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  1. Originally this trailer had a Navistar dragging it so l hope it's "legal" to show here. This is my cotton seed trailer for my miniature cotton gin project. l had new decals made for it. l'm really proud of the "Lone Star cotton boll" logo. l designed it and the lady that made the graphics scaled it down. Since Arlen, Texas is a fictitious town, l had to have fake phone number. Bet it won't take long for you guys to figure it out....lol Also posting a pic of my cotton hauling truck being "loaded" with cotton bales.
  2. That pic of that regular is really interesting. Looks like it might be cultivating cotton....? The rows closest to the camera looks like young cotton plants and it's really hard to tell but the building in the background looks like a gin.
  3. l have 3 cousins (brothers) that are retired ATC's. And each one has a son or daughter that are ATC's. From what l understand if you can handle the stress it is a pretty good job.
  4. Randy was you involved in the making of that commercial? l have another video of the making of that commercial. l think it was filmed down between McCamey and Rankin, Texas. They also filmed a Mustang and a Wildcat that day but didn't use them.
  5. Digging through some old files and found this old Texas DOT commercial. is old Texas DOT commercial. Nice old pickup too, for a Chevy.
  6. Thanks for the ID on the pic l posted. l knew they would be somebody here that could probably figure out what kind of engine it was.
  7. l like the paint scheme and colors but never been a fan of those type of rear fenders. What happens if you have a flat on the drivers? Or a blowout? looks like it would be a heck of a big mess.
  8. Found this pic on a Facebook page and some were asking what kind of engine this is. l figured this would be the place to come and find out.
  9. My Dad didn't ever say a lot about his time in the service. But the story l got from my Mom was that he on a troop transport in the Atlantic when they got news of the invasion. He stayed in England for a few weeks then shipped to France. He was part of a Sherman tank crew with Patton's 3rd Army and later at the battle of the bulge at Bastogne. He did tell me and my brother once that they were crossing a pontoon bridge and some German aircraft showed up and they thought they were going to bomb the bridge but seconds later some P-47 Thunderbolts came and chased the Germans off.
  10. This P-38 called "White Lightning" belonged to a Texas crop duster named Lefty Gardner. He did a lot of airshows with it. I saw him perform at a airshow in Midland, Texas quite a few years ago. Second pic shows it in a cotton field near Greenwood, MS. l don't know any of the details other than Lefty's son Ladd Gardner was flying it when it went down. lf l remember right, he walked away from it with no serious injuries. Third pic shows it after it was sold to and rebuilt by Red Bull. Maybe Randy Sohn can give more details about it.
  11. One of my Facebook friends is a retired Air Force flight instructor. When he was stationed at Reese Air Force base at Lubbock, Texas he said they called the T-37 "a device to convert jet fuel into extreme amounts of noise." But living here next to the runway at Dyess AFB l can say the B-1B does a great job of doing that too......
  12. Why would you wear them just cause your wife is pregnant????
  13. Years ago (70's & 80's) when l worked for a electric co-op, all the bucket and polecat trucks plus all of the trucks on underground installation carried a pretty good sized sledge hammer on them for driving ground rods. l think they were 16 lb. heads. But instead of wood handles, they had 1 1/2 pipe handles about standard length of a wood handle welded to them. lf l'd known 40 years ago that l would be on a lnternational Harvester forum talking about sledgehammers, l might've took a picture of one but l didn't.........
  14. This is a 123 SP. lt has the "tricycle" steering and although you can't really see it, it has dual wheels on the front axle. When l posted this pic here several years ago, somebody said they thought it was originally a bagging type combine converted to a unloading auger. l don't know anything about it other than l thought it was a interesting machine so l stopped and took some pics of it.
  15. Here is a advertising pic of the sprayers. Can't see the seat but maybe you can get a idea of what the sheet metal is supposed to look like. Hope this helps.
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