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  1. I had some friends that came to the show in Ohio last week that went to Dayton for a look at this I wish I had the time on my trip to go to it guess I’ll have to make a special trip maybe next year if we go to rantool
  2. We have an OS6 and not that we needed it. But found a NOS pipe for it at a local show a few years ago cheap bolts on the manifold has the asbestos wrapping on it it hangs on the wall of our shop until we may need it. It was such a rare and unique find to pass it up good luck with your search
  3. Yes chapter 18 is the New England chapter
  4. What a great show for us as we head east in the morning. I want to thank Dennis(jingles 1929) and his wonderful wife Susie for the hospitality that they showed us. We needed a safe spot to park the loaded trailer during the show and he offered up his yard. Dennis and his wife even offered to take us to dinner as a welcome to Ohio I could t even think of letting them pay they were so nice to us letting us park there. At dinner Susie and my Mom in law who was pretty down from the funeral of her former husband on Monday got to talking and they both love quilting so Susie offered to take my Mother in law out Friday on a quilting store trip they were gone all day and had a great time and I think have a friendship now. I’m glad she had a great time as did us. I walked over to thank Dennis at the registration booth where he was for a couple days and the ladies that were in there said he had taken off earlier. Dennis had some nice IH trucks I like the flat head ford power unit. And thanks to all the great people and forum members I met. So we head east back to Massachusetts in the Am and bid Red power round up 2022 good by wallet lighter and truck loaded heavier. Again thank you Ohio we will be back to the next Red Oower in Ohio for sure. Dave
  5. Exactly when my mother passed away there was a line over a half mile long waiting to get into the funeral home to pay their respects. She was very well liked she was involved with childcare in town for 40 years and the scouts and different positions in the small town I grew up in. I remember the funeral home being upset because it was going so late.
  6. RESPECT it’s something that doesn’t seem to be taught anymore it’s all about self satisfaction for one’s self. It’s every where to the Dunkin’s drive through on every corner to the convenience store on ever other the I need it now same with the phone attached to everyone’s ear or fingers. One thing that drives me nut is listening to someone in the line at a store having a full on phone conversation not the oh it’s important I gotta get this step outa line to take care of call. The just lack of respect for anyone else’s thoughts or feelings for self gratification.
  7. Great photos Tony nice to meet you today I was the little guy in the Tan shirt on the end. What a great show as much as I walked around today I kept finding some stuff I hadn’t seen
  8. This one was sweet. I’m jealous
  9. Is everyone still meeting at Mikes trailer at 4 for a photo
  10. Yes I saw that too I have a set for one of our 450’s
  11. Pictures don’t do this justice although I think it will have a moat of drool surrounding it I know I left some
  12. Had a nice dinner with Jingles 1929 and his wife. He was nice enough to have a spot in his yard for us to park the trailer loaded with stuff so we didn’t have to drag it back and forth to the show each day and worry about it in the hotel parking lot. Loaded up a couple of weights in the truck and the trailer at the show today
  13. Made it to the show loaded up some iron
  14. That’s what I like I did get some really nice sharp cheddar in upstate New York at a nice little Menenite store a few years ago some nice 9 year old aged cheddar
  15. I like there seriously sharp or farmhouse reserve I didn’t know they made seriously sharp in yellow I’ve only ever seen it in shite cheddar
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