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  1. what could ethically be wrong with,forcing USPS to deliver your package before noon on a sunday,fully funded by the US citizens, take a kick back on volume $ + get reduced rate. force the little guy out of sales.force them to retail thru you for $,contractually MANDATE you be the low $ leader of ANY sale they can make even in house,control and inflate the shipping. dont stock or handle the product or process, just click and fee $$$ collect subscription fees ,to cover faux search results so you are the 1 ,while near EVERY item could be had for 20-80% less,for more than 2 L A clicks. try using your (only option ) miles/points....30-45 days while he gets the lowest bidder to fill it! scam US off.
  2. looks more like separator or thrasher as there are no chutes to compress and hand wire 150# bales
  3. kind of like here developers get ALL the infrastructure for 1 lot fee and or kickback (80-300 units which developer collects and keeps 90% +) while the residents get the bond and ridiculous fees. water and or sewer, BC it needed run to the "new" lots is $7-15K each/per each land owner "tap"+ frontage + hydrants then it is $75 -150/mo each owner for bond for 50 yrs+ then $50-70 mo to use it,and 2 of us are always OVER the limit flooding (mitigation)from the developments it currently $5/mo per structure. ALL of these are in law ,pay,seizure,prison, no lien and wait
  4. not time ,to buy ANYTHING.....YOU must be the other 1/2 of my 1%.......houses ,vehicles, food ,every bit of useless junk,doesnt even hit the shevles, it is DELIVERED here . I think they are into the stratosphere,UNLESS a trade (in)or "they" are buying for every $1 "they" want to offer me, it is resold for $20+ tomorrow have a $2500 "not available " boiler ASK $800, offers + - $100 less repairs and guarantee as its 5 yrs old.........ALL done by text and wanted delivery.
  5. long...... anything less is a grocery gettr,may as well let mama have 5 doors and 4'bed/3rd seat and borrow it 8x yr
  6. had to take the 1 offering $40 they refused to offer a 5g..."youll be good for YEARS" not
  7. not to mention vast tracks of land and commercial RE which USA citizens have a difficult $$$ time doing in those countries
  8. why not look up the bosch # and source it the correct way,as they do provide some USA support
  9. our weather "person" mentioned the cause,as they didnt like being called wrong 99%> I wasnt paying attention at that point,expecting more ......
  10. college boy bean counter ,morons started in the 60's,avoiding the draft, and they folded most good bushiness and scammed the golden parachute. folded 2 ,I worked for in the 80s, father had 3 good union jobs that went that way along with EVERY $ of retirement ,GC ask how can I have 18 yrs,school + 4 yrs experience,still be < 25 ,earn $15 hr and pay on $200 K in loans. now it is 4x the Clique,cant even apply for many jobs without.for the most part teach s nothing but how to scam the system
  11. exactly why what was released,is at best staged,redacted and scripted, splian quality,clarity and shot blocking/set up.....wait those have gone missing
  12. since,govt mandates in 90' B & S/all have been junk and basically designed to toss,'93 is when I bought out 3 warehouses of VERY limited < '80 stock didnt follow closely 6-10 yrs back,BUT >>>IIRC alot/most of them flooded or pumped/siphoned from the rear/overhead tank and ran like this for some time until...blowing apart. do deep dive online for over fueling,change oil, insure 100% fuel shut off and toss when dead
  13. it was promulgated the lakes ALSO have rouge waves,from/with those random reverberations,making it even harder to predict or prove the perfect storm of 10 little things and 1 big thunk to the bottom
  14. had a whole collection in the day....always wandered about quality photos which dried up about '70 ,and anything after if found was clearly "photo"shop and MANY x we were at said medium telescopes..."here look at xyz crater, mtn etc." Um I would like to see the landing sites........"OOOH we cant get that close", but you just showed us 50' dia craters...? "wrong time of nite" "its in the dark of the sun at viewing time" !!! should have taken more photos at Kennedy.but we were told no photos at xyz and or most were too poor with public camera of the decade,nearly 50 yrs now, we did have access to some early shuttle stuff
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