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  1. 26.5 reg 25ish.. Columbus mt
  2. I had just started at United rentals and I was fixing a lift door as the regional bosses were walking through the shop, glass broke and a wrench make have went flying regional head was watching picks up wrench and says "don't worry No one saw" I felt about 2 inches tall...
  3. I did, but cost of power company was 60k to bring in solar was 12k...and no power bill all summer and gen gas in winter.
  4. Another one anaconda mt smokestack. 500 plus feet masonary.
  5. Would have not even been on the tractor if that was the case... Luck improving got good weather coming and work to do so that's good... Stupid mistake... Live and learn...
  6. Forgot to check it was locked down...once I got the levers out of the bind I was able to lower it to the ground very little damage done. Got lucky... I had never had a issue with it not latching or coming unmatched so I didn't check it. It was not quite latched. No one hurt and only a hour to fix not to bad...
  7. Most of the winter is off for a fencer....
  8. I like the muck boot style till about zero...ive heard really good things about dryshod brand. They are better quality than the mucks...below zero for long times the Mickey mouse boots are hard to beat...
  9. I can't leave them plugged in at home so just hour or two before hand....on a generator...
  10. Should mention i have blowers too if I need them for both tractors... 68 and 84 inch blower...
  11. Wife's from Fort Madison they make them there. Where are you?
  12. Very little this year. So mostly older The old 655 pushing back piles with homemade v blade. The big gun Michigan 175a broken now but it's a beast when it's deep and hard. My little ford this was right about a year ago in Michigan I've since added hydraulic angle to both blades for its size it's a beast.... It sits in town to plow moms, church. And a few others... Hydraulic angle i built goes both ways to 45 degrees forward and reverse. Sorry it's that color. Night plowing or neighbor rescue i don't remember.... That's all I got. Only plowed twice this winter.
  13. Or you could fix all your leaks and use the savings to buy culvert...and not have a sheen in the drainage ditch...
  14. One of my customers ranches never saw a bailer until about 2012, it was loose hay in stacks till the kids left in the 70s then went to a stackhand system till it all got all put in crp in the 80s. Came out round 12 and that was the first bale made on the ranch.
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