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    Sometimes weird things happen, like when the dealership changes someone's oil and they complain that the ac quit working. Weird timing sometimes
  2. 885


    Take the controller out and see if the light goes out It could be the wires you tapped in are back feeding the light, or it could be unrelated to the controller
  3. I got a ih 3 bottom plow that I put on my 706 to plow a little. The plow has 18 inch bottoms and is fully mounted 3pt (don't know the model number of plow). Tractor has a narrow front and when the plow was adjusted to run level while plowing, when lifted out of the ground the rear bottom was barely above the ground, and the main beam of the plow was sloping way downhill. It seems like the rear bottom should lift higher than that. The front was way above the ground, and the lift arms were fully raised. I've never had issues with anything else not lifting high enough. Could this be an issue with
  4. 885

    1256 remotes

    I took the block off my 706 as it was causing problems with the corn planter. Would raise smooth but bounce down, now it's smooth up and down
  5. 885

    w** is it?

    Is that carpet in the bathroom?
  6. 885

    USA vacation

    There's Yellowstone, grand tetons, the giant redwoods, grand canyon, arches national park, great smokey mountains national park, Acadia National Park, the Everglades, etc. We have lots of parks. There are also countless historical sites associated with the revolutionary War all over the eastern seaboard, not sure if you would be interested in those but they are sites of English and American history intertwined.
  7. I actually got to see the aftermath of a box type manure spreader being towed at 65 and hit a rough bridge transition. Sheared the wheel off, the spreader flipped over and somehow trapped the tire in the box. Sheared the hitch where the pin goes, and the only thing keeping the spreader attached to the truck was the safety chain. It was exciting to see
  8. Wouldn't the end of the output shaft be perpendicular to the axis (splines) of the output shaft? Why not measure the angle of the end of the output shaft (with the slip yoke or the u joint flange unbolted, I don't know which this particular transmission has) and then subtract 90 degrees to get the angle of the output shaft. Clear as mud right?
  9. I am an auto tech at a dealership and I always tell people to stay away from them. I have worked on many of their cars that have been purchased the week prior. Their issues ranged from harness issues, dead modules, even check engine lights coming on the day after delivery. They are a glorified used car lot that you can't see or inspect the vehicle prior to delivery
  10. Just curious if anyone knows what the 1468 brought
  11. With today's grocery prices I'd say that buggy full equals 3 2x4s and a sheet of plywood
  12. 885

    Cargo trailers

    I assume you are in Kentucky, I am in western NC, there is a trailer dealer an hour and a half away that had 7x16 in stock according to their website. I can get the website if you are serious about finding one
  13. 885

    Cargo trailers

    That's the story on everything. Boats, atvs, side by sides, computer chips, ammunition, etc. Not trying to get political but its all related to the covid situation rippling through every aspect of the economy
  14. I sure hope we don't keep loosing members. I have learned a boat load from the people here. It would be a shame for all of that knowledge to potentially be lost, or not passed on. Having it organized on a searchable forum has been a life saver for me and I'm sure countless others. I know I sure have enjoyed getting to see models that weren't common, or that didn't even exist in my area, and the pictures from all around the country and seeing how people in different places do things differently.
  15. 885

    South paws

    Yeah, and my handwriting is probably worse than yours
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