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  1. Forum issues

    Same here had to make a new bookmark.
  2. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    As much As the 18 figure is touted in the lieberal media it's easy to understand why it is misconstrewed as fact... I only knew cause it seems high so I researched...
  3. New joke

    Your going to be waiting a long time...
  4. Opinions wanted on t post fencing Link to videos
  5. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    The 18 figure is highly skewed if a gun went off or bullet landed in a school or on grounds they count it Number includes Suicide in parking lot after hours at a closed school. Among other things The number of actual school shootings this year is 3...still 3 to high but much less than 18.
  6. I saw this at a trade show it's a t post staple so wire can slide on a post like it does on a wood post The question is standard clip or this end user cost would be about 75 cents a post higher or 250 dollars a mile higher maintenance/stretching would be faster. The wire is pretty strong you can't bend without pliars... Would you pay the extra cost? To save time down the road when maintenance is needed? I'll get a picture on a post later this morning...
  7. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    I still think a hydro needs to be on the list...
  8. Pretty polish

    Haven't bent this one so no grinding yet don't really care to test it out and gouge it...its got a few scratches but very shallow. Back is still mostly painted...
  9. Pretty polish

    It's not stainless it's got. Some surface rust on the back side...
  10. Pretty polish

    I guess it's a servis not rhino...I'm guessing its the same iron as plow shares not cheap iron like today's cheap blades...
  11. Pretty polish

    This old rhino blade I've got sure rolls snow off nice.... Wonder what the difference in metals is between it and the other blades I've stays shiny too doesn't rust...
  12. Tractor hauling in the winter/salt spray

    Wrap it in saran wrap....might miss the tires and rims but should be fairly easy to clean those plus no tarp flapping against it...
  13. Truck titling - are there any options?

    The new drw ton trucks are in the 30,000 trailer range...
  14. Are these still used?

    I brazed the steering line on my 656 when it rotted out...when a weld shop could not...just had to braze more than the shop did...haven't been able to brass since...
  15. Forum issues

    For a few months terrible last 2 days. Just got it when I went to post this