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    T6 Restoration Pictures

    How about this:
  2. Rawleigh99

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    I pulled one on a 175C by blocking the loader arms up with channel iron and using a chain fall from the loader arms. Not easy, but doable. Of course that was 20 years ago, and I wouldn't want to do it now!
  3. Rawleigh99

    oil bath filter

    I use whatever is handy! Its only purpose is to catch and hold dirt. It is a good place to use i/2 full quarts of mystery oil you find in the shop or tool box! LOL!
  4. Rawleigh99

    Taking my hog to market tonight.

    Nope, that is a loading dock locator. Back up until it squeals and you should be right at the dock! Getting him in there is one thing, but how do you keep him in there if he wants out!!!
  5. That is pretty resourceful! I would never have thought of that, but I guess it would work.
  6. Duey: I use that grease in the rollers of my Cat D2 since the seals are old and leaky. I also have it in a post hole digger gearbox. Lots of guys are running it in bush hog gearboxes that have leaky seals. If it can survive a bush hog gearbox it ought to do what you need! You can use some old fuel mixed with the new. Maybe run it through a clean rag as you pour it in the funnel. The old stuff usually last pretty well compared to the new fuel. I would add a lubricant with it for the plungers. I have a fuel/oil blender Cummins used to make that I bought at a farm auction. it filters and blends 5% used motor oil with the fuel (it has 2 big filters, one for just the oil and one for the blended product.) Two stroke or Marvel is the way I would go.
  7. Rawleigh99

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    Check any other hoses down in there while you are at it. If the one is rotten others may be too! It would be disappointing to get it all together and then lose all your new fluid to another leak in a very inconvenient location for repair!
  8. Rawleigh99

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    Good news! Harbor Freight or Northern both have large wrenches at reasonable prices. I know they aren't Snap On, but they are large enough that you will never break them on anything you will use them on and cheap enough that you won't mind cutting them if you have to. I had to cut up some large wrenches to get the hoses on the underside of a TD9 Drott loader.
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    Ficching Challenge!

    And it ain't fish . . .!!!
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    Kidney stones

    For a 12 year old!! Gald you got through it Mike! i hope never to have one, but I remember my Dad did, so who knows!
  11. Rawleigh99

    Dresser 175C transmission help please

    1 inch or 11/8 inch. The dash numbers are 1/16 per.
  12. Rawleigh99

    Cream separators

    I have one like the top picture.
  13. Rawleigh99

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    LOL! And the body doesn't even look that bad! Bolt a tie plate on the frame and sell it to the next sucker!
  14. Rawleigh99

    Battery Jump Starts

    I have had a Schumacher for years. I did have to replace the battery 5 years ago. The replacement only cost $18. For Christmas I got one of those Lithium Ion packs, but the jury is still out on how long it will last!
  15. Rawleigh99

    Unexpected helper

    They probably got added to the hamburger!!! Yuck!
  16. Rawleigh99

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    I think he was using the picture of the Toyota as an example.
  17. Rawleigh99

    Building hay stacks with a Go Devil

    We are in the process of rebuilding one of those wooden hayrakes shown in the second picture for the local FArm Museum that I am on the board of. I wondered how it was used.
  18. Rawleigh99

    Kellogg's Lawsuit

    I must have it bad, I don't even need to stretch my arms over my head to hear those noises!! LOL!
  19. Rawleigh99

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I think that the problem is that the spring end is supposed to go towards the engine. That is the part that has to heat up to open the thermostat.
  20. Rawleigh99

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Silly question, but did you put the thermostat in facing in the right direction? Also, did you do a flush on the engine block and radiator? All that scale can ruin the heat transfer inside the block.
  21. Duey: You can try John Deere Corn Head grease. It is an HG 0 grease that has the consistency of mayonnaise. Once it is agitated by gears it turns to a heavy oil, and then thickens back up after it stops. Very good for gear boxes with old seals. Also, add a quart of 2 stroke oil to the fuel to lube things up. New style ATF doesn't burn as well as the old ATF, and the 2 stroke oil is made to burn. Marvel Mystery oil i also very good at unsticking internals of fuel pumps.
  22. Wow, you got lucky on that one!
  23. Rawleigh99

    They are all home

  24. Rawleigh99

    Hold my beer---and watch this!!!

    Looks like a rough ride!
  25. Try Hector Gemme. He parts out old IH dozers. He is in Canada, but I have used him before with good success. Shipping may be a killer though.