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  1. The boiling gas and broken. Head bolts saw it scrapped.
  2. I had a turned up super XL, between the extra speed the aggressive chain, and the ability to sharpen a chain it would out cut the stihl 2 to one.
  3. Needed the suburban spare could not even get the crank onto the square drive 2 feet behind the bumper. Knipex 8 inch bolt cutters and it's down.
  4. Truckload of work arrived at home...expensive year to build. That all wheel steer moffet was impressive. Redneckchevy (Chris Snowden) What no boom truck, disapointed. Told him no chrome either.
  5. The craftsman are the spares the snapons are the daily use ratchet. They sure feel nice and just work.
  6. Huh someone must have left it in the woods didnt see it get pushed on...
  7. Horse /pet/ owner store. Some fencing material, if your not picky it'll get by. , decent bolt selection. Decent work cloths selection some tools, The main advantage is you can walk into any tsc in the country and know where what your looking for is....
  8. What does the smoke smell like...had blue smoke on my pickup a few years back, every "mechanic" I talked to was convinced it was oil after all its blue....but it was fuel cause it was injection timing related. So the smell test helps...
  9. Amazing how many less guys it takes to put up the same amount of hay today.
  10. Its kinda coold at night for concrete to cute so I rigged up the water heater to the pex in the floor and ran a drain hose back up to the cistern so the well can keep up. Working really well to keep the slab warm and dont need a ground heater.
  11. Slabs been ready since August....
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