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  1. mmi

    560 D Pto removal

    pg 164 maybe #42 looks like you got the first 52 pieces out....should have left 2 side bolts in to get at the other 5
  2. mmi

    Dead Cylinder

    will look for book in several days...been years.... but once I removed the cam cap came right off...? KOO told us to stay away from 14s....
  3. mmi

    560 D Pto removal

    2x at first look pto broken....? wider photo would show it you removed cover...? or as (should)a unit 15 minutes and done dont rely on i t or $200 it cost extra for the rest of the story originals are <$30
  4. mmi

    Dead Cylinder

    2x unless something changed ....your over complicating..lift the centering cup off.... being s valves are small ,plug wire/boot pliers may fit to lift and turn the whole deal strait up to work carbon loose
  5. mmi

    repower on Drott 150

    2 winks and a shake of BJ's magic fingers
  6. mmi

    Salesman gave me a set of these to try.

    way back various colors helped to hook up correct dont think they had cyl /arrows then nor were they under $40;_trksid=m570.l1313&amp;_nkw=hydraulic+hose+grips&amp;_sacat=0 A part on your order has been discontinued. We allow the ordering of discontinued parts because Messick's has s
  7. mmi

    Salesman gave me a set of these to try.

    they have been $$$$ forever and are chintzy now. if anyone remembers central tractor got 1 set at close out 80% off and they were still > $10
  8. mmi

    Dead Cylinder

    cam on 9 has been welded from them sticking closed 6 will gum up from not being used enough had to take cam and cup off,soak....soak heat tap and finally tiny forceps to make it turn on seat and get some carbon out as 248 gaskets are $$$$ patience and photos
  9. mmi

    67 collector tractors

    someone had that up 2 weeks back....? easy to acquire more than that if not stolen. it then stalled with questioning the upkeep,,which is were I wanted input as to what others are doing....? it becomes a big project and $$$ in it self how minimalistic can you go...?
  10. mmi

    UD-14A water pump

    as in never century and google has scrubbed/buried on pg 3k, all IH mention since construction div was sold 6x look under dresser but they did not care for step child either basically a hay stack hunt on the gas side would run + - 12-1500per setting, on diesel once warm 800-2200 area is it swapping to diesel with good gauge pressure....? setting long........stuck rack /fuel starved.......
  11. mmi

    new to tractors

    cant get a good look alot of 300 parts
  12. mmi

    TD6 Oil pan

    many years IIRC 2x but naturally it was not that rusted ...easy
  13. at this point I would put ALL into hibernation,best when you dont have time optimist you are out shopping new knees/hips while on kidney wait list and doc says maybe new heart too unless you have additional cushy union type job,you will work 5-10 hrs to pay for EVERY hour for "mechanic" "to learn" about repair and sourcing NOS parts anything can be made repaired depending on equipment, size,knowledge of machine shop and how many FLOORS your wallet can buy realistically engine was "turning" it could be very simple or mild to bad you have to address that before moving on,you can do ALL the small stuff /investigation and save the $$$$ for doctor work not being there WE cant advise actions.... other than what weather and work space/time mandate if out side then dont even start till spring shows in shed barn I would pull out spin around and drop as much of the BE as possible then push back in if dry boxed concrete space you dont need other wise, start and work when ever clutch out remove front pump(which you did) that should remove all externals from stoppage I would then get bar/tool and try turning in reverse...seized bearing/piston is about all that would stop that,bore scope would note condition of piston tops but may not fit past start valves....? pan is next easiest, then noting locations etc releasing/inspecting each rod/bearing in turn.....that leaves mains front/rear seal and timing as stoppage wish closer to help....
  14. mmi

    W6 axle bearings

    if going back to severe duty look close at the old/new bearing these use to be called max fill bearings,another suffix letter got them full,if not stocked (as in MFG request)years back we would buy 3 where some had a clip and divot you take from 3rd and fill the others "max"