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  1. Sledge: i love seeing the pictures from your old catalogs! It is amazing the variety of thing that were made back then.. I have looked at an old IH catalogue, and there are things I have never heard of before, along with literally a hundred different varieties of plows and cultivators! I also looked in an old Klien Tool catalog and was amazed at how many specialty pliers they made!
  2. Keep that stack condom on there and everyone will be safe!! LOL!
  3. I took it in December when I was exposed. I tested positive but had no symptoms. Coincidence, maybe. I took it on Sunday and Wednesday after I was exposed and tested positive the following Saturday.
  4. You are right, so much for my reading comprehension! LOL
  5. Was the adapter made for dewalt? Why did you have to modify it?
  6. Prayer sent from virginia. How is he doing? Did he make it okay?
  7. Thanks Sledge. It is good to know the weight. It is big enough and good enough for anything I'll ever do with it! Of course I don't do anything close to what you do.
  8. Here is my Peter Wright. It even says "Solid Wrought"
  9. I quit watching the news entirely last April! My blood pressure went down about the same time! Coincidence??
  10. Have you checked with Agri supply?
  11. Hytran is 10 weight with additives I believe.
  12. He is risen indeed! Just got back from an outside service and Easter lunch.
  13. Brings to mind the old saying of herding cats!
  14. 22 shorts work well on them in the live traps. Just stick the barrel through the mesh and give them one through the head.
  15. Muffler looks right and is more user friendly!
  16. We used to have Martin's where I live but about 15 or 20 years ago they stopped coming back. Haven't seen them since. Don't know what happened.
  17. Nothing like a good dog to bring out the best in all of us!
  18. Go ahead and pick up that 175c from Buddy and you'll be able to move it.
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