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  1. On paper it's six of one half dozen of the other, but, the fewer connections you have, the better off you are. 660CCA, sounds like group 24's. Two group 31's in parallel would give you close to 2000CCA depending on the quality of battery, but if the single 1200CCA cranks it over fine then don't worry about it.
  2. 10.00-16 on 8-bolt hubs seems to be pretty common around here regardless of rear tire size.
  3. 400 and 450 used 8-hole bevel style wheels, and those do interchange to an M or SM, even if the 560's don't for some reason. Not sure what you mean by "interchange" unless you mean the drop center rims won't fit the bevel style wheel, but that's obvious.
  4. The "advantage" was the tractor was down and unusable because there was something wrong with the original hub/rim/tire assembly, and these parts were available to get it up and running, and back in the field. That is an 8-hole hub that takes newer "double bevel" rims that first came out in 1955 on the Farmall 400. Your Super M should have 6-hole "drop center" style hubs on it from the factory. Maybe the original hub was broken. Maybe the tire went bad and this hub/rim/tire assembly was available. Loosen 4 bolts, slide the whole thing off, slide the new one on, tighten 4 bolts, back i
  5. Again, the old parts will be added back on January 20th. Then you guys can go back to calling up the parts guys at the dealership and asking for NLA parts by number again. BTW, the old site NEVER allowed you to check part numbers to see where they were used.
  6. No dipsticks on these tractors unless someone added one later during an overhaul or used a power unit engine to replace the original. Daily maintenance on the tractor involved opening the lower petcock on the oil pan and allowing the oil to drain to that level. Then the lower petcock is closed, the upper petcock is opened, and fresh new oil is added until it runs out the upper petcock. The reason for this is because of fuel dilution of the engine oil. Distillate and/or kerosene fueled tractors were especially bad about this. The correct level of oil is just running out the top p
  7. According to the new parts website, the old parts numbers will be available again beginning January 20th.
  8. Right. Your machine was built by IH's Construction division, so there wouldn't be anything on it at an IH Ag equipment dealer, and by extension, CaseIH. International sold off the Construction division to Dresser in the early 80's before Tenneco bought the Ag division. Dresser pretty much wrote everything off but the dozers real quick so you were out of luck on factory parts 30 years ago. Dresser has since sold the equipment line to Komatsu, so there is really nothing of the original IH Contstruction line left. You can cross engine and some driveline parts with IH Ag tractors of the
  9. Does the Doncaster TA even have a sprag? I thought it was a complete different design from either the mechanical (MTA-686) or hydraulic (706-6788) TAs.
  10. If he is connecting the hoses correctly, what happens when he switches the hoses? In other words if he switches the hoses will the implement now go down where it would only go up before?
  11. Matt Kirsch


    Point a hose at it and it's a solid $15K tractor around here if it runs and drives. Probably more than that.
  12. The matching outlets are side-by-side, not over-under. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen someone make that mistake. The 56,66.86 series tractors are all configured over-under, so it would be natural to assume the new Maxxum is also configured that way by looking at it. The outlets are close together over-under, but are separated quite a bit side-to-side. There are supposed to be plastic signs on the outlets to show you which is #1 and which is #2, but they could get ripped off or removed during maintenance/repair.
  13. Yup, and you wonder why the packages get damaged. Having to ride around all day like that would make me want to break stuff too.
  14. The 2450 is narrower between the boom arms, right?
  15. If it's a fad, there is no more perfect time to sell than right now when it's at its perceived peak. Frankly, I think this is just starting. NOTHING is going cheap right now, and it's getting worse. The couple of exclusively live auctions I went to last year were pretty pathetic. Low turnout. Hard time getting bids. Low prices. We may see the end of live auctions. Auctioneers would be fools to go back to live auctions when the prices from the online auctions are that much better. They hold auctions to make money; they could give a hoot about the social aspect. If they're bringin
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