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  1. An update... Sent the head to the machine shop where there were small cracks found around the valves in all the cylinders. They pressure tested the head and found the cracks didn't leak. But they did locate a leak around the injector hole in cylinder #4. They said it would likely be fine since the machine was only used occasionally and not run hard. I located a rebuilt head for an IH 884 tractor and just ordered it. I like this machine and have no plans to ever sell it so I wanted to do it right. I removed cylinder #3 piston and inspected it. The piston wasn't in terrible shape but wasn't that great either. the liner was pretty decent. No damage I could catch my fingernail on. I found a new Red Power brand cylinder kit on Ebay. Unfortunately I damaged the rod bearing on the cap when removing #3 piston so I'm waiting on the new rod bearing, then I can start putting the engine back together. The plan is to hone the original liner in cylinder #3 and install the piston, rings, and wrist pin from the new cylinder kit.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. The idea of prying off the metal shards and running it was what I was considering doing, certainly the easiest and most cost effective. Just a little nervous there may be deeper damage and cause the piston to break apart someday. I hope to roll it over today and assess the cylinder wall condition. Looks like the pistons are not available new by themselves. Only available in a cylinder kit with liner, pin, and rings. Case IH wants about $460 per cylinder kit, and I found a single Red Power cylinder kit for about $120 to my door. Anyone familiar with Red Power engine parts? I thought Reliance was the only aftermarket mfg of these kits. I am not opposed to spending the money. But my concerns are... 1. Pulling the old liner. I am well equipped with tools but I don't own a sleeve puller. And a lot of my tools are still buried in storage so I'm working with minimal stuff. 2. Liner protrusion. What are the chances the liner protrusion on the new liner is within spec to the other 3 factory liners? If not do I have to replace all 4 to match? 3. Piston weight. What if the new aftermarket piston is heavier or lighter than the original? Will this create an imbalance and bad vibration? Maybe I am overthinking this... Another option is to buy the aftermarket kit and replace the piston and rings into the old liner(assuming the liner checks good). This eliminates concern #1 and #2. Although the IH service manual specifically says not to do this.
  3. My IH 270A backhoe has a D268 diesel engine. Since I bought it and got it running again I have felt like one cylinder wasn't pulling its weight. A few months back I had some free time and thought I'd take advantage of the time and I'd do a much overdue valve adjustment. After the adjustment I started the machine and it sounded like a rod was about to come through to say hello. I shut it off and tried again, same thing. I rechecked my adjustments and all was good except one valve on cylinder #3. It seemed tight. It also looked like the valve stem looked slightly higher than the others. I decided the head needed to be pulled to investigate. A few months later I finally got time to pull the head and investigate. What I found was disappointing. The valve seat had fallen apart and dropped into the cylinder probably quite some time ago. The broken valve seat parts had embedded themselves into the piston of cylinder #3 and there was a witness mark on the piston from the valve that made contact. And a bent pushrod on that valve. Will I be able to continue to use this piston if the cylinder liner is good? If not can I replace that piston and reuse the liner? The machine is fairly low hours and I'd rather not do a rebuild or pull liners.
  4. Binderdan

    TD9 question

    The TD-9 became the TD-9 (91)series and was still gas start until 1956. The TD-9 (92)series used a direct start diesel and shows the early serial number starting in 1959.
  5. I agree about it being a shame to part it. I almost bought a third 544 with a gas engine that had the parts to make both diesels good, but I missed it. I live so far from the big farming areas nobody buys tractors or parts here. Both have 3 point. Both need injection pump rebuilt. One leaks internally, the other leaks on the ground. If I could find a hitch control lever/mechanism I might be able to save both, and keep my favorite and sell the other. Someone broke the shaft (65)for the outer lever(draft control?). The lever and outer part of the shaft is missing if anyone has one for a 544/656 laying around. Not trying to hijack Rusty's thread. lol
  6. I suppose it would be pretty dependent on if you pull the stuff or I do. If you were up for a road trip to warmer weather, good Mexican food, and no humidity, and pull what you needed for the diesel conversion I think it could be reasonable. I could provide support as needed. Finding time to pull it myself would take a while. Or if you want to come get the whole thing when I'm done, that's an option too. But might be a while. The tractor on the trailer I think will be the parts unit. I was told it ran but the injection pump needed rebuilt because it was leaking fuel into the crankcase. The tractor on the ground I have driven and belonged to an elderly lady I know, so I will probably fix it.
  7. I have 2 Farmall 544 diesels. Both are in about the same condition and I plan to swap some parts around to make one good one for myself, and a parts/beater one to sell or part out. So I should have everything you need to convert a gas to diesel if you are interested. However I am quite a ways from MN.
  8. Well that's disappointing! Mine has the Hercules QXD-3 gas engine. Is that what yours has? I am told the Hercules QXD-3 engines were also used in John Deere 55 and maybe 65 combines. You may have better luck searching for one off of a combine. I am assuming it would be the same manifold.
  9. Ooops... Guess I'm late to the party on the wrong double post.
  10. I believe what you have there is an International 2500A from the mid 1970s. I believe that is based on the Doncaster UK built International 674 AG tractor with the heavy front axle and yellow paint. If its diesel it should have a D239, if its gas it should be a C200 engine.
  11. About a year and a half ago there was two on BigIron in Kansas. And There was one last summer at an auction in Colorado my buddy bought.
  12. Well I know they are out there because I have bid on 2 at auction and I have seen at least 5 total. But I think I see other sizes more often.
  13. I have always heard that International Harvester part numbering system was "The envy of the industry". So I'm trying to better understand it so my searches for elusive parts might be easier. My internet searching for an answer has come up empty. When I find an IH part number it usually has a suffix like "R1, R2, C1, C2, R91, R92, and so on. Example: 536314R92 so what does the R92(or whatever) signify? I had assumed it was a revision, R2 being a revised design of the same part from R1 and so on. Is that correct? Then it jumps to R91, R92, R93, and so on. What does the 9 mean? I have no guesses here. Then you have the C number suffix, C1, C2, C91 and so on. Example: 619072C91 I was assuming it meant Construction Division part but I have recently proved myself wrong. So what does the C signify? Maybe there is other letters too that I haven't noticed.
  14. There is a good YouTube video of a guy showing how to disassemble and reseal a CAV injection pump. Might be worth a watch before you tear into it without experience. I found it very helpful. Search "Bundy Bears Shed CAV injection pump" on YouTube and you will find it. About an hour long but it goes into great detail.
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