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  1. was told it has a bit to do with the contract ,accounting, payments and the allowed markup vs owner profit ROI against list $ and mo credit payments
  2. std milk truck here.that size would be larger bulk fast route. they were about 8' on the home routes until '78 those and earlier divco metros had no compressors chillers or ice early stoop boxs had ice later just styro ,you had to bring items in by 9am
  3. I dont find the balancer mentioned here and we have several.... 4-390 https://www.messicks.com/cas/52335 they do vibrate but once 1k+ they are ok. so are there different or newer balanced ones....?
  4. not worth it, until you need that unobtainium part
  5. market $ and supply manipulation by BTO and govt just like IH engine parts NLA I buy a processed food product that has been the same for 105+ yrs in the past 20 years that Co has been swallowed ,traded spun off 7 x by funds, speculators, PE etc. 2016 respun as the parent and out gobbling more. in the last 5 yrs,the product has gone thru price spikes,supply issues ,store quotas (1 cs per location/wk) 2 week wait 2 months etc NLA joined an online re-order/stock/delivery .....shipped wrong last month but fixed in 24H wanted to check and double order thru jan 20 today.....not available anywhere . had previously contacted MFG direct reply Dear Mmi I, Thank you for your interest in purchasing our products. According to our distribution information, our product should be available at the stores listed below. We suggest you call the store to confirm it is in stock before making a special trip. This product can be made available to any store willing to carry it. We encourage you to inform your store manager that you are interested in this product. You might urge them to contact their distributor so they can carry it on their shelves for you and other consumers. Thanks again for your interest in our products. Your inquiry about the distribution of our products will be shared with our Sales and Marketing departments. We hope our products are more widely available in your area very soon this item has been widely available for 105 yrs current retail $2.50 3rd sentence tells me they know a game is going on. called several major stores main office if any, squirrely answer was yes we have item, not allowed to ship/sell to your region/area " I have purchased this for 50+ yrs whom says you cant sell it in may area and please forward complete details in writing,or did we move to china?" amaze OFF will ship it to me no questions asked for $82 minimum purchase $14pc............$2.50 retail sitting on any store shelf (delivery day) 2018
  6. small operation.... too big of tractor would nt be able to grow enough to cover(costs) here what is organic hay.....putting NOTHING on it?? switching to no till didnt hurt us too much but as there is $0 in selling the grains/fruit crops etc we dont have rotation. once fert costs increase and chemicals continue to be pulled we will have to go back to plowing this year we have had 3 crops of crabgrass (foxtail) from the cidiots have completely squeezed out healthy canary and orchard grass $10K yr to treat or minimum 3 year plow and useless corn
  7. are you talking the crank counter balance many older 4 cyls need? other than 4 s in a little (old) cat 3 and 6 cyl seem to be the best on balance/life in a diesel under 3500 rpm
  8. can match it up with the other in todays posts
  9. hot plugs, av gas, pass the manifold on to someone that can use it not using enough / getting to proper temp and /or per current heat setting
  10. not hard to do if you got a good quality tool practice with the old ones. on alining the oil holes.if any have a center chamfer it is not critical to be 100% on fore /aft is usually centered but goes by oil hole watch a few vids of it
  11. mmi


    dont see alot of tv ............fake news history pbs science but this week 10-5> commercials were a little less, fewer autos in general and>>>....0 GM did they pull them? assume ALL last months incentives are gone and when ever, there will be a lot of hold over models from parts/orders in the system and 21/22 models will be delayed, since those line change overs are stopped, then it will be low on cash,while the unions will want a lot of OT and work during change over so they will repurpose some closed factories as union wants
  12. mmi

    California fire

    are the plants powering down or just shipping to mexico? if they all sit in the dark and computers die ,then using 5x the fuel to be PC efficient ,maybe their pollution/rabid virus will not spread....
  13. 50 is like a piece of pipe material stand off pulley ....but also may be stuck on #3 and fit inside seal 51-52 are for when no pulley(gets tossed) 2a is for when you cant find #3 for good $$
  14. mmi

    I need help F series

    call rice in pa look in RPM
  15. Would you happen to have a source for a fuel shutoff valve that's below the fuel tank. The one on my 504 diesel drips constantly whether closed or all the way open. you basically have to find accept a generic one we have been finding only plastic and or china %$ 8- VALVE, fuel pipe375076R91CallCall1 https://www.google.com/search?q=brass+diesel+fuel+tank+shut+off&rlz=1C1GGGE_enUS520US570&oq=brass+diesel+fuel+tank+shut+off&aqs=chrome..69i57.11663j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 6.1GASKET- replaces #23977DB23977DD$5.089 in stock1 to equal #23977DB 7- SHIELD ASSY, heat375102R11CallCall1 8- VALVE, fuel pipe375076R91CallCall1 9- PIPE ASSY, fuel375104R91CallCall1 (S/N Range) tank-filter;CallCall1 10CONNECTOR, ELEC- CONNECTOR, fuel return pipe check
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