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  1. Well if you get to billings/ columbus look me up...
  2. At least it's open... On Thursday Friday last week it was closed.
  3. This right here is one major reason to oppose all gun control legislation. I sure am sorry to hear about this Mike.
  4. For grins I filled out progressives online deal, for less coverage it's almost as much as my current coverage and commercial liability( thru local agent) for my vehicles.
  5. mader656

    40 Years ago

    My folks were married on opening day of deer. Town had their playground biuld scheduled for opening weekend of big game...after many nope can't make its...previous plans...they rescheduled
  6. Does your local sheriff have a chaplian? Ours just got one and he is trained to help officers deal with just such...he also is available to fire and ems as needed.... Just a thought... We are pulling for you...
  7. Local independent agent will get best quality( mix of price and service) every time...
  8. I've got no words....cant imagen being a ent and responding to someone you know...
  9. Troy, I upped the legal the in my pickup a couple years back 24k (max for 3/4 ton) for no charge... Sure is nice in a free state...
  10. I average around 3 weeks a pair less for heavy fencing... Barb wire.
  11. Make the "the women" to another they...that is gender neutral should be good to go... Might rub em wrong but nothing they can do...maybe
  12. Also the old pickup got 15.25 hand calculated mileage from columbus mt to kadoka sd with trailer in tow...
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