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  1. twostepn2001

    3 years ago

    Mark, you won't never know how much l appreciated the phone calls and the support you gave me and my wife when l was in the hospital back then.
  2. twostepn2001

    3 years ago

    l quit smoking 3 years ago today. l know some of you guys have been quit for a lot longer but l just have to brag a little.
  3. twostepn2001

    DALLAS 806

    Do you how or why the DALLAS producers decided to film him? Was it just a by chance fly-over caught on film or if it was a planned thing?
  4. twostepn2001

    Vintage Ads

    l've posted a lot of cotton equipment ads here in the past but don't think l've done this one. Hesston model #3000 cotton stripper.
  5. twostepn2001

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, l have a question for you. Ho do you put the captions for your pics in between each one?
  6. twostepn2001

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, these 2 pics you posted were supposedly taken at the Texas A & M research farm near Lubbock, Texas. Very early development of cotton strippers. The last pic l think is a very early Rust cotton picker in Arkansas. Might have to check with Anson on that one.
  7. twostepn2001

    Never seen this before 66 cab on 06?

    Here's a 706 LP with a 66 series cab. l saw this pic online several years ago. Might belong to a member here....?
  8. twostepn2001

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    l found a article not too long ago about the Hopson Plantation. Not only did they do quite a bit of work on the development of the IH picker, but they also did a lot research on the development of new ginning systems with Continental l think. Or maybe Hardwick-Etter, l don't remember. lf l can find it again l'll post a link here for you Anson.
  9. twostepn2001

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    Our farm was just east of Cone, which was 8 miles north of Ralls. Lefty's strip was about halfway between the two. There was also another crop duster named Leo Shuer that had a strip just south of Cone. ln the fall when they were defoliating you could hear the engines from both strips when they took off all day long, dawn till dusk.
  10. twostepn2001

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    When l was a kid, Lefty had a small strip just north of Ralls, Texas (about 35 miles east of Lubbock) They had 2 Stearmans there, the colors was almost like a Case tractor. Orange fuselage and tan wings. My brother flagged for them one year and on weekends l could go with him to the fields he was to flag. One pilot was Lefty and the other was a Cajun from Louisiana. When l first heard him talk, l thought he was some kind of a foreigner. Later my brother told me he was a Cajun and that's how they talk. Later he went to his pickup and said "Here boy!!" and threw a couple of pieces of bubble gum to me. Man l was so proud!! A real live pilot had gave me some gum!! l guess my brother told him where our house was because after that if he was in the area he would fly over our house and waggle the wings and l could hear him holler "Ayeeeee!!!" and he would wave at me. Pretty exciting for a snot nosed kid like me.
  11. twostepn2001

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    l was going to put this in the previous post but forgot. lf you don't already know, you'd be surprised who the pilot is in this video.
  12. twostepn2001

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    That kind of reminds me of that song by Ray Stevens l think it was. "Southern Airways". Flight delayed because they was putting a patch on one of the tires. And after all the passengers got on board, the stewardess latched the screen door shut.....and they had to get all the cows out of the pasture to clear the runway. Then again that kind of reminds of some of the crop duster strips around here years ago. Lefty Gardner comes to mind.
  13. twostepn2001

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    Sounds like instead of a crop duster he has the makings of another Jerry Clower. l can hear it now......"Marcel and the crop duster".
  14. twostepn2001

    Found this on an abandoned farm today

    l'm not sure, like l said l was just a kid back then and didn't pay any attention to fuel use. l just knew that when the fuel gauge got down to about 20% or less you needed to be looking for more fuel. l guess it's like any other fuel, the harder you work the tractor the more fuel it will use. When l filled them up at lunch time, they could usually go till the end of the day and then fill up and be ready for the next morning. But there was times like when stripping cotton and running longer hours they would refill late in the afternoon because it was just a little easier than waiting till after dark.
  15. twostepn2001

    1066 registry

    l don't know. l was just prowling on the 'net and found those two. Here is a link to their website: l do have pic of a1066 from the same place that looks like the same tractor except missing the cab doors. Maybe l sent it to you previously and just re-sent it?