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  1. confirm shipped/subscription> DEnnis said ours wasnt current?
  2. if you had the parts otherwise could be settings/adjustments/clean reseal/good plugs/ copper wires/other nos electrical/ try non ethanol av gas
  3. both nice for collecting right now ....soon to end parts availability and cost are about =across the 2 x 4 options. park the 350 until some one qualified can inspect it.. $100- $2500 to have it running complete. wrong coast or would trade you. pick up the 400 and play with it then stepup to something newer it you actually want to work it
  4. now they reverse engineer to total failure then come back ahead to +- 90% fail at 6 years. light bulbs use to last 50 year s+ until '25 when GE colluded with the other MFG,to create the obsolescence, buy new standards
  5. .95 days to go all welcome..maybe toss it jump in,wade ashore and apply for free everything for life,ask for asylum and never have to pay taxs
  6. at least 20-1 and we are full on corruption
  7. mmi


    there ALL owned by the ILKE ☹️ I have noticed even here is very hard to find the last 2 years
  8. 2x un reliance....but they are sourcing from same china supply as the rest
  9. theses KIDS are stuck down town. guess they did $ drop some since not being used however this is the govt being billed and most of the soldiers cant leave or are under orders to stay put vs out of the city for the not permitted 2+ ,$60 room , IIRC 10 years back in Alexandria motel 6 with corporate rate and standing block was $199 nite single ,lucky if it was 70% full
  10. we are blowing trillions on utter BS!!! whats a little more$ IN DC $260 at the PG sub level 6 the razor wire show is over ..kicked to the curb. their respective states/commanders right to the top should have thought it thru and had an ex fil plan seriously after grinding feed at + 9 wind chill and considering what others that have served have endured , I would have thought the accommodations quite good (but most definitely not what should be expected/respected ) not right ,other than cidiots,were they really whining or a media event to fill silence? wee wee
  11. what is the version of the manual...? I would suspect it is later and covers most of the options as the C ran until '54... thru sleeve , water pump/temp and rpm changes
  12. we always reused with gas,unless there was a note in the books or supply house chart,they would send them automatic. from what the posts here, have been after "62 and the d188/282 family being 60+ it is recommended to be safe. but there are no quality suppliers,....worth a call,may be overkill to ask ARP...?
  13. mine: now that his legs are bad he gets too much koolaid and says this is the new idiot box + anyone on here is.........
  14. unless he did alot of mods it is 2 separate systems
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