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  1. mmi

    Machine shed estimate

    where did you get such a quote...!! ? floor cheapest I could find $11 fair materials think Tony in cali was $75 + and nearly years for the BS, now he is ,roughing it, in the camper and spending another $50+ sf to keep mama happy.
  2. mmi

    “Reversed” loader tractors

    Tony in cali has one same as for cotton pickers and others in most case's they simply swapped the ring gear direction in some it required different gears also or changes to the top for mounts etc
  3. mmi

    Mini Scout build

    No offense but I don’t understand the importance?? Looks like “AMT” is owned by “Round 2 LLC”. Made in China designed in USA hadnt followed that universal spun them off that would explain why ertl offered some cheap IH kits mid '80's but was more in response to seeing MANY NOS matchbox kits hit the market on mass from foreign warehouses one can only hope for finding some NOS IH kits but not at $300 ea
  4. mmi

    Real Estate 🏡 Market (house ) Dilemma

    good luck most like you want have a waiting list. surprising how many morons will pay $120K plus and live that way here banks end up owning most like that , know the flaws but refuse to disclose,refuse to discount more than $2K BC they dont have to comply with laws. govt has made private sellers put $80K in, to sell same ,for $95-110K gross,yet area bank owned "shack" had 2 ' of ice in basement,was on the schedule to be demo-ed and bank got injunction to stop until sold for $40K and new owner put in $80K to get move in permit, still a 2 bed renter shack $150K later minor septic issue is min $20K moment 1 ....illegal to repair must go with high upkeep type ,conditional permit until we tell you to change it to something else more costly,until we can bill you for lines to dump it into the river
  5. mmi

    Mini Scout build

    somewhere it should state (not USA or UK) country of MFG current copyright? long expired unless mattel kept it current ... dont know if they got AMT in deal or not (tyco may have spun it) upc and dating code would also be new. what has been occuring is items are being found in orient warehouses and sold/ reboxed edit waiting for a response seems a group has purchased several lines since 2009 and are now into the 3rd wave of amt relaunch
  6. mmi

    Mini Scout build

    so you recently picked this up general shelf in walmart.....? what are the dates on package? and current owners? most of package dates, pre '77 then lesney matchbox of UK purchased,they went to universal in HK ,then tyco, bounced around then mattel where a better kit not seen in regular stores most times, craft store would have them $5-50 back then with only top sellers on hand IH would be rare , 1456 + wagon ..........but some of the ships in series were 3 ' +
  7. mmi

    land prices !

    even in amish areas $10K + here hillsides are $25K, cant pay the taxs ,so farm in family for 300 years just went for $1.3M, 80ac resale will be north of $80K ac developer pays for nothing then dumps substandard amenity onto rate or tax payers state man offered to save it,but as we told him,there would be an offer "he cant refuse",on Que all 5 govt entities involved ,told him stay in office/ collect a check,then said there will be absolutely no preservation until all homes are built, since zoning can change for $1 even business was outlawed unless on land owned by the select few. local govt have wasted over $250M so far, no new business is allowed,some pay $500K-1M in just property tax now repaired 4 schools built 3 new then torn down 4 since there are only 1.5 children per $4K mo housing cost family build schools for 4 children per family collect $3K in tax spend $6K on service and hand outs works good bus garage needed $300K in repairs (must have taken the maintenance budget to aruba) so they refabbed another site with 3x they travel time/mileage for $1.4M
  8. dash should be (of) 1st year would have to search old posts for details....
  9. was this on a used/already owned truck? any comment on the different tax s? When I ordered one thru body builder they wanted to charge $500-800 in tax if it was mounted to a new body/truck being a refit and manual, IIRC it was < $1200
  10. mmi

    F14 con rod bearings

    try contacting rice thru ad in RPM
  11. mmi

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    that is where epay 4x dips $ they have kick back from USPS where it is forced priority and inflated (you are barred in most cases from getting the same actual 40% rate) they include the inflated shipping in the add on fees collection. they have the VERY lucrative re ship to ROW where puppets play in the customs/ import field ( 90% of items require neither )but it is very profitable to open package or not then check box passed free, this in it self is a legal ,fee usually $8-15 they do blocks of 1000s for $2-3 ea + reboxing and markup of discount rate rental sellers make more from the again inflated shipping than product. (epay gets(fee + rental) $2 item but it is $4-15 shipping and can only be 1pc, if you force the issue to more they will discount $1 per item ALL in the same $4 box I have about 3 hours into this wanted 12 pieces of a part,if I order the identical 12 pieces it is $105 if I order 12 as singles and shipped as singles it is $7 x12 $84 (12 check outs) no one would release 12, sellers are afraid to ship or list more than 1 piece every 3 days ,some will not even sell direct once you have paid part in hand with invoice. and despite 25% fees some charge more direct. what is totally alien to them is 12 at $3 + $6 for actual shipping..$42 but $50 offer is not enough..1960's math still says that is the best way to purchase.
  12. mmi

    Hitch hikers

    Govt collects fees insurance collects $$$ fees,lawyers get $$$$$ fees,expanded govt with hires to watch and keep it safe. they forced all the private carriers out,under safer cheaper and operate the :"PORT ""AUTHORITIES"" in worse condition AH in govt (on signing day )get donations to make it ok....gambling and booze is legal so long as $ 90% goes into unintended slush fund while all the red tape is paid from general fund did you EVERY hear of a sports stadium paid for with owner or private money...? taxpayers get the bill at least twice ,while $10 ice cream and tax s go to other areas .
  13. On top of that I had sent a "Where's my stuff" thing to the USPS. For 3 months after my stuff arrived, once a week I got an email from the USPS telling me they still had not located my item. 3 days late unnecessary delivery ,Sunday before 10am driver on video parked at end of street for 30 minutes, tracking claimed items delivered then 2 days later after 4 th attempt (which it shows drivebys ,) claimed mail box was locked for EVERY attempt ,so delivery not possible contacted the monkey per above 6x 1 response nothing wrong our end, ignore tracking comments, go look for your package
  14. happens all the time if you dont use scammed inflated priority it gets worse had a 10# package beat, the sent first airmail invoice by a week first class can arrive in 2 days,but generally takes 5, usually beats priority which can be 5 days , PP can be 3 to 30 days tracking will show nothing or 15 different stops . of late it simply says in transit then once delivered just like an official court transcript most deleted ,it ONLY says what they want it to .4 stops have had 1 package spend 4 days in the regional transfer,then as yours go to PR or some other not necessary stop. especially PP if it gets close within 6 days they will put it in a plane and send back to LA so it retakes a slow truck to destination like ups,they also are self insured, so there is a paid staff to confound ANY claim ,which they get bonus on the amount not paid out for a smash claim ,last year had 3 appointments with head monkey at local outpost (1 hour trip),yet no adult was ever available they wanted me to personally present a $50 (claim) package to Saint louis IGO (unopened) to prove they were at fault have 1 claim to work on now 12oz pk mfg bands pieces for shipping , outer box was fine inner is crushed and bands broke so all is damaged and certainly not NOS as shipped under $30 it is automated and algorithm cuts a check if you give it just the right answers (which are usually false to trick wording) on high wage days delivery is from 5-7pm and several lunch hours will be had if it is nice out ,places to be, or substitute driver ,3:30 pm is LATE
  15. mmi

    Goose Neck repair

    Is there any other brand of coupler? I like fabing with rectangular tube because it is easier to find in many sizes, and keep plumb but have always been under the belief that round is all dimensions stronger for the same amount of material and quality. What I figured ditch culverts ,cattle pens,gates,arch's, fbi bullards are all round unless for this application the stress runs different...?