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  1. some of those like indoor forklifts were formed on the rim (specialty mfg) as to research 1910-1925 mack forums ,garrett in england, smithsonian in dc indoor/non street use waned and air tires became the norm the fronts would not be too difficult but a traction/less and powered wheel ,not used in a dry/level shop could be a liability for all today report what you find
  2. unless you have captive market >$8 why bother.... we only do it as a 10-20% mix now (benefits/supplement) very hard to dry, 1st cut VERY stocky /sharp ,leaves are best and hard to keep in place, only last 3 years until some pest/disease (frost )kills , any 1-2 cutting may breach haylage even cattle leave larger stems and now,goofy horse people want to feed it,last year 2nd would "KILL" them mix , grass /mix,pure grass,sudan yield much more with 1/3 cost and work feed store gets $40b + by the wafer and shipped from dry west if we could get perfect bales they only pay $6-8 b delivered to 3rd floor
  3. is there a vendor list available? and where to find them..... the non dealers flea area...what are you bringing....?
  4. had my model charts crossed you did say A more photos...
  5. photos? not made in 64...serial # likely saw the ad.....for the last 6 months I could purchase 2-3 (various)340 EVERY week either they are 2k miles or seller/S flat out refuse to disclose full details simply serial # and 15- 20 GOOD photos to start serious on two ...........seller claims too hard to send good photos other too busy for ANY details (had shipper lined up) to busy to open doors and help for 2 hours to get it loaded and then the ones for $3-5x over still FIRM
  6. mmi

    price of hay ?

    $10 a b not likely maybe the BTO as they had straw wholesale $9b but people wanted to pay me $2, sent them to the store for $9 which pays us $5.50 for no hassle ongoing deal only have 50 b of 1st cut left told everyone in march speak up as it will ONLY be made on order + $ will be increased. for silence have 70 acres 3 weeks past prime now 60% could be absorbed into our haylage.but.plenty of sudan bonus expected there....if rain lets up.could do 1/2 dry and sell with snow balls in feb 2nd is a month delayed so expect that to be short and $$ also maybe push $6
  7. mmi

    Corporate tragedy

    thats quite used but cheap if first edition ,believe they were $22 ish and the 6th in paper was $40 ish,had a case on hand when everyone was looking
  8. mmi

    Hotels suck!

    seems to be with 3rd party and APpS etc, they dont know what is happening in hotel system so dont always follow thru if hotel detail is different than they "booked " you it will be $ higher but jumping thru proper hoops can lower it some directly with hotel and not their APP either
  9. looks like home built pulley could be anything PO wanted
  10. wasnt their someone making it onsite with one cyl engine...?..... different show venue?
  11. very clean burning could be used in semi-confined space was cheap fuel in the oil states
  12. IIRC there was a post about this occurring with a crossed wire or reversed ground from what battery is. IIRC resistor is on the output side to save the points have been to sales where they have blown up,intentionally letting key on and or reverse cables ,help not knowing or.......wanting it to sell low.
  13. photos .........! collectible rare......? somewhat .....$ 3-5K have to find the right buyer shame to part out an original of anything for a toy , recently even an original model t $1K was part of a $6K deal just to keep it from being used/cut up for $50K of nonsense sell for $ 3x what you can buy the ruined diesel carcass for or 40% of the new project......$10K
  14. that say it can occur when frosted,gets dark, for grazing....? but they say it will grow out 10-14 days if still growing.....and baleage is slightly different
  15. got an ad in the paper this week.... friday seems to be the only full day....? do the streets roll up at 6pm...? more to do than listed? fairs have more than listed and run until 9-10 pm where saturday looks to end at 2pm?....
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