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  1. I looked at one of those first found one used cheap but it was sold before I could look at it. This one seems to suck up most acorns when you go over it but it’s also a trailer behind the mower. I don’t have a problem getting around with it. And I can put along hose on it to do corners
  2. After last night storms I’m not sure how many leaves are left on the trees lost power around 1030 last night. I drove around a few trees down this morning going to work still no power heading home to hook up generator. I’ve heard talk of no power till Saturday.
  3. Bought a leaf vacuum wagon this spring for this fall it seems to work great except for finding the time to use it. It was cheaper than a bagger setup on the kubota zero turn this spring. We had the yellow cub cadet and were going to buy another rider and bought the zero turn instead
  4. Yup cleaned up some of the leaves in the yard tonight after work. I think the storm tonight will knock a bunch off
  5. It’s not a jap quad it’s an Arctic Cat with a Jap motor
  6. Some of the colors have been great this year I took these couple Sunday afternoon in the back yard
  7. She also has a small farm and I think she wants it to bake with on the hills
  8. No she does a great job her boyfriend is the one that has a whole fleet of Deere 20 series and the M is his and he just found a 51 H with the low first gear like the M. He told me she wants him to buy her a 1066 to pull with
  9. There was anything from a hopped up a that was weighted right up to pull more than one of the 820 Deere’s there was a few 50’s some 620’s and 630’s and two 720 standards and three 820 Deere’s this m with a picker first gear and ARPS tracks pulled 20k
  10. Ya got a few pics today lots of videos I was in with 3 other M’s at 15k and that’s all she had it was all green at the end with 30k on the sled. That maroon tractor is a Friday tractor has a crystal er flathead in it
  11. Hung an extra set of weights on the back of the M for tomorrow’s stone boat pull it pulled16k on the boat last year with4 sets on each side last year and I bolted a 300# chunk of steel under the draw bar so this year I’m going to try 5 per side and a set of half weights under the draw bar and some front wheel weights. This is a fun pull for the local church there’s no rules other than 20” hitch height and have fun there will be some heavy tractors there last year a JD 820 that weighed around 20k pulled34000# on the boat
  12. No more pics we sat there from 12 till 430 waiting to get to the 7000# class then pulled once and they took a break from 530 to 630 for supper that was a pig roast good food them started back up
  13. I like the stone boat pull we have one next weekend all they ask is 20” hitch height. And put as much weight on as you want start in when you want till you can’t pull anymore. I think these are gunner for the antique tractors right down in first gear trying to get it done
  14. He’s a few pics of the tractors I liked at Saturday’s pull sun was bright I brought the 50 M I should have had some more weight on it I was shy a few hundred from 7000# I’ll put more on it for this weekend’s stone boat fun pull. The 1206 was one sweet tractor. The two H’s are two friends low first gear H’s pulling double tree on the sled
  15. Came out of your state it was in Springfield VT
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