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  1. That’s all we want to do is have fun anybody can pull if they sign up. They had the guy that works the fair pull the fairs hydro 186 the day before just to do it
  2. Right in Northampton mass next to 91. We will have a fun pull Saturday of Labor Day weekend the same tractors will be there plus many more we pull all day till we run outa tractors or weights. It in Leyden Mass one town below Vt
  3. This kid was so happy the first time he ever pulled his H he was the one to pull the 820 at the end of the day
  4. this 820 pulls good this is owned by the guy in the green shirt he was using the crane putting the final block on the boat we had with us I asked the kid in the red to back it up to the sled for him so he didn’t have to run around as much. He hooked it up and told the kid put it in second and go 25000 pounds behind it th most he’s ever pulled is 34000 with it. We kept taking weights off it to put on the Oliver to keep him going as it was just a fun pull. The guy with the Oliver said until yesterday he hadn’t run it it 4 years he got there and first tried he had a stuck valve he freed it up then ran it the rest of the day that’s why no hood
  5. The final pull of the Oliver
  6. Nope I didn’t pull anything I had something already planned on Saturday up in VT’s neck of the woods in Bennington VT. So I just told my friend that ran it I’d come help him I hooked and unhooked all day. I did take a trip or two on his 520 Deere and his 820. The fun part was a guy wit a Oliver 770 I think diesel with a turbo that he said if he broke it he’d build it better we weighted him right up to having him pull 22000 on the boat
  7. Went to the local fair yesterday saw these three beauties. We did some stone boat tractor pulling only had 6-7 tractors show up it’s hard because it was the first year of it and a bunch of other fairs go on this weekend that have pulls
  8. Already booked a room about 850 mile trip. Hopefully the rest of the house will get up early that day to make the day drive we left her at midnight to get to Lima we were at the show around 130 in the afternoon
  9. I need a bucket cylinder for mine if your parting one out
  10. I have a 2000 off I think a 444 or similar utility on a SM it’s a great loader the SM hydraulics are a bit slow. The former owner used the front mounting brackets and bolted them on the sides of the front of the SM he made some makeshift extensions to get to the rear axles for the rear mounts. I’d like to make the mounts over to make it a little more sturdier in the back as the mounts wiggle around a bit in the back. I’m very impressed with the lifting capacity of the loader I feel like I’m going to break something someday asking to much of it. I used it the other day to lift a trailer to take the tires off to be changed the trailer weighs 2800#’s it’s got a decent size bucket on it from a kubota one of the pictures you can see the extensions that were made and the reason it digs good it has loaded tears 4 wheel weights per side and a 5x5 plate of steel 4” thick bolted under the draw bar
  11. Ok thanks I’ll look this up to see d we here I can get it. The TA in it looks like it was fine I can’t see anything physically wrong I think it was just was out of adjustment. The little brass pins that push out on the rollers have a little mushroom on the heads other than that the TA looks fine. I’m this far into it I want to replace it to be sure everything is good I think I had a problem in the TA clutch and pressure plate. So as expensive as this may be to replace I want to do it and do it once. The TA kit with all the gaskets looks like what I want thanks
  12. Does anyone have a good source for a kit for a 450 TA
  13. forwhldrv

    450 TA

    I’m just curious that the lever doesn’t even push the pressure plate at all. This TA is a giant learning curve for us. It seems to me like the lever should compress the fingers on the pressure plate some it doesn’t appear to have any more throw that can be adjusted. So it the TA is good it should spin one way but not the other when it’s locked in. Thanks again
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