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  1. I knew a gynecologist who had a sailboat named "Papman” that had a batman like emblem on the sail that was the south end of a woman in the stirrups!
  2. The young ladies are doing great at swimming!
  3. I just looked up those scopes. Really cool but pretty steep! $2000 to $4,000. I could use one right now as I have a coyote in our neighborhood. I don't want to lose our two small dogs. Looks like I may have to trap it. I just bought a couple of the rubber leg hold traps.
  4. They even have a lightweight version of it now for special forces.
  5. The del grande probably won't make it that far anyway! LOL
  6. Wow! Never seen one built out of SIPs before. I bet it is right. How did you insulate the roof?
  7. I will pray for your child as well!
  8. If it is a punch, one of these!
  9. Here are some pictures of when I was rebuilding the front axle on my Case 930. Not trying to derail the thread, but it just shows the different way the engineers solved the same problem. I don't have pictures of the last half of the rebuild, but I used ground rod to line up the front and rear pin holes for welding. I then reamed them again and pressed in bronze bushings from McMaster Carr. It turned out well and has held up for the last 15 years.
  10. Is that without a regulator on the tank? Where do you find a hose with the proper thread?
  11. I like that old AW, but I don't think the wife would like it if I brought it home! It would go well with the HD9 I got from you though!
  12. The groundhogs here have gotten worked over hard by the coyotes. Can't even find one to shoot. Of course the coyotes have been hard on everything! I have one around my house that I am going to start hunting this weekend. We have two little dogs that can get out and go exploring. I don't want to lose them!!
  13. I do chain through a clevis on my 30 hp CUT because it is small and light enough that the clevis could lift the entire tractor if it needed to. On my bigger tractors with lots of weights and loaded tires, I like to change it through the bottom of the rims of the rear tires so that I can take most of the bounce out of it. Not all rooms have enough space between the center and the rim to make this work though. I've been told the proper way is four points for the equipment and one for each implement, including a loader.
  14. Local guy around here died about 20 years ago. He was flying a plane. There are too many moving parts in the helicopter for reliability in my opinion.
  15. Wow, with that kind of terrain I can see why you're good at cutting benches for roads! It is beautiful though.
  16. Snake, I still have my grandfather's caulking iron. Here they used red lead putty to cover the oakum. I knew the last of the caulkers around here when I worked summers in the boatyard in high school. His nickname was "Plug". He was an ex merchant mariner who had 4 tankers sunk out from under him on the Mermansk run during WW II. He married a White Russian who never learned English. Quite a character!
  17. I want to hang the guy who came up with those padded bras in the nineties that did away with nipples!
  18. I used it for some drives around the barn. It was older stuff so it wasn't too messy. Lot of junk in what I got. I wound an old tire chain up in the power rake! Lot of fines. It has settled in nicely and grass has grown on it as I planned. Pretty good for free stuff.
  19. I bet they would fold up on a side hill in a hurry!
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