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  1. IRRC from other ? ,its just a marked up $$$ not necessarily re-boxed .reliance/maxforce...
  2. BC it doesnt fit the narrative ,buy new every two ,until you own nothing ,eat cake (bugs)no other BS reason period!!
  3. osted 6 hours ago On 4/25/2024 at 8:48 PM, mmi said: yes a few short years ago. too young to retire....I have outlived many ,business's,any many that wither in the 3-5th generation. Yes it will move on, I'M handing the baton to a new owner, Great ,We'll be waiting to see what they offer,? Is this the 3rd owner? We had another long time IH supplier here ,change last year,3 in family ,now 4th "outsiders"....still open.....
  4. more context ? as in still china/mexico "cheap"US no fit?
  5. I thought you were the resident semi expert in this field....? (With zero effort I can OTD < $1050 retail ,you should have better contacts...?) 2x with Ace Stainless steel barrels can be very accurate. Stainless steel rifles with synthetic stocks are very practical weapons for hunting in humid areas. However a nice rifle with blued metal and wooden stocks are beautiful! And have them . But in this PC evnviron passed.on more SS,including a beautiful (take it away) USA Henry In a short G, SS/ILK is not worth the extra$$ Spent several hours in the store and 15+ online researching last month,SS was always in #3 spot with darkened or checote options. Store didnt care, they were getting x + $ ,and took a while to sell/recommend by ,farm use ,practicality/serviceability, vs low $ or bling factor. Stores quote,"rent at the range all your choices" (which should be both broke in and dialed in) feel/characteristics and whether YOU can be "controlled" accurate with xyz. $400 was not practical for waste "testing" The package included a ruger ,but store advised (norm today) it is somewhat HIGH maintenance vs the 1950s Roy R colt. This tracks with the weekly emails for upgrade /parts. Thousands of this popular model didnt pass 2x QC and went strait to $80% off(dealer) ,parts bins,where the reworked pieces are sold by the thousands. Pay premium $ for USA product,40% dont pass QC and 1000s need parts already....? Kind of supports china &(^( for $300
  6. Just not IH for parts,you have to be the adult and have the kid order by tag #
  7. IIRC I have 3-4 And some IH analog boxs IIRC only needed for adjustable points ,ie: v8 high hp etc ie 454,455,440 For the high hp/high speed IH gas tankers it is more on air flow and mix /octane ,over temp setting and actual w9-450 always seem much happier on med grade gas and easy to dial in where 460-560-706 liked high test and near impossible if heat spring and baffle/ intake rusted or carb were worn. Now there could be parts of all systems worn ,valves timing,carb/fuel/air,governor/binding,dist/advance issue ,and as FD showed a picoscope would be handy,but not adaptable the desk size analyzers were cheap in the 90s until no one could service them. Was testing 230 for compression/oil/water leak and now have high low idle carb or governor sticking.Sudden but nothing showed as broken??
  8. pkg for aftermarket hyd
  9. yes for $4k -6K you can have the engine "professionally " refabbed,dyno yad yada and then not add a CCU auto for $7K limits the buy pool
  10. I am still iffy on how to get the correct parts-per what is actually conflicting in the different <90 actual books(first push of "parts are illegal")NLA dont fit heading for china)) Its simple enough A save parts that came out where possible for measurements B match parts to the crank # C match to rod # which we did 40 yrs ago D the "block" is the variable as you have to cast date it then work within the parameters I would put DWV to task on the "same" comment c-175/sleeveless 200 '66> as all late run high serial # gas models above 123 ,were difficult to get any parts IF, they fit 30 yrs ago
  11. dupont etc use to sell the various preps right next to the paint. you need the paint/PC ,but pre/post ,or in 5years its really not worth the $ of the can. good galvanize pre and post repairs to bends, welds is best ,paint is a cosmetic band aide. they are going to rub/wear the common areas and 90% of the rust out is going to be inside out and bottoms, ground level up,non scoped welds. A .put the whole system in a dry hoop shelter B, clean and pack in dry after each use, C buy the upper grade product not necessarily bently The safety door is a good/needed idea .but be prepared it is not human safe and will fail to function when/usually at high load and stress. removable bottoms and 6 opening loops per side are good vet upgrades IIRC we have this 30 yrs old + some upgrades https://www.priefert.com/products/cattle-equipment/cattle-handling-equipment/squeeze-chutes-and-accessories/squeeze-chutes-model-s04#videos-container 90% of our issues, with their sweep is,the 90* lets them turn back into the corner.out the side of funnel vs the tip. something like a fire bellows would be 300% more useful. 10% is the last 5' the babies are afraid of pour on good luck
  12. they ALL had mutli door/seat 8+ in the 30's ,no one could buy,short of govt'/jobs it took into the early 60's for the bigger contractors to jump in.,Making a profitable peasant item.
  13. I guess $150 hr @ 2x flat rate + 25% for BS + 230% $ on the parts $1585 carefully use a disc for a day, learn to do your self ....still $6-800 with residual tools
  14. Any of the RM/stanadyne are going to have the bs ring and sticking plungers. Rings started going in the late 80's ,non lube sticking started here > '04 Otherwise fresh fuel, hair dryer or 911 would get the wax moving. If our opened 1904 shop hadnt cashed out in '95 , I wouldnt care as there would be a <$15 cure < $50 fix/service
  15. 2x have 3-4 this way from PO.........What is best way to lessen...?.......lots of 2cycl ,conditioner,lube etc etc. down to last 10G of 30-50yr old fuel.....those always start
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