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  1. Websites like that one search for NSNs(National Stock Number), they cater to government agencies that have no choice but to buy OEM stuff still floating in the supply chain regardless of price. You should be able to do WAY better on price than $450. Did you call FP Smith Equipment yet? I bet its less than $50 to have the old ones relined. It used to be $10 a shoe to reline, but that was 20 years ago.
  2. I can't speak from experience on this one, but I know the video you are referring to about a Farmall MD engine by Just a Few Acres Farm on YouTube. He mentions that one is a "blind hole" for the dowel pin on the idler gear, and the other is for an oil passage. Assuming his terminology is correct you could put a pick or something down into each hole to see which is the blind hole. One of the holes should be shallow and goes nowhere(blind hole), the other probably goes deeper to an oil galley. I checked my books and sure enough, it doesn't seem to give any insight on this. If the parts diag
  3. I doubt you damaged them with a power washer. Maybe you just see it now after cleaning it. Like KSFarmdude said the injector sleeves press into the head with Locktite as a sealer. You have to buy new ones once they are removed or the seal is broken. Be sure to drain coolant before removing them as coolant will flow into the cylinder if you don't. I had to replace injector sleeves on my D268 in my backhoe. (See thread below) I had to replace them for a different reason, but the pictures should help you see what you are up against. Your D239 and my D268 are both Neuss engines and have the s
  4. Unfortunately nobody supports the Hough line anymore. Whats left of the remaining parts are owned by Komatsu, but they aren't any help without part numbers. Most of the engines were IH engines used in other equipment like AG tractors, so some engine stuff can be gotten through Case IH still. If you get the original parts manual for the machine it goes a long way in searching when you have the part number. Ebay or JenSales can fix you up. BinderBooks doesn't have much for loaders. Make sure you get the parts manual for the machine(chassis), and the engine. They are separate. There are
  5. Originally they sold the lining kits(161643H1), or shoes that had already been relined. The part number for the relined shoes(139037H1) was coming up on a search at FP Smith Equipment in California. Good chance they have some NOS. I like FP Smith but they are terrible about returning your calls and can be a bit pricey. If it were mine I'd send your old ones off to Fort Wayne Clutch & Driveline in Fort Wayne, Indiana to have them relined. They have treated me great for years, do quality work, and the prices are fair.
  6. Nice looking machine! Although I don't have the Hough H60 book handy, I'll say that like DWF said they usually call for 10w engine oil or Dextron ATF(recommended for colder climates). Unfortunately 10w engine oil is hard to find these days and the "10w IH NO# 1 Engine Oil" that is specified in my manual just got obsoleted by Case IH last year. I'm sure you know, but just in case. The hydraulic oil is a separate system on these. For hydraulic oil it calls for 30w engine oil(Non-Detergent to prevent foaming) in most Payloaders I have seen of that era.
  7. That black spot is actually a piece of dirt. I had to zoom in on the original picture to verify. I don't remember a drain plug, but it would be nice if it did. That is surprising to find blue paint. Not sure how that would have got there. Interesting configuration. You are probably right, if its not in the parts diagram there must not be a filter there. It must pull oil from the large filter housing to run transmission functions through that tube.
  8. Unfortunately nobody is reproducing the dash pads for the IH pickups. There is supposedly a company that is going to start reproducing dash pads for Scout II but they are over a year behind in delivering the first production run. So I'm not optimistic about one for the pickups. There is a couple companies such as "JustDashes" that repairs and recovers your original dash pad. However it costs around $750+ to have done. Another more cost effective option is to get a "Dash Mat" as suggested by Lightninboy. Its just a carpet cover that goes over your damaged dash. You stick the sticky Ve
  9. Glad to see you are making progress! Good idea replacing that brake band. It is common for people to drive with the parking brake set and ruin them. The "dome" you are referring on the left side of the transmission is usually the transmission oil filter. It only filters the oil used to operate the transmission like torque converter and clutch packs. This is why it wasn't mentioned under your "hydraulic" section in your manual. The large filter you replaced only filters the oil to the hydraulic system that runs your loader and digger. However both filters draw oil from the common reservoir
  10. I am on the road for work for a few more weeks, but I could certainly post a picture of the undercarriage page of the microfiche wen I get home. Bummer to hear you missed out. Maybe the buyer will surface on here eventually.
  11. The IH/Yumbo excavators didn't seem to be very popular or common. I kinda wonder why since the later 600 series excavators seemed fairly modern and comparable to the CASE/Poclain excavators of their time. But I have never ran either one to compare. You are certainly right about information being scarce. I hope you will share pictures and information with us and others about this machine so others can learn from your experience. I don't like to see folks poo poo your find or talk you out of it, however they aren't wrong. You are in for a fun ride of custom parts from your machine shop for
  12. I would imagine they are both A&I parts. Probably drop shipped from a warehouse somewhere, maybe Michigan. In my searching of that number I found it is was said to fit Farmall 656, 2656, 3600A, H50A, H50B, and H50C with D-282. Didn't mention 706 specifically but it may fit others too. I have made a few purchases from Reliable Aftermarket Parts on Ebay in the past. I never had an issue, but I'm just one person. That is a nice looking machine. I was looking at buying a later model H50C a few years ago. But it had a broken steering knuckle. I have searched for a new knuckle but
  13. Glad to hear you got the cylinder apart! I don't have my engine book for that handy but I think the water pump you need is an IH 701128C94. But as I recall there is a couple variations for pulleys or pulley mounting flanges, so compare pictures before getting one.
  14. Part #11 on the diagram would be an 876097C1. FP Smith in Fairfield CA shows to have 14 of them. 707-312-7014 Chicago Machinery in Lynwood IL shows to have 9 of them. 708-467-7016 American Crane Tractor Parts in Kansas City KS shows to have 14 of them. 800-999-8538 Never heard of Bulldog kits. Wonder if they sell a complete kit.
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