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  1. mader656

    fencing pictures

    Not much going a project when I get home now. Finally covering the tyvek siding I've had for 5 years...
  2. mader656

    stolen hay

    I guessed a horse was involved at the title....seems to me hay could be tested matched to your stack... If they wanted to? Who would take time to fake a video to prove theft of a ton or so of hay. Doesn't seem profitable
  3. mader656

    Removing a transfer case

    It it worse than that d*mn cross member on the dodge...the v edged one that's wider at the top. What a pain...
  4. mader656

    Park lock on manual truck transmissions?

    I'd like a park lock on my pickup my concern would be getting it stuck in park on hills... My 01s parking brakes have been shot for years now... To much torque can't feel it....some kinda hydralic lock would be ideal....maybe holds master cyl engage... Like a parking brake on my 656
  5. mader656

    Removing a transfer case

  6. mader656

    Hmm wonder if it's true...

    Sorry the link is to spacebook kermits previous life.
  7. mader656

    You know your a Redneck!

    Wife and I and 3 and 1 year old lived in our camper for 18 should be ok. Whatever you dont use goes to storage...
  8. mader656

    life in our corner

    Get it cleaning and to south west Michigan, I can get it the next 1500 miles...
  9. mader656

    New Ram (Dodge)

    I prefer the stick but see advantages to both, Manuel mileage, hold back, less heat, auto easier to drive, and easier to get a heavy load moving on a hill...ill stick to my manuals till I cant. I do see a market for a manual swap in the future.
  10. mader656

    Hydraulic sliding pallet forks

    County's got a set of forks on a payloader that tilt, side shift individually and change width...they are pretty nice.
  11. mader656

    jeep grand cherkee

    We have a 99 with 288,000 on the clock, it's a 4.0 its rough and midwest so the body fell apart around the driveline in 80,000 we put on we put less than 1500 into it. Front drive shaft. CV axles and alignment. Great rig.
  12. mader656

    Opinion on saying.

    The real question is did Mary ever tell that to Jesus when he left a mess in the house?
  13. mader656

    You tube links for dad

    Talked to him for a bit today on the phone he could talk for about 3 minutes before he got confused...
  14. mader656

    303 oil

    To sum up the article 303 is untested left over oil soup....
  15. mader656

    303 oil