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  1. no it will not start that way "now",but can help narrow the issue of which part is sluggish it can be gummed fuel and/or slight rust in the associated areas,stiff parts look for some other posts/photos m 400 will show gauge location in top of pump you will want about 45 lb ALL !! TD info has been covered here but is best found with outside search without one of us being there it is elimination vs see/hear x and start there normally it is starter issues, gas side,then linkages sticking,valves sticking,rack sticking,other pump/fuel delivery issues
  2. when shut down will it crank on diesel? with plugs removed there should be no air out while cranking, if so that start valve is to assess repair next are you also snapping speed up to 3/4 on switch over? that old fuel needs pushed out burnt off rack/pump internals stuck /linkage ..from bad fuel....what is output pressure/ is it steady
  3. mmi

    Individual bale wrappers

    have a lot of experience 12-1500 yr 20 + years if it is new enough it will auto count and stop where you set, 30 normal on 30" if built right you can carry 1 and be wrapping 1 on the way to dump area, everyone use to borrow ours for just as you do < 200 about 12 years ago came back broke with new parts, but not all.... so short of load, spin we did the rest manually,which only added 2 min per bale, no problem with help and 1ac staging area is too tight anyhow. neighbor graduated to 300+ yr and finally found same model in arkansas 3 days travel and it was here. being by myself this year,each operation needs done in stages,and quite efficient ,so went and took all mechanical parts off his and put on ours. adjusted till working good ,then swapped out 1x part , bent adjusted re made until each part worked (a lot) of riding belts to watch what was not right. now I can stage 50 , and process half before stacking. (dozer has best hyd and view) 8-10% of manual reload wrap in cutter is normal 3% will spin off table if loose/unbalanced ...they sell tape for the "SMALL" holes this can be avoided if you have variable flow dial for the hyd outlets,keeps psi up but limits speed, then of course only the flatlanders can travel fast for field spotting. this is model which has not been converted to 30" from original 20" some good prices listed.....ooh .%^^^* england australia......
  4. mmi

    International 340 Grove diesel

    had they been closer I would have run both up a bit for the parts, they are more than the 460 but still low Jeff should be along to fill us in
  5. mmi

    Farmall 450 diesel value

    about the same here but the BTO scrapper poor mouths them for < $500 then EVERY part is $400 + has been push in a head for $1500 will seller cant get $1k for complete in... ? condition
  6. mmi

    dairy herd sales ?

    grease the palms the rich get the hand outs with the check off $$$ little guy pays $$$ suppose to be marketing BTO doesnt in proportion and siphons $$$$ to bring home the pork basically it is a monopoly of relatives or BTO donors to those "elected" to sque the market their way, take one of those grants,forget the kick back or dont take/give the next one.. expect to be forced out
  7. mmi

    Suggestions on prepping a 656 for paint

    dupont use to make a metal etch/ prep once washed 4x good and any loose paint removed add 2 oz to 1 g water.... lint free towels and wipe it down........ towel will tell..... wash 4x more or wipe down 2 x rinse..scuff any pours trouble spots with steel wool rinse...blow fibers off....paint soon before evening air will make new rust 2 boxs of good steel wool and 10 rolls of good paper towel when mama aint lookin
  8. mmi

    gooseneck trailer floor

    white oak 5 gal of linseed if you can find it 10 would be better, basically soak them for 15 minutes and the 4 gal left can retreat in a year you can never get the underside again then used engine oil yearly in the fall when done for year,let it set out 2-3 weeks and it needed in spring to take the sheen off should give about 12 years it you dont have to stake too much dunnage into them same thing for hay wagons the treated stuff is BS today all the good stuff is out of it ,and the warranty %#^% china %^$&^ change name every two ,so if you did make it thru the 2x $ cost hoops for return they have no $$$ If you live near the coasts stamped/rated treated will give + 10 maybe 20....
  9. mmi

    Ed Adolph auction...anyone going?

    just one of MANY ways to do it,ring man or simply "ghost " run up all the " junk" where public got dumped on then friends rewarded with cheaps
  10. mmi

    Ed Adolph auction...anyone going?

    would like to save several even just for the parts give us plenty of reports with many photos/details
  11. mmi

    Is my Onan Twin cyl engine all done?

    cant recall exact model but have been on several service calls for that exact problem drained and got going,church didnt have the money so elected to replace fuel pump when $$$ ,interim feed it lots of oil as rings were scored....and wait for rod to fly out always shut off/empty fuel and disconnect battery look for short block and another brand mower
  12. mmi

    OnStar WI-FI connection to your home??

    would be nice but like ALL things.............what does the fine print say..... 2 years 3..5 then full MSRP..........throttling and other limits once every one has been captured or that they make 2x $$$$ selling your data . unless they are selling some part of you ,it is not sustainable just like the 1/2 fixed, price move tickets that went bust last month
  13. mmi

    Rear Discharge Zero Turn Mowers

    never heard on one...sort of like brush hog... would check with local scapers and have some trial/demos..not enough air flow especially in wet I would expect it to clump/row more where the CW/CCW blades meet the new "improved" BH will stall out the center blade ( CW,CW CCW) when doing 6" or taller lawn areas the ZT is good up to 8" and where the 15' BH dont fit good, faster even when you have to go back and fan out in an hour
  14. mmi

    Local Auction Results

    explain....? I see a very steep slippery slope,some type of new contract....? minus some special contract...... fees are normally known months ahead..50-100% (fees) paid in advance or deducted from the actual day of collections, then commission/profit, auction knows how to bill and roughly the minimum net before signing on ,then balance to seller or X $ bill due. if ALL these costs are not met and both contracted parties leave with less than $2K auction co is not competent and should have never taken the job. under what condition would any item not still belong to seller or revert to seller,govt/lawyers love the gravy situations of non payment collections,auction will generally tell you to drop it,and eat several $K if items are stolen( I like drone video and broken fingers here) bidder cant pay .....So.$10K in costs to try to collect $5k ...can tell you vebateum judges tale,and after finding bidder guilty, for breach of contract,(pay up on payment plan,no criminal consequences as that would cost out of the office fund) hopes you never get paid and are dumb enough to keep returning to pay for his caribbean trips. owner cant pay auction....slim defense auction is "professional" and should have done better job
  15. mmi

    Reliance sleeve o-rings.

    yes it would make sense to follow the MFG instructions in package when it was written in china yellow to them could mean red or sea snails or...and would be far removed from oring factory adding the color