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  1. Matt Kirsch

    Farmall SM Brake pad Question

    Like others, I suspect you are thinking that this tractor has band brakes. If it is truly a Super M it will have disc brakes, and as far as I know the brake material has always been bonded to the discs. Maybe 50+ years ago but we've got brake discs for the Super M laying around the farm from 40 years ago and they're bonded. You really don't have any choice in the matter. If they don't work well there are several things you can do to improve them.
  2. Matt Kirsch

    706 turbo recommendation

    The C301 was installed in 806 and 856 gas tractors among other things. Unless it was a swap-in from a combine the 766 would normally have the C291. The 221, 263, 291, 301 gas, and 282 and 301 diesel are all the same basic block design. In fact not that long ago someone on this forum put a gas distributor in their D282 for the tachometer drive, they're that closely related.
  3. Matt Kirsch

    5240 powershift issue

    Hang on and our resident Maxxum experts will be along to weigh in. Only thought I had is if it were a simple pressure switch, the seller would/should have fixed it already to make the tractor worth that much more. The problem is if you fix it before money exchange hands, the price is likely to go up. The fibers and steels for the powershift clutches are not all that expensive. You can look up prices for parts at
  4. Matt Kirsch

    15” Front Rims

    Now that I think about it, that really is only 100% certain for the clamp type hubs. I wonder if you could weld tabs into an open 15" rim such that you could bolt it on to the adjustable-width (loop) style wheel along the lines of what DR EVIL is thinking... They'd have to be welded to the bead instead of the drop center, and like DR EVIL says, they'd be set pretty wide.
  5. Matt Kirsch

    Narrow front part number

    6719DE is a later revision of the original narrow front pedestal listed for the M, 6719DC(XC?) and 6719DD(X?) in the online CaseIH parts book. 6719DDX is listed for the 400 and 450, but again the second letter is the revision and a later revision is backward compatible. It will fit the newer tractors, but I think you'll be limited to M-450 style cast front hubs.
  6. Matt Kirsch

    15” Front Rims

    I don't think 15" rims will fit over the cast hubs on the front. The drop center makes them too small, and if you could even get "flat" rims you can't install the tires on them...
  7. Matt Kirsch

    Beef hanging weight

    That's the problem. Everybody thinks they're being shafted, or they pretend like they think they are in order to better shaft you.
  8. Matt Kirsch

    Glass of Milk taste good once in awhile

    Ah, but you are up to your elbows in beef COWS, not beef! Totally different thing. I bet if you worked in a slaughterhouse you probably would eat some chicken, or maybe even eggplant.
  9. Matt Kirsch

    Glass of Milk taste good once in awhile

    For one thing, if they do drink milk they drink it straight from the tank. Not gonna touch that dry-aged, homogenized, pasteurized, store-bought crap. For another thing, they're up to their elbows in milk every day. Probably sick of it. I know that's a large factor in why I don't drink it anymore. At most I keep a quart in the fridge for occasional use in cooking, and usually that quart goes bad before I can use it.
  10. Matt Kirsch

    Wouldn`t mind having this

    There's usually a huge difference between, "What would you pay?" and "What is it worth?" Most here in this thread, as usual, are answering the question, "What would you pay?" Obviously, if you are not a Chevy fan, not a diesel fan, or not in the market for a truck, you will pay less. If you love Chevy, love diesel, and/or are desperate for a truck, you would pay more. There are plenty of online resources that will give you values based on what comparable vehicles are actually selling for, to answer the question "What is it worth?" Me? I think it's "worth" $1.
  11. Matt Kirsch

    Park lock on manual truck transmissions?

    Maybe yours is doing it with no issue, but it is quite common for the park lock to be torn out of an automatic transmission due to abuse and/or misuse.
  12. Matt Kirsch

    Park lock on manual truck transmissions?

    If you read your owner's manual carefully, you're not supposed to use your automatic transmission's park pawl as the sole means to hold back heavy loads, or even to just hold the vehicle when parked on a steep incline. Since pickup trucks with manual transmissions are often used to haul heavy loads, odds are a park lock would not hold up in them.
  13. Matt Kirsch

    Shooting down a drone

    Unless you can be sure that the shot that doesn't hit the drone will come down on your property, probably not a good idea to pull the trigger. Just your luck the drone operator, or someone else, will be in the fall zone for the shot. They may not get hurt, but they will call the cops and claim they were "shot at." Now you're facing menacing, assault with a deadly weapon, even attempted murder charges.
  14. Matt Kirsch

    DALLAS 806

    Oh, you mean the closing credits to Dukes of Hazzard? When that came on it was time to go to bed.