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  1. Trailer best quality made to haul tractor ?

    Both of my trailers were custom built by Lamar Trailers. It was a long decision but I narrowed it down to PJ, and Lamar. I have had the bumper pull for over 10 years and the gooseneck for 2 years. Both are well opted trailers because I plan to keep them for my lifetime as I don't abuse my equipment. Bumper pull trailer is 18' + 2' dove, weighs #2,500 empty and is rated at #10,400, Gooseneck is 27' + 5' dove, weighs #7,500 empty and is rated at #26,000 Some things to note when looking at Lamar vs PJ is that a PJ dealer marks up every option as well as the trailer. Also PJ trailers are made with tubular steel vs C channel like most. This may seem like a good idea but mice like to live in the tubes and eat the wiring. Also PJ uses powder coat. Looks great but not easy to touch up. Lamar was very accommodating to special options and special requests. Best? I can't say there's a definitive best out there, but there is many better than others. I am very happy with mine.
  2. One of the nicest 5088 I've ever had here 100% original

    That is a beautiful 5088! Question... I have seen some with an IH emblem on the rear sides of the cab at the bottom of the black stripe. Was that on only certain years, or certain trim packages?
  3. 446 Engine - Seeking good used Valley Pan

    I have no experience with the MV gas engines but I was under the impression that the 446 gas engine was just a gasoline version of the 7.3 IDI diesel engines. If that's the case wouldn't a 7.3 IDI valley pan/gasket fit? I bought a Fel-Pro one from NAPA for my 7.3 IDI when I redid the heads. Maybe its totally different. Just throwing the idea out.
  4. TD9 spark plugs.

    The original plug was a Champion 49. But that has since superseded to a Champion D89D (543). Unfortunately I have not found Delco plugs, only Champion, which I have heard are of poor quality these days. The old AC number was 18-A, but I don't think they are still available.
  5. PTO Judas pin

    After putting this back together the way I found it the PTO still didn't work, however I took a pressure reading at 3/4 throttle (my tach isn't working yet). I don't seem to have much if any pressure. If I pull the PTO spool valve up by hand until it stops and hold it against the stop, pressure goes up about 20 psi. Still nowhere near the numbers I need. I took off the top link cover and looked inside. Oil looks pretty clean still, pump area on PTO is mostly submerged, shaft driving PTO is in place and spins when tractor is running. I suppose at this point the whole thing needs to come out. To not have much if any pressure at the test port indicated my pump isn't working or maybe some relief valve is stuck open?
  6. Looking for busted TD9 starter

    Not to hijack this thread but would the Bar Starter that fits a TD-9 be the same as a TD-14A? If so I'd like to get on the list behind Unimog. King of Obsolete that sure was a great idea making the starter bar! Glad you got another one made! I wish I could make one for mine but I'm lucky enough to have a good starter, I don't have any spare starters. Have you ever used the Bar Starter on a 14A like mine with the starter on the right side under the oil filters? Seems like you couldn't get much leverage, or movement on it.
  7. IH 3500A Backhoe Transmission/Hydraulic oil

    So it sounds like you have a basic gear drive transmission with a clutch. A much simpler transmission so I would be less concerned about using off brand oils as long as they show to be "equivalent" to IH Hy-Tran. But since it still uses gears, bearings, and bushings your ISO 46 oil you put in will not give proper protection. IH Hy-Tran in modern form is called Case IH Hy-Tran Ultraction(MS1209). As I recall from my time in Europe the common oil manufacturer is TOTAL. I checked TOTAL's website to see what they offer for a Hy-Tran "equivalent". I found a TOTAL product called DYNATRANS VX FE that shows to be suitable for CASE MS1209. It was the only product of theirs that showed to be suitable to Hy-Tran. Hopefully you can find this in Denmark. Spec sheet for DYNATRANS VX FE
  8. IH 3500A Backhoe Transmission/Hydraulic oil

    Does your backhoe have a hydrostatic transmission? If so you should only use Hy-Tran. Its too expensive of a transmission to repair to risk using cheaper hydraulic oil. If your backhoe has a torque converter transmission Hy-Tran is still best but most "universal tractor trans/hydraulic fluid" is labeled to meet Hy-Tran specifications. But that is a highly argued and heated subject. AW 46 oil like your TOTAL HYDRAGRI 46 is more of just a hydraulic oil as I understand. For log splitters, jacks, and hydraulic lifts. Not for gears, bearings, bushings, wet brakes,and wet clutches, like a transmission. So in my opinion, you should change it to Hy-Tran or at least a Hy-Tran "equivalent" to avoid damage. It may be time for a fluid and filter change anyway.
  9. 1973 International 1310 4X4 3,349 Miles!

    Wow! That is a beauty!! Super low miles too!! I sure hope the buyer loves it like we would. I drug mine home and my odometer showed around 7,500 miles. At first I figured it was incorrect but as I began the restoration I realized that it was true miles. I'm quickly approaching 12,000 miles now. This one is in much nicer shape than mine was. Must have stayed in use. Mine was left for dead in a field in Wyoming. It too can look like this with some elbow grease and deep pockets. Lol
  10. International 270A backhoe

    I thought I had seen weights on one before. Mine must not have had that option. I will keep an eye out for a used set. I may have seen some of your videos. I saw one of a guy having to pull the engine out of one. But last I saw the engine was still out. I'll check back for the other video, will be nice to have more insight on timing the pump. My pump was a basket case. Pump is at the injection shop now. Previous owner who disassembled pump broke the plunger on the head so mine wasn't even a good core. Found a used pump for an International 885 farm tractor at a salvage yard that I'm hoping to be able to get rebuilt. The one big difference between the backhoe pump and the farm tractor pump was the kill mechanism. Backhoe uses a electric solenoid to kill engine, whereas farm tractor uses a cable pull to kill. I will likely have to convert to cable kill since solenoid is bad and no longer available. Thanks!
  11. Beginning Farmer Program

    Now that's a neat idea. I will look into that!
  12. 3500A

    I assume you have the range selector in gear. Just covering all the bases. If you call Herrs Machine in Washington KS they are the Hydro experts and can help you troubleshoot your transmission. They also will rent you a set of hydraulic gauges to test different things on your tractor. If you take these hydraulic readings you can much more accurately troubleshoot these hydrostatic transmissions. Hopefully is turns out to be something simple, because these hydrostatic transmissions can be EXTREMELY expensive to rebuild.
  13. Beginning Farmer Program

    I have two friends that utilized the program. They have great things to say about it and encouraged me to get into it. Unfortunately for me my family never farmed and I have never worked as a manager for another farmer so I do not qualify for anything. Back to plan A for me... Just keep working a regular job until I either save enough to pay cash for everything to start, or lose interest.
  14. Picked up a new toy today! International 270A backhoe. Has a broken injection pump. Otherwise was a working machine with what looks to be low hours. Less that 2500 hours showing. I know the Bosch AV4 are tough to get fixed but I'm optimistic. Sure seems like this machine is light in the front. Or the hoe is really heavy.
  15. PTO Judas pin

    If I put it back together the way I found it (I counted the turns) I can still try checking pressure? If I have pressure then IPTO is working? If I don't have any pressure then either IPTO is damaged or pump is bad?