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  1. what about keyway timing? IIRC 5xxx D should be before any xxxx r what about weight? would bet the mass is very close and they just lowered it to balance the power curve more I would do another hour of checking old books etc.....bearings and rods # s match??..run with it.... maybe dont toss old yet thought 248 parts were tough and with a proper inspection, use to be a shop in the city could cut out x % of the bad and sub weld it back std.
  2. IIRC mo...t-20 use to be our expert here and some one went thru ALL bearings
  3. grandfather had one
  4. it sounds like mostly the splines are sticking now. disengage lever,add some atf acetone and wifes hair dryer for capillary action brass punch or dulled /low air chisel for shaking the bits out.... rotation/rotation repeat
  5. mmi


    this may work if given a few weeks or trys. I have a 2 pg chart on the wall at least EVERY sept ,each engine on there gets (1oz per cyl)30w oil ATF acetone oil pressured 30-50 psi and turned for 5-6x
  6. mmi

    155 points

    saw an add for a little shop, BIG into all the old plow parts etc IIRC it is in kentucky or GA they have web site/page....search plows shares.etc then over the summer I was at a hole in the wall,backwater, 1/2 dirt floor dealer (actually big $$$ volume) close out, same people , had got there first and took in excess of 100K lb of iron ,mostly earth tools
  7. I thought about a 4bt, just figured i would.look into it, if its 1500 or so to rebuild the gasser figured I would find put cost to go diesel just for fun hope you find something I want "your" shop $$1500 .....no way .....there is only 1 competent ,remaining in the big city $1500 may be close to the "machining" + off the shelf parts $8-1200 labor $600 + special parts $600 + hard parts etc that is why well used 'bare" short blocks are $2800 minimum, with the cross shipping and the $1500 core is only good once they are 100% certain of rebuilding for <$3500 (retail)all in
  8. no help on testing last I was in parts store wanted some but passed, on winter inflation $$$ they had 1/2 of a wall,9 different flavors in 25 different containers (only 2 ) would play nice with the 1 other some were $12 for that 1/2 g of " PC" water
  9. So your wanting to switch your gasser to a diesel? you''ll need to find a complete engine that might be a tough job because of the many diesel associated parts probably be twice as much to switch my best guess did you also inquire into cost of rebuild ? 15 years back the one in our IR compressor needed help, most parts were long NLA and cheaper to just buy a newer diesel sullair.
  10. mmi

    Disc brakes

    for used call 6-8 of the mega scrappers (sister stores normally have no idea on others )other than algorithms to sceuw the $$> for looking) I vote you are putting a new piece on a worn/warped item lock in the part /$ today then buy it tues when $ falls back a must to have (not china) NEW pads $22 4x and other parts/issues addressed within <30 hr of use would expect the adj bolt spring and cam are also shocked any new dealer is going to be + - $$$ u pick good luck ...photos they are real easy here anymore thanks BJ
  11. mmi

    Disc brakes

    yes spring in AC's photo is factory install /no drag. toss it 35 SPRING- brake positioning, tractors 501 to 5574, also order anchor 375584R2 69235D $13.78 3 in stock 2 I would source a good "in tolerance" not scored complete working assm.for $75 and get everything else in spec.(368293R91) Per photo, oil dirt covered worn neglected brakes with way to many "STAND" on it and still no stop activations. simple to do band aide for now for new pads add, $22 4x next step is $700 service package (from IH) + - $1100 to do it all once ,right for next 20 years. no one wants to face the facts these were < 5K HR 5 yr systems/package and we are now 50 years on ALL the surfaces need put back into spec otherwise new parts last 1-2 yrs and the load is moved to next most worn/ weakest piece. think of it as rotor system on front of a new car only in drum form, which parts would you keep ,to save $$$ but wonder why it needs pads constantly. see MTO"s post ....in CS.. check your pinion bearings... good luck
  12. mmi

    Disc brakes

    NOT the spring shown above../? then likely the factory for assist at install/home centering if your arms are broke it is likely closer to FULL replacement vs hunt/piece repair,but easy to do 504 there are 10 wearing surfaces and 1/8 + - .o12 total starts to make it go the wrong way. if the ring surface lets a NEW disc hit the spring arm (above) time for ALL photos and measurements? good luck
  13. saw original news blurb ad cops were the aggressor criminals, SOP "THEY" took and escalated the fight to where the public was forced into pinball flight exactly why there is little mention and public will NEVER know accounting on the bullets
  14. any way to fill it with fuel...?prying will likely pull lining at this point
  15. you may be better served to check the Wis archives for actual advertising photos and decision times IIRC roughly < 22-47' MCD 47-58 MC '56 > IH more confusion was added when many suppliers of replacement decals didnt look or specify the year of use IHC < 38' and(2) IH after (gm designer) invented it.... will be another application ?
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