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  1. It's going to lay down and snow...
  2. mader656

    Hot allis

    There is a 4wd 7080 I think for sale in town with a degelman blade looks good at 35 I can get number if your interested...
  3. My experience with electric is limited, but what I've done with that it should stay on the shelf at the store, but that tiny metal strand does break over time... High tensile wire is more work, but my go to...
  4. Different definition of snowfence here ...
  5. The edge of the sage makes a decent cheap one...
  6. It helps, more like moves the drift into the field best solution would be build road above grade..
  7. Saw this on Facebook looks pretty clean not affiliated at all... Area code 307
  8. Heated garage is the cats hind end for preheating vehicles, and getting in and out in snowstorms, windstorm, rain, heat, cold and any other weather conditions. The down side of a heated garage is the sweet old ladies at church who ask where is your child's coat... Or put it on a timer that runs say 15 minutes every hour...
  9. Back up would have been it's 6 foot mower but it felt like it had as much weight on the front axle with the big mower on as it did with the 6 foot... And small brushhogss just don't cut as nice. That little tractor spent years on a 11 foot finish mower that could work the tractor just as hard... And yes that 12 speed sure helps with the low gears to power thru the hard spots... Doesn't ride as nice tho...
  10. Well the 656 is doing the all important deer hanging...and I needed to brushhog road banks to lower drifts so. I did chain the draw bar. Most of the time i was in 6th gear but this was really heavy cutting for 28 hp so i was in second... I was shockef at how well it did...
  11. Y'all saw picks but I'll share him again
  12. When was the last time you were passed by a vette....its been years for me...usually it's a old guy cruising A corvette is a old guy car... Change my mind
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