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  1. My guess is Trojan 164A or 204A? Are you going to try and bring it to life?
  2. That looks like the remains of an International 9000 High Reach Forklift. Don't see those too often. But I recently saw a complete one on Marketplace with engine issues. Here is a couple picture of a complete one I found on the Google machine.
  3. I had to piece together the 3 point on my IH 260A recently. A couple pins came with the used 3 point parts I got from the tractor salvage yard. I was short quite a few pins to put it all together. Case IH wanted $20-$45 each for them!! 😲 I ended up taking measurements and ordering everything from McMaster-Carr. Cost me less than $5 each and I'm confident the quality and strength are on par with the OEM pins. McMaster-Carr had an impressive selection of sizes, strengths, and materials and I had them in just a couple days.
  4. Was a TD-25E with the International Hough badging. Had a long wedge on the rear for splitting tree stumps. I thought it was so cool of someone to bring these big machines. The PayLine machines don't get much recognition compared to the AG and trucks, and stuff this big has to be expensive and time consuming to bring to the shows. Supposedly the old timer sitting down under the tent bought the TD-25B new. He was nice enough to allow me to sit in the seat of this beast!
  5. Gregrose do you have the torque converter transmission or the hydrostatic transmission? Do you have your old one? I have a extra for the torque converter transmission but the nose cone is broken. If you have your old one you could have it rebuilt or swap parts off my spare if needed. To help with your search part number for the starter for the torque converter model is 1107867, the part number for the starter for a hydrostatic model is 1113690.
  6. I stand corrected. Good to know!
  7. Thanks! I'm excited to drive it home! That last pic is a Loadstar too. Fleetstar had a similar cab and doors to the 1969-1975 IH pickup, Loadstar still used the older style cab used on 1968 and prior IH pickup.
  8. I am in the same boat. I bought a Loadstar 1850 with 10 lug 20" lock ring wheels and 9.00-20 tires. As I understand 22.5 budd wheels will bolt right on as long as they center on the lugs rather than the hub, and 10R22.5 is a very similar size tire. Kelboy what you have there are Dayton wheels. It is my understanding they make a 22.5 wheel that will fit on the same hub the 20" wheels came off of from what I have read. But I have no first hand experience with the Daytons. Truck salvage yard in Colorado told me $60 each for used steel 22.5 budd wheels for my Loadstar. Not too bad.
  9. Looks like a 1974 or 1975 International 500 (later model 1500/1510). Looks to have the smaller 17" wheels rather than the optional 20" wheels. They are a bit of an orphan in that they have a IH light duty body, but more of a medium duty chassis. They are 13,840 or 15,000 lb GVW trucks, and usually very low geared. Brakes can get challenging because nobody's books are right. Master cylinder is $300+ and has 8 wheel cylinders like a Loadstar. Some had 2 speed rear. Value? Who knows. Not very desirable since they can usually barely go highway speed. But I'm sure it will do the job around the farm. I gave $1500 for mine but it had a 37' man lift on it. That one looks pretty straight and not all beat up. I'd give $1000 for it if I could see it start and move under its own power.
  10. Wow! Thats so cool! The latest version of the Hough H-25! Sure don't see many of the 500s! What is the attachment on the front of the machine?
  11. I was thinking about one of the Iron Bulls or one of the canopys from Leamans. I was figuring on filling the uprights with sand, but has anyone tried using a thick layer of color matched spray in bed-liner on the underside of the canopy? I know it has good sound deadening qualities in the automotive restoration world when used on floors and ceilings of cars and trucks. I would think it would deaden sound, vibration, insulate radiant heat from above, be more resilient and longer lasting than stick on or glue on Dynamat and the like, and could be color matched so it wouldn't take away from the appearance of the tractor.
  12. I used to put some ATF in my fuel of my mechanically injected diesels on occasion, and when changing filters. Old timers used to say to do it. However two injection shops told me not to do that! They said especially in some of the newer equipment with mechanical pumps it can ruin it. They had other reasoning as well. They both said the Lucas fuel treatment or the Stanadyne fuel additive are recommended to add lubrication. Stanadyne (who built a lot of injection pumps) has a new version of their product the Lubricity Formula. I have been using in for the past year or so in my older stuff. There are probably others as well. I feel like their recommendation was unbiased because neither shop sold those products.
  13. I see. I did have one injector that leaked through the joint in the middle of the injector. I had taken them to a questionable injection shop since my usual local injection shop closed when the owner retired. It leaked slowly where the two halves come together when I got it back. Other possibility is the line into the top of the injector isn't seating properly into the taper. Or the small rubber return line banjo fitting and crush washers are leaking and pooling below.
  14. I assume you mean its bleeding compression? There is no crush washer or seal on those. There is an O-ring but it is just there to keep dirt and moisture from getting between the injector and the injector sleeve. The injector seals combustion by the injector retaining bolts or clamp pushing it down into the sleeve. I have seen the sleeves get distorted or damaged and have difficulty sealing. Here is a picture of the new injector sleeve about to be installed on mine. Then the rebuilt injector about to be installed. The orange O-ring is just the dust seal. The tapered lower part of the injector seals against the inside tapered lower part of the injector sleeve. If left leaking combustion for a long time soot will build up between the injector and sleeve resulting in this... The sleeve pulled out (with great difficulty) with the injector. When the sleeve breaks loose coolant is allowed into the cylinder. I hope these pictures help.
  15. Thats a great observation Dale! Now that you mention it I see the different grilles. I think the hood itself looks the same. (Not my pictures) See below the first picture has the grille that sits flush with the front of the hood and the headlights. While this Loadstar has a grille that protrudes a few inches forward of the hood and headlights. (Again, not my pictures)
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