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  1. We have quite a few ducks but it the ones with the personalities that stand out Those ones get a little special attention more than the rest. Watermelon just started showing up in stores again so we bought one ‘this weekend and had some and hand fed the rest to the ducks they love it. Along with Cheerios for a treat too
  2. forwhldrv


    That’s good he will see those long days you put in mean something. When I was little I rode all around New England in a 76 R model Mack with dad hauling lumber and wood chips I loved going to all the places. Now I drive around a smaller area with only a single seat cab in the mixer I drive
  3. We used to free range the ducks and chickens out in the yard when home now they go out in a few big dog kennels when the weather isn’t nice and we have a few of those white electric fences that we can move around haven’t ever had to put power to them but it keeps em contained and out of the tree line keeping them in the field and under the big maple trees on the lawn. We have lost a few to foxes a few years ago. Now this spring the Eagles must figure fishing for Ducks on the lawn is easy I watched one swoop in the other day and hit a duck then perch in a tree waiting for another run at it the mean time I’m out driving the M across the field yelling at it. The other day one came in again low looking. We have a Aussie Shepard she’s a great hyper dog but never trained all the way for herding the ducks and chickens she is better trained at herding whatever you drop off the kitchen table A pair of geese is a good warning and alarm for predators or sex between the animals they seem to mostly be the breeding police.and this is more than I ever knew about ducks and chickens but I met a girl who raises them
  4. We use wood shavings they seem to play with straw. We started last year feeding ours food and water in the morning before food and water were in the coop it was a constant mess now the food and water outside all day when they come out of the coop and it seems to greatly reduce the mess in the house and the amount of cleaning. The only thing they get now in the house to eat is some Cheerios for a treat occasionally a few of them will. Eat out of your hand.
  5. Just think of all those people that got a check must be voting too.
  6. That’s to bad to happen to anyone never mind the cost to repair or replace. The fact that dirt work and asphalt is just really trying to get going this spring and now the trucks down for frame rails and whatever else never mind the clean up bill for oil and tow bill I’m sure an excavator was brought in to empty the body. Not great to see anyone loose a piece of equipment.
  7. I was surprised at how much traction this thing get it will run out of power before spinning a tire with all the weights on the back of it I’m almost worried I will break something in the Driveline along with loaded rears and 8 wheel weights it has this plate bolted under the rear on the back it does make getting on it easier and a nice spot to store my chain and put a chain saw
  8. We had a couple different Ford 3400 diesels one had a 4 speed with high and Low and another one that had 2 forward and 2 reverse with high and low they were both tough tractors I was looking for one when looking for a cheap loader tractor for around the farm here they come in quite a few configurations I don’t know if the gas are a 3 cylinder too
  9. That’s what we tried with this area last summer trying to improve it this summer and with all this springs rain and cold this is a part of the field is high and dry so no muddy mess. Yes the 600$ was a great deal o went looking at it for parts for one of my other tractors to make a loader tractor but was to nice and complete to part out
  10. Yes just cleaning up about 6-8’ of brush along the inside of it toward the field that’s where I want to put the sunflowers. Yes I paid 600$ for the tractor and the motor was stuck good tires and all power steering live hydraulics and loaded rear tires and 8 wheel weights
  11. Been wanting to clean up along some of these walls for a while had the neighbor we give chicken eggs to come down this morning with his little mahindra this morning he has a hoe on the back so I had him use the hoe to grub out some of the brush and small stumps. This afternoon I picked up most of the stuff with the 600$ SM I bought last summer I’m very impressed with the traction this tractor has it doesn’t spin a wheel. It will run out of power filling the bucket. I know it has more than enough weight in the rear. The power steering works great even with a full bucket. I am hoping to plant a few rows of Sweet corn and sunflowers inside the stone wall along the road coming to the farm for about 200 feet o think will look good in the summer we did about 100 feet of sunflowers last summer want to do more this year. We are planning on getting a few loads of manure to till in their spot once nice weather get here. The chickens like the sunflowers to eat
  12. A bunch of the farms around here belong to Agri Mart they have a plant in west Springfield Ma that I think makes Butter under Agi Mart or Cabot
  13. We were supposed to have a plow day today that got canceled due to Corona. Now looking out this morning it was almost a snow plow day
  14. Cabots where it’s at I went to the factory a few years ago and got a tour of it before the FDA shut down tours of the place came home with like 100$ with of cheese from the store there. We usually have a few blocks of Seriously Sharp or their farmers reserve in the Fridge at all times. When we go to Upstate Ny to visit family we always go to the Menenite store and buy a few blocks of the 9-12 year old aged cheddar cheese they have and a bunch of Cheese Curds. We really like our sharp cheddar at our house a nice cheese with a bite is good.
  15. Could it be a Lord Loader made by lord manufacturing
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