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  1. Probably have 65 In seals and new hiem joints
  2. Surpluscenter to the rescue new cylinders order that are close enough for 65 bucks each.
  3. Well got one cylinder out... the other well let's just say there is no rebuilding that... it got loose when it turn liquid
  4. It's in my trailer tail... I need to remove and repack the lift cylinders. The picture was to make sure I was calling it the right thing.
  5. Remind me how many flies does it take to screw in a light bulb 2 but how do they get In one. Sorry bj I had to
  6. Probably...but this will discourage them enough. Hopefully
  7. How do I remove them. I beat the heck out of it with a hammer...I can't get tension on it to pull on it and beat like the other? Would a air hammer help?
  8. Customer wanted to keep bears out of beehives new one for me
  9. I'm a big fan of my annual 4th of july brushhog the lawn...if I wait till then I only have to do it once.
  10. Built a grapple for my miniskid. Did not spend much time on the fit. And finish because there are two types of grapple those that have been cobbled back together and those that will be. Then proceeded to realize my hose was to short and broke it. Biult it to be removable If I don't need it.
  11. No pictures because the non profit safe home needs privacy but fencing without a driver this week cause it would not fit makes me sure appreciate it more. Man my body hurts... should have modified the vinyl fence to make it fit. On the other hand donating that scale of project feels good too. In other news I see a second mini skid in my future... one for the job one for home.
  12. Wish I knew how to encourage her to move other than it will happen and will be easier on the kids now than later. Life will be better away from the coast...are you talking inland Washington or inland middle America? If you have offers both ways than it's a no brainer...
  13. Sad gonna miss him. Good discussion some times. Even if he is wrong about n fords.
  14. Our first moves with one kid everything we owned fit on a 12 foot flatbed with 6 foot upper deck from a camper frame 4 foot stakesides. Our move to where we are now was close and piecemeal. Now we would fill at least 2 box trucks and several trips with my big trailer...hopefully next move is to the pine box.
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