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  1. Here it is funny story I had bought a auger drive from surplus center years back exactly the same one that this auger needed...
  2. After 6 years of owning a fencing company I've been doing lots of yard stuff and decided no more hand digging for me. Broke down and got a small auger i still prefer the driver but its to heavy for most yards... No luck with a picture.
  3. mader656

    Randy Sohn

    Randy was larger than life it seems, one of the good ones....
  4. Thought it only fair to share a picture Like a said infectionious joy. Thanks for your prayers gentlemen.
  5. Plus it withdrawals could potentially require hospitalization.
  6. She made it home...now im sure she's quarantine for 14 days...going to be hard for a social person
  7. I keep telling my wife and horse crazy daughter this but no they still want a little @$$holhole.
  8. I think the one size fits all approach does not work, stay inside is needed in places like NYC or large cities but is assinine when you are miles from the nearest neighbor. Keep on keeping on.
  9. Made a pie chart to assist in your decision making process.
  10. mader656

    AK Welder

    Watched part of one of those Alaska ?frontier shows talking about the need to use a horse as the only transportation whole he was being filmed riding on a obvious 2 track....
  11. mader656

    Corona virus

    I noticed the outcome graph was removed about the time. Recoveries out paced deaths...
  12. I've seen them at hose and rubber in billings mt...thats it tho...
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