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  1. Quick easy fix for a temp gauge is to grab one at the local auto parts store. Automotive gauges don't care if they're on a tractor. You can temporarily mount it to a hood bolt outside the cab so you can see it from the seat, and see what's really going on. If you really wanted to get fancy you could run the capillary tube out to the engine from inside the cab.
  2. Couldn't run Saturday because everything was waterlogged and greasy from Friday's rain, and it rained just enough over Saturday night to get everything wet again. So I entertained myself by cleaning up some more of the mess from the tree service in the morning, and mowed the lawn. At 3:00PM I decided to go see if I could do some moldboard plowing with the 5240 and the demon-possessed IH 700 4-bottom plow. Dandelions were in full fluff mode, so the grill would plug with dandelions and the tractor would start getting hot after about 3 rounds. Clean the fluff out and it would cool right back down and be good for 3 more rounds. On one such clean-out I popped the hood to check the radiator itself. Completely covered with a thick blanket of dandelions. D*mn. Not only that but the fan belt was shredded, barely hanging on by about 3 ribs. Double d*mn. Guess I'm done for the day.
  3. Where is that on the seat? I always thought he somehow went in through the plug on the end of the cylinder. To put it in perspective, when he did this, the Dukes of Hazzard was still in production.
  4. Leave the TA in direct and it'll go for a while, at least.
  5. IIRC Dad used a football inflation needle and the air compressor. How, I have absolutely no idea.
  6. "R.O.R.O." must be significantly more expensive than shipping in a container.
  7. I was going to say "pressed in" but then I remembered that I replaced the whole flywheel when I got a bad crank pin on a Cub 22 mower so it's probably apples and oranges. One mule drive had a chowdered shaft and a good crank pin. The other mule drive had a chowdered crank pin and a good shaft. I pressed the shafts out of both flywheels and swapped them. It was sketchy. I had to build an extension for my harbor freight 12 ton press and hang the press from the rafters because of the length of the shaft.
  8. You weren't just whistlin' Dixie.
  9. Pretty sure the fender shells bolt to these tabs:
  10. Well first off not many 706's were made with the D310 compared to the D282. The engine was only used in the last year of production of the 706, and the "706 with the German diesel" is highly desirable. So, you're not going to find them sitting around in salvage yards. You still haven't told us what you're looking for but if it's 706-specific you might have a hard time finding it. The D310 was also used in the 756, but there again, total production of 756's was somewhere in the range of 11,000-12,000 tractors, probably half of those being gas, so maybe 6000 diesels total, ever. Once again, the diesel model is highly desirable... You're just not going to find them sitting around in salvage yards, at least not with the parts you're looking for. Engines are one of the first things to disappear out of them. The D310 was used in the last two years of production for the 686, but only about 1500 units were made in 1979, presumably fewer were made in 1980, and some of those were gas... Notice a pattern developing here? Some later IH 715 combines used the D310, which would have been a great source of an engine in 1985, but 39 years later the yards full of used 715 combines with good engines has dried up.
  11. I was wondering what the problems were with tuning the 756 that he thought a dwell meter would help. Perhaps if the group knew the symptoms, they might have a suggestion for a fix that doesn't involve a dwell meter. I've got a couple of meters that show dwell myself. One of them is this "analyzer" thing I bought in a "contents of the tabletop" deal at an auction. New ones are available, but I wonder if there are any new "good" ones being made or are they all manufactured offshore to a price point?
  12. He does have a 1066 and a 1586, both with air conditioned cabs, going across the block on Saturday.
  13. Nothing came with the 856 from the factory. The dealer added the weight bracket and weights. It was all dependent on how much the buyer wanted to spend and/or what job they were going to do with it. 10 or 12 hole, 75lb or 100lb depends on what you plan on doing. Do you need 1200lbs of weight or are you just going for looks? No spacers are necessary. The spacers are only necessary if you're putting a 56 series weight bracket on a 66 or 86 series tractor. Farmers would often transfer their weights to the new tractor when trading up, tp save money. The grille on the 66 and 86 series hangs over the front and interferes with the weights.
  14. I love these conversations. Everyone talks as if you can squat and squeeze, and out pops your dream tractor. "Just get a 186 hydro." "Just get a 1026." Heck even finding a good 1256... I guess if money and distance are no object, you can have one tomorrow, but both of those are a factor for most people.
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