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  1. Interesting. I'm betting the 84's hydro unit is a completely different animal from both the H70 and H100 units, in the same way the "TA" used in the Doncaster Utility tractors is a completely different animal from both the mechanical and hydraulic TAs installed in American tractors. Very little in common, not many made, call for parts support in this day and age almost nonexistent... Maybe it is an orphan, or a challenge.
  2. So many of those "sitting for many years" fire right up and run, especially the diesels. If it runs, pull the hydro and send it to Herr's. $5000 later and Bob's your uncle. You can't touch a hydrostatic utility tractor that size for $8000.
  3. Not always... Although we now know how rustred came into possession of this set of rings, LOL.
  4. As the end valves are virtually worthless (pay no attention to prices on ASAP's website or Ebay, they don't sell any), you would not be out much to try. Other than putting the tractor out of commission unless you can limp along with a single valve and the power beyond until you find a second open valve.
  5. You sure there is no water pump? I made that mistake before, thought the water pump was in the traditional location, behind the fan. It's not there. It's down low on the left side of the engine, directly connected to the lower radiator outlet. All the offset models from Super A 356001 on had water pumps. Your 130 should unless someone took it out and replaced it with a water neck.
  6. Textbook situation for TA bind. Anywhere the tractor will roll in the opposite direction of travel. You're backing up the hill, it wants to roll down the hill forward, bind.
  7. Sounds like a classic case of dump valve out of adjustment to me too. When the dump valve isn't dumping, you get binding in the geartrain, making it hard to shift. Then you jerk harder on the shifter, making things worse by exacerbating any wear there may be in the linkages.
  8. 2200lbs is nothing for a good factory drawbar, even with some pretty hard bounces. Could it be a cheap aftermarket replacement drawbar? Having the drawbar too short is going to be hard on the PTO knuckles.
  9. To be fair, that's not the only kit they sell. They sell hundreds if not thousands of different engine kits. Nobody can possibly keep all that information straight in their head. The manufacturers of the kits sure as heck don't provide that information, and these people just sell them. The machine shop is where that knowledge resides.
  10. I agree on the split lock washers. Found way too many of them squirting out from between the nut and the part it's holding. Of course I still use them out of habit. What we're talking about here are the sheet metal locking tabs they use in engines. CAT made extensive use of them. They either bridge two bolts or bend over a corner of the engine part and up against one flat of the bolt head. Done right, nothing moves. There's also safety wire, which again, you need to do right to keep things from moving.
  11. If they're installed correctly the bolt doesn't get loose.
  12. I would be curious as to when that was that you could get a genuine Stihl air filter for $10. 2019, you may have a point. 1999, not so much... As for the pins, they're not exactly the same but Mcmaster has them out the wazoo. https://www.mcmaster.com/pins/ring-grip-quick-release-pins/
  13. I think the pins were $24.99 before anyone knew the meaning of the word. Just because something is expensive does not mean it's because of the pandemic. Lots of things were expensive before, and the prices haven't changed.
  14. That's going to be the easiest way to go. For sure the sway block will need to be swapped out.
  15. I don't think the price on those pins changed because of the pandemic. What I've noticed is by and large companies are holding prices on existing stock, only raising prices when they have to order new stock in and it costs them more. They know people are going to complain and most places try to avoid it as much as possible. What they're supposed to do is raise prices on existing stock because the restock is going to cost them more. Waiting to raise prices until new stock comes in, they're eating into their profit margin. Parts are expensive. They always have been. The only solution is to not break or maintain anything. My question on the pins is, why do you need "several?" I've never seen more than one on a fast hitch and that was on a 560. Out 656 has none of these pins in it that I've noticed, and its the same fast hitch as what's on a 706.
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