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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'm expecting a fight. We'll soak it for a bit. I have a portapower and a couple of 4' pipe wrenches.
  2. Any tricks, or just get the 500,000 btu propane torch out and go to town? Thanks.
  3. We fold up some cheese cloth. Small bushel hand press.
  4. Give new meaning to getting pickled!
  5. Had one in my '99 Dodge Cummins. Sucked all the oil out and ruined a lot of MAP sensors. The solution for the Dodge is to loosen the clamp on the hose going to the air box, rip it forcefully from the fender, and clamp an AF19023 to the hose.
  6. We're bringing home an 856 tomorrow, will compare parts. Other than the arms, I think we just need the sway limiter/drawbar bracket.
  7. Thanks, I can get more later. The bracket holding up the drawbar I'm sure needs to be replaced with the sway limiter bracket. Not sure about the bracket with the pins holding the support yolk that goes towards the front of the tractor. There is a top link bracket already.
  8. Trying to set this tractor up for three point hitch. Looks like mostly fast hitch parts. What do we need to make the swap?
  9. I've been on jobs shut down because of those turtles. No problem with protecting them, but some of the rules were idiotic. They are called wood turtles because of the annular rings on their shells.
  10. I don't see many snakes, maybe 2-3 years between garter snake sightings. This year I've got a three footer living under a big rock in a lawn and I have to wait for it to crawl back under so I can trim around it every week. We seem to have a mutual understanding. I hope it lasts, I don’t like snakes.
  11. If the world were lit by Lucas, it would be dark. If Lucas sold vacuum cleaners, it would be the only thing they made that didn't suck.
  12. Same with fiber optic cables. They've eaten two in my house.
  13. Scags are the most seen zero turn around here, and have been for decades. I'm actually across from my dealer right now. Great machines and a great dealer.
  14. I mow a section of lawn with a Tiger that I can't mow with a Scag hydro walk behind. I never thought that would be the case. If you want quality of cut, only the commercial mowers will give you that.
  15. Typically, I mow my lawn 1 to 3 times per year with a Woods BB840. This year, my mother bought a used 29 hp Turf Tiger for the farm, and I've mowed it three times in three weeks. I'm noticing a trend.
  16. There are many that I wouldn't call lingual, never mind bilingual.
  17. Been going on for months. Sometimes it takes four clicks to open a topic.
  18. I think you need to hit 3,000 hp to split a 5.9.
  19. Put the field mower on, lowered when I got to the field. Raised up when I left and won't go back down now. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  20. I found that also for my Dodge. Reman starter from Dodge, after core was almost $600, week or more wait. Brand new, no core, drop shipped from Cummins was $265 to my door 10:00 next morning. The more hands that touch it, the more it's going to cost.
  21. I've been really happy with my Athlon Eres ETR, but it's well above the $500 budget. A lot of people around the world eat pigeons. These guys are out to 356 yards with air rifles now:
  22. Are they auto shift, like a 10 or 18 speed, or are they automatic like an Allison?
  23. Dave Shepard


    Down in CT there is a White with a 6-71 with a turbo on it sitting beside the road. Hooked to a tub grinder. That White must have a heck of a PTO in it.
  24. I am sure my helmet saved me on several occasions. Never heard of anybody dying because they wore one. Ask him if he's going to be an organ donor, he might save someone else's life someday. Hard to scare a kid, but it might work.
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