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  1. If the front bolsters gave the tractor extra length it would have to be in a pocket dimension somewhere because when I was out measuring yesterday I also tried eyeballing across the tape measure to the very front of the castings on both the SM and 400. They're roughly the same length, within an inch. The extra length on these tractors is in the TA housing, SMTA, 400, and 450. On the SMTA there is a several inch gap between the gas tank and the steering post on the deck. I won't stick my neck out and say the SMTA hood is no different from an M or SM, without proof, but I can't imagine how or why it would be. SMTA is one tractor Dad wanted but never got, otherwise I could put this to bed right here. On the SMTA, 400, 450, the steering shaft BEHIND the universal joint would be longer, due to the TA housing.
  2. Unfortunately, my Stage 2 Super M is an early one and still has the old style bolster. I did measure the 400 and the Stage 1 Super M. Both have frame rails exactly 37" long. The distance to the two cultivator mounting holes in the bolster is exactly 41-1/2" from the rear end of the frame rail to the center of the hole. The only way things could be different, is if the location of the steering box is further forward on the bolster itself. BY THE WAY, there are brackets that bolt to the older bolsters that give you the clevises.
  3. I'll have to measure. There's a Stage 1 and a Stage 2 parked about 20' apart out in the machine building. Oh and a Farmall 400. My Stage 2 has a plain M grille on it. I really think it will bolt right on with zero modifications.
  4. If you mean "HEET," that's just isopropyl alcohol meant to pull moisture through your fuel system. If you're running ethanol fuel your gas is already 10% "HEET."
  5. Matt Kirsch


    You're about a decade late to that party. For Super Bowl L/50, the NFL proudly announced the end of the roman numeral tradition. That went over like a lead balloon. So, we had Super Bowls LI, LII, LIII, LIV, LV, LVI. In a little less than two weeks we will be having Super Bowl LVII
  6. I just realized the title of this thread is "Vasosity oil dealers." He might have been talking about something entirely different...
  7. Matt Kirsch


    That pretty much sums it up. Because it really isn't all that hard to learn it. If you do remember one thing about metric, an inch is about 25mm. Oh and next time you are taking something apart, grab your metric combination wrenches. There's an equivalent metric for most common SAE sizes. That's the easiest way to learn metric, and you won't even realize you're learning. Soon enough you'll be grabbing the 19mm to turn the 3/4" head on a 1/2" bolt.
  8. CNH let the dealers decide which oil brand(s) they want to stock, but they made it advantageous to go with CNH lubricants. If someone is more informed on the exact details of the agreement and at liberty to divulge them... I just have that on good authority. Through an independent dealer the Viscosity was lower priced than CNH oils at least least year. At a CIH dealer I'd expect it to be higher if they sell both, as they understandably want to move more of their own company's product.
  9. I've been trying to observe a trend on SMTA prices over the past couple of years, and all I can say is, prices are all over the place. Real nice one you think will go for $10,000 barely brings $4500. Rough one you think will go for $2500 brings $6000. Then you'll see one and it falls right within what you think it would/should bring...
  10. That's right, I remember now. The platform was turned around too (crudely as I recall).
  11. These pumps were never meant to be serviced so I doubt if the dealers ever officially carried parts.
  12. I would. Keeps the parts consistent.
  13. I remember seeing one around Rodman Lott Farms in Seneca Falls NY when they had the Empire Farm Days there. It was by the loading dock so I can only figure they were using it to load and unload the display equipment.
  14. Thanks for the advice. I have it installed. Three sessions over three separate days, but I got it done. Took way longer than it should have. For future reference, the 8-1/2" measurement they give you is an out and out LIE. 8-1/2" center to center for the balls is too close. When I tried to close it for the first time, the gas strut was completely collapsed and the door was still half open! Luckily the bracket could slide back enough for things to go over center, and allow the door to close. I ended up at 9" center to center. Works good now.
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