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  1. 🤮 if your going to customize your semi make it look nice, not like you got s**tfaced drunk and attacked your semi with a scrap pile, torch, welder, and walmart black paint.
  2. I don't remember what reality show it was but the aerial shot of the guy "whose only way to his neighbors was on horseback" was clearly riding on the two track road.
  3. Cheapest I've found when figured in cost per year.
  4. Well it's been a little while fineally back at it mowed road ditches in 2 subdivision. And a 65 acre hay feild that was about full of weeds he was hoping to give the grass a chance to take over I'm sceptical but he was tickled pink to have it done. Pto was weak before I started the field the last 2 acres was really good grass and cooked the clutches out on the pto... Sure was easy to reclutch. Didn't realize how bad it was till fixed. Roof leaks around this roof hatch at the church...i caulked a bunch of stuff hoping it's fixed. Time for new boots Life is good.
  5. Granted it's not new but I could not imagen trying to haul with a gasser. My pickup (01cummins) gets 13 on a typical light gooseneck load and 10 is with tractor brushog on. And 16to 18 with no trailer. My old half ton dodge gassers got 14 at best. Yes a smaller pickup would get better mileage for run around and light hauling...but I have to save a heck of a lot of fuel a year to pay for insurance.
  6. If you know a good welder you can build something to hold the post I'd copy the holder on a protech evo driver...(if money was no object id have one with GPS...) Sorry about the fires it's painful to think about how much less bad the fires would be if they had just logged....
  7. I know of at least 4 in the area.
  8. Useually the operator is not the brain dead one....he knew exactly what he was doing.
  9. I think I've seen those, last two years here old timers say this is what montana is supposed to be cold and snowy winters and not as hot summers.
  10. Hadn't heard much. About your fires. It doesn't affect cities so it's not important. Did notice a hazy smokiness to the sky today... We're so wet you can't burn anything. It's like it's may it it's so wet.
  11. Did you tell her, "your ride goes in the garage not kitchen"
  12. Anyone know a window brand that could be abbreviated. SLO model 177d
  13. Hank hill disagrees and mutters something about clean burning propane.
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