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  1. 5088 fan shaft attachment

    Well I got it fixed today. Water pump and bearing seamed fine. I did need to get a new bushing since I lost the old one when the bolt broke. This time I had to take other bushing off to get in there easier. I noticed that there was a little wear on the inside of the old bushing. I could wiggle the bolt in the old bushing maybe a 1/16". So I'm guessing that with the slop in the bushing when I rapped the engine up things were just right and the bolt went. 99% of the break was fresh, but I think there was just a tick off fracture there from the slop. Anyway, the bushing was $14, or $26 from international. Only dealership that had it was 2 1/2 hours away. Thinking I'm going to have machine shop make 2 more!
  2. 5088 fan shaft attachment

    Can't open the attachment with my phone, but yes those are the bolts. I understand the idea of the water pump. Yet the first time I broke that bolt was easily before 2012. Probably closer to 2010 or so. If it was an issue with the water pump, wouldn't it of failed by now? I probably average 250-300 hours a year on it. Plus I'm pretty confident it's the same bolt. I replace with a gold colored grade 8 and the other is black like everything else.
  3. 5088 fan shaft attachment

    I've had my 5088 for 11 years now. Shortly after I bought it, the bolt that goes through the bushings to attach the fan shaft and pully broke off. Used an easy out and replaced with a grade 8 bolt. Another time it got loose I think. I was able to tighten it up. Yesterday I rapped it up to run the bale processor and fresh clean break. I think it's the same bolt. Is it a special bolt? Lost the bushing this time. I just had welding shop cut me a new one. Just a PITA. Had 3 of 5 bales fed. Then we have 30 mph winds today with a balmy 19° & of course it didn't happen behind the trees. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Craigslist Voicemail

    Ya, thats kinda what I figured. Didn't make any sense. Thanks.
  5. Craigslist Voicemail

    So I got an add on several CL pages. Under the contact area, I put down to call or text with my number. Im pretty sure that someone can email me if they want. So a while back, and again today I got a text message..."You receive 2 voicemail on craigslist, to listen to them use : www.etc" First time I was like bs. Well, this time I did click on the link. My phone says its default settings are set to not install unknown apps from this source. Which if my phone number is listed in the add, why would a person get a text from CL stating that I have a voicemail. Trying to find pasture to rent and getting nervous, thats why I thought about trying to open it up. Just curious if this is a legit thing, or like I think some way to hack.
  6. Heritability of phenotype

    See this had some views. Thought Id link the threads where I got more discussion.
  7. I know this is more of a tractor/equipment related site. I know there are others on here too with livestock. I posted the post below on several livestock sites I use to frequante. Just thought Id see what you guys thought. Well its bull buying season, and Im browsing the catalogs. The general rule of thumb is to buy a bull that looks awesome. Which I get. I think its also the traditional thought process. We would shop for looks cause thats all we had before we had "data". So I have often wondered how important is phenotype. I like to buy say the bottom end of a flush brother. Say 3 out of a flush. The top 2 might be $7-8000 then Ill buy the 3rd one will be $3K for example. So thats what Id buy. I do ai, but you can pick a good bull as easily as a bad one with ai.So I had pasture this summer next to a kid who bought some bred heifers from his boss. They have AIed for years. Genetics come from the cow as much as the bull. They also spend good money on bulls, and he puts phenotype ahead of numbers. Ive bought heifers from him as well. They have good cattle. Well I watched this kids pairs across the fence when Id go to check my cows. Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Over the summer I had kinda convinced myself that I need to pay more attention to phenotype and maybe spend more on bulls. One person told me that flush brothers are like your own siblings...DNA is all the same, but everyone looks different. Then I got to thinking about Final Answer 2. IMHO, IDK if Final Answer or N Bar EXT were a phenotypical stand outs. Yet their clones are so ugly, they cant post a picture of them in the catalog! So I guess my question is how heritable is phenotype? Yes, it transmits down. Yes, you need to buy more than just a pair to make a calf. How much of a premium do you spend on looks vs. numbers or carcass data? Ive never felt the need to compete against the neighbors for sexiest bull contest. Feed creates bucket muscle and inturpulates EPD's/carcass data. I guess after watching my neighbors cattle and knowing it comes from the bull and the cow....I had kinda convinced myself that I need to be looking for a front end bull instead of trying to buy a sleeper thats a bargin but still respectable. After thinking about the previous paragraph, Im starting to question my logic.
  8. Down Corn

    Agwest feed in burwell Nebraska sells a mineral that works well to prevent founder on down corn. Guessing it's a bunch of sodium bicarbonate in the mineral, but don't know. I've never used it. Have heard of people that have used it successfully. My feed man didn't endorce it, but says it'll get the job done if needed. If you do talk with ag west have plenty of time. He could sell snow to a snow fence.
  9. Hot shot secrete fuel/oil additive

    My concern with switching is availability. Ive heard a wee bit about cavation/electrolsis on a 6.0. If egr is gone, is antifreeze flow through oil cooler that big of an issue?
  10. Farm subsidy programs

    That makes logical sense, but you'll never get anyone to go along to produce less. Yup you shoot yourself in the foot aiming for higher yields, but you have to out grow your expenses.
  11. Farm subsidy programs

    Well that's how the AIP's (approved insurance providers, insurance companies)spin it. Ya, in a disaster disaster I suppose there wouldn't be enough to go around. I'm an adjuster. When we get a claim we have to set a reserve weather it hasn't been worked yet or deferred. So they take money out of what's invested to cover pending indemnity (loss). The AIP's also have reinsurance. Which they carry for catastrophic events. IMHO it's not subsidised incase of a catastrophe, but the farmer wouldn't be able to afford the premium without it. Personally I think other imputs would have to and would adjust if crop insurance wasn't subsidised. Plus you take production hail, that type of policy even though expensive pays like a slots machine. The point of insurance is to make you whole after a loss. Not help you to be profitable. Here's what kinda burns me. A fellow adjuster told me this, so strictly going off his information. AIP's can tell RMA (risk management agency, government) which policies they want the risk in and how much. They can insure a farmer. Take the liability of the good ground and tell RMA we don't want to be responsible for the indemnity on the farmers high risk ground. Which in some areas, there's not much if any high risk. Other places there's a lot of high risk. Which is where most of the losses are. Yup, we are paying for that, not rain and hail or NAU!
  12. Hot shot secrete fuel/oil additive

    Well blew radiator yesterday! Going to switch to red extended life coolant. Talked to my nephew who works at a Mack dealership. He said they is to use CAT. Said it's so overpriced there dealership sell something else. So is this like debating hytran vs hydraulic oil?
  13. Farm subsidy programs

    I agree on it being a niche market. Just saying things come and go.
  14. Farm subsidy programs

    On the Facebook page one person commented the only time he made money was 2012. They get more per bushel. Some do an excellent job. Others you can't tell if it's beans or pig weed. I think it's like any other get rich quick fad, everyone but the producer makes money. Like organic for instance you have to be certified with a plan, certain seed, special fertilizer, etc. Doin crop insurance you see more bad than good. I think most of those would be more profitable using round up. I guess it kinda rubbed me that we have to help them with a grant when they're getting a $4 premium per bushel. If they yield half as much that's their problem. Mostly due to poor management practice, or not knowing how to farm. So why do we have to subsidise an ignorant farmer? Why do we subsidise any farmer?
  15. Farm subsidy programs

    So I posted a topic on a Facebook forum that delt with harvest price on MPCI crop insurance. I gave the conventional and organic prices. I don't think most ag operators like the government messing around in their business. Thing is the row crop man is so used to now ARC or PLC, subsidised crop insurance premiums, young farmer loans, etc that I think most just assume it's free money. If I don't take it somebody else will. Which is true, but does all of this stuff need to be subsidised? So in discussing some aspects of organic farming the other person mentioned that there's a grant to help pay for certification. Which there's a difference between subsidy and grant. My point is, isn't the whole reason organic has a higher price is because it's a more expensive crop to raise? Unless there's a natural disaster livestock guys don't get in FSA pocket that bad. I'm not like some that will complain and moan about farm programs. Seriously though I thought a grant for the certification was BS