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  1. Anyone have a video of the performance
  2. Have a filson sweep tub and it's nice. I imagine their headgates are of the same quality
  3. I don't know what the big deal is with SAE vs metric. They all cross thread the same 🤷‍♂️
  4. I know several manufacturers recommend replacing coolant at 100k. Part of the replacement has to do with the coolant additive package breaking down over time and the coolant becoming acidic. Which can react with the aluminum and induce voltage, I've heard up to around .5 volts, which in turn can cause problems with anything grounded to the engine block. Essentially it makes the car act like it has a bad ground
  5. 885

    2+2 question

    I assume the front axle was specific to the 2+2 and not something that was scavenged from an existing product?
  6. 885

    2+2 question

    I have never been around a 2+2 in person. They just weren't sold in our mountains. But I have always wondered how much flex they have for uneven ground. I know there is a pivot in the middle for steering articulation, but how did they handle the articulation of going on uneven ground like crossing ditches, plow furrows, etc?
  7. I know you said fried, but the "oil-less" or air fryers make a delicious turkey. We have one by charbroil called the big easy. To me they beat the socks off a fried turkey and you don't have to worry about the house burning down.
  8. There may be a damaged wire in the harness that is intermittently opening or shorting out causing the problem. May need to do a wiggle test on the harness in the area that was damaged. Also look up code description on all data or ship key to understand the system and it's operating parameters. Otherwise it's all guessing
  9. I am not a Ford tech. What does the battery current read with the vehicle running and does the charging system work. Has the battery been tested with a good tester. If the battery is leaking voltage between the cells the start stop may disable to conserve battery integrity. might be as simple as a battery issue and it's charge acceptance based off the current sensor. The vehicle may think that the battery doesn't have enough reserve capacity to run the electronics with the engine off and still have enough juice to crank the car back up. Body shops are notorious for leaking keys on and deeply discharging batteries which isn't good for the battery and can damage the cells. Batteries now days suck and are kind of fragile. Especially with all of the electrical demand on cars now. When a new battery is installed on a Ford the battery life needs to be reset
  10. Not trying to bring religion into anything, but look up Chip Ingram. He is a pastor and has a good multi part video series on parenting and discipline. It's called Effective parenting in a defective world. I believe it can be found on YouTube. I recommend it to everyone I know and especially my friends who are new parents. That said I know that no 2 children are alike and some are more difficult than others. I was one of the difficult ones and grew up in a home that had a discipline structure that was similar to what Chip promotes. I could have turned out rotten, but my parents stuck with it and I turned out pretty well. I've always been told to be parents when they are little and after they move out you will be best of friends. It held true for me
  11. 885

    Nissan Rumor

    So far at work we haven't seen any major or common issues on the new frontiers. I have high hopes for them in terms of reliability. Even in the old body style that had the first year 3.8 we haven't seen problems and they were the first year model for the new power train. The base architecture for the motor is the vq 6 cylinder and it was a pretty good engine family. As I said earlier the transmission is new, and outside of the park recall no real issues that we have seen. There have been a couple of the old body style 9 speeds that have made it up to the 60k mile mark. I think that is about the highest mileage I've seen on the 9 speeds so far, so about 20k miles per year, and no problems. I actually drove a 22model a couple weeks ago 4 hours each way and I thought it was pleasant to drive. Once you get used to the abundance of gears and consequently more shifts that happen it's second nature. They will shift to second gear in the parking lot but it's to be expected. When compared to a 5 speed it seems excessive to some people. But twice as many gears means twice as many shifts. I never had a situation where I felt I needed more power. And the fuel economy I thought was pretty good. I got 25.5 driving from mountains to lowlands, and back. With a good mix of stop and go city driving and highway driving. On the highway portions I was getting 27.1 according to the display. I didn't hand calculate the milage but given I drove 8 hours round trip and a couple of days of around town driving on one tank of gas, I feel it was pretty accurate. I feel that they did a good job updating the frontier, modernizing it enough to stay current and keeping it's reliability. They are a solid choice that I recommend.
  12. 885

    Nissan Rumor

    Yes, Nissan has decided to leave the half ton market according to the news articles. It is a very tough market to break into. The first gen titans were pretty tough. However they didn't get updated for nearly a decade which really hurt their chances for future success. The recall is for a parking pawl issue, Nissan didn't build the transmission. It is a zf unit but Nissan will be stuck with the bad press for a component that they didn't build.
  13. Sad thing is a lot of pressure gauges are dummy gauges that won't show a problem until there is less than 5 psi of pressure. To me that is way too low to be getting sufficient lubrication to the overhead cams. I have personally checked oil pressure in a vehicle that had 3 psi and the gauge read normal. No warning lights
  14. I like the looks of the old cargostar. I've never driven a cab over, always wanted to but never been around one. thought they looked neat though.
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