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  1. My girl put them up at her place they wanted to cut any of the shade trees that were anywhere near the house to put them on the roof so I talked her into putting them out in the Field we should have put up a cheap pole barn to put them on they charged 25k for the racking to put them on her total bill was almost 60k. She doesn’t have a electric bill and makes a little money off it each year 3-4K probably but got tax credits enough in the first couple years to pay for half of it. She has done good and paid the rest off in a year and a half. Her panels are a commercial quality that have a 25 ye
  2. Kinda insurance hope to not need em but if you have to it’s nice. Last year after a big storm got done I was driving the other SM with no lights trying to hold a broom and a flashlight out through about 18” of snow in the field to clean off the solar panels so the sun could get to them the next day while at work. In the winter there’s a lot less electricity made from them never mind being covered with snow for days.
  3. Gotta love leds lots of light and low amp draw
  4. Wired up some LED lights yesterday on 53SM yesterday it’s my loader tractor around the house I have used it to plow once this year. I prefer my 4x4 truck with heat and a windows and radio. But have had a couple times I needed to be out in the dark. I mounted the rear light to a strong magnet and have about 4’ of extra wire added to it so if I need a side light I can move it
  5. Ha ha ha I saw that for sale too 4500 seems quite expensive for it I thought
  6. Like that super liner and that General
  7. What site was that at I had found one at red power in Pa and had my daughter grab it off the shelf not paying attention paid for it put it in the bag got home and she had grabbed the 450 Diesel wide front next to it
  8. Been collecting a few toys here and there. So I built a shelf to put them up on. This started by looking for a 1/16 scale 450 farm all wide front after I bought a real one. I have found a wide front in every model 450 it seems but a strait gas. This is a picture of most all my red indoor toys and some of my 9 year olds decorations. And I am still looking for a 450 gas wide front farm all I did just purchase a 450 international. I do have a couple 2+2’s in the collection because who doesn’t want one of those
  9. Good old church kitchen we used to use the church in town for meeting and gatherings when I was in scouts. Spent a lot of time in the basement of the Congregational church in town for different reasons even though it was up the road Mom made us all go to the Catholic Church in the next town. I know most of the little towns around me only have the one Congregational church in the center of town
  10. Feel bad for you I work for a refining company and have seen some crazy stuff over the years. It sad what happens to people homes when the ground settles. At least your builder tried to compensate for the poor ground even if it did t help they thought there would be a problem down the road. I have seen one house in a development that broke in half because half of it was built on frozen dirt and clay 6 months after being built it settled and half of it started sliding down the hill they had us come in and pour a bunch of concrete in holes dug around the sinking half. I hope the best for you i
  11. Yes it’s not looking good for us going this year. I was planning on trying to take my daughter to see her grandfather she has never met before on the way he lives up around Duluth and then driving down to the show from there. But with the travel restrictions it’s not looking so good.
  12. That’s my thought on it I put in for the time off from work already but not sure on the travel restrictions by then
  13. Does that jet have a crank on the side to adjust the speed
  14. We have one that runs nice in the shop it was out of a 50 or 51 f100 if I remember right. Guy I town had it for sale cheap a few years ago we picked it up and was able to get it running shot in the bed of the pickup. It had the cylinders oiled up and it sits in the back of our heated shop dad turns it over every once and a while to keep it free while waiting for a project for it to go in. We also had a Lincoln flat head with a hydramatic auto transmission behind it sold that one off a few years ago.
  15. There’s a place around here that does prime rib cuts big I think this one is 4-5 pounds of beef. I tried this one a few years ago brought home enough for another meal pretty good deal for 45$ They have several different cuts I wanted to try this one to see how big it was for my birthday dinner with Covid we are unable to get back to the place
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