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  1. I think oil wants to coke around 400 F. I always try to cool an engine for a few minutes if they've been running hard. A pyro helps keep an eye on that. What kind of hp are you running to get 44 psi out of a 5.9? Mine was over 500 flywheel hp, and it only ran 34 psi.
  2. Is that a CAT sticker on the side if tge seat? Doesn't look anywhere near big enough for a 9.
  3. What's your soil like? We have a 5x16 trailer plow, and the 1256 will pull it in H2 like it's not there.
  4. Is MW Milwaukee? Because they offer about the fullest line of tools, with the best warranties, and the best batteries out there.
  5. I find it interesting that nobody comments on people with Ford/GM mirrors extended and no trailer.
  6. I left mine out. Do you seriously think I'm going to readjust them every time I hook or unhook the trailer? The only people that were really worried about it were the guys behind me that couldn't see past me, but that didn't matter, they weren't getting around me anyway.
  7. That's a slick contraption. This is how it's done around here:
  8. I think picking up 300 pound anvils is the reason I can't pick up 300 pound anvils anymore.
  9. When I was little we had a hired man that had jumped off a hay wagon. Left his ring, and finger, on a nail.
  10. Aspergers is pretty much an obsolete term these days. There are two main categories of ASD, high functioning and low functioning. However, autism affects people in so many ways you cant really classify each person with a label. While being high functioning doesn't have many of the challenges you have listed for low functioning autusm, saying Asperger's is very, very mild, is both erroneous, and very, very insulting.
  11. Does anyone know why, to a blacksmith, 1+2+3=171?
  12. I saw a JD 450 dozer with just a 2" ratchet strap over the floor. It's that so you hear it snap and realize you lost your dozer?
  13. With all due respect, just because you didn't notice autustic people, doesn't mean they didn't exist prior to your awareness. Before the movie Rainman, hardly anybody even knew what autism was, or had even heard of it. Autism is an observational diagnosis. That means you can study the behaviors of someone from hundreds of years ago and determine if they were autistic. Darwins letters and recorded behaviors made this possible, for instance.
  14. The increase in autism diagnoses is because it was not adequately defined until recently. As mentioned, many autistic people just got a label and that was the end of it. I doubt that there are really that many more autistic people, just more diagnoses. Autism often doesn't present until 18-24 months when the child loses interest in play, stops making eye contact, and other symptoms. This can make people think that some recent event, such as a vaccination, is responsible. This is fairly widely documented in many cultures. In Ireland, these babies were known as fairy children, as it
  15. I may, or may not, know of someone who dragged a quarter mile of irrigation line home in the middle of the night because it was too stiff to roll up. Only towed it through one traffic light. Not sure how many times the light changed by the time he got it through.
  16. You don't get autism from vaccines. You are born with it.
  17. Not really crazy, but it's the biggest thing I've seen on the road. I think the beam alone was 220,000#.
  18. I have an ATN 4K PRO 5-20. You would probably want to upgrade the IR for coyote ranges. Plenty of YouTube videos on it. I'm using it on a high powered precharged air rifle, but I think they are rated up to .50 BMG. The ballistics software is great for the loopy trajectory of an air rifle, but you may not need that for a high powered rifle. The mounted rangefinder automatically adjusts the cross hairs for the range and angle of the shot.
  19. A friend just bought a 287 CAT with the ASV undercarriage. Called this morning asking if I knew how to put tracks back on. ASV sounds like a real pain to me.
  20. A lot of the old mills in New England use syp, big stuff. I resawed some bridge crane timbers that were 12x14x50'. I guess it was easier to ship it up here than to fell the Eastern White Pine that we had here that would also make big timbers.
  21. All timber frame parts. Hardest part is finding the logs. Some 40' white oak and those 52' white pine sills going in.
  22. First pic was a collaboration of my 24' extension with my then employer's mill and 12' extension. We could cut 57'. That's a 52' 12x12. Second pic is my mill set up for 45', but I've done longer the way it is setup in the pic.
  23. There is ZERO issue with the cantilever head on the Wood-Mizers. In fact, the two rail designs are more sensitive to torsion than the single rail. The biggest issues on any bandsaw are sharp bands, and proper drive belt tension.
  24. He needs to decide what he wants to do with it. There are a lot of options. I've got a Wood-Mizer, and they are a great company. There are a lot of other good companies, too. My deal is sawing long timbers.
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