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  1. 2x have it on casset somewhere
  2. standyne then remove the return line at pump blow out lines go to temp tank and 1 good filter....leads back to pump issue
  3. just did it 10 days ago on the 590,tag says 2001 since replaced
  4. when we were running a fleet of letter series, picked up a 39 H (knew nothing about the differences then )at auction for < $1200 shed kept and oiled paint BUT>>>> NEVER!!! a lick of maintenance seat would flop like riding in a rocket, gears, brakes loose ,steering wobble,small pto got all that swapped from donors but lacking spare loops, had to tighten those awful creaky wedge clamps EVERY few hours
  5. 1 ditch the teladepth and ANY cross under the seat linkage go direct from valve to cyl (you control) 2 put the arms back into the exterior FH links ( now you select the height/angle) which may drift ( seals) 3 as dwv ,may need the 6" DB extension to get ASE std pto to hitch pin spacing
  6. that is where mb cat applied the smoke test timing,try hunting for that post...back 7-10yrs
  7. give those looking a tip do you know of any current dstealers ? do they know what international is?/was . EVERY one we contacted said IH was NLA 30 years ago
  8. mmi

    case 580 baskhoe

    thought they all were d 188 verses the sister 209 if there is a year/bearing break ? he needs to provide chassis and block #s
  9. champion plugs..... go 2 hotter and swap to another brand ,then use only fresh non ethanol or av fuel if you can get it engine was designed to run on real gas not water goo
  10. not necessary but if taken to shop they will usually want the shaft and wire throttle ,to offer any warranty
  11. tried that on a 4 yr setting with no luck,been soaking in pail of atf since
  12. ? 2x?? but that is a speaker?
  13. mmi


    its a make work, make relatives a job, cry for a hand out $$$$$$$$$$ from 4-5 pockets to save us from our self. just like the cia and war on drugs, they simply import/grow more to fund ultra black ops beg congress for more to fight it all the while banking the payoffs to not fight their self and march 21 new PRES, not calmingla will be calling for ALL law full guns thru pelosis new commission and court stacking to change the constitution. I wish if I didnt like the outcome of a court case,to simply change a judge and bring it to court again where they only hear <
  14. cant see exact piece in relation ,if bolted on both ends then it needs weld repair to it self alone nothing is welded to tractor as they are semi quick detach https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/casece/na/light-equipment/loader-backhoes/backhoe/backhoe-for-580ck/complete-machine/cn/D8CD6496-EFBE-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6_00_COMPLETE_MACHINE
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