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  1. HD PTO clutch packs in older tractors.

    in the last 2 weeks there was discussion about issues with the c ring and piston and new/ old parts being mixed find post... fix those and it may save the discs
  2. 806

    if it sets out more prone to rain if it is inside (heated/warmer)then out in winter ..the same otherwise it is seasonal seal up any points of ingress and live with it had enough build up for no crank bc IPTO stuck 1 put in heated shop 48 hours then crack drain just enough to drip water...repeat 2x now + seasonally in future 2 let it outside shop door until freezes ,(not likely this year)drain off oil,push inside let ice melt likely 4-10 oz in the whole mix 3 drain oil into tubs/gal jugs,,, if you have.....? milk house..??...mama deep freezer ,24 hours and remove the iceberg dont get caught
  3. Foam filling tires

    in general I fail to see the practical use for farm,they have their limited place on the job site (solid better) its the same china &^%^& tire and SS by nature has to wear them (rotate every 50 h) it does not make them run any longer and 3x $$ to have them changed out $180/240 for new tire doesnt cost out hire in a dozer or know your land and dont go there, eliminate the hazard... the unavoidable ones are going to ruin the tire and foam regardless...dozer cant mow ..we run the tracks about 50H yr foam or solid would not let us adjust the tension have a lot of hazardous work keep a set of solids 30 minute change out had a few BH with it in fronts (dont skin like SS) changed to solid when they traded out
  4. some one (here) sourced this same part (napa).? the last three months and was to report when samples arrived/fit cant find it in search
  5. Life is full of frustrations. 784 block

    this would be in the US ..... block very simple for him,but is thin on strength to start with watched him do aluminum head in the field then MS trued still running
  6. Life is full of frustrations. 784 block

    here the yard would take that back and have a guy that could repair very easy access compared to md/td head
  7. yes see/ talk to other jobs and what is working for local conditions prefer a footer to 120% of local standard, cheap ins. house and garage have been here 50 + on 24" about 15 years ago had some abnormal cracks engineer said too cold of recent winters..(.? not like in the '70s) and only 15' flat to a small bank was not deep enough to stop horizontal movement dug and jacked so now it is 40" however they discovered likely cause un processed gas in slag fill (.03 vs 1.00 stone) and original topsoil layer buried by coal strippers in '43 have also seen slab (zero) footer only 1' gravel trench with massive 3 story stick frame prefab 2" concrete overlay then fully clad in brick just setting in the gravel........??? will not do pole or stick again for shop/shed...;plans on slow burner for new ...footer, above 2-4' (masonry) then steel skeleton concrete will be at least 6" and shop office will go in with provision for floor heat much cheaper easier to heat 55-60* keeps rust off things if under truck tractor you turn that zone up for few hours and overhead would supplement quick jobs
  8. The "Farm Supply House"

    40 years ++ many versions $300 for 2 gal. just had to change out the old mans CC he did order some super xl wonderful,10 years back..24D works much better in Dec. box shows up at farm (just the right shape of box shook/smelt and sent back unopened/refused. denied CC 2x another box arrives,still sitting ,when they send $400 check can pick it up
  9. International 504 hi clearance propane tractor

    SOOO.......... Jeff when and where can we see it
  10. BJ is the know all administrator of the site ,basically the only one whom can search inside the site (not his fault most sites have code built in ,inadequate self search functions) OP original poster if said person sees "your" NEw post for same item search.... may respond tractor side is original general IH section (and ONLY section) where 97% of the world looks/reads on week/month basis this part was sourced for a tractor in the last 3 months and we are due a report on the # and how it performed far too many of these engines running to not have the part in some form....
  11. spiral pin replacment

    BTDT simple project that is $800 labor broke plenty of removal tools and attaching parts due to failed .004 pins .15 flying rake arm pins for example cih recently purchased this model for their #1 slot have the young renter help you old man would say if you pitched 10 wagons of hay in a day you would fit in there combine got new access panel for such issue since 20 bolts on side cover didnt show 5' of weld inside ?possibility or floor pans in the way?
  12. C153

    in one of the IH history books it describes how frugal they were in (no R & D $$) re use repurpose everything.they wanted to increase HP so took the 340 block and made it sleeveless ,assumed like 282 less sleeve,but thinking as you say would have to be redesigned like cub block since 135 started as extension of 113 design machine shop called them parent bore/-too thin to bore so 504s got traded when still running good
  13. Need an 806 Wheatland panel like this

    agree on resto photo
  14. C153

    cant find book for spec ...for light use would expect it to work. 153=135 block(no sleeves)...however would also expect 153 crank to be heavier as it is wound tighter but IMO less torque......would need more info if you expect to work it at the increased ci / rpm
  15. Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    try and hotwire the vp44. Google search "hotwire vp44"