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  1. I don’t know if these had pie weights on it we had regular bolt on wheel weights and a block on the three point hitch when we didn’t have something on the back of it. We found a set a few years ago at a show for 30$ for 6 weights and made an adapter to fit the kubota rims and painted them orange.
  2. Nice looking ford we had one growing up it was a stout loader tractor that needed a lot of weight on the rear to be able to use the loader to its full potential. It was disappointing when it was sold and we replaced it with a 50 Hp 4x4 Kubota in 2011 the kubota is nicer with the modern features but that old ford would lift a lot more and feel more stable. And I don’t think the kubota will be around in 50 years like that 3cylinder ford 3400. We always ran old 7.50-16 truck tires on ours they held the weight
  3. Working in the concrete industry we have poured so many grow buildings and dispensaries it absolutely ridiculous. You walk into any store and wait in line long enough and someone is in line reading of it after they just smoked yo before coming into the grocery store because maybe the stress of food shopping is to much. You see it being smoked all over with Cheech and Chong smoke rolling out the windows of cars. The town just west of us someone put up a big grow house 4-5 years ago in a field then last year they put up a new building for sales and are in the process of expanding the grow facility by 3 times more the funniest part is the town doesn’t allow drive throughs for food service but the pot shop is allowed to have a drive through window as long as you don’t buy edibles.
  4. Nice I like the size of those fronts on there what size are they. I have 7.50-16 fronts on mine need bigger rubber on the back of it now. This was my 450 this weekend We had fun I spun out with one more block on it and 16 wheel weights on the back
  5. I think we are right around 150 a yard for regular 3000psi mix with extras on top of that
  6. Yes Portland cement powder and flyash from burning coal is a filler that’s used in place of some of the cement powder
  7. We are delivering to our every day customers on a regular basis and trying to keep the contractors that are with us most of the time happy. But we do have to push some off a while. I have heard a few guys that want to do jobs or have tried to hire out of town floor finisher to do a floor for them say when the finisher calls up dispatch told them a week to get it not knowing who it’s for. We have been short drivers for a few years or should I say drivers willing to work and not call in sick every other week or be able to work outside of 8-4
  8. I work for a redi mix company here in western mass ,southern NH. We don’t seem to have any shortage of powder. We do have problems picking it up at the terminal because they can’t get it there on rail and have had trucks delivering it from the Mill in Glenn’s Falls NY. The powder company has made us a deal they are delivering directly to us from the mill for the same price as picked up at the terminal. It is harder to schedule deliveries of powder a day or two ahead of time but it has been working for a few years like that just always try to keep the cement silo full.
  9. When I bought my zero turn a few years ago I couldn’t justify a 1800$ bagger so we bought one of those 1000$ vacuum wagons from tractor supply that goes on the lawnmower chute it works good but loud it also has a 10’ hose that you can put on it to suck up leaves around fences and in corners it works good holds a lot of leaves chopped up it get heavy behind the mower my only complaint is emptying it it dumps but not much comes out I keep a potato hook on hand to pull the chopped up leaves and grass out of it but the maple leaves and grass rot down good mixed with some horse manure
  10. We have had some great colors this year this was coming down off the hill to the parade this morning above the fog my 450 on the dyno this afternoon
  11. Was happy with 54 Hp on my girlfriends 450 until we put mine on the dyno
  12. This was his 52 m we were surprised at this
  13. Pretty happy with this outa my 450 this afternoon
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