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  1. mmi

    Farmall 560

    raise it 90%,the arms will just do their own thing with little weight. notch lever is for plowing only
  2. seems like the narrative is taking 5 different roads to destruction take this sale as an example BTO stealer , 90% of the items are high $$$ contractor or BTO selling ,due to no work,or cant pay the bills, OR need the write offs regardless of the faux bids someone will own 90% at the end of the day......How are the new owners going to make payments? 13% fee + alone to buyer over 1K items 2 rings most of the day https://quarrickauction.proxibid.com/Quarrick-Equipment-Auctions-Inc/Ring-One-Heavy-Equipment-and-Farm-Equipment/event-catalog/195787?srch=&srchloc=tr
  3. 40 yrs ago we always re hatched the sleeves...but also new rings would have been $30 try hastings direct de ridged < 002 ,then ceramic ball hone on gumbie
  4. 2x y is earlier than it looks,but parts get swapped
  5. does it mention anything about reverse rotation? the china %$^&% seller has no clue some like those in temperate parts of the country, but ALL china %$^& and fail just the same, like the flipper not shutting off report back in a year
  6. was a whole segment this am, re: the "elites" the ajenda and the narrative they simply ignore and cover each until the result "they" want is achieved 99.97% of ALL fisa is lies and redacted to prove it . why not do it in plain sight.
  7. is that not just 41.5 customers?
  8. gears look ok shaft /remove bolts but many sessions of soak soak ,soak mild heat twist punch both ways. IIRC been 30 years...doesnt everything forward of the fork go out the front as one? then alot more room to work on the shaft AND ??? the spring pack needs removed to get the engine forward?
  9. IIRC the 500 replaced the t-5 then was changed again when payline formed
  10. WR hearst's .$$$$$$$$ or "rosebud" we had a similar sunday school homework lesson with .01 and tything actually normal people couldnt hand out the answer/cash, fast enough govt embraced the computer to do it for them
  11. so neighbor just called, said his just out of warranty 185 took out the apron gear. used maybe 150 loads retired NH mech says some or all of the parts were improper and ran off kilter any place to get an older used box or the AM repair kit as FNH knows this is an issue to ignore . 17 GEAR, WORM- WORM GEAR 84131790
  12. mmi

    CaseIH parts

    as in the same china %$#%^$& in a $500 USA box?
  13. did you look under this # BEARING, NEEDLE- BEARING, NEEDLE365953R913-7 business days1(Jacket tube) 9.1BEARING, NEEDLE- replaces #365953R91221488A1$182.813-7 business days1 to equal #365953R91
  14. true BC 90% are doing some type of faux bids. the auction buys the good stuff cheap and partners with other auction for $$$ or simply re sells it every other month same with hay dont want to pay $6 out of barn but $9-12 in store,less than 100b we send them to the store,its our hay any how.
  15. mmi

    Farmall 560

    2x factory knew the system was not designed for drawbar work or to work 50 years on
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