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  1. Two neighbors had or have them. One still does. A few very minor electrical issues. They had more issues on their STX 325 that they traded off this year. Their main problem with the MXU is their is a sock on the end of the hose in the bottom of the fuel tank. Every year first cold snap, no matter how they treated their fuel, that sock would get plugged up. Otherwise I don't think it has been a major PITA. They got a MXM 155 pro few years latter. 2 years ago, they did get a brand new JD loader tractor. Their JD people mostly. Another neighbor bought one at the same time. Not sure if he had a lot of little issues or not, but one day he was driving it down the highway and the transmission just locked up. Tractor slid to a stop. He traded it off for a McCormik. Know another person thats pretty fussy. That person had a MXU and a McCormick. Not sure on model numbers. They thought the MXU was more reliable than the McCormick! Couple years latter I heard that he was considering a JD. Ya, they weren't the greatest. You get much newer, and theres so much electrical and other crap Im not very excited about buying one. The old MX series I don't see on the market very often. An MX 135 is online auction right now for $32,750, but Im sure its going to go out of my range.
  2. Hey there. I went to an estate auction today. There was a MXU 135 with CIH loader and grapple 5800 hours. I don't have a serial number. Must of sat outside some. Still looked decent. Pretty fair crowd and all. Im guessing this guy was second owner. $33,000. Several jockys present and one guy who has some money bid on it a couple times. Guess I thought that was very reasonable. I know these tractors aren't what the MX 135 was. Id like to update loader tractors some day, and looking at something like this. I had figured it would have went at least $60K+. So never really thought much about it. With the crowd today, if it was a steal I would have thought that the jockys would have bid some. Trying to educate myself on what Im missing.
  3. Amo

    Radio doesn't work

    Thanks for the bump. I'm 41, but don't have an 8 track! So not sure if it works or not. Just use for chores this time of year....hour a day. Hasn't been a priority. Took top of cab off yesterday and didn't see much. Didn't spend a lot of time looking cause wasn't sure to look for other than an in line fuse.
  4. Got a 5088 with factory 8 track radio. Had to use boost one day this winter to start the tractor. Radio hasn't worked since. I think all fuses are good under steering wheel. Blower motor, wippers, etc work....just no tunes. Did I fry the radio?
  5. I won't argue with you RKO. It's gotta be paid somehow. Nebraska shouldn't have to pay for it either.
  6. Well the legislature passed a bill for Gage county to increase sales tax to pay for settlement. Governor "can't raise taxes" Rickets vetoed it. Which I guess I understand that, but holy Jesus, Mary, and Joseph I wouldn't want to own any Gage county land! Like I read on Facebook, if your under 52 you didn't vote for or against the county officials, yet those under 52 are the vast majority who will pay for this f*** up. What a mess.
  7. Well on national holidays and a full moon. There's definitely some people who shouldn't, or be educated how to do things. Couple of girls were on the side of the road with a flat and a late 80s Chevy car. They had the bumper jack out and had it on the fender well of the flat tire. Yes I helped them out. The donut was kinda an insult, but I guess I understand that. Mom bought an edge this summer. Looked at a Cherokee, and that's when I noticed the the air compressor. There was a place for a tire, just didn't include it. They spend so much time on gadgets and gizzmos, which is great. Then get cheap on the basics.
  8. Yuppers. Cook my meals over an open flame that I started with 2 sticks!
  9. Yeah that's what the service station guy and I were talking about. Mopar just gives you an air compressor and a can of Fix-A-Flat on one you to figure you'll just pump it up and get to the closest station. What happens if it goes off the bead? You can tear it up then. Heck I'm 8 miles from a town at 268 people and it's 30 miles to get to anything that's above 2000! AAA don't come out that far ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Yuppers....and even a 50ยข funnel! Guess I should have asked, but salesman could have showed me too. Actually that's kinda a nice location so once all the bolts are undone it can bounce around back there instead of the floor. Thanks again!
  11. I got a super cab. Thought about Google after my last post. My floor is flat though. I'll have to do some research tonight. I'm more mad now than I was this morning I think. Thanks for your help.
  12. Can you be more specific? I'm in a hurry right now, but quickly looked in the back. I sure don't see any pannels. Do you have to remove the carpet? I'm up and running thanks to my floor jack. Good Lord what do you do on the interstate on Christmas Eve and the turkey is already cold. Mother Ford might get a letter from me for their stupidest idea ever. This is dumber than the 6.0 Diesel imho
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