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    That gantry is a nice piece of equipment!
  2. But did you give them a piece of your mind????
  3. Really cool! Jeepers, can you share what the plant makes, or is that proprietary?
  4. I will reserve judgement on the police until more facts are known. If he was still actively shooting people when they stayed outside shame on them! If he was contained in a class room with no one still alive in there and the police just kept him contained there until trained breachers arrived, then that is a different story. We just don't know all the facts, and the way the media spin them it may be quite a while before we do. If he was truly roaming free in the school all that time more would have died. I am sure the teachers locked the children in the classrooms trying to keep them safe, but if he were roaming free I hate to say he probably would have killed more.
  5. Rawleigh99


    It is always something isn't it! Thanks for the pictures!
  6. This is the end result of the break down of the nuclear family and the loss of Judeo/Christian morality and ethics!
  7. Those are real nose pickers!!!! i wonder how you get close to the urinal in those! I guess you just go out back or sit down!
  8. I have a friend from British Guyana who always complains about American "English". He claims to speak "proper Kings English" and a lot of times I have to agree with him!
  9. Getting better and better!! Where is the snail drum magazine!
  10. Another issue is that if he left it to the 10 year old, she is a minor and cannot sell property without a court Order (At least in Virginia, which I assume is the same everywhere). If he left it in Trust for her or to a Custodian under the Uniform Gifts to Minors act the result could be different. You need to get with a competent Estate Attorney in that state. Don't forget the "competent" part! I am an attorney and I know a lot who should not be giving advice!
  11. A week! They need a new repair man!
  12. You should have seen that one coming Finney!!! LOL! Seriously though, it is a nice job.
  13. It is a thing of beauty to watch a competent operator make cuts and carry a grade like that!
  14. Hardtail, I noticed that with the long track frame that went to the rear to facilitate dragging the logs. It looked Cat factory too.
  15. Those little super magnets are great for that too. Easy to make magnetic plugs with just by drilling the right size blind hole in the end of the plug. You can also just slap them on the side of the sump or filter housing as well. Here is the magnetic plug out of my AC HD9 trans, it's a monster!
  16. Not IH, but awesome to watch! Reminds me of @mike newman. Definitely not his first rodeo. Love the dog riding along too! https://youtu.be/eKjhwsuNBPY
  17. Good job! Glad you did not find any ugly surprises.
  18. Could be a mixture of gear oil and water. Might want to flush it with diesel fuel. Is it running yet? Your risk is stuck steering clutches.
  19. $4.39 & $5.69 on Eastern Va
  20. If I were you I would go on the wix dimensional filter site I posted earlier, find a spin on filter that meets your requirements and then look at their filter bases and pick one that fits. The nice thing about Wix is that Napa sells their filters. Just drop the first number and use the last four as the Napa number.
  21. Fuel or oil? Wix, Baldwin and others make spin on filter bases. I added a bypass filter to my Ford F250 diesel with a Baldwin base.
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