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  1. ln my area (west Texas) most rows are 38" but a few are still using 40". There are a few cotton growers in the Texas panhandle experimenting with 80" row widths to conserve irrigation water and save on seed costs. And yes, plant population varies by variety just like other crops. Also in my area, there are both irrigated and dry land cotton. As far as no-till, it's not real popular around here. A few do it but not many. After the cotton is harvested, they run a shredder or a stalk cutter over it, then either disc or use field cultivator. And there are still quite a few that "deep plow"
  2. Not sure about a new one but yesterday l saw a couple of 2018 stripper models with fairly low engine and fan hours for around $509,000.00 Some of the cost depends on number of rows and row width. Some older model basket strippers with average engine and separator hours are selling for around $110,000.00 to $120,000.00
  3. l belong to several cotton ginning groups on FB. Rumors are that JD is coming out with even bigger strippers and pickers by 2022, called CS770 and CP770. Lot of the ginners and gin owners aren't happy about because the round modules will be considerably bigger than now. And most gins have just in the past few years got set up to handle round modules. Everything was designed and built to handle the ones now but if the modules get any bigger, everything will have to be replaced and/or rebuilt to handle the bigger modules. There is also rumors that CIH is developing a round module picker. Bu
  4. My daughter took this pic last spring standing in our front yard. l don't know for what reason, but occasionally they will make a low level pass like this just off the runway with all the burners lit. ln a way it's kind of funny because when they do that, it vibrates the ground so much you can hear car alarms going off for miles in all directions. But on still days l can sit on my porch and hear reveille in the mornings and taps at night from the loud speakers on the base.
  5. Art, from there you was about two miles or so from my house. l live 2 blocks off Airbase Rd.
  6. De-linted cotton seed is different colors. l've seen blue, purple and green seed. l don't know the whole process of seed de-linting but l think the different colors have to do with the type of acid used as well as the colors denote different varieties of cotton. And on top of all that, the colors also show what brand of seed it is. Maybe some of the other cotton growers like Tony Ramos or Delta Dirt can help explain better than l can.
  7. Cotton seed from the gin has lint still on it. Then later hauled to a oil mill for de-hulling and crushing for cotton seed oil. The hulls are used mainly for cattle feed and in the oilfield as a filling agent in holes when they lose circulation. First pic is seed straight from the ginning process. Second pic is seed after it has been de-linted and ready to plant.
  8. Most of the newer gins are going to the seed "barn" type of seed storage. This is my nephew's gin at White Deer, Texas (NE of Amarillo) The big building in the middle of the pic is the main gin plant. The triangle shaped building is the seed storage. Lower left is the office and scales. Seed is stored in the seed barn then loaded on to trucks with front end loaders.
  9. A couple of days ago a driver was killed when he was buried and suffocated by cotton seed at a cotton gin near Lubbock, Texas. When the overhead seed bins start getting full, the seed compacts. Then when you open the doors (similar to those on a hopper bottom) on the seed bin, the seed is stuck and won't dump. So then you have to climb into the trailer with a long bar and poke and gouge the seed till it breaks loose and falls. lf you're not careful or slow to move, you'll get buried. Most of the newer gins are getting away from the overhead bins and going to huge seed "barns" and using front e
  10. l worked for a college one time for about 6 months working their cattle. Probably learned more doing that than anything a degree would've taught me.
  11. l love the style of the '49 Ford's. To be honest l'd take one like in your pic over a '57 Chebby anytime.
  12. l do like all the red stuff but this yellow is growing on me....lol But l think l said the same thing when you restored your MM LP.....lol And it also reminds me of that guy on TV years ago that used to say "l just love when the plan starts coming together." 🙂
  13. Fred B, maybe the elevator is mounted so that the cotton is blown or augered to another wagon on the side? l mean like a modern silage chopper....and a truck runs along beside it? But in the case of this machine, a team of mules or maybe a another tractor pulled a wagon while this machine dumped into it?
  14. l have read about that raid but didn't realize what the date was. ln the fall of 1946 right after my Dad got out of the Army, he and my Mom came to Texas from Oklahoma to pull cotton. They found wok with a elderly farmer and his wife. The old man wanted a new tractor so he could increase his acreage but he didn't know how to drive a car or a tractor. So he asked my Dad if would take a year round job on their farm. So that's how my family wound up in Texas. Dad eventually went on to other farm jobs but stayed in touch with the old couple. Years later, l can remember going to their house to watc
  15. Authorities found the remains of a unfortunate watermelon at the home of a local woman who is known to have large melons. Not known at this time whether the melon mutilations have anything to do with the missing Mississippi melons. Chief lnvestigator Jack O'Lantern stated in a press release "We are appalled that someone could do this to an innocent young melon and we will continue with our investigation until the perpetrator has been apprehended and behind bars."
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