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  1. he is asking for the 2 center picture, not fingers
  2. assuming it is now done? what did you win...? pricing post/list?
  3. you could get the new sleeve kit...was listed in RPM
  4. not in the 21st would be overweight/out of class and hazardous and they would break then lose it.
  5. try texas as the $^&* scraped most every one in the state
  6. yes , the full cover is harder to get
  7. the free/or public versions are just BS to sheep eul the mass's along, but they are a "guide" while the industry does use them, they use different numbers. ie. look it up your self and then get the print out, of any the" professionals "use for you vehicle 98 % of the time they are 25-30% different insurance is going to bill you basically 130% of value and pay out < 50% of low end for 18 months or older run your trade in value then go to 3 dealers it will be lower and they will pay less yet <unless they have "whales" in waiting (wanting single cab and none to be found) call several dealers and get pricing 30% less would be a good deal, 50%> would be as you describe, but do have mechanic look it over good, minor computer issues can be $$$$$ good luck
  8. we do 2-4K year with 1-3 of us 90% hand labor off the wagon is best and best $ $4.50 is the lowest we go have 100 mouths to feed any that is not 100% horse parents... %^$&^% barns are now LOCKED !!!! must have CASH !!!! bring milk and bowl ,try it as there is NO RETURN !!! delivery is $1.25 mi + $18h labor + damages and yes it cost more in/out of our barn, than you take wagons. storage in my barn is not free.build your own and take it in season not january 10th. we are not 7-11 where you can get 1 bale at any hour for discount or credit only the best gets dried/sq but it is always too rich too course too dry too leafy not 1st etc. have 4 requests to answer now
  9. its open now ,replace the brakes $75,move the actuators to a tractor and consider a new set <$600
  10. did pdf work? looks like bottom uses 2 different inner/ outer do check them all especially if high # or early/low A as you get into the 460/560 period
  11. you could do some more checking st223a https://www.messicks.com/part/84330092/bearing st265 inner seal 321009r91-307835r91 https://www.batescorp.com/87562562-bearing.html upper 2/2x 70039d http://www.salemfarmsupply.com/buy-parts/CASE-IH-Part-70039D-BEARING-1292074/ seal 310507r91
  12. great for the kids how much did the big shots pull down,$$$$ ,for doing nothing but ridiculous orders.should have put their L A on the WB's with double up deadline. we had to stop all charity /community work. our land, + 90% ,$$$,employees and equipment too many bottom feeders "became " in charge
  13. cant see photo ...is that the one where drive shaft goes in,but outside? everyone neglects them
  14. mmi

    Mixed twins

    1 set about every 3 years rarely both make it. figure 8-10 dead every year for some reason which we have stepped up pulling them in if calf is not 100% within 36 hours.or sooner if...? all day rain cold/hot/dry problem we see more is calf up sucking running around but actually getting zer0 or very little out of mom....?work mom for an hour and she is still spilling out. so that sets them back, had one years back went blind 3 days in,5th day vet gave it $300vitamins and fixed the eyes but mom had moved on. have 3 pairs in barn now,with a gagging issue and front 1/2 of tongue not only does not work right it gets in the way ,so mom nor bottle work right .one its throat seems too swollen to even get the tube down.
  15. on pg 128 item 4 requires 6 ea /2x lock washers some models/ applications use studs and several nuts as required which then would be listed under the X item that and years of repair can cause some confusion https://www.messicks.com/cas/56559
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