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  1. mader656

    What you bid for the H and M ❓

    I'd pay scrap price...sadly enough
  2. mader656

    New joke

    With much respect to those above the maple curtain... How Canada got it's name: The were pulling letters out of a hat and reading them off.. They rolled dice for six letters Pullout and red C-eh N-eh D eh Writer heard C A N A D A That's it. Might have came from here but I don't remember.
  3. mader656

    fencing pictures

    Looks like something now That skidril sure is nice on 10 foot posts. Stand in loader drive post move climb repeat... Cold and misty today smells like snow tonight maybe...
  4. mader656

    fencing pictures

    He got the other pad done but this one set up on him...
  5. mader656

    fencing pictures

    Exhibit a why one non experienced guy should not attempt to pour 10 yards by himself. There was stall dividers and fronts I had to remove It was dang stressful 4 hours of excavator work. It was to short for the excavator but a smaller machine would have needed a hammer... All done and only a little worse for wear. On the shed.. Had 4 hours left over built a shooting range back stop at home... Then a little yard work...drainage so water goes away from my house instead of puddling a few feet away...ill get a pick later,I needed a bucket width and a foot deep ended up 6 feet wide and chunks of shale 6 foot by 1 foot by 2 feet.
  6. mader656

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    I don't know much about steam except most torque at 0 rpm so tremendous starting power... If im correct anyway
  7. mader656

    fencing pictures

    Older daughter was sick so i got to take son to doctor for hearing checkup after tonsils and ear tubes...has no excuse for not hearing us anymore hearing is perfect... Man that hospital has awful parking...2 blocks away right in front of the surgery center.
  8. mader656

    fencing pictures

    Also first maintenance. Other than spark plug on t post driver pull cord broke...
  9. mader656

    fencing pictures

    My good customer tho "died in the wool green" was looking for some pull cord in the shop for me and I saw and heard something I never would have dreamed. "I was looking for a mx 115 or 120 but I could find one so I got a Massey instead I about choked knowing how green the farm has always been... I told her this winter feeding will be fun...compared to the 4020.... No pic sorry but looks like a good machine. I guess this proves all can be redeemed.
  10. mader656

    Suburban ac question

    I did add correct oil charge... I don't recall any debris from old compressor in fittings...
  11. mader656

    Pain in hands/joints

    I had a bug like that but it was my wrists and ankles...super weak and sore then pain like after a hard workout. For a couple days had a fever too.
  12. mader656

    Suburban ac question

    I will add I dont think the compressor grenaded out just bearings froze I could still turn it with channel locks...
  13. mader656

    Life in Alaska

    Hah if I was not at the end of the road id get weird looks too. Dragging grain bins around. Etc. You must not get much wind the plastic would not last here without something under it...
  14. mader656

    Suburban ac question

    I did not evacuate, not equipped too The charge was 3 lb or 4 full cans...
  15. mader656

    Suburban ac question

    01 1500 dual system. Where is this screen located so no it was not cleaned. The old one clutch went out and was very hard to turn so rather than just a clutch I replaced the whole thing.