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  1. High of 54 low of 13 rain changing to snow this should be fun. Back to the 50s on Thursday.
  2. Ive had decent luck welding cast preheat it and then slow cool it. Grill works good just bring the temp down slowly over a hour or 2
  3. They are a royal pain if any pressure is in the system.
  4. The 45/5500 class trucks have eliminated the need for tandem pickups. My rear axle has a 13,500 lb rating. One big axle cheaper than two smaller axles. Not to mention no dead axle or splitter needed.
  5. It was a good nap time.
  6. Could be worse not a 86 series but you get the drift.
  7. What would thrown into a grain bin be? Id go smart efficient lazy but gets job done.
  8. We use green on our plows and it POPS at night.
  9. https://www.guardianangeldevices.com/p/led-marine-boat-navigation-light-red-green-bow-deck-mount/ State has some of these if we have to be out after dark clips to you shoulder on your vest you already have.
  10. One of my fellow fence contractors from home kansas his dad and grandpa drove the 4840 to dc. Told stories of during the blizzard hauling hospital personnel around and pulling out first responders
  11. Division are as follows blue is left coast Red is west. Yellow is midwest Black is eastcoast Rest is the south. The farther west you go the more east you get.
  12. Wish i could be part of that one year. We have had drifts so bad they had to bring the snow cat and blowers a couple miles from my house to open up the road.
  13. Up date on my dead cells i up the charge voltage to just above max recommend voltage. Dead cells are slowly starting to take a charge. Holds a charge better now. Hopefully come back more. So a life po battery needs a warm attended environment
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