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  1. Mark, the times you have called me makes a world of difference. 4 years ago when l was in the hospital for 30 + days, getting a call from you was really uplifting. But l never was able to figure out how you knew l was sick or even that l was in the hospital!! Even though we have never met face to face, l consider you a real friend.
  2. Someone in a facebook group posted these pics of a thresher and wondering what kind it is. Besides brand name, some say it's a peanut thresher. Just wondering if Gary or Roger could shed some light on this. Who built it and is it a peanut thresher?
  3. l just think UFO's is the USS Farmall and they just passed through a time warp.......😉
  4. l don't think l would've passed it......just pull over and see what happens next....
  5. l still got the first computer l ever had, from 1990something. lt still works, has Windows 3.1 on it....lol
  6. l went from Win7 to Windows 8.1 about 5 years ago. Haven't had any problems at all. Matter of fact l think it's better than Win7 ever was. No freeze ups or those kind of problems. And just as easy to navigate.
  7. Here's a whole fleet of IH trucks with some light loads. Don't know the date but l think it's a pretty interesting pic. Besides looking at the main subject of this type of pic l enjoy looking at the background and seeing different things. Like a 50 cent wash or grease job. And the Cosden gasoline sign.
  8. Anson l didn't see anything wrong with what you said other than it being true. Us "old codgers" have many reasons for hanging on to some of the things we have. To some it's just a rusty old whatever.(tractor, car, motorcycle, saw) But instead of just a pile of rust to the one who owns it is a pile of memories of Dad, Grandpa or maybe brother. lnstead of seeing a worthless pile of iron, they see what it was way back then. l just hate to see you leave because of some "young pricks". And if you leave, who else besides Tony R. is going to talk cotton stuff with me??? Please reconsider. ☹️
  9. l had a family member that served 11 years of a 25 year sentence and was released for good behavior. l visited him numerous times and prison is no picnic but it isn't intended to be. Lot of people have the idea that if someone goes to prison they have it made. 3 square meals, free medical and dental care and other amenities. Well, technically it's true. But some of the meals l saw, if you threw it on the ground l don't think a wild coyote would eat it. lf you get sick, yes you get free medical care....a week or so later. Same with dental. No internet but they are allowed $5.00 a month for paper, envelopes and stamps. And each letter, sent or received is opened and read by prison officials. lt was a real pain in the butt just for me to donate some funds for him to get more letter writing supplies. And when you as a visitor check in, they check your drivers license and vehicle registration. And if you have even a unpaid speeding ticket, you won't be allowed in. Don't misunderstand me, prison is punishment for crimes. But it isn't a "resort vacation" either like a lot of people think.
  10. He needs to know where to pour it in.......
  11. Tony that LP tank looks great where you have it mounted. Wonder how many hours that Wisconsin would run on a full tank?
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