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  1. 806TA

    Unfortunately, not something that you can adjust out. It needs a new TA and while you've got it apart there are several other things that should be done. You can keep running it in direct drive (lever forward) as long as it keeps going. You're not going to hurt it any worse than it already is.
  2. Chevy Avalanche

    If I'm not mistaken the Avalanche has a rear coil spring suspension vs. the leaf spring on a Silverado. Same as the Tahoe/Suburban. I agree though the price is quite high for a 12 year old vehicle. My banker called me crazy when I wanted to spend that much on an 8 year old vehicle with 31K miles on it!

    It could be factory or aftermarket. Check the front of the engine for a small power steering pump belt-driven off the water pump. If you have one the power steering is a separate system from the rest of the hydraulics. Factory would use a priority valve.
  4. 1A-22 Cycle mower.

    No. The mounting is completely different, the pulley ratios are different, and the PTO pulley is different. I've owned both. The cutterbar itself is identical.
  5. Trailer best quality made to haul tractor ?

    Yes, a gooseneck would be better but, respectfully, that was not the question. The tractors weigh around 4500lbs maximum, so a bumper pull trailer of adequate rating behind a truck of adequate rating will be fine. We're not hauling 5288's here. Premium national brands in my book are Moritz, Corn Pro, PJ. Other middle of the road brands include Load Trail and Gator. There are also regional and local trailer manufacturers that may or may not make a better product. You would have to look them up and research them yourself.
  6. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    Man that is one sweet 856. Perfect patina. Original paint?
  7. quick books pirating

    Your qb software will tell you when it is time to renew. You need to be wary of any emails or phone calls telling you that you need to give them a credit card number to renew something, or that you need to go to some website to renew or activate something. Legitimate companies will NOT cold call you asking for a credit card number. Legitimate companies will NOT send you an email with a link to click. Pay attention to what you have and what it needs, with regards to computer accounts and software. Scammers are counting on you being disorganized or outright addle-brained about computer stuff, buying their story, and handing over your information. If you can't keep track somehow, get rid of it. Pay attention when you go to click on links in emails. If the link says "" and you point at it with your mouse, the actual link will appear in the bottom border of the window. If the bottom border of the window doesn't match what's in the email, and says something like "" DO NOT click on it.
  8. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    More fuel. Diesels are different from gasoline engines in that they don't need that perfect 14:1 ratio of fuel to air to ignite. Diesel engines have no throttle. They run wide open all the time, sucking in as much air as they possibly can. RPMs and power output are regulated by how much fuel is injected into each cylinder. More fuel, more power until you reach the limit of the air coming in (black smoke). Sorry if that's too "know-it-all" but I just can't resist.
  9. Double Step for 706 - Which Models will fit?

    Any large frame 06 or 56 series double step will fit. I think the 66 series will also. Kick a little mud on it and nobody will know the difference as far as paint goes.
  10. Don't want to be that "harping on tires" guy, but...

    We need the fluid on these hills, not just for traction getting up but to keep things under control on the way back down. I also have no iron that will fit, no 400078R2's have come up for sale anywhere near me, and the ones that have come up for sale anywhere, they want ridiculous money. I'm not driving halfway across the country to pay $150 a circle or even $75 a circle.
  11. SNOW!

    Legend has it spring snow is like free nitrogen on the fields.
  12. I found what I think is a decent deal on a pair of almost new Galaxy 20.8x38 bias tires and Firestone tubes, and I'm thinking about buying them for my 1586. Personally I'm not so sure radials are all that and a bag of potato chips, and I'm going to put the fluid back in the new tires, so I question the value of spending extra (2X as much) on radials. We've got a Galaxy of the same style on the 756, and it's been a good tire. Better than the Firestone Field & Road on the other side. The firestone always spins first, and the galaxy keeps pulling if you work the brake pedal. The only thing that bothers me is it's an 8 ply tire, but the weight rating is right up there with some of the radials in the same size, so I dunno... It's not like we're going to be pulling the guts out of this 1586... Hoping for a 7 shank disk chisel, and the cultimulcher is only 12'. I've got some decent Dyna Torque II's for duals...
  13. tubeless tire bead sealer

    The starting fluid trick is an art form. I've tried it a few times and all I've managed to do is set the tire on fire. After the third time, using more and more fluid each time, I gave up and used a ratchet strap. That whole using more and more fluid after each failed attempt is what gets you in trouble.
  14. My beetch today is ....... magazines

    Sadly, they're probably just keeping their head above water, maybe... Print media at least for the forseeable future, is dead.
  15. 800 planter semi mounted crazy wheels siezed

    Good deal. Now get some grease in there so they don't seize up again.