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  1. That tractor must have had ZERO free pedal travel if adjusting it improved things. That is, the clutch was adjusted such that the throwout bearing was holding the clutch pressure plate partially disengaged. That is hard on the throwout bearing, so expect premature throwout bearing problems. If the shifter still seems to get bound up, try pulling the TA lever and see if that relieves the problem. If it does, the short linkage down on the left side of the tractor that goes from the clutch linkage to the TA linkage needs to be adjusted. There is a youtube video or two on the process.
  2. Sprag clutch is part of the TA. If you're going to go through the effort you may as well install a whole rebuilt TA unit. 1586 is no different mechanically at that point than any other large frame 06-86 series.
  3. That's a clean low hour one owner tractor here in Western New York. Nice!
  4. Yeah but what have you got to lose by checking the oil, looking for mouse nests up under the dash, putting some batteries in it, and giving it a try? I'd put good money on it popping right off with the fuel that's in it, and better than 50% chance that it will run just fine without dropping a bunch of money on a pump and injectors. If it doesn't run right then you fix the pump and injectors.
  5. When I was working through something similar a couple years ago, I went to discounthydraulichose.com and ordered all the O-ring boss male to 3/8" NPT female adapters they had. I think I spent like $40 but now I have them all so if I ever need to check pressures I just put the correct adapter on the hose. Keep it all in a handy harbor freight toolbox.
  6. Not around here. You try to haggle, and their price goes UP.
  7. You gotta keep in mind these tractors have a pretty heavy camber (why the outside of the tire wears off first). Another tire of the same size is just going to put a lot of pressure on the inner rim and hub and bearings. At the very least you'd want to downsize a size maybe more.
  8. What's the distance from pin center to pin center on the cylinder with it fully extended? The plow needs an 8" stroke ASAE type cylinder which has a 2" longer rod than a standard 8" stroke cylinder. The standard cylinder is 18-1/2" fully extended and the ASAE is 20-1/2" fully extended as I recall. Otherwise it is probably just wear and slip in the linkages.
  9. If you've gotten it to move an inch, keep working it and it will eventually loosen up.
  10. VERY carefully. They don't necessarily like that kind of treatment. I tried that with the seat skirt on the 5240 to fix the air control valve and ended up turning both hands into hamburger when the skirt came up and the seat came down. I fixed the broken wire, but left a lot of skin and blood under there, LOL.
  11. Nope, not a loader tractor. Garbage tires. Continental Farmer AS made in the Czech Republic. They were weather Czeched within a year and on borrowed time ever since. I've called them Farmer As(s) tires. The "FARMER AS(s)" has a crack in it! That's where BOTH tires cracked. Looks better in the picture than it actually is. You can see straight in to the tube. Both tires are trying to split out on the inside too.
  12. An old farmer hack for worn out plow shares is/was to weld a piece of old leaf spring to extend the point on the share and make it dig in better. The plow I have from my uncle is like that. Of course welding spring steel to wrought iron, and having it stay there under plowing conditions, is an advanced welding technique that I'm sure most farmers of that era had no clue about. They just went for it.
  13. Thanks Weapon I'd be all over that but like you said... getting across the border no es bueno. Got word that BOTH front tires are split wide open now. Sucks because they've got great tread left. I let multiple sets of decent 14.9x24's go at auctions too.
  14. It's the one you worked on back in December 2018. NA spec tractor. I've pretty much nixed the idea of upsizing tires at this point. Thanks for the input guys.
  15. Bleh... More money. Time I buy 28" rims for the front, I'll have half enough to pay for new rears. If I put 18" rims on the rear I'll definitely have enough into it to pay for new tires all around.
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