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  1. Just taking my 5500 and 25 foot gooseneck...at this point if I need more trailer I'll hire it done.
  2. I passed the written so I'm good till the learners expires.
  3. Currently working toward the cdl. It doesn't take much trailer with a 5500 to hit that 26000 mark...
  4. Anyone have one of the dewalt 12 in planers how well does it work?
  5. If you were closer I'd have the solution. Will it fit sideways in your gnuse scoop? The 3pt on your 14 should pick it.
  6. Does spousal relationship after "waddle faster" count? Cause it felt like it...
  7. mader656


    Sadly by the end of day I'm going to give skiing a go next time.
  8. If I was to buy a brand new trailer today and money was no object it would be a 40 foot diamond c gooseneck. With hydraulic beavertail. In 30k gvw 2 15k axles electric over hydraulic disk break. Dual hydraulic Jack's, solar panel charge... but I don't have the 50k needed So more than likely a 24k tandem duel flip ramp will be my next...
  9. I've picked pert near 4000 with the dual 3100 on my 656. That was b.p.e (before payloader era.
  10. mader656


    Took the kids to the ski area today do far the only thing I want to do on the mountain is drive the piston bully groomer...
  11. I'll bet a bale bed will pick up just fine you not so much picking it up but tipping it on its side the weight will be so close compared to a Bale.
  12. I have seen those hauled buy chaining it to the bale bed arms vertical then load like a bale
  13. Come out this fall I can put you onto some spots that you have to hike but you'll have a pretty good chance to get mule bucks.
  14. Minivan bodyswap onto unimog chassis?
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