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  1. Cool! Post pictures of the repair as it progresses! It is always nice to learn from the professionals!
  2. I didn't even realize that they made the 500C as a straigh clutch tractor. Mine is Power shift. You might try General Gear.
  3. Harbor Freight has cheap HVLP guns that you can get for as little as $9 on sale. They work pretty good for this. I found that spraying POR you need multiple thinner coats. You need to build the coat thickness up enough so that all the points of the rust and any metal have a good coat on them. Corners, both inside and outside can be problem areas for spraying. Also any enclosed nooks and crannies need extra attention with the spray gun and maybe a brush.
  4. Hmm, only reason I could think of is a bearing or wrist pin problem. I hope you caught it soon enough that it didn't cause too much collateral damage.
  5. I agree, definitely a p38. They distinctive shape of the superchargers on top of the booms identify clearly.
  6. I have a 1948 Oliver 77. I like the looks of the Fleetline tractors!
  7. Definitely British. I think the Wellington and Blenheim had that geodesic framing! So the bomber crashed into the foundry??
  8. Blackstone says to take the sample halfway through the drain.
  9. If you can get more pictures first and they aren't too bad, , that kind of price would make me drive out.
  10. Prayers from Virginia. Glad it isn't COVD at least!
  11. I took Ivermectin (horse de-wormer) on Cob's recommendation on Dec. 13, with a second dose on the 16. I tested positive for COVID on the 19th (I tested because a co-worker had it). I had minimal symptoms. Coincidence? I don't know, but it worked for me.
  12. I hope you return soon.
  13. So this is where the penchant for the Del Grande came from eh?
  14. How many Legos did that take???
  15. I don't know, but I have 20k private tags on my F250.
  16. POR 15 should stick to it.
  17. One step at a time Sonny, one step at a time.
  18. The aircrew losses the US Army Air Corp sustained in Europe were greater than all of the Marine losses in the Pacific combined. Pretty horrifying! This was another friend of mine who has since died. It was an amazing story to hear in person, but like many he did not want to talk about it. I learned a lot from his daughter as well as from a friend of mine who was in the Air Force and fished with us. One night the air force guys stayed up late after they had dismissed us no military types and talked about it. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/person/47511
  19. "Hated the Japanese the rest of his days." That seemed to be the general sentiment of those in the war. It started with the treachery of Pearl Harbor and their brutality was legendary through out the war. Even those in the European theater felt it. I know my Dad, who was in the Air Corp in England and my godfather, who was in the Navy in the Pacific felt it!
  20. You really have to wait for there clearance sales to get a decent price.
  21. The two-legged version is the most deadly of the species!
  22. Didn't the Japanese buy up a lot of New York City at one time. I think they got there ass handed to them when we had a recession though. At least the Chinese can't take the real estate and duplicate it in china! If we ever go to war with them the real estate will remain where it is.
  23. You might look at under armor. And overhyped brand, I know. But they are undershirts are outstanding.
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