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  1. It's to put in his mouth so he doesn't squeal too loud when the other dude bends him over and raises the back of his skirt!?
  2. Do yo get charged with possession for each on or just for the gun!!!!
  3. I am still praying for good news!
  4. It would cause too many accidents among the onlookers. Can't get insurance! LOL
  5. Like a Jay Nielsen strength test!!!
  6. Sounds like a Forged in Fire test! "IT WILL KEEEEL!"
  7. Cool! i know where one similar is, but I don't know who built it.
  8. There, but for the Grace of God, go I with my daughter!!! Prayers sent.
  9. I know these are weld on but could they be adapted? https://www.hendersonmfgco.com/parts/parts_weld_on_sprocket_rims.htm
  10. After seeing that picture of the south end of Sandhiller's bull my mind was elsewhere!?
  11. Got to love Tannerite! I wonder how long before the liberals outlaw that???? I like to end my Schützenfests at the farm with a loud sendoff too! We usually let one of the youngsters do the honor. They love it!
  12. An apostrophe can make a big difference in meaning!! LOL
  13. I have one like that that I got at auction, along with a clamp for lifting steel plates. Good stuff. Fortunately I got a better deal at the auction! I blasted it and painted it and it is good for another 50 years! Hammertite paint works great on things like that.
  14. YRF, you will be one poop flinging MoFo! LOL! Looks good!
  15. OOFFF! Loaders! I had the fun of replacing the hoses that go to the TD9 loader on the one I used to have. All go to fittings up in an 12"x12" box at least a foot deep in the bottom of the loader frame up under the tractor! I had to cut and past a few large wrenches for that job!
  16. McMaster Carr is another source. One of the glue together o-ring kits may be an option too.
  17. English is Hector's second language but it is still a heck of a lot better than my French! He is a great guy to deal with. He will check to see if he still has it and get back with you.
  18. I took my seat out and rebuilt it. New bushings, seat, etc
  19. Check with General Gear. Look in the pinned post.
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