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  1. How did you keep head gaskets on that thing. I thought a stock 282 had iffy clamping force from too few head bolts
  2. In the mountains where I live if you don't rotate tires regularly the fronts will wear much faster. The curvy roads here eat the shoulders off the fronts pretty bad
  3. I use one of these daily. I like it. Bright and rechargeable and the light body is slim so you can stick it down into tight places if necessary https://www.amazon.com/Astro-40SL-Lumen-Rechargeable-Light/dp/B018R0XQPA
  4. 885


    Interstates are junk now. Best luck I've had was with deka
  5. Oh I got you. They make some digital scales that are in grains that weigh with enough accuracy and range that aren't too expensive. I have never used an electronic one though, so no personal experience https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/rcbs-electronic-pocket-scale-powder-measure?hvarAID=shopping_googleproductextensions&ds_e=GOOGLE&ds_c=Shop|Generic|AllProducts|High|SSCCatchAll&gclid=Cj0KCQiA2uH-BRCCARIsAEeef3njcF0Yl3XGbS_I0DcLRkuUoN3xHlngVf8tNXPmUS88FH5cU0EC8zUaAs9dEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  6. If you start reloading yourself get a manual and stick to published data and ask questions if you are unsure. Better safe than a kaboom
  7. 885

    Move Donner

    I'm more curious about the duals on the cub
  8. Buck knives has a custom shop where you can change blade steel, grips (different wood colors, elk horn, water buffalo horn) , bolster color, add engraving etc to some of their classic hunting knives. They are us made and there are a fair amount of options that you can play with.
  9. There's your problem. With that rust you needed a bigger hammer 😁. Bfh is the tool of choice for rust.
  10. Next time just tell them it won't fix it but if you want me to do x, I will. Gets the burden off you and puts their mind at ease. I have had to do that with customers that "know" what's wrong with their cars cause their buddy told them that would fix it.
  11. Do you guys grow burley or flue cured tobacco up where you are at. Many moons ago they grew some burley in our area, and I've been on some of the Eastern NC flue cured farms when I was in school. Totally different than what I was used to
  12. I believe they were able to be spread out wider than a regular 5/674 to straddle tobacco beds
  13. Drop ceiling, the 2x2 tiles look better than the 2x4 tiles and don't sag. It's more work but having easy access to the pipes and electrical make it worth every penny.
  14. I had never heard of this before, it's pretty slick. So how many milkers would a cub run, one? Or is a cub too small to keep up with demand. Would it take an a or c to run 1 milker
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