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  1. No affiliation at all with these just did a quick Google search https://www.agkits.com/14-0-liter-series-60-engines.aspx
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9t61kT59xo&t=2s He showcases the diversity of a minivan
  3. Get one with a shield, almost lost a finger to a die grinder without a shield. There are instances that the shield gets in the way, but it's safer
  4. It's on a 706, I'm just trying to match height. Not needing them so much for traction, but more for stability on side hills. I'd love to find some 15.5 to match but all of them I've found semi local were clamp on which is like to stay away from. May be changing from 36 to 30 inch corn rows and we spray some with the tractor and all our ground is hilly. Feels fine as is but I'm afraid narrowing up may create some stability concerns with a mounted spray. I figured some hub mount duals would go on and off relatively easy when they were required
  5. This may be one of those dumb questions, but do all 9 bolt rims have the same bolt pattern? If not what is the bolt pattern I'm looking for for a 706. I possibly found a set of 13.6-38 that should match my 15.5-38 in height that on the tractor currently. They are 6 hrs away so I kind of want to make sure I don't make a wasted trip. Duals aren't common in my area, and I was wanting to find some axle mount ones
  6. We have had bkt on the back of an 885 for over 10 years. They have worked fine for us
  7. I was looking through some for sale ads and found a 504 wide front under a tractor that I didn't recognize. It doesn't look like the factory wide front that I've seen, anyone recognize it? The steering arm looks to attach at the rear of the axle I thought factory ones came out the front of the tractor under the grill
  8. Offsetting a sickle mower for hedging road sides, that sort of thing. Gives a little more reach. Our newer tractors are easy to pin all the way over, so I wasn't sure if these were too. Apparently they arent
  9. Are the d282 exhaust manifolds the same for a 560, 656 and 706
  10. On a 706, is there a way to "lock" a 3pt implement offset to one side or the other. I know there is a form of sway control that leaves a lot to be desired but I've never tried/read about locking an implement to one side
  11. Part of the long range thing also brings in wind drift, supposedly the heavies buck wind better. I have shot a 6.5 out to 730 successfully. Hoping to make it to 1k soon but finding 1k ranges in the Appalachian mountains is difficult. Every little bit helps way out there, wind is hard to judge and being less influenced by wind helps. But at some point it all boils down to the guy pulling the trigger, and their skill level. Heck military sharp shooters have been making 1k shots for a long time with worse equipment than we have now. But they got to know their guns and their cartridges. No replacement for practice
  12. 885


    Never was a fan of line breeding, never struck me as right. I personally think bringing in more diverse genetics is beneficial.
  13. The only thing that the new cartridges do is to put long high bc bullets in factory loadings, and they give a clean slate for gun manufacturers to get twist rates appropriate for the long bullets as well. Just look at the 223. It's common place for an AR to have 1:7 but a bolt action was commonly 1:12, now they are mostly all 1:9, but u have to do some real digging to find a 1:7 bolt gun. The 6.5 and 260 are like ballistic twins with the same twist barrels, but a factory 6.5 has a barrel for the heavy for caliber bullets. The 260 didn't have that option when it was new. Even the 243. Newer 243 rifles that ive seen have started having a change in twist rates and a buyer has to pay attention if they are wanting to shoot heavy bullets. The 6 mm creed steps in with a clean slate to make a "standard" twist rate for heavy bullets for the long range shooting crowd. Nothing that the new cartridges do couldn't be achieved with a gunsmith putting a fast twist barrel on for you, except they are ready off the shelf
  14. New Holland 718, 790, 900 and newer choppers. 718 is a cut and throw chopper meaning it has no separate blower. Some don't like them but if the knives are set properly to the pan you can blow it as far as needed. 790 has the same cutterbox size but a separate blower. The 900 can take a 2 or 3 row head and has a blower and larger cutterbox. Parts seem to be readily available for all models and Joe's machine in Pennsylvania is an excellent source for parts for them. If you are mowing and windrowing then I would say gett a 900 or fp230 size if you have the HP to pull it. It's wider cutterbox will make a thinner mat feeding in and seems to be easier for the chopper to cut. We mowed a 9 foot swath of really thick Faria ryegrass and wheat cover crop and it was too much material for a 718/790 cutterbox. So we laid over with the mower and took about a 7 foot swath. Much easier on the cutter and didn't break anything.
  15. I don't have an answer but have wondered the same thing. I'm pretty sure they used German engines so that is one difference
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