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  1. Rick, here is a pic of a 826 LP Hydro. l think it belongs to a member here but maybe he belongs to the IH group on FB. Seems like it is one of only one ever built....? maybe whoever it belongs to will chime in and have more info about it.
  2. Well, the info on the pic said it was taken in 1940, so l figure they had to be at least no older than '41 models..... 😄 Plus being prior to WWII l think it would be pretty safe to say they aren't Nissan's or Toyota's or even Volkswagen's... Maybe Campbell-Bordenmobile's...??
  3. A pic of the E.L. Bowman grocery store and filling station near Punkin Center in Dawson County Texas, 1940. First thing that got my attention was all the signs, mostly tobacco and soft drinks. Don't know where the ice came from but probably from a ice house in nearby Lamesa, Texas. At first l thought that old windmill was busted until l looked closer and saw it was a electric generator wind turbine. Can anybody identify those two cars?
  4. Nothing out of the ordinary, we were doing it back in the early 70's....
  5. l don't think l could've driven a Model T with all that complication!! Most complicated set of gears l ever drove was a U Model Mack with a TriPlex transmission with a Brownlite 2 speed behind it. Wouldn't pull worth a damn but when l got unloaded and headed back for another load l could pass every other truck on the road when l put her in the high hole!! 😁 You probably won't believe this, but heard a story in a truck stop across the road from JD's Gun & Pawn, Auto Parts, Pharmaceutical, Adult Gift Shop, Bait And Tackle and Discount Cigarette Outlet and official dealer for Gut Splatter Malt Liquor. This driver was saying he had a ''49 Peterworth with a 20 speed trans with a 950 hp B-S engine. Guess he meant a hopped up Briggs & Stratton (?) Said he could haul a load of strawberries from Los Angeles to Honolulu in just under 12 hours. Also said something about a load of watermelons from Mississippi to Guadalajara, Mexico in under 3 hours. Might be plausible but l just never believed that part about the 950 hp BS and 20 speed transmission until l saw this on FB.....so it has to be true.
  6. l've always been partial to LP tractors. There wasn't very many 706's in our area. Seems like most people went from 450's and 560's up to 806's, about the same time that they were converting from 4 row to 6 row. This 706 LP has been sitting in the same place for a least 20 years if not longer. Still has a fender mount radio and the frames for a buggy top shade.
  7. l've seen a lot of things in my life but never saw a steam powered pencil sharpener!! There has to be a joke in there somewhere about wearing a camouflaged hat instead of pokey dot or stripedy one but l'll let it rest...lol Maybe that cavalry or IH hat could count.
  8. Just talked to a guy that knows them personally. Like a lot of other businesses, it came down to the owners wanting to retire and none of the kids wanted to continue the business.
  9. Those scrapers were built by Johnson Mfg. in Lubbock, Texas, now known as Eagle-Picher. And they still build scrapers for Cat. Not sure about other IH dealers, but the IH dealer in Lubbock also sold and installed the hydraulic kits made by Johnson Mfg. to run the scrapers. Here are some pics of WD 9's set up to run the scrapers. One also shows a tractor with a push blade.
  10. No, that isn't him. Anson aka Delta Dirt passed away last Oct. Plus he was a former Marine, not Army.
  11. Here is a pic of my first "nice" car. A 1968 Chevy Impala. Saved my money from when l went on the wheat harvest to buy it. lt had a 327 with a 3 speed automatic. First thing l did after l bought it (even before l took it home for the first time) was went to a muffler shop and had some Thrush glass packs put it. lt wasn't the fastest car around but it sure was comfortable to drive. l had found a brand new 1969 "Bahama yellow" Plymouth Roadrunner with a 383 and a 3 speed Torqueflite automatic with a factory 8 track tape player at the same dealer. But l let my older brother talk me out of it. He said "why make payments on a new one when you can pay cash for a used car?" Aw well......l don't have either one 54 years later. l do remember that for 1969, you had the option of either a 8 track tape player or a cassette tape player if you ordered a car from Plymouth.
  12. l remember DeltaDirt AKA Anson Sheldon when he posted that post about that crop duster. During that, another pilot that has also passed, Randy Sohn, commented that he knew "Booga". Anson and Randy told a story about a ag pilot that was a pretty good sized man. So much so that he had broken several chairs in the local cafe just sitting in them.. So the cafe owner got a wooden barrel and had it made into a chair for that particular pilot. Do you have any info on Marvin "Lefty" Gardner? He was another "old style" ag pilot. He was also one of the founders of the CAF, Commemorative Air Force, and was instrumental in getting the CAF B-29 Fifi airworthy again. There are "rumors" that Lefty and a Louisiana Cajun ag pilot went "south" to fly for some foreign entities.
  13. Does scale matter? l have two 450's...one gas with a front mounted 4 row cultivator and one LP. 🙂
  14. Rick G, best thing to do is just go to your local Texas DPS office and pick up a updated Texas Driver's Handbook. They are free and once you read it you'll know for sure what is right and what is wrong.
  15. My son and his girlfriend was prowling through antique and junk stores in Ft. Smith, Ar. a few days ago and he found this 1/16th Ertl IH backhoe. He got it at a really good price and going to send it to me in a few days. lt will be a good addition to my collection.
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