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  1. Ugh... Mouse wee is vicious. Luckily a Super C is one of the easier and simpler ones to split. You can do it with a floor jack and an engine hoist.
  2. Take a look in the inspection hole. If you find a mouse nest or something like that, plan on splitting. Right now you should have the clutch pedal blocked down 24/7. You never know it might pop loose. Did you drive it around for a while, like long enough for the engine to get warmed up, with the clutch blocked down? I mean I wouldn't do it in 4th, maybe 1st or 2nd.
  3. I'm surprised you can even get the power adjust rims. The cast centers from a 400 or 450 are the same so you have those as an option. What's a 14x38 double bevel rim going for these days?
  4. Preemptively, yes, we know almond "milk" isn't really milk, because almonds don't have udders to squeeze, but it is a white creamy drinkable liquid that can be used as a substitute for "real" milk. Not the first thing to be called by a term that isn't accurate. Diesel "algae" anyone?
  5. I've been studying these pictures since yesterday and I can't see a plunger OR a spring anywhere... What am I missing?
  6. Could the 3rd mystery fork be a cotton picker fork?
  7. I'm saying if you're so obsessed with being upset and worried that you have to have your phone going off every time something bad happens in the world, that's not healthy. That's what it sounded like. Didn't know it was your job. It's probably illegal to strike, or even conspire to strike, in those countries, hence why the controllers were arrested.
  8. Didn't they stop making the DT360 after 1993, same time the "classic" 466 ended production?
  9. Maybe you should rethink that? That doesn't seem healthy at all.
  10. If we crush the cans we don't get our 5 cents back. Ironically enough the first thing the machine you feed them into to get your 5 cents back does, is crush them.
  11. On the flip side of this whole argument, if news outlets didn't report on what MIGHT happen, and it DOES happen, everybody screams, "WHY DIDN'T THEY WARN US? CONSPIRACY! AGENDA!" They're fearmongers if they do, negligent if they don't. They can't win.
  12. If the external block dimensions aren't exactly the same as the tractor 360, they are close enough where it counts.
  13. What issues? If there were so many issues the online forums like this one, facebook, yt, and others would be absolutely CLOGGED with complaints for the last 12 years. Dead trucks would be littering the roadsides, so many the tow companies wouldn't be able to keep up, especially since their trucks died too. You hardly ever see anything in general, let alone anything that would be attributed to ULSD. You can't tell me all these people are suffering in silence in this day and age.
  14. When the MXM's came out that was when the MX's got spun off into the McCormick brand right? So if you wanted a newer MX you'd go with an early McCormick, but those are rarer than hen's teeth. Since when are the MX's "legendary?" Didn't they have major wiring problems?
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