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  1. 53 SM power steering and live Hyds just gotta get it unstuck
  2. I got give a little TO 30 last fall after I made a seat bracket that I could at least sit on it it’s a handy Lille tractor around not having a loader tractor the 3 point hitch with a scraper blade is better than a rake or shovel. I have a brush hog to go behind it just need to shorten the driveshaft some to fit the override clutch on it it starts good and doesn’t buy much gas. Has good power for what it is. Pulled a tree last fall my Super M wouldn’t move with only one weight on each side in the back the Fergie has loaded tires and wheel weights on it and the three point hitch to put the weight on the back. The SM just had a draw bar
  3. I haven’t even had time to look through all of it yet. I know when I was a kid and we went to the dealer ya boys would always grab all this stuff only if I had it all now
  4. I found this literature in a file cabinet when I picked up my latest tractor
  5. I pulled with my daughters M last fall I hung a old bed off a Bridgeport under like that
  6. I figured he put em because they were a few more plys than the three ribs
  7. No history of it other than in 2011and then again it 2014 we had bought a I9 and a 600 diesel from the man that owed this tractor and he used this tractor both times to pull on the non running tractors on the trailer with a cable and pulley. I guess he knew it was stuck before he died in 2016 but has been in a shed since then I found it for sale a few weeks ago his wife is selling the place and downsizing her land and his daughters are cleaning the place up for their Mom. They also have a 39 M there too but the motor looks to have a G cast in the date code and a fuel pump block off plate and a spot for a dipstick. The guy had told us the motor was tired years ago needed a rebuilt in 2011 but they didn’t like my offer of less than scrap price on it.
  8. Tilton NH I got a bunch of M parts Too including a nice Schwartz wide front for an M and found this flyer in a drawer with some othe IH sales literature
  9. It even came with good snow tires
  10. It has plugs in the holes for the belly pump and a cast cover over the belly pump hole just wish the cover wasn’t cracked
  11. Found this SM about 2 hours away. The guy that owned it passed away in 2016 it’s been in a shed since then I have seen this tractor run in 2014. I bought it dirt cheap hoping to make a loader tractor to use around the house and farm. It has a live pump and vertical distributor and a Char lyn power steering on it. I have the cylinders soaking with PB blaster now I figure it’s worth more for parts that will fit my other SM if needed or rebuild it to have another. I am surprised it looks like a factory belly pump delete I figured belly pumps were on almost all of these.
  12. Put some front weights on it this week and brought another pair of rear weights with me. I got there it weighed up at 6890 I was hoping to be under 6500 I didn’t want to pull any weight off the back to go down so I added a full tank of gas and 2 sets of weights to the back. I weighed in at 7480 figured I’ll be light in the 8000 pond class I was happy how she pulled there was a MD there that weighed 6790 in the class he did good I think I got one more block than him for a full pull I topped out at 15000 on the boat I’m a ways into this video I think the next block after this stopped me at 22 ft and the other M that was a lot heavier went 76 ft she is a lot better to watch than me this was a fun pull to benefit the local Agg Society
  13. I have one and use it all the time it’s nice to be able to set the temp for a low and slow cook for hours. I don’t find it heats up as fast as the gas grill so a lot of times I just cook steaks and burgers and dogs on the gas grill. I have to agree just find one brand of pellets you like and stay with them they all seem to burn a little differently. We will use ours as a oven for things in the summer when it’s really hot out instead of heating the house up.
  14. Wish I could have made it to the photo to meet everyone by the end of the day my little one had had it and wasn’t gonna wait for me to talk to anyone else. I did leave the show a lot lighter in the pocket and heavier in the truck bed than I can even had to rent a trailer to drag stuff home
  15. Not leaving here to drive down Wednesday just heading down to the show and pick up parts. Have a safe trip
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