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  1. Been thinking about getting a set of duals for my 706, does anyone have pictures of a narrow front 706 or a wide front for that matter with duals? Mine has 15.5-38 and I found a set of 16.9-34 on 9 bolt wheels. Would those match up close enough
  2. The rear o2 sensor monitors the efficiency of the convertor. If you have graphing ability on your scan tool compare the graphs of the front oxygen sensor and the rear oxygen sensor on the affected bank. The rear o2 shouldn't cycle from lean to rich as fast as the front does. Really it shouldn't be cycling much once the convertor is up to operating temperature. When revving the engine or doing throttle snaps the rear o2 should move but return to normal slower than the front. If the rear doesn't move on a throttle snap then you most likely have a dead or misreporting rear o2. YouTube has some go
  3. 885

    Iron Bull rops

    I have the economy version on my 706 and my neighbor has the factory version on a 706. I recommend either. The economy is good if you don't care about or correctness and the clamshell fenders still fit. The oe has the factory style fender brackets for the flat top fenders to bolt to. They are both certified. If it shows up I attached a Pic of my economy style Edit to add, since they were certified my state bureau had a safety program where they give 500 towards a factory built rops unit
  4. We used to use a new Holland 848 chain baler to bale silage. In fact we still have one as a backup. They were simple and tough and we had good service with them and they can be picked up in your price range fairly easily
  5. It's about the size that was used on older self propelled New Holland forage harvesters for turning the spout. Never been around ih harvesters but did they come with a hydraulic spout option?
  6. Swap coil from missing cylinders to non missing cylinders ie coil 10 to cyl5 and move plug 10 to cyl4. Drive and see if misfire follows a component. If not suspect an injector on the misfiring cylinder, wiring or compression related cause. Ford's can also be a pain. Sometimes they attribute a miss to the wrong cylinder. If firing order is 1-3-4-2 and the misfire code is for 3, on ford's sometimes the true miss is on 1 or 4 and the ecm assigns it to an neighboring cylinder in the firing order. So remember this when moving components and move them to non neighboring (in the firing order) cylinde
  7. 6.5 will be easier to find a wide variety of factory ammo for.
  8. I know you aren't supposed to stack them on their sides but I have done so many times in places where we didn't have a flat spot
  9. If the bales are tight and the density is good, and the edges are packed well then no issues usually. Just pick a good level place to stack them
  10. I've never been around a fwa of this vintage so i gotta ask, how was the turning radius compared to a wide front 2wd
  11. I live in the mountains and every dealer I have worked at has higher than normal trans failures. But getting 190k on an auto is awesome, especially in a towing application. We put transmissions in passenger cars and suv's at 100k regularly. Like I said they weren't a terrible trans but they weren't an Aisin. You will really like that Cummins Aisin combo. Having tow haul mode with exhaust brake on makes it pleasurable going down mountain passes. Rarely are the brakes needed.
  12. No flow meter, but they can calculate flow based off the fuel pressure, the pulse time of the injectors, engine speed, the known injector orfice size and possibly a few other data points I am missing. Then when fuel consumption is calculated, divide by miles from the odometer for fuel economy
  13. Sorry I misspoke it was the 1500 that had air ride on certain trims. And the one I am recalling they couldn't ever get the truck to sit level right to left. Some times it would be off as much as an inch side to side unloaded
  14. The 2500's do have coil springs, the 3500 has traditional leafs. In my time at the dealer that sold ram, I never heard any complaints on the coils. They are actually supposed ride better than the leaf set up. Never heard of anyone complain about sagging or reduced payload or any of that. I do know that I would stay away from the air ride set ups. They had a fit out of one or two of those trucks
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