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  1. SNOW!

    We had a few inches yesterday and some flurries today. Forecast for Thursday is rain changing to snow Friday morning maybe an inch or 2 and our first plow day of the year is Saturday morning it’s supposed to get to the mid 40’s. Bring on the spring
  2. Wheel weights

    She thinks I’m trying to build her a buddy seat for plow days
  3. Wheel weights

    Got one side done last night after work
  4. Wheel weights

    I was thinking 2 per side would live on this tractor just putting 3 per side for plow days then cut the rod off and buy the square headed bolt to put one on the outside if I need too
  5. Wheel weights

    Yes I meant a nut between each weight. Yes after I bolted this on I noticed I should have put it the other way
  6. Wheel weights

    I’m going to be putting some wheel weights on the back of the M for plow days I just bought some 3/4-10 threaded rod that looks like the simplest way to mount them I’m thinking 3 per side. I had bought these split weights and put them on first now I’m just going to take them off and slide the rods through the hub and tighten them and try to put a bit on between each weight
  7. Getting ready for plow days

    Hooked it up tonight still got a few more things to check out
  8. Getting plow day ready

    Looks good I’m getting ready here too our first plow day is in 2 weeks the problem here is Mother Nature won’t let spring come it still keeps snowing supposed to have flurries here today again I don’t have much left to do to be ready
  9. Getting ready for plow days

    Most of the soil here we plow is easy pulling we pull 4-16’s with or 650 Diesel in 4th gear there is a guy that has a 3-16 2 point he pulls with a 300 I think it’s a workout
  10. Getting ready for plow days

    Yes I have used one befor I usually use a zip tie in a loop and a dog chain snap so if the hitch trips the zip tie breaks kinda like a sheer pin the weakest link breaks
  11. Getting ready for plow days

    I’d so like to find a hyd lift conversion for this one the three potential tractors I’d pull it with all have hydraulics. Just went and picked up 3 more sets of rear wheel weights for this thinking only 3 per side will be good enough for plow days. I’m going to look at the lift gearbox tomorrow after work try to clean it and grease it up with fresh grease and get ready to plow in two weeks
  12. Getting ready for plow days

    Getting better from his burns and asking a long time for that to heal but feeling good enough or bad enough he just had his other hip replaced so he will just be a spectator at plow days this year that’s one of the reasons for just The M at plow days
  13. Getting ready for plow days

    Yes it is the M she won The super m I bought back in December isn’t ready yet I have just about all the pieces to put it back together. Our plow days start April 21 here they are hosted by Chspter 18 they out on 3 of them about 2 weeks apart then we put the plows away till next year. I will bring the M to the first 2 not sure if I’ll make the last one this spring
  14. Getting ready for plow days

    Gonna try my daughters M this year at plow days pulling 3-16 little genius. Last time I tried this plow it worked great plowing gravel to shine it up but when I got it to the field a little mud and it wouldn’t lift just slid the wheel so I’m going to try a tire chain on the lift wheel I am putting a few more wheel weights on the back
  15. Seat parts

    I bought this seat assembly for my 53 SM that went belly up this winter was wondering if anyone had a good source for parts to rebuild it springs bushings and a shock The seat pan isn’t that great has been patched but I have a seat cover for it for now thanks