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  1. we had 1, 45-50 years ago,dont look like much change except in comforts. teach him to be safe..........we had helmets ,but little else ,as ANY !!, damage or highjinx , was parked 1mo + and had to work off the $$ repairs. prior an aunt won a street 70 in bank raffle,when banks actually cared for the customer. she was 73 and on SSi so had to sell it for 50% + taxs,
  2. IIRC should be a pulley pointer on left front of block then rotor at 1* position a mag requires a little more, as detailed in MANY posts here
  3. koo did this and has the answers,look up his posts
  4. looking https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/33208-84-series-tractor-serial-numbers/
  5. open the right fuses and carefully inspect them, forgot to look for the # IIRC was red ? ...10 a if blown install a reset able 1, until short is found
  6. ...........? sounds like fuse r side 15 or 19? I fear to mention it, we had a strait dead short 3 yrs ago 3-4x a day miss a few and again. traced every bit of wire where possible,carried a gross of fuses then it simply went away.....suspect issue from solenoid
  7. relays some times need re installed be patient cihtech has many posts on this, use to be a place to just click him and they would pop
  8. some thing lost contact...? if it attempts to move,carefully actuate either of the switchs on the inching peddle for any difference. if,suspect switch and actuator. none then remove clean the relays r side of dash most of those have been zip tied in by now then you will have to wait for cih tech to go further
  9. got charged $8 for that and "THEY" dont have, not land line listings
  10. mmi


    that is a definite near century LS UNION issue of big $$$$$$ and no actual work ,so crippling in WW11 they had to ask Italy for help. at least 1 of those ports (had) major rail infrastructure, 4 picks /4 drops DIRECT to a car, and an entire ship is headed out of the fruit salad in hours !!!! ZERO !!! congestion. BUT !! Buffets handlers will not spot a train with out $1M + guaranteed profit.
  11. they have to pay for the coming century of lawsuits and since it is set to only be available to licensed ag,gouge now, milk the 3x crisis and then toss salt in wound again 3-4x later to keep the swiss villa it was getting lax in its job and caused ph issues,so at the same time promote ,2x $ the 3rd best competitor
  12. its clean and gently WELL !, used because it a 50 yr old ,weekender toy in alaska if you have deep pockets for 2x a month light use, proceed any thing more consult with at least 3 owners that actually use a 500 of this series
  13. ....thought that was the whole purpose as required by law? ....laws rescinded for PROFIT
  14. even some dot regs , it is/was an insurance thing, they told us, esp fraud types,target what could be perceived ad budget, deep ins pockets. last business did have fully logo ed (wrap) as +- 100% write off until lease was up then it simply unwrapped and detailed away.
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