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  1. l've only seen a couple of the first episodes but just in episodes 1 and 2, that one guy shot 2 or 3 others, saved a girl in a van and a young boy killed a huge rattlesnake in a culvert bare handed. Taylor Sheridan, the producer of Yellowstone is part of a group that bought the 6666's ranch at Guthrie, Texas and is planning on making a series similar to Yellowstone there. That will be one l'll watch if he does.
  2. Far as l know, they still operate quite a few different farms. Two that l know of for sure is the Price Daniel Unit at Snyder, Texas and the 80 John Wallace Unit in Colorado City, Texas. They also operate a huge supply warehouse in Snyder and a trucking operation using inmates as drivers. l don't know as a fact, but have heard that the trucks are governed to 60 mph and the drivers are "short timers" that wouldn't gain anything by trying to escape. They usually run in convoys of 4 trucks, 3 driven by prisoners and followed by a fourth driven by a civilian. Not sure where either one of these pics was taken. Captions just said "Texas Prison System farm equipment." Said they were taken in 1955.
  3. That do sound good!! Wonder what it would taste like to pour some giblet gravy over some fresh baked biscuits to go with the eggs and dressing......??
  4. Gary, here are a few more steam and gas tractor pics along with some other things. First one is a Avery pulling what looks like some hay up a trail near Ft. Davis, Texas. No date on it, and l'm curious what those square looking things are on the wheels...? Reason l know it's a Avery is because it says so....lol This another pic of a tractor pulling something up another hill. Says it was also taken at Ft. Davis but no date either. l know l'll probably get a failing grade on this one but l don't remember by looking if it's a Holt or Best tractor. This pic was taken in 1912 on the Spade Ranch (west of present day Lubbock, Texas) lf you look hard enough, you might see some polka dots on the woman's dress......or maybe not. A Buffalo-Pitts near Houston, Texas, 1914 Just a neat old pic of a old JD and old car parked by a old house near Jonah, Texas. No date. Pic of a old truck in Breckenridge, Texas. The dog looks happy...... l posted this pic just because it has a IH pickup in it. Taken in 1976 at Rule, Texas CO-OP gin. The big pile behind the Dodge pickup is cottonseed.
  5. Ad on Craig's List for a parachute. "Parachute for sale. Used only once. Never opened. Minor blood stains on the harness. Contact: merrywidow@geronimo.com for details."
  6. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Please don't make this political, just for those that were around do you remember where you was and what you were doing when you heard the news? l was 10 years old and in the 4th grade. We were outside during recess and the teachers came out and made us come back in the building. Shortly after parents started picking their kids. Only after we were headed home did my Mom tell me what had happened.
  7. l think maybe your facing or photo orientation may be correct. l got my granddaughter to look at it (she is 17 and had has good eyes...lol) and she think it says Daniells Gin too. l'll have to ask my sister about it also. She lives in Wolfforth, Texas and a retired board member of Plains Cotton Growers Of Texas. We zoomed in on the woman and it looks like she might be carrying something. So maybe her chicken DID cross the road and she's carrying it back.......😎
  8. OBG, l've posted that pic of the gin in Wolfforth, Texas in several different cotton and gin related groups that l belong to on Facebook and the burning question that everybody has is "why is that woman walking by on the road?" l don't know....maybe she had to walk across the road to the mailbox....?
  9. This is one of my favorite videos of pulling. l love how that flathead 8 sounds.
  10. Roger, thanks for all the information on the pics l posted. When l find some of these old photos, l know l can come here and 99% of the time somebody will have the answers l want to find. And l'm glad that others enjoy the old pics as much as l do.
  11. OBG, l think you posted here once that you 'collected" pics of of steam tractors and engines......? l enjoy digging through online photo archives of different Texas universities and recently found quite a few pics of early tractors. Thought l'd post a few here so you could add to your pic files if you want. First one is a Oil Pull and caption says "tractor permanently parked by a feed mill to power grinders and other equipment. Bradshaw, Texas." Not sure what the situation is with these two guys or their steam tractor. Looks like they may be enjoying some afternoon "spirits" of some kind. But l do know it's a Case because of 'ol Abe sittin' on the globe.. l don't know what kind of engine this is or for sure if those two was wearing stripedy or polky dot caps. Just says "photo taken in a field near Shep, Texas. 1909" l patted myself on the back because l paid attention in the professor's class and recognized this as a Reeves. Besides it's painted on the side of it... Caption says "photo taken in 1911 at Cross Plains, Texas." This one just says "Tractor and plow, 1913. Moran, Texas." Hope you enjoy these and l have few more l can post if you want.
  12. l've seen a lot of controversies in my life, (i.e. what kind of oil to use or IH v.s. JD) but never one so hotly debated as the "polka dots vs. stripes" engineer caps.....lol
  13. OBG talk about coincidence!!! l was born about a mile from where that DeBolt gin was in Ralls, Texas. lt was later torn down and they built a cotton compress on that location. When gins started using high density presses the compresses were phased out and now the buildings are used for cotton storage. You can see stack for the boiler room in one building. We lived about a mile from there and you could hear whistle blow at 7:00am, at 12:00 noon for lunch and at 7:00pm for quitting time. And several times a day you could hear the whistles blow and the engine "chugging" on the steam trains that hauled the cotton off to the Texas coast for transport. This pic was taken in 1950, about 3 years before l was born.
  14. Does that mean that Delta Dirt or Tony Ramos would have to develop a new type of cotton that grows with stripes or polka dots? lf they could grow it we can gin it at Booger Creek.....😎 And you can haul it with your cabover KW.
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