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  1. Nice looking machine! Post some more pictures when you get her working again!
  2. Those Mosquitoes were awesome airplanes! Great story, thanks for posting Mike. I want to see a picture of the 455 if that won't get you in any trouble.
  3. Pull the rod caps and look at the bearings. Try turning the crank with the rods disconnected. Try pushing the pistons up from beneath with a piece of wood and a jack. It sounds almost like a spun bearing.
  4. I guess they lost the cap and tried to improvise? Who know, but they sometimes get in there
  5. It is better he frequents this forum rather than others he could be on! I do agree with J-Mech on the parenting issue, but they may monitor what he looks at and be OK with this forum.
  6. If you can get the crappy plastic gate drain valve to unscrew from the tank you can replace it with a full flow ball valve. that is what they should be installing to begin with, but they want to sell you a new tank in 5 years. With the full flow ball valve you can really flush the crap out the bottom with the water flow.
  7. With one clutch stuck I will probably just wind up going in circles!!! LOL! The good news is I am cleaning up tornado damage in the woods at one of my farms, so it is not a money making job.
  8. This is why you need the locking ones. I agree that the ones that freely swivel are useless. These in metric and standard: https://www.gearwrench.com/gearwrench-85698-12-pc-12-point-xl-locking-flex-head-ratcheting-combination-metric-wrench-set.html
  9. But we are also always glad to have younger people participate in the forum. There is lots of collective knowledge here and you can learn a lot by listening in. Don't let us scare you off! LOL!~
  10. Thanks for the info guys. I will keep you up to date on it.
  11. What fun! Thanks for letting me know.
  12. I think the suction hose comes out of the transmission on the lower right front and there is a removable screen behind that. It is a possible leak spot that would be cheap to fix.
  13. My Godfather who was in the Navy in WWII loved those GM diesels. He ran a landing craft in the Pacific that had twin 6-71 Gray Marines in it. He had one story of being hung up on the beach and not being able to back off. He put both GM's wide open in reverse and he and his two crew members got down between the motors to shield them from the bullets. He said they had time to smoke two cigarettes' before she started bumping and moving backwards. When she came off there were two piles of sand on either side that had fun through the cooling system pumps. Needless to say the engines had to be
  14. Yea, it is a low deck head. Two valve. Buddy is a Detroit mechanic so I should be OK there. I really don't want to wrestle those tracks if I can help it. What is the downside of running them as is?
  15. It amazes me how versatile those engines were. For all their faults, they were like the Swiss Army knife of engines! Kind of like legos. Build them on either side, rotation, bolt them end to end! Amazing ingenuity! A lot of them were used in the commercial fishing fleets here, up to the 16 cylinders. I can still remember those fish boats going out of the creek in the early hours with the dry stack Detroit's screaming!
  16. Surplus center has a bunch of tanks for sale.
  17. Definitely. My AC manual talks about flushing the steering clutches with mineral spirits if they get oily.
  18. Parts source: https://dieselpro.com/detroit-diesel-parts/271-engine.html
  19. I am thinking about trying vinegar in the steering clutch on an AC HD9 I just acquired. It will remove rust from tools, so it might work in that. Anyone see any harm in trying that?
  20. Buddy and I went and woke up a 1955 AC HD9 with a 4-71 yesterday after it had a long nap. He replaced one injector and we got her fired up! The left clutch is stuck, but the undercarriage is in excellent shape. She motors along pretty well for being older than I am!
  21. I have had good luck with the cheap replacements.
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