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  1. Yes it did I pulled the front 2 Cuolters off the 311 and never had a problem again it seemed like the rye that was layed down by the tractor in front of you tire it would start plugging up.
  2. We did it 90 acres by 330 in the afternoon did another field probably about 9-10 acres out back of this one I had to haul a load of two plows home to my fathers unload them quick turn and burn back to finish the last small field well my helper and tractor stealer did. Then I loaded up everyone’s plows and brought my loader home then shot back to get my 450 in the dark I finished the headlands where everybody had parked. The got most of the big field disked up too. My daughter too a few photos of us on the tractor the rye that wasn’t chopped was tall.
  3. Nice I’ll clean mine up and paint em after tomorrow I bought some cheap Rustoleum clear spray bombs on clearance so we will see how that looks next spring
  4. Yup let’s hope this rain every 3 days first continue this year
  5. I hope to meet up with a few people at the showdown in June
  6. My daughter just sent me this she made it up today
  7. Yup the farmer went no till about 5 years ago and his fields are getting rough with all the wet falls we have been having so having no help anymore he asked if we could plow this to help him out kinda a win win his field gets plowed we get to play with the old stuff
  8. This is in Orange Ma it’s north western central Mass
  9. Yup it’s in a valley it’s all hills around it.
  10. Take a ride I’m sure I can get you on a tractor
  11. I bought one last summer used it has 1800 hours on it it was a former state of NH owned tractor it sat for a few years it had some rust the can is miserable to get in and out of (I’m 6’4” 350 pounds ). It’s a tank and heavy and crude it does have a live pto and 3 point hitch. I’d like to add some rear hydraulic ports on it some day and take the cab off it when it has a roof to park under. I will need to repack one of the bucket cylinders soon. The torque converter transmission makes it a nice loader tractor that’s what I bought it for was a simple rugged bucket tractor.
  12. I have been hauling stuff to the field every day this week after work. The field is about 90 acres total. We are bringing 3 tractors my 450 dads 600IH and his 820 Deere. My 450 and new holland 545 are at the field now. I dropped off our 4 &5 bottom trailer plows tonight. Then went to dad’s to get his 600 my brother will bring the Deere Saturday morning. I will bring the 600 from my house Saturday morning the weather has rained last night and is supposed to be nice tomorrow and Saturday. The farmer chopped some of the rye off it but the rain and problem with his chopper it went to seed so he said whatever is left on the field plow it under. So we are good to go Saturday morning at 7
  13. I think it’s cool to look at but I do like my 450 gas someday maybe a diesel. We will build a WD9 at some point with a 392 IH motor we have on came out of a truck that only had 18k on it but it will be a toy
  14. Happy birthday hope it was a good day without rain
  15. Dropped my 450 and plow off at the field plow day is at Saturday. It wasn’t raining tonight after work I have a few more trips to make before Saturday. Going to bring my loader tractor down Wednesday night. And go get days 600 and 820 and plows
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