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  1. Like a forklift? Not a bad idea but terrible. Grip if its not flat... Limited slip or Lincoln locker and steering stops...maybe
  2. Watched a friend do that with his kids in a farmhand loader that next Sunday he conveniently got the story about my farmhand coupler on the loader bouncing off.
  3. My worn out ex county ditch mower cuts lawn mower smooth.
  4. Shulte if you can afford I could literally mow rocks to make gravel with mine...its that tough.
  5. I've got a good land rake works driveway fast and well... But that salt vinger and dawn mix. You see On Facebook works well if you replace salt with glyphosate and vinegar with 2 4d.
  6. And they wonder why downtown is dying...no place to park todays larger vehicles... Billings put in a parking garage that a 3/4 ton with headache rack can't use....
  7. Yeah county surplus silent auction too cheep to pay commission at a real auction sure am glad for that😅
  8. Balebed with a utility box you grab and load is my dream setup...
  9. For a grader will fit to Michigan bucket. 100 bucks Wife got a stove for her new kitchen as well... Also 100
  10. Worth it this was the post holder on the big driver... Weighs 15 lbs and free fell from 5 feet overhead.
  11. Another day cut short...dropped the post holder 4-5 feet stopped it with my head large bruise...i dont think its a concussion...but didn't feel like driving the hour home by myself so I had wife come get me....hopefully ill be better tomorrow and can finish.... Seriously considering a inside job in town...
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