  8. Made it to Michigan. Saw dad yesterday, it's moving fast. Lost most speech ability and losing memories. I'm ok I think, I know where he's going, know it won't be long, and know the shell isn't him. Gonna be hard few weeks. But on the positive note some friends let us stay in extra bedrooms so we have a happy place to stay.
  9. It was a 4 cylinder didn't look that close but the pickup was local so hopefully not going far. Car had vanity plates without county number...
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