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  1. First fire if the year. Pretty late actually. Oh yeah...found out little mader number 4 is coming in april...the day before i was sheduled for the vasectomy...surprise... Note to self strike "waddle faster from the vocabulary.
  2. Forward or back...i can see them spread but even unhooked they dont squeeze. As mentioned above i think the springs are shot.
  3. Makes sense... might as well do both clutches.
  4. Pulled the inpsection cover for the ta clutch...its definitely the ta clutch slipping Friction material is darn near 3/16 on both sides of the metal, seems like the pressure plate isnt pushing because i can move it apart with my fingers and easily spread them with my fingers...
  5. Montana radiator works in billings if nothing else.
  6. Close but not quite...i do know the original builder of that machine...
  7. Pretty cheap when im already headed that way!
  8. Anything between here Home kansas and you i can haul around october 4th
  9. Good to know. Taking all the cab and loader mounts looks like a huge ordeal.
  10. Yeah about 20 hours later....should have out of framed...
  11. Fence guy here, farming, cattle are all inherent dangerous. A few more thousand on a squeeze shoot would have paid for itself pretty quickly after a hospital visit. Check out auctions might find a old pearson for not much more than a new head catch... heck one of my customers uses a tsc brand squeeze shoot, i would not run it every day... but its good enought for 30-50head. The gaurd rail works for alleys or even a bud box to bring them up just make sure its small enough gaps to not cut them...
  12. Nothing yet coldest morning has been mid 40s south central montana
  13. I guess i could split at the main clutch before i decide to go farther...should be able to know more at that point.
  14. Thats the thing i suspect the ta clutch is out... really could use the ta moving snow... better now than later when its cold.
  15. Yeah but its the style now...i still like it.
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