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  1. I generally go with what is the best deal. Last time around I got the Advance Auto brand (diehard now?) as they were giving a 10% discount on batteries for online orders. I think it ended up being around $125.
  2. Seen many brake drums that got hot like that. Caused a few myself, although never so bad they were smoking. Always smelled them long before they started doing that. Just hoped that Dad didn't see the scorched brake drum and chew you out for leaving the brake locked. We never did anything immediately. In one case it actually improved the brake because it would grab and lock up before getting it hot, and after it worked fine.
  3. "Car battery" or a Group 31? A single Group 31 battery has just as much cranking power as the two original style batteries, with half the connections and cables. We've never had anything but trouble with the dual battery setup. Constantly getting on the tractor to a "click" or nothing at all. Constantly pulling the battery covers off to mess with the connections. Constantly replacing batteries and cables. Put on a single Group 31, and the problems went away. Wheels the D360 and D407 engines over like nothing, even in the coldest weather.
  4. Down on the top of the MCV is the plunger valve that the TA lever moves to shift the TA. If that plunger valve is fully down against the snap ring, the tractor is in direct drive. Otherwise you are pulling on the sprag, and it will freewheel. However, it should just keep going at the same speed if you pull the TA lever back, not stop, if that is the case. Stopping indicates that the TA sprag is not working and your TA holdback clutches are no longer working. When I got my 1586 the TA cable was not adjusted properly and not pushing the plunger all the way down. It was in TA all the time with the added bonus of freewheeling any time you hit a downhill slope. By freewheeling I do not mean "slightly faster," I mean strap a rocket engine on the back and light it off, we're going for a ride, freewheeling.
  5. Duty cycle. A tractor engine is run at full output for hours on end. A truck engine is under load during acceleration but once a steady state speed is reached, it takes very little of the engine's output to maintain speed.
  6. Anything 1993 or earlier is the "right" block to fit the tractor. Not sure how that plays into the 466/467/B/C thing. We put a 360 truck engine in the 756 probably close to 20 years ago. The hardest part was finding the parts because of the limited selection of farm tractors that used a D360. Front cover had to come from a D312 or D360 to fit the engine. Rear adapter is the same as any 400 series. Seems to me that putting a 466 truck engine into a 5488 would be a whole lot less work than that was, and that wasn't all that bad.
  7. There have to be spacers in there. Otherwise there wouldn't be room for two weights like that. You could get one in with the wheel dished out, I think but not two.
  8. Meh, it's at least as wide as an A, and better balanced.
  9. I was the green pickup following the dump truck out after you pulled off to the side to strap it down. Kinda crazy in there. Only one driveway in and out, for all that stuff, and only one day to get it all out of there. I guess the running plow tractors were brought in from a lot in the city for the auction. Things were so tight I caught my mudflap on the Farmall 400 with the Electrall. Had clearance up top but did not see the 3pt adapters sticking out down low. Thought I put a big old crease in the side of my truck. Thankfully, no damage that I can see. Farmall B is supposed to have the seat and controls offset to the right, and has two equal length axle extensions between the transmission and the final drives.
  10. Ok, I am confused. The way your first post reads the tractor freewheels with the TA lever AHEAD? If that is the case it is not safe to drive. You will need to ride the brakes any time the tractor is going downhill, which is not the greatest plan. Later though you say it's okay in direct drive? So, I'm confused. If it holds in direct, then you can run it until it stops moving. If it does not hold, then park the tractor. It would be truly unusual for the tractor to "drive fine" in direct and freewheel down the hills. The clutch can't hold and not hold at the same time.
  11. If you got it from the J. Scott Krenser auction, there was one "special" B there. It's a unique customized tractor set up for center drive and the axle extension housings removed to narrow it up for sidewalk plowing. They (you?) were loading it while I was picking up what I bought. Got stuck behind the big dump truck with all the chains on the trailer for about 20 minutes and couldn't get out.
  12. There's a 995 on auction near here and the rear weights are red.
  13. You make it sound like Deere hit a home run with every tractor that rolled off their lines. How about all the specialty tractors that Deere came out with that netted them nothing in the end? I'm asking, I don't know. Ultimately, though, IH's way won out. Deere quit making the "big" tractor after the 6030 and was putting 150+ HP through what was essentially the 4020 rear end in the 4840.
  14. Except when you're standing there with a 12ga. Then suddenly there are none to be found.
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