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  1. What part of the country are you in
  2. I forgot to put my location. I am in NC and the closest cyclo I can find for sale is in illonois. I found a good parts one in Nebraska, but I can't do that distance
  3. 885

    First year haying

    Just make sure you do cash and no checks. You will get burnt on checks. Are you wanting to do round or square bales. A cheap way to get a pretty decent round baler is to look at a 848 new Holland chain baler. Had two of them, tough as nails and reliable. Ended up with a br740 silage baler too. Ran all 3 for a short time. Finally sold one of the 848 ballers. Wheel rakes are nice and to me have less leaf loss but more ash. Gonna want a 4 basket Tedder and a mower with rubber rollers.
  4. Does anyone know of a place to get some ih cyclo 800/900 style row units. I can find green stuff but no ih units for sale.
  5. Did you get all of the air out of the system. Get a lisle spill free funnel to allow the system to purge the air, or a vacuum filler (I use one at work daily expensive but nice). If you have to put one in they aren't that bad to do, if they are like the f150 the dash doesn't have to come all of the way out. Take it loose and pull the passenger side back. The top of the heater box can be u bolted and you can cut off the nipples off that go through the firewall with an oscillating multi tool. This will let you pull the heater hoses under the hood to a more accessible location to make accessing the quick connects easier. Install a new heater core in reverse order.
  6. I am not very familiar with the aztek but here are some generic things to do. Switch coil with a known good on another cyl, like cyl2. If misfire moves to 2 then it's a coil. Ohm out injector, if fine move injector to cyl 3 if misfire moves to cyl 3 then injector. I have seen injectors ohm fine but the pintle be stuck. If the misfire doesn't move, do compression test, leak down test, check for injector pulse from the ecm with noid light, vacuum leak, etc.
  7. 885

    Dog toys

    Nylabone makes a good tough Frisbee. Had a border collie that couldn't destroy it in 7 years. She would go through most things pretty quick. It was flexible and I think that was something she liked about. She could twist it, and fold it between her feet while chewing on it. They also have bone shaped as in knuckle and hip joint shaped chew toys,flavored stuff, etc. Kong makes tough stuff too.
  8. Grey pneumatic or sunex off Amazon. I use their 1/2 and 3/8 impact stuff daily as well as matco. They work and are cheap
  9. This is the last year for that option. My shop foreman has one, he uses it to pull his boat. He likes it
  10. 885

    Vacation gone bad

    Sorry that happened to you. The area is really beautiful this time of year. This area can be a challenge for those who aren't used to it. Farming here has a very unique set of challenges. We have to be really careful kicking out round bales or they will pass you as you start baling again. We call them rogue bales, and a fence is no match for a rolling thousand pound silage bale. I have seen a square baler with a quarter turn chute drop a bale and it roll down the hill.
  11. It should relearn by driving over 15 or 20 mph for ten minutes. So make sure everything is aired up correctly and drive. If it doesn't go off then it may be another bad sensor, a wrong frequency, or something like that since it worked before
  12. Most likely if all pressures are good, then they may have not gotten the new sensor registered to the car. Also if it is a Toyota or Lexus product and a few other makes check the spare. They loved to put sensors in the spare tires and when they get low then people will go crazy fighting the light. So check all pressures including the spare. If that doesn't fix it you will have to go back to the shop and get them to relearn them. There is also the possibility they put one in that was a 434 mhz instead of a 315 or vice versa. Some manufactures used both (Chrysler) and had mid year frequency changes and people mix it up sometimes. Also make sure the old sensor isn't in the car as the car may still be trying to read it. What kind of vehicle is it by the way?
  13. I uesd to work in a tire shop. Been a while since I worked on a gm product so my memory is fuzzy, but with the right scanner you can go into the module and select a different load range tire and the over pressure light will go away. I believe there is a preset list of available tire sizes and load ranges to choose from, at least with a snap on scanner. The tech2 may have more options but I doubt it as I think they are the different factory optional tire sizes and load ranges pre programmed in the memory of the module. You are just telling it which one to use for pressure and speedometer calibration. I always got aggervated at the gm products because they were the only ones to set over pressure lights and on some learning the correct wheel positions was a pain. They would drop out of learn mode at random
  14. 885

    73-75 Dodge Big Horn

    I know the d600 and similar used a regular pickup cab. We still use a 76 when chopping silage. Here is a Pic of it when we were cutting wheat and rye grass haylage this spring
  15. 885

    2 Speed Powershift

    I am guessing this is for the asabe quarter scale competition? It's been several years since I went, but there was a team that used one out of a farmall 400, or somewhere about that model as it was mechanical. I want to say that was the year that we brought a tractor with legal width duals to the competition and the maneuverability course was designed narrower than the legal tractor width and we mowed down all of the cones lol. But in short yes I have seen it done and it worked. I think that they built a housing just big enough to house the unit
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