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  1. Technically, I don't think the tractors left the factory with any weights at all. The weights would have been installed by the dealer, if I'm not mistaken. Member DOCTOR EVIL worked at the Farmall plant in a logistics position and may have to correct me on this. I had a brainstorm that the 1972 International Harvester buyer's guide would have pictures of their flagship tractor fully decked out with weights, but to my surprise the tractors are buck naked in the pictures! For sure, the manufacturer's recommended installation procedure is documented in the owner's manual, and you defini
  2. Not a lot of them out there in the wild. They came along well before the compact tractor craze. So parts and support will likely be tough. A random, nondescript clunk coming from "somewhere" in the tractor... Unfortunately that is not very specific and virtually impossible for an "armchair mechanic" such as myself to diagnose. It's not like these are common popular tractors and the clunk is a common problem that someone can just say, "Oh it's this.. happens all the time... here's how to fix..." First thing you have to do is try to narrow down the location of the clunk. Is it coming f
  3. The only adjustment to the clutch is pedal free play. Unless the free play is ridiculous, like almost full pedal travel, the clutch should release. There's nothing to adjust to make the clutch "release more." It either releases, or something is wrong internally. As others have alluded to, this is not a synchronized transmission, so you need to wait for the gears to stop turning, which can take several seconds if the tractor has been sitting there running at high idle. That puts a lot of momentum into the transmission, and it needs to spin down. If it is grinding when you stop to shif
  4. ...and he's probably undercutting himself. I paid more than $1 for larch planks last year. Of course tree variety makes a difference too. You're not going to pay the same for dogwood as you would veneer oak...
  5. How deep are you plowing? That plow is on quite an angle. Looks like you're pulling up every rock in the county too, LOL.
  6. I like it, except for the "suicide booth" curtains. Imagine an exhaust leak under the hood with all the windows closed... Those Year A Round cabs look good on most anything.
  7. I keep going back to my 1586 to get some lights working, and walk away frustrated. ALL the wires are RED! Two red wires come off the headlight bulb and disappear into a wire loom with a bunch of other red wires, which then joins with a bigger loom with even more red wires, and disappears into the cab framework... It appears to be the factory harness. Who is the genius that wired these with all red wires? There's no voltage at the grill lights or the tail lights, but I just don't have time to tear the tractor apart and rewire it, so I guess I'll be working during daylight hours w
  8. IH never offered the ICB cab on the 66 series right? So someone wanted some coverage and this was available and affordable at the time. It's not pretty but it gets the job done. It's far from some of the abused wrecks that are out there. At least the owner saw fit to keep some sort of paint on it rather than letting it turn to rust. That deserves kudos not pith and vinegar. If you want to make it pretty I'm sure the owner would let you have at it in the off season.
  9. The piece your missing is ONLINE SHOPPING. Faxes came along in the 80's. Email came along in the 90's. Online shopping did not get big until the 2010's. Twenty year gap there. It has been steadily growing for the last several years, and last year it absolutely exploded. Nobody could have predicted last year, and even if they could they sure as hail wouldn't tell the USPS, Fedex, and UPS to be ready for an exponential increase in home deliveries.
  10. Right, because the box doesn't instantly transmit itself to the Fedex facility the moment the label is slapped on. Pickup/dropoff is a once a day thing, so there will be lag between when the label goes into the system, and the package hits the sorting room floor.
  11. So how did you watch them before? What is preventing you from watching them that way now? Blackouts are not a new thing, and there's always an asterisk with "Blackout rules apply" with these offers. It pays to check the blackout rules before you sign up. Buyer beware.
  12. Worst case scenario save your next cereal box, open it up, mash it against the hole. Cut out your template and use it to transfer the shape to a piece of heavy-ish sheet metal. Cut out the sheet metal, drill the two holes, form to fit. Oh BTW, that's the elbow grease reservoir.
  13. Then you should get 14.9-28 turf tires.
  14. Got the perfect pair for you right here on the 5220 Maxxum. Firestone SAT 23's, 16.9x38, nice and worn. You just bring me a pair of new 16.9's, don't even have to be firestones, and I'll trade you even up. LOL
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