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  1. mmi

    IH Metro Van, Aerosmith

    yes been discussed several x here
  2. mmi

    Pto output shaft retaining ring removal ❓

    correct tool shown for that little ring had to use those + biggest S ON ,internal/external pin type on 100 blade and still broke the pins $45 set
  3. mmi

    Roosa master experts

    quite a difference and if not (practical)going by MFG set up #,factory tag.when pump is serviced.... shouldn't it be noted somewhere on pump,to assist with proper install ?\ IIRC regardless of position, lines of pump should match to insure internal pump timing,and then timed correct to engine starting to hear about this more as MFG as built cores are drying up and sub/salvage parts are used. $1400 for rebuild and 3-4 days getting it to run. What are the physical differences? or why how is it different for the 3 examples above and how to know what you sent in vs returned and knowing it may be 14* different now?.............?
  4. mmi

    gas engine in pickup

    funny how in protecting us and saving the rest of the world HP and RPM went up but actual output to ground and mileage keeps going down. when they pulled this Bs on chain saws had to get one, 2x bigger,then run flat out,and use 4x the fuel to cut same log.
  5. mmi

    Paint Codes - Cream Wheels

    get a production era and then check paint decisions here committee/field/title/mode/exact/conn/and/order/title
  6. mmi

    WD9 Injection pump advice .

    check construction board check KOO site ALL has been covered MANY times just gets buried do outside search /here ,,free sites don t search inside self well
  7. mmi

    China back in the soybean market

    just read 6 week old article where south american country ordered beans and was expected to trade china for them also farmers have received over $1billion from tariffs...sure most went to BTO so they can winter in the camens.
  8. mmi

    F656 Starter Solenoid

    if starter works and switch (tests) good confirm voltage flow....... clean connections check safety switch ,fuse, put known good switch inline (temporary line) from battery to solenoid terminal test....obviously from seat or fuel /gears disabled
  9. mmi


    for Lx 665 SS does starter have mechanical engage or key complete circuit solenoid ? had starter repaired but when cold it grinds but not heavy 2-3x and it will work or leave it grind and move key it works or next 6x or hot it works. not constant .....? not always full voltage...clearance too loose and when hot then enough voltage.....? original switch worn ? 641833
  10. mmi

    5130 console cover

    Were would one look for 5130 console cover where 3 pt control mounts....? believe # 1531229C1 Texas where they all were terp......
  11. mmi

    Why $19 a month?

    now that ins/medi cry is off in 2 days they have ramped up the $19's and they lowered the CGI leopards to $8
  12. our impeller model is baskwards also
  13. mmi

    Hello From Netherlands us your photos..........
  14. mmi

    He got 9 to 23 months

    likely getting out in 6-8 weeks
  15. mmi

    Chain saw collectors ?

    IIRC some one here has 200 +