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  1. No but thick skin helps.
  2. Right thru tho im hoping that the stuff i need in paris will make it to Worthington with another guy.
  3. Helping a friend move to iowa Dropping mom of to visit brother, picking up some reclaimed oak in Paris Ky (Farm ) Fence school in Indiana, back to brothers to pickup mom and some cherry wood from dads place he had cut 15 years ago, 3700 miles in ten days why i wanted a new seat for the pickup...
  4. Funny, my back hurt on the way to church as my back did not have to compensate.
  5. https://www.usautoseatcover.com/ 201 and change took about a hour to install.
  6. Yeah it feels weird to sit right... Im in and out a 100 times some days so it'll take some getting used too.
  7. My current "reading" on audible is. Tim ballards "slave stealers" stories of pre civil war oporation underground rail road and his non profit operation underground rail road its a good one.
  8. Not bad for almost 400,000 miles, Only took a hour to replace, i sit about a inch higher but the side is 4 so the first time I jumped in I bounced of the side of the seat. Much more comfortable.
  9. mader656


    Portable bleacher when the opposing team wont let fans into the stadium.
  10. It'll be politics or something else and bj will delete it...
  11. mader656

    Vermont plate?

    Sheet metal roof screws...
  12. On that note...lets hope I can intercept Fedex today....before the wife.
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