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  1. Is that County Line Equipment in Washington? Used to be an older guy named Bill there that was a big help.
  2. You might want to double check your gauge with another. Wouldn't hurt to see what the actual PSI is on a gauge with numbers either.
  3. There is a pinned post on the construction board of this forum about parts sources.
  4. Wow! What kind of lathe is that in the background?
  5. No I mean in the machine. You will need to clean the clutch compartment first, as oil defeats the rust conversion.
  6. Evaporust is good stuff! I want to fill a stuck steering clutch compartment and see if it will free it up!
  7. Those grapples are really cool and useful if you're moving logs.
  8. That should work fine. Some would say straight 30 weight ashless, but I don't think it matters.
  9. If you use a length of pipe that will fit all the way between the two arms, welded in place and cut it off it won't need to be line bored. It will be pretty much self-aligning.
  10. Mike Newman would be so proud of him!
  11. I am scared to ask how those holes got in it!
  12. What have you got to lose by welding it together and trying it? You might save $565. You could buy a generic spline sleeve and shaft of the same size. Is there a straight side to the splines left on the pump that you could clock the sleeve up against before you weld it? That might make it more concentric. https://www.surpluscenter.com/Power-Transmission/Shafting/Splined-Shafting/ https://www.surpluscenter.com/Power-Transmission/Shaft-Couplers/Keyed-Splined-Hex-1-Piece-Solid-Couplers/
  13. Tack weld the coupler to the pump and let the other end slide freely on the spline maybe? Or drill and cross pin it.
  14. What is in the other end of the tubular coupler? It almost looks like you could reproduce it with standard parts.
  15. The radiator gaskets can be made from black builders felt (aka tar paper).
  16. @pede is our resident expert. I am sure he will be along soon.
  17. Wix 51162 or NAPA 1162 on the transmission according to Wix.
  18. I have had good luck using the WIX filter lookup site. Sometimes you have to look under the engine rather than the machine. The NAPA number is the Wix number with the first digit dropped. 4 digits rather than 5. I don't know about your engine, but it could be the the engine was replaced with a later one at some point. The block does not seem to be yellow.
  19. I always wanted one of those! What is the availability of the tracks? I know the Israeli army used a lot of them.. I know White built some. Does the front axle drive the track?
  20. Wow, what a job! She has fought you hasn't she. She will be good as new when you finish!
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