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  1. The radiator is only pressurized if you use a pressurized cap. In the case of the 41 I don't think a pressurized cap will fit. It has the older style neck where the fuel cap will fit or something like that. It will work in a pinch, but if you're working the tractor it might behoove you to seek out a better solution.
  2. That's the exact loader you purchased? Go figure! Early 1086 is easy. I haven't done it myself yet but the way I understand it, you can use the "MCV supercharge line" to supply an open center joystick valve. The MCV supercharge line as I understand it is the one that comes off the valve bank under the right side of the tractor, and heads back across under the cab floor to the other side. You disconnect it from the valve body and connect the IN line of your joystick to the valve bank. From there you can either cap off the supercharge line and run the OUT back to the rear end somewhere
  3. I guess we have different definitions of rare. Seems like for many here if they made at least two of something, it's not rare? Dunno. Two in my book is rare. Three thousand is less rare but still rare in my book as well.
  4. If a few coarse words don't bother you look up South Sask Farmer on youtube. He has one of those automatic balers, and several videos operating it. As I recall he does not have to do anything but push the clutch when the monitor beeps. The baler is fully "automatic" as the name states.
  5. Seen H's sell for 5000 too. Appeared to be two family members fighting over Dad's/Grampa's tractor.
  6. Hmm, I would've said they were rare but not highly collectible. They made 60-some-thousand Super MTAs yet people get into fist fights at auctions over them. There are only about 2800 Super W4's and they generally don't bring more than an H in similar condition.
  7. A "Farmall Super W4" is so rare that it is nonexistent. There is no such thing. Farmall is the brand name used for row crop tractors and would apply to the Super H. The Super W4 is a standard tread tractor, sharing the engine and many driveline components with the Super H. I believe by the time the Super W4 came along, it was an International Super W4. The McCormick and Deering names were phased out in the early 1950's. Regardless there were not many made, only a few thousand.
  8. $50 each is a darn good price. If you need them, jump on them. Then find Ed Leaman and have him sell them for you There are two for sale on my local Criagslist. $100 each. They've been on Facebook for a month. Nobody's buying.
  9. You sure you're not watching "speed plowing" videos? Sounds like what happens in a speed plowing video. That's a form of racing, not real farming. Whoever makes X number of passes through the field with the plow on the ground, wins.
  10. Ed, you made a typo so it's kind of hard to understand what you are doing here. The seat back would not split from the seat back, as they are one in the same. Hence the confusion. Are you trying to install an entire seat bottom or just put a new cover on the existing cushion? For the entire cushion it seems to me the new seat would go back on the opposite way the old one came off.
  11. The stick pattern is going to be different from the excavator, and IIRC from every other joystick style backhoe ever built, but it sounds like you've got a solid foundation.
  12. It's just such a sudden and dramatic jump. A pallet of 11 matching 100lb logo weights sold at auction for $580 locally back in August, which figures out to $53 a weight.
  13. Have you gotten off the tractor and tried to push them down? Sometimes it's just a little bit of gummy old oil causing just enough sticktion to hold them up and there really is nothing wrong but lack of use. Out 756's arms were used so infrequently for such a long time they needed an initial push to get them to lower. Set the draft to HEAVY. That gives you full "position control."
  14. Just let me make this clear, before something unnecessary happens, NOBODY here expects anyone to come out of the womb able to operate a backhoe. I guarantee that. Learning to operate a backhoe is 1% instruction, 101% practice. Start out with the engine at idle, sit down in the seat, and start moving levers GENTLY to figure out what does what. Worst case, you blow a hose. It was ready to blow anyway, and would have the first time you tried to move dirt. There are tons of videos on youtube of machines in operation, so you can see what motions the machine has to go through to dig a
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