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  1. Tehran john must be up election soon...
  2. Curious what fast food pays in your area? In Columbus mt it's about 12 at McD...
  3. My 200s got a straight pipe too... I kinda like the sound but I agree I want quieter...
  4. Just one side the side that's currently down, the back will have some welding just not alot... The side I'm worried about I'm welding a. 1 3/8 bar too that a .5x4 strap will be tapped and bolted too.
  5. I dont need a continuous bead planning 2 inches every 6 on center.
  6. I need to weld along the length of the out beam on this blue 12 foot tube. It needs to not warp as it cools. My thought is take a chain and run it. End to end under the 3x8 it's setting on and boomer it tight so it can't draw as it cools. Needs to be strait within a quarter inch @Finney @bitty @AKwelder
  7. Was it @rustyshackleford? Worst I ever unloaded was a atlas copco 1600 cfm compressor loaded tounge to the front of the semi. 3 12 telehandler two at axles and one on the tonge and the semi pull out from under. weight one or two would have done it but control required 3.
  8. Nice you sure you don't want to come visit?
  9. 2x4 and a framing nailer comes to mind...
  10. I like your thinking.
  11. Long box is the only way to go... My current dream is crewcab 84' cab axle (11 foot bed) cab and chassis I need more space...
  12. Ive put a 100 hours or so on a svl 95 beast... I only joke that when filling the bucket you only stop when the dirt boils into the cab and pushes the lever back... Pushed out a jlg 12k forklift that was stuck to axles out...beast but cant speak to reliability. Not remote capable.
  13. Napa and oreily in town Napa is top notch any part for anything uses the book if needed will refer to other stores if they will have a better price. Oreily is ok depending on the clerk of the day.
  14. mader656


    2 or 3 strands of high tensile wire t post every 40 feet and wood post every 200 or so. About the cheapest fence to build I'd stay away from one so no one gets clothslined as they ride a ATV across. However if he wants it he should pay.... My 2c
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