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  1. necessary evil, PC requirement of GO BIG or get out our CE is somewhere between 12-16 units now, with over $50m in non delivered solds NOT paying the nut. soybean electric issues and ultra scarce parts. VPS travels about 9K a month now and fiat NA had no offerings on the lease
  2. they are all the identical CHINA #$%^$*%&*()^&*( depends on amount of QC root importer paid for that pallet ,and the $$$$$ markup of USA based scammer,(like a certain 1 with 10 different prices )$99-499) I picked up several for < $75 when second container arrived from a "reputable" dealer no problems yet. dont see them in this round. scambay adds(incl) 30% + inflated shipping to that $30 so they leave china for $1-5 $30-75 in QC dont know...,I would pay a little more from real dealer with 90-180 day warranty and then write off the $30-90 Ih did have a fix that lasts 4-5 yrs and for 3x
  3. mmi

    Small Sawmills

    So to show how stupid ridiculous it is here... If you wait 18 mo for $21K you can get a new warrantied mill,just how you want. Ad was on cl and I was first to see at 16 hrs. always kept inside 400 original hrs new tires and $1k in WM service! 35 yrs old figured it was photos/ worth + - $8K,from 50' already down to $6K 2' $4500 at BEST,not a lick of original paint ,parts missing/rotted off engine from setting outdoors 90% of life,fragile early design... hard pass. 2nd looker purchased + - $16K !!!!! New starter model is just as good for $14K
  4. assume this is for boxed/200/ct wooden matchs as grand ma had hanging near stove to light the pilots? and could have been embellished by ads from Ih any retailer
  5. sears roebuck catalog did that +- 1915-25 6 on 1 road here
  6. which ALL of this doesnt make sense.......some how it works with our $$$$$/ IRAS. "major" media has documented 10x hedge funds BTOS, eliete etc etc 2K x foreigners . Are the ACTUAL reason for the run up $$$$ and scarcity of housing. Here we are plastered with tv/print ads ,cash today ,close today, NO INSPECTIONS etc. and bidding wars 120-250% of ask. they have purchased blocks and WHOLE communities and then tell the govt the "new" rules. rent is 1.5-3x $ what buying would have cost. PC plan to make peasants live in script/company owned housing ,along with phase 5 of no cash/ script money so they can 150% tax both sides. 50% of govt venues and 75% > fees are NO CASH /CHECK
  7. several mFG had similar offerings like the short life covair
  8. well/used were $100-200 at rpru
  9. yes maybe cared for but well used scrap + - $1500 to save it weekend hobby toy
  10. Now the difference? some pulls add more weight in various forms, is that one ,say 8-10K # gvw ,fixed and it multiplies the drag/ resistance 1-20 K #
  11. IIRC they are finicky about grease and TOO much of the wrong type consult rowse if you find little IH info
  12. That is why I called it a "wives tale" as never met the cripple with the claims,of items penetrating the case, maybe early model/over mod?
  13. photos...? may be a western item? change the pump oil out and your engine is diluted to
  14. if it bolts in a tractor then it is similar to the 504 version there are 5-7 different blocks(mounting) and 2-3 heads simply a 135 ( 7+ options) sleeveless. otherwise follow the spec related to the part/s # in front of you
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