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  1. looks like truck...old bus makes it nice to have the OLD books.....wonder if vw will toss the last little bits....? If part was < '74 ih oem for truck const/ind or cc div 80% of those numbers were tossed.in the turn overs ,so hard to research and new numbers were needed with subtle change to part,that are hard to track, root part 36x-xxx-r1 may become 4xx-xxxc9, or 92??????/ about 81' here ,was a time no one knew whom had/sold what parts and it took weeks to have dist rep look and see how many hands it passed after leaving ih factory thru new owner /country back to dist-dealer-customer,today most are UO NLA numbers (high volume)that covered more than one div ,were purchased back by IH and /or changed if the new owner now supplied that part back to IH at $ 300% markup. many dealers were all inclusive or stocked local customer needs until 70ish even if IH made/sourced it,under old # ,shipped to owner and then bought back for ih dealers. such low volume cross over, items would be in ih oem box at counter of navi cc or dresr for 30 80% less $$
  2. i also am a huge one to do a vacuum test before I do anything on carburetor problems correct, what you don’t measure you don’t control is my hard learn the hard way advice 2x could be air restriction in/out...shouldnt be ice, where you are,maybe rodent.... valve stuck rings,gasket.... ....slow crank as in 6v need of good cleaning......weak spark
  3. be careful you only get one from/for a tractor there are 7 different castings if you were closer I would swap .
  4. yes but a farce, IIRC (the great socialist )TR started it to rid the country of standard oil and ilk but it seems to me like they are creating a monopoly. monopoly is what "they " want ,much easier to control your own group,and the mass by 0 choice.
  5. mmi


    tonights ad claims he only made 20K jobs......significant discrepancy and doesnt need special interest $$$$ since he is the "special" interest crowd. as to the military they are and will continue to be misdirected/ordered to step aside. there as millions of mindless zombie leos and alphabet soup badges doing raids/training daily. check the news and propaganda media,since they will save us all.once they have the most/biggest guns.
  6. mmi


    I would like to know how/where what jobs (500K) "HE" personally created/paid for , in nyc and ALL about them past present future??? and actually see him put in a std business owner 60 hr + week of doing "work" or actually be "at" work if he is willing to BLOW $ 200m + to buy the presidency ,must be a slick back end to get 3x more to replace it.....
  7. most sites/photos are calling those plastic wshr either way they need to be extra clean seated sq and "snug" not torqued to the moon
  8. things and # change have them back check it is correct, if not over priced even for dealer
  9. proper insulation, in floor heating is the best route,(from multiple experiences) but OP mentioned wanting to pre set clamps and add a lot of holes in those areas. at least from here it sounds TOO small and needs more planning to expand later. 40 wide ,long as budget allows.....come back in year and start a floor heated 30/40 shop with expansion of rough work/clamps into the unheated then add/repeat as need /budget permits
  10. just in the paper (24p/ 19 of them nonsense ads) several towns away w/6K cidiots 1.8 sq mile , built some 4-6 story bld, so need to replace a '71 model as it is worn out.too big for tree lined streets $1.4m for the replacement 100', they have $138K in total budget ,cant get govt $$$ so going to sell "not usable" one to cover costs. will take 3 years to build
  11. item 2 p d 17........no? https://www.messicks.com/cas/64325 ??? 2 GASKET- center tube 384532R1 $16.96 13 in stock 1
  12. dont know your placement of doors.... are you goin deep/wide enough to close doors and have 2-3 projects + all the tools junk around? most equip is either 10-14' wide or 16-'20' long
  13. mmi

    656 Carburetor

    SAVE YOUR $$ until eliminating any other cause/s 10 .....OTTOMH + 15 more clean everything again...do elec side check check settings check gaskets vacuum etc timing valves.....running decent work it 2-3h
  14. we have run separator and auto drain off systems ,they ALL freeze break when firemen blow roof off or otherwise turn of heat source. we run 1000,s of g air 24/7/365 but shut down if more then 14 hours below 25* was expected. hopefully air doors go empty or freeze open when no cars are inside/escape door required. install/seal a good (proper SS fitting with tape and antiseze ) and ss ball valve in bottom where it cant get knocked off, then after every use, open and drain and repeat/tip, then close for next use. uncoated and ALL china tanks should have this done with every use,all year. have several such engine units d valves are 2% open year round/drained completely in wet weather if you dont hear it ....needs attention!
  15. what govt doesnt waste,would be neat to have, but all the govt BS $$$$ to keep,what are they making you toss? assume it was cheap or for cost of drive line? are you cutting down to make integral bed or trailer setup...? operating with in 25 m area ,40 like that under 8 years old and 150 +smaller, cost over $500k ea. those times are long gone we need to save the planet the kb 7-8,s lasted in to the 90,s on back up service with UNDER 50K m,went to EVERY call and parade for 35 yrs, now they are cheap at $1M ++++ we replace/scrap every < 50K m (every side show or far flung funeral they can reach) or as soon as paid for. no profit in keeping them. $700K for rehab since there is no maintenance budget and its $150 Hr at dealer they dont publish the appropriations any more $350K yearly tax bill go to endless payments + 5yr rotating special tax grab +state/ federal $$+ every shop has to raise $100-300K each time. had a fire close by on road 2yrs ago, 7 calls went out 3 man volunteer made the 30 mile trip in 18 min ,got to work and walked right into fire. several "staffed" at 3 miles made it from 25-30 minutes then needed 20 minutes to suit up and discuss safety then 20 more showed to stand around and burn fuel.+ naturally EVERY ambulance and cop for miles.
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