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  1. Not seeing place to put the M18 battery. The last saw I had with a cord I used it to throw it like the hammer toss in the Olympics.
  2. The chopper stops moving 6-8 seconds. It just doesn't add up to much at the end of the day.
  3. That trick drives me nuts. I have plenty of time to overthink things driving the truck. Under ideal conditions, like always having a truck ready for the switch, you might save 3-4 minutes at the end of the day. Realistically, a minute tops.
  4. I turned it up three days ago. OWB and mountains of slabs that need to go away.
  5. It's a constant battle keeping the windshield and mirrors clean. We've had to pull a couple trucks so far, but have never chained one for opening up. These big SP choppers can sure pull, but I hope I never have to see one of those hippopotamus' stuck!
  6. I'm pretty sure the big choppers could take out a windshield. I've been pelted a few times this year.
  7. My 1800 with a 392 and 7.10:1 gearing got 6-7 mpg, so I bet that would do a little better.
  8. I've heard of using a broom to find high pressure steam and hydraulic leaks. When the bristles get cut off, you found your leak. A friend was on two steam ships, one was steamed at 600, the other at 1,200. One was USS Simon Lake.
  9. I'm all M18 and M12 here. Between my mother and I, we have 130 ah of batteries (at least) and 13 chargers. Last week a friend had to rotate the tires on one of the cranes at work. 8 wheels, 12 bolts per wheel. Only had 3ah batteries. Took three to do the job with the M18-2767 impact. A 9ah would have more power than the 3ah, but it still did the job. The SnapOn cordless wouldn't even remove a single bolt torqued to 475.
  10. The one that holds the valves open does just that, hold them open all the time just a little bit. Called a Load Leash. It's not timed like a real engine brake. My '99 the Jake Brake from Mopar was a dealer installed item. I think the first factory was '03 with the vvt turbo brakes.
  11. A friend's 856D starts running rough, loses power, then stalls. It restarts immediately and runs from 30 seconds to ten minutes then stalls again. New filters, all lines were checked/blown out recently. About ten hours since getting the head done. Not sure if something could block the fuel supply and give these symptoms, or if a bad tank return check valve would do same. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. Haven't done anything with it. Problem is intermittent, so I'm thinking bad wire or switch.
  13. Terminal looks good. Getting intermittent voltage at the wire. Must be compromised in the harness. Or could be key switch is causing issues. You can't get anyone to work on stuff anymore. If you aren't a BTO, you aren't even on the list.
  14. Put 12 volts to it and it runs great. I guess I need to run that wire back and replace it.
  15. Bled out to the injectors, got it to start, ran for 30 seconds then it shut off. I'm getting about half a volt to the injector pump wire, key on. Should that be 12 volts key on? Thanks.
  16. The swing blade mills can double cut, that is go down one side and come back up the other. A 10" mill can cut a 20" inch wide board.
  17. 57' capacity cutting 52' 12x12.
  18. Track extensions are not a big deal. You only need one, maybe two, at the most.
  19. Many years ago a bear got into Gene Shlit's house. When the police got there, they didn't know which was the bear, and which was Gene.
  20. My great grandfather had buses like that. Carried grain shovels in the winter so the big kids could shovel the drifts.
  21. I hired a roll back to move my Kubota backhoe. I told him it was 9'-6" with the boom pinned up. When I got to the jobsite the boom was down, the pin was in three pieces, and he was white as a sheet. Apparently the front of the truck cane off the ground when he hit the bridge. No damage to the bridge.
  22. And the driver is just as important. Clarkson did the 'Ring in just under 10:00 in a supercharged Jag. Sabina Schmitz did it in 10:05 in a diesel Transit van.
  23. A friend of mine liked buying their junk. He said it was great, you used it until it broke, then you take it to the scrapyard and get all your money back.
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