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  1. ? certainly the facts of history can be wrong or mis interpolated until more is determined. This looks to be an AI, fit the pc narrative rewrite. IIRC while the total event may have been 20-60 hours. THe get out or die was < 15 minutes, normal day to buried in feet of ash then lava. people still in bed....so it had to be super fast....poison gas creeping down,shock wave /unconscious, no oxygen from too much other in the air(dont recall reports of much in lungs..? then feet of coverage and missing for centuries.
  2. ? ,those engines (should) have the low sleeve Below oil as you removed,just for this running purpose,removal./check level .but do pulse with pressure difference.? IF 2-4 qt over,rod slap may,be resonating the oil up the tube at correct level/stick ,I would thread the replacement on and move up to the filler for pressure inspection.? <10p then at #12 PCV (messicks /400d/ 12-242-(12) )........0.../.mud wasp/sludge in head from there if rings etc should be out valve train breather
  3. just got off the phone with a friend ,his business uses several order/pay apps (mandated PC necessity) Seems the dead beat 10yrs past PO is on drugs /hard times. Contacted the payment processor and was having the deposits moved to him. Bc there is an alert regional rep they called manager to confirm. po po frequent the store so picked him up $ is enough, it is at least felony fraud + a page of other charges,had 2 other active warrants and pages of records. repeat rapists/murders are let out next day at least 4x, so dont expect much jail time,with no actual costs,.....BUT po po,dont like their donuts messed with.
  4. As things have been converted from original you have to follow the suggestions and tests for that. THEN move on to parts, It has been 20 yrs with decline of USA ,our shop has a terrible time getting parts (and more so that actually meet spec and work) now, if/,when shop tests many items BEFORE install on the bench or opens the plastic,they ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Had a 350, 20 yrs back. always parked in gear,but only in the barn for winter.ANd always unhooked battery at just night. over a month 4-5 x it would be 100-150' feet from where parked,thought some one was popping and playing games. one lunch hour it was still hot enough and moved 20'. with kill key off IH wired to use factory switch to start, the starter was actually turning on and walking away. Took 3 reworking of the input electrics of starter to get spec parts
  5. mmi

    The Rewards!

    dont care for the low octane s itsnt it ALL controlled/made by bean counters for ...? I bev.....? foreign hedge fund for davos?
  6. Steering clutch were badly assembled, 8 disk and 7 steel on one side and 7 disk and 7 steel on the other,one of the pressureplate w common practice to keep the best used and add the new to within spec
  7. we have a heavier unit as shown, knives maybe a little narrow er. for pastures it only goes 4" for hay the A point ,plucks more than poke. for 6"-12" (wet) there is a factory arena drag on board to spread the tufts and temper the holes. best done with top seeding,earliest spring.
  8. every entity lines THEIR pockets and then trys to cheat everyone else. Last year ordered a piece of glass,requiring $150 "special" shipping, took 12 days and arrived in a too large , punch-ed single wall box NO packing. Was not permitted to order from atlanta dealer,with it SETTING in the atlanta warehouse. was sent 1500 miles the wrong direction, over 12 days to the iowa transfer depot.then BACK east. Along the way they kept taking the lowest bids,and handled it at least 58 x on /off/trucks/dock. xxxxx ordered a 2# package last week, 3 days on any snail map......but again there is huge profit in constant handling,or traveling 6 miles INSIDE the sorting center for days. May 31, 2023 11:52am Received by the local post office May 31, 2023 10:45am Package transferred to post office May 30, 2023 11:36am Processing at UPS Facility New Stanton, May 29, 2023 6:58pm Arrived at Facility New Stanton, May 27, 2023 6:33am Departed from Facility Memphis, TN May 26, 2023 7:56pm Origin Scan Memphis, TN May 26, 2023 7:30pm Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet. May 26, 2023 2:04pm Tracking number provided xxxxx Need a $.50 carb gasket $81 at cih + $25 shipping/handling/transfer, by USPS envelope 5-21 days ($40 if you want it direct 5d) There are 3 delivery crews for EACH of the 6 shippers,in area 7/days 7 am-9-pm yet volume is down 70%
  9. no neighbors, make better fences we have a rented farm, where one rides thru woods 1500' to mow a dog path,and the farm house renter ,rides atv like X/O
  10. new snap ring and good sliding joints, a little wider turns. once you do it 100 x its "easier" with 3 hands make sure # 7 is not broke and in the hole? try the 1000 side for some practice. with flat on shaft about 2: 30 and SN same, push hard while turning 1/2" ( and hold LOL) with free hand install SN "easy" in the dark aggressively try to pull out before heading to the field. Repeat
  11. mmi

    cub ?

    So far it looks like by first thoughts,the one with all the repairs would be best for use/restore etc , is destine for donor project for someone. The one with the worst rust away from setting 10 years,purrs along and drives quiet, as in low use. ........camera now, not compatible with new computer. *&&^^%^ $$$ Got idle down to 1200 ,but requires 3/4 choke for any combination of carbs?, governor works good with out a lug ,as clutch/many parts are still tight/rusted. 19" vacuum, no leaks showing. By the many (10 yr old) "new" parts and lots of form agasket some one was chasing issues. What are you using for carb soak that actually works and not > $50 Any one find these parts at SANE pricing? 251235r1 i gs 251300r2 o nl 251337r3 ob gs 70949c92 os am 368357r9 nb gs 71523c93 ns am 73238c1 n nl
  12. mmi


    move to construction page. fuel restriction either/both in /out...............cummins 4bt? dedicate fuel tank strapped to the roof........ check pressure 14 + /replace the $40 lift pump. but description may be 239? advance broke /proper return HOSE ? then ck danny for pump suggestions
  13. its been posted 10x 6-9 own/control everything , jpm black stone of china https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.protoolreviews.com%2Fpower-tool-manufacturers-who-owns-them%2F&psig=AOvVaw3QUH45hOUM1EbyUQGQCA7h&ust=1685413257436000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CBAQjRxqFwoTCMCtmPC7mf8CFQAAAAAdAAAAABAE
  14. Thats how other people get rich, even the china ^&(*&^&(*& can be $10 -75 EACH !! and it takes 30 clicks to find after the BS ,paid pick me sites. angie went that way after the first year.pay $ .02% of income ,always the first search,every time.
  15. IIRC this is diesel? wonkie brit? fuel starving and/or a leak from when you cleaned every thing dedicated (3x checked for free flow) free standing fuel supply from 2' above dedicated fully unrestricted return to can below, Have a row of cubs here swapping parts to fro,on 1 . PO put alot $$$$ into it and then parked in yard 10 yrs, even the crud carbs will run tolerable on the others,but no matter the combinations of parts, it will not run unless 1/2 -3/4 choke. 19'' vacuum at idle ,cant find any leaks
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