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  1. 885

    2 Speed Powershift

    I am guessing this is for the asabe quarter scale competition? It's been several years since I went, but there was a team that used one out of a farmall 400, or somewhere about that model as it was mechanical. I want to say that was the year that we brought a tractor with legal width duals to the competition and the maneuverability course was designed narrower than the legal tractor width and we mowed down all of the cones lol. But in short yes I have seen it done and it worked. I think that they built a housing just big enough to house the unit
  2. The 3.6 is a fairly reliable engine. I know that they do have an issue on some years with bad heads. I saw many get a head out on them when I worked at a combo dealership (I wasn't a Chrysler employee, I worked for an Asian brand that was housed in the same facility) the guy next to me was more or less the foreman, and other than the head issue he really liked the motors. It also seems that some of them had roller rocker failures that would present as a tick and possibly later a misfire. If left too long they would wipe a cam lobe, but for the life of me can't remember if that was on the Cherokee 3.2 or the grand cherokee 3.6. I think it was both honestly. Also oil coolers tended to leak around the mileage that yours is, but that was an easy job to fix. just pull the intake and there it is. It generally showed itself as a leak down the back of the motor as it sits in the valley. The transmissions were generally pretty good, I can't remember a failure while I was there, so that is a plus. Also take it to mechanic u trust and have them check out the car Edit to add: pretty sure that this year model had a recall for the fuel pump relay in the tipm. Make sure this recall has been done, the original relay was non serviceable and in the Tipm. When it took a dump the car would shut off, so they retrofit a serviceable relay into the harness which is a more robust component
  3. Use streaming service over the internet, YouTube TV, sling etc.
  4. 885

    Turning up fuel on 886

    I don't think it is low on power. The butt dyno hasn't noticed a loss of power. It handles all of the previously mentioned tillage stuff very well in hard Rocky red clay fairly well. We had some exceptional corn in a field or two that could have used a couple extra ponies on. I mentioned the tillage because I know turning up fuel can cause excess heat when being worked hard, and if it was feasible I wouldn't want to get I to a situation where the tractor runs hot
  5. 885

    Turning up fuel on 886

    What is required for a add on turbo. I assume it would need oil squirter in the block or does it already have them in place
  6. 885

    Turning up fuel on 886

    Kind of what I figured. It does fine for the most part, just every now and then it would be nice to have a tad extra power
  7. 885

    unknown lever

    We had a 454 diesel and it was the engine kill lever. If that is under the steering wheel as it appears.
  8. I have a quick question that I haven't been able to find the answer to through searching on here. How far can the fuel be turned up safely and with no ill effects on a 886 that has a d360 in it. The tractor would only really be pulling a 2 row chopper and very minimal tillage, like pulling a 10 foot disc, 2 shank subsoiler, or a 3 18 mold board plow. No duals. The main duty for this would be chopping. In good corn it could use a little boost in hp
  9. That's what I was afraid of. And thanks for the offer, but I am in NC, quite a ways from ny
  10. I know this is not an ih question but I am kind of in a bind. We were chopping corn with our 718 and the cutter bar adjustment bolt came loose and I lost the special washer that goes on the adjuster. So I go to the parts machine which was a running machine, to grab one and noticed that it didn't have any on it. Are these truly that special or can I just use a substitute one of the same thickness. No open parts dealer in the area on Saturday, so I am just trying to get back up and running
  11. I know you said no orange but they have taken over here, even a lot of the ih guys use them for loader tractors. Don't be scared to look at the kubota m6800 Era tractors. Pre def and the one we had was tough. They start below zero with no trouble. Could be had with a mechanical shuttle or a hyd shuttle that allowed clutch less shifting from forward to reverse. The 4 wheel drive on them uses bevel gears and allows for a tight turning radius and they make great loader tractors. I believe the 85 and 95 series ih tractors could be had with a left hand reverser that would make loader work a lot nicer. No experience with the cab models though. Ours have all been ta models so no reverser for us. They are most definitely ih based tractors and I personally like the German diesel engines in them. They have been tough and reliable in my experience.
  12. 885

    Jd 7000 notill

    I think I have enough weight on the frame as it never picks up when planting. Do you have all of the bags plumbed individually or do they all share the same pressure
  13. 885

    Jd 7000 notill

    Who made the airbag set up for your planter
  14. 885

    Jd 7000 notill

    I tried that and couldn't even get an inch in the ground. They measure the right diameter and are shimmed right. Kind of thinking I have a down pressure issue?
  15. 885

    Jd 7000 notill

    Yes they are unit mount yetter coulters. They came with bubbles on them and we switched to the fluted ones (5/8" wide about 23-25 flutes). The fluted ones go in easier than the bubble coulters, I just want to know why we can't get the double disc openers to go in the ground without running the coulters deeper than the openers. I am scared that I am going to have varying seed depth with the coulters too deep
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