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  1. I had mine running when I got it a few years ago then it sat and the cover blew off the exhaust and got water in it and nobody told me till I went to turn it over a few months later and it was stuck I didn’t have time to work on it so I filled the cylinders with ATF and Diesel even filled the manifold up then covered it up and left it for over a year now I want to get it restored I will need to split it and check out the clutch and figure the TA out it does nothing when you move the lever back and forth then I want to get the hubs and rims swapped for the spin outs I bought for it and paint
  2. Ya mine had to come apart it got a little water in number 3 and it was stuck it’s freed up good now got the sticky valves in the head freed up and lapped in hope to get it back together and running soon one of my Super M’s gets water in the exhaust around the pipe threads
  3. Mine was stuck now it’s freed up hope to start putting it back together soon
  4. I have my 450 apart now and need to replace the fuel light me was looking at the stainless one Steiner has to get rid of the copper line on mine
  5. So it’s nice to see some stuff opening up this year I’d like to invite anyone interested to New England’s small IH show This is a good show we will have some tractors there. Maybe the tractor on the flyer even though it’s a 1945 not a 54
  6. I have a 3-16 311 I bought at red power in Bloomsburg a few years ago for 75$ I need to put new wear parts on it I have been gathering up some over the years I will try the 411 but plan on running the 311 or a 4-14 no16 trailer plow I picked up a few years ago. The hard part since purchasing this tractor 4 years ago I have gotten 4 others since that this one needs so much work. The hard part is they all need saving
  7. I passed up a set a few years ago that were in great shape I almost think they ended up going to the scrapper along with a 450 rear ended and two regulars I couldn’t buy it all but did end up with a SM with a model 2000 loader a bunch of IH brochures and a clutch kit for an m a couple IH cylinders a fast hitch carryall and a new Swartz wide front for under 1000$ so I was happy with what I got but sad I couldn’t save it all. I was able to put some friends on it that bought some stuff before it went to China
  8. Yes I think they might have been I bought these wheels fenders and a set of weights off a guy that had a 450 he was working on for a puller trying to lighten it up some. They were about a half hour away for 250$ I couldn’t pass em up
  9. That is beautiful I love that color red
  10. Been sitting on this one for about 4 years now buying parts and getting ready it ran real nice when I bought it the can blew off the muffler found it that way a month later covered it up but it still stuck soaked it for a year now to pull it apart and get it going. Got some new 15.5 firestones and some spin out wheels and centers to go on it and some new tin work for it I’ll spit it snd put a TA in it I couldn’t get this one to do anything she when it was running
  11. My girlfriend got a 2020 Tacoma last august I don’t think it’s any improvement in power over the 16 she traded in. She is thinking of a fourrunner the next time around in a couple years thinking I have a truck she doesn’t need one now that I have one around the farm and a four runner could still pull her utility trailer she has. I just traded my 17 Silverado in last month on a new GMC 3500 crew cab Diesel they knocked down the price of the new one a little and gave me 6k less than I paid for the 17 new a friend of mine went to the dealership Saturday and sent me a picture of my old truck on t
  12. Wow that’s a fancy chair you could sit at the dinner table and take a dump and eat dinner at the same time. Did you find instructions on what fork to use when on that chair anywhere
  13. Maybe it was an ancient pi’s pot. His on the side hers on the top with a spout to pour it out. And you have your bare hands on it. Ha ha
  14. forwhldrv


    If it steers anything like our OS6 you’d want the steering light
  15. forwhldrv


    Made the front page of the local paper
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