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  1. mader656

    Buddies good timing.

  2. mader656

    Buddies good timing.

    Right place right he stopped other guy didn't wham nice in velvet bull.
  3. mader656

    Sometimes you need. A bigger hammer

    About a week later we had to do the same thing to a pin on a 135 foot. Took a torch too...that pin got replaced.... I've used the idea other places such as drive shaft yokes and such.
  4. mader656

    fencing pictures

    Well finally got the temporary 2x6 support beam replaced only took 3 years... And yes the hole thing only cost me 15 bucks...
  5. mader656

    Looking At A Career Change Again

    Good thoughts That's a tough one what are the odds for raisies at the lumber yard...if you can handle brain work im getting to the point that would be my choice but, I can't sit still...however meeting folks and helping solve a issue would fun. Delivering feed would be fun, till winter...tho less hours... The no touch anyway... Poor boom truck. Your pretty good on that... So i dont know...
  6. mader656

    656 d282 leaking compression out the injector

    Around the head precup is hole down. Pre cup is Stuck to injector ideas to get it removed? Very clean no rust.
  7. I noticed the tractor was wet stacking bad.. But still cleared up under load...bout 1000 hours since injectors were checked so I thought I'd pull them to get them tested, noticed that the third hole was much tighter than the 2nd. So I put them back in and proceed to start it. Noticed it was leaking around injector... Bad copper washer? Worse.
  8. mader656

    656 differential trouble?

    Mine did that it was the left brake locking up...cleaned it really well... First time was backing of a trailer.
  9. mader656

    New joke

    For those who dont know it's the Berkeley pit super fund sight.
  10. mader656

    666 brake pedal shaft

    Part of my 656 has been cut (center over shifter cap...) But I can sit on the seat and manipulate the pedals to the right spot to get it removed its tight and full of bad words but possible
  11. mader656

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    Just get someone else to sit in the cab....
  12. mader656

    This happened to me...

    Speaking of the devil "you" messaged me on Facebook a couple days ago... Seemed odd u asked what a binder was as a bona fidis. Never heard back...
  13. mader656

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    My rural town stops delivering at 7 miles from town...ive got to have a PO box what a pita. They give it free but I dont go get very often... And you must prove you still own the property every year, and it practically has to be a peice of mail with your physical address on it. What a pain in the kester. And the acceptable list changes according to the mood of the post master.