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  1. Yes, there's lots of it in there. I took the gas pump and tried to prime/lubricate it up by forcing it threw in the opposite direction (took filter off). It spit the gas back out in spurts. Never primed. Doesn't even blow air out. The oring between the plate and the pump is pretty old too. I never thought to see which direction it was turning. Only one way to put the spider (center thing....not exactly sure what you'd call it) on. Veins aren't spring loaded.
  2. No, I put it in the tank myself
  3. They weren't stuck. Took the plate off, and a spring made it all fall apart easily. The veins are loose in the "rotar".
  4. Well it was tore apart, and put back together by someone else. So maybe the springs are missing? I thought that looked a little bit off. Also agree on it being a pain to put together.
  5. Are the veins supposed to be spring loaded? I've never seen one apart before
  6. Looks correct to me, as far as I can tell
  7. That very well could be possible!
  8. Yes, my mistake. When I was here earlier I thought that whole deal was the electric motor. I was in a hurry when I took the pics earlier.
  9. Kinda what I'm wondering. If it's a PITA I might put this on an auction and get a new one.....if I can find what I want.
  10. Well that's all there is. I took pictures of all there is, as far as I can see. Electric motor, meter, and first and second picture show a square box which the suction pipe threads into if I remember correctly. I've got a yellow fill rite and I think it's a vane pump. Really not much much more to it either...I think rotary vain on the side of the electric motor? I'd have to look. KInda why I posted the question with pictures. I'm not exactly sure where the pump is on this unit.
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