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  1. Little snow party to end my time at montana dept of transportation this week 44 inches of snow. Hauled snow with 5 payloaders 30 trucks 2 mounted snow blowers and a road grader for 11 hours today
  2. Pretty sweet looking facility. About to start 2400 feet of 5 rail pipe myself. Ill cope the runners tho but thats personal preference.
  3. No pictures today, new experience helping out the district next to us (red lodge) they had a terrible day, 2 (out of 4)stuck plows, stuck semi wrecker, and 2 feet of snow. Talk of bringing the 844 loader out to open up the road. So we picked up some of there roads. I did one that was 2 feet and that was a experience it was all down hill 7th gear floored and just holding 20-25. I was glad i was opening the road downhill, im not sure it would have opened it up hill. Also lost the flex tube on the 97 volvo plow truck 17 miles from the shop...that was loud. Big fancy tow plow lost the computer so couldn't sand with it too... o well tomorrow is another day.
  4. Wife took this inside the house.
  5. Not bad for phone picks
  6. Hits close to home ive spent to many hours on the side of i90 this winter... gotta keep your head on a swivel. Today we were working in the exact same spotva tow truck driver was killed 2 years ago it was kinda eary. Im am of the opinion that tickets should be commission based in work zones, And only work zones. It would keep hwy patrol in the zone.
  7. Samsung camera is best just saying first 2 picture are from the exact same spot 3rd was 200 feet away
  8. Odd man out here but if you want a camera you just cant beat samsung s23 ultra something about that 200 mega pixal and 100 x zoom thats hard to beat. Good smooth os and gois storage.
  9. No issues running out of battery here with 50ah plus of batteries. A6 regular chargers and 2 rapid chargers its safe to say i dont have that issue. Ive got lots of high demand tools, the 60v Sawzall and grinder out perform the corded version. But get 3-4 5 amp batteries and a couple fast chargers and you will keep up.
  10. Well today was a experience i never care to repeat. Plowing down i90 west of town headed east its a good 6% and i had forgotten the mechanic and installed the jake brake switch upside down so up was off and full was down. Oposite well i had reached over and turned off the jake or so i thought well i turned it to full. And really started sliding. I kept it under control, however there is no experience quite like sliding sidways with 12 feet of plow and a 8 foot wing. Then having to immediately turn around and redrive where i just spun out. In case your curious what a plow sees out the mirror.
  11. Do yourself a favor and look into wood defender deck stain and sealer for it. Best outdoor stain on the market you cant over apply and you can apply with a weed sprayer with no brushing.
  12. Fair bit of lighter metal to cut thought id give this a try for 200 bucks cant hardly say no. Will update when i try it. Got 2 weeks left with mdt then fence.
  13. Guess i wont be using much soil out of my pit for a while on the plus side all that water soaked in not out to the ocean new kitchen is almost functional.
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