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  1. Matt Kirsch

    656 w/o TA

    Unfortunately, exact production numbers of what tractor came with what option are not available to the public. It's not like Deere where you can send your serial number in and get a "certificate" with the exact date it was made, OEM equipment, options, etc.. Not that I believe the information you get back is accurate, and isn't just some scam to get your money by making you feel like your tractor is "special" because every tractor comes back as some rare option combination. Don't know if IH simply didn't care to keep these records or if they were lost/destroyed. Nobody really knows how many were made without TA. Probably not many as that was one of IH's main selling points on tractors at that time. Unfortunately that does not make it valuable. For IH fans the lack of a TA generally decreases the value of the tractor significantly.
  2. How is the extra reservoir added to the system? I had a Cub once that I tried to add a loader to with an extra reservoir. With the reservoir on the tractor, the tractors hydraulics would make this loud "ZZZZZZZING!" noise at regular intervals. Nobody could give me any insight on what was wrong or what to do to stop it. I worked the loader up and down what seemed like hundreds of times, worked the touch control back and forth what seemed like hundreds of times. I never did figure out what was wrong. Took the loader off and sold it as I bought another tractor with a loader. As soon as the loader was removed, no more noise. The only thing I could figure is that there was an air bubble trapped in the touch control that was circulating through the system. With the reservoir mounted above the touch control block like mine was there would be no way for the air to work out of the system.
  3. I would hope that he's not expecting to share one set of mounting brackets between the two tractors.
  4. I'm sure you've seen this one on the Westendorf site, of the loader on a nondescript boxcar Magnum: The cabs are the same size between the Magnum and 1086, and I think the hood on the Magnum is actually slightly lower than a 1086. I think it will look just fine and I think you want the TA-76 on a Magnum. You'd have to be real careful not to tear up a TA-46 with that much horsepower and traction.
  5. The 240 uses a completely different, and much simpler, system than the 340/460/560. The missing linkage is your issue. I had very in-depth experience with the system when I owned a 240 Utility several years ago. Be aware that there are "left hand" and "right hand" valves when you are shopping for a self-centering valve. Referring to the location of the lever.
  6. I'm no expert but I'd imagine the 400 series injectors may fit but they are built to different specifications, as the larger engines need more fuel.
  7. Per Messick's website: " A part on your order has been discontinued. We allow the ordering of discontinued parts because Messick's has several places to source these items after the manufacturer has ended support. Inventories in these warehouses are not available electronically. We encourage you to place an order, and we will do our best to locate the parts you need. " Unfortunately this is what happens when you get an engine that was only used in one low production tractor model from 45+ years ago...
  8. You know what might hold up? LEATHER! It won't be cheap but if kept oiled (gear oil, grease count) it should stay pliable and last forever.
  9. Neat, probably similar to this: Sorry I can't help you with your routing problem.
  10. What's going on with these V8s is like 460s and 560s suddenly becoming super valuable because of the final drive issues.
  11. So they're probably NOS, and God only knows how long they've been sitting around... I'd be worried about them being dry rotted right out of the package. Perhaps there are some modern CV joint boots that will fit?
  12. Hi Torque, How did you handle the 3rd lever? Got a picture?
  13. As a general rule, small weeps and drips of oil are normal for an old tractor. Comes with the territory. They're not supposed to leak, but seals and gaskets deteriorate, and shafts wear. So they leak. Usually it's not a simple job to fix the leak (this particular leak sounds like it will require that the tractor be split at least once, possibly in two places), so until the cost of refilling the oil exceeds the cost of the repair, that's what happens.
  14. Thanks Ed, so I'm going to conclude that it's not "natural."
  15. Frankly I would try an external fix. Clean the area where it seeps up really well, and smooth on a layer of... JB Weld We're in the "nothing to lose" realm here. I know many people consider JB Weld a "hack job" repair, but you can't hurt anything by trying. It can always be wire wheeled off and a different solution attempted.
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