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  1. Matt Kirsch

    Anybody using LEDs like this?

    I just KNEW someone would have a lowball source for these. They're $15+ EVERYWHERE, even Amazon and Ebay. Usually there's one or two lowball sources. Usually you can find 'em on Ebay and/or Amazon, but sometimes not. Anybody know if the hood headlights on the 86 series are really hi-lo?
  2. Matt Kirsch

    4630 with triples

    Third set looks to be snap-on to me. I would imagine they're mostly for flotation, just rolling over the ground. The ditcher is PTO driven by the looks of it. Not a lot of stress if you're not trying to pull hard.
  3. Matt Kirsch

    Farmall 826 No lube pressure

    I don't think this was covered: Is this a new tractor to you, or has it been working fine right along and this just happened? Was the TA showing any signs of problems? (Of course if you're not working the tractor particularly hard, TA issues may not present as symptoms until the TA is completely kaput).
  4. Matt Kirsch

    Farmall 826 No lube pressure

    I'm thinking if the MCV weren't primed, you would not have steering and brakes. Since you have steering and brakes, the MCV is primed just fine. Is it something obvious, like the dump valve stuck open? That happened on my 1586. The night it arrived I just backed it in the barn and shut it down, where it sat for a few weeks before I got back to it. When I did finally start it up, and drove it out of the barn for the first time, it coasted down the hill... TA wasn't shifting, and it was freewheeling. Man was I disappointed, to say the least. Dad crawled underneath and noticed the dump valve was stuck open. Couldn't see it from up top because of that %$#@ auxiliary fuel tank.
  5. Matt Kirsch

    Anybody using LEDs like this?

    Yes, but we're comparing Granny Smiths to McIntoshes here... A 4411 style flood incandescent with 670 lumens vs a 4411 style flood LED with 670 lumens. Lux should be the same. I'm just having trouble choking down even $45 per bulb for the better lights. With the rubbers that's $60 per light (rubbers need to be replaced, they're hard and cracking), times six on my 1586. A lot of money for something I may never use. Sure it'll light up the night but I can count on one hand the number of times we've worked after dark, and have fingers left over. I think if I need to work at night I'll install some cheap LED light bars. Most, if not all LED headlights ARE illegal, "For off road use only." Not DOT approved. That doesn't stop people from using them, and in order to get in trouble, you have to get caught. In order to get caught, you have to meet a cop on the road while blasting your LED lights, the cop has to realize what's going on, and has to decide to turn around and pull you over. And I'm not even 100% sure about that. The cop may not be able to pull you over unless you're committing a moving violation. Also depends on which side of the LED you're on. If you're behind them you love them because you can SEE, and anyone that complains can go %$#@ themselves. Heard it first hand from a few older fellas... They can see and everyone else can pound sand.
  6. You need a D360 powered 886 to round out the collection, though.
  7. Matt Kirsch

    2001 mounting to 706

    Did I say octagon? D'oh!
  8. Matt Kirsch

    Bus dt466

    My understanding is the engine has to be 1993 or older to fit in tractors easily... I'm sure it can be made to fit, but it won't be a matter of taking the tractor parts off the tractor engine, bolting them to the bus engine, and swinging it into place... It will be more like a Cummins conversion. I wonder if Leaman's has ever considered making an adapter plate for the 1994-up engines...
  9. Matt Kirsch

    2001 mounting to 706

    The loader subframe is like the one on the 560 pictured, for the square axle housing, not for the octagon axle housing on the 806. You could go through the trouble of making it "right" but as I said, all my grandfather did was make a spacer block to fit between the subframe and the axle. It wasn't much, maybe a few inches. Contoured to fit the octagon axle housing on one side, flat to go against the loader subframe on the other. I think he may have extended the subframe in the front as well so the loader would sit farther back on the tractor. Maybe a couple inches.
  10. If you ever have the desire/need to cash in on those, just load 'em up and send them to Western New York. You'll easily double your money. A $6000 tractor out in the midwest is a $12000 tractor here. It is/was dairy country and all the small farms around trashed these tractors. Nice ones are a dime a dozen out there. Cab doors are a luxury around here. I'll take the 7130 as a finder's/broker fee.
  11. Matt Kirsch

    Anybody using LEDs like this?

    Same lumens as the incandescents, though.
  12. Matt Kirsch

    Anybody using LEDs like this?

    These are inexpensive LEDs that are rated to be on par with the incandescent bulbs they replace... At <$15 a pop, and looking like OEM bulbs, they seem like a good possibility for replacing OEM lights, if only for appearance's sake. They should work as well as OEM if not better at night, which is not a big deal if you don't do much work at night. I think I'd put an aftermarket light bar on for serious night operations...
  13. Matt Kirsch

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    It's your fault, you know. Your kids resent you for not buying them their first car, and/or being a harda$$ about it, so they resolved that their kids would have cars come **** or high water. Just as you remember every "mean" thing your parents did to you and resolved not to do it to your children, they remembered every "mean" thing you did to them and resolved not to do it to their children. Unfortunately the definition of "mean" is getting diluted as the years go by. There isn't much left.
  14. That may be the company line, but notice it is not ALL Dick's stores, and notice they aren't pulling all the guns out of FIELD AND STREAM... Dick's has 850 stores. They are only pulling the guns from 175 of them.
  15. Wow. You guys do realize that pretty much every one of those stores where they're taking out the guns and ammo, is literally across the parking lot from a FIELD AND STREAM store, right? FIELD AND STREAM is wholly owned by Dick's Sporting Goods. They primarily deal in guns, ammo, hunting, fishing, and camping. The arsenals they carry at FIELD AND STREAM are huge compared to what they have in most Dick's stores. It's purely a business decision, not some knee-jerk reaction to some news event or a political stance. I mean, seriously, do some research before you jump to conclusions! I would support the small local guys too, if they weren't 2X the cost of Dick's, only open for a couple of hours a day, a couple days a week, and weren't crotchety old guys who call you stupid for every choice you make.