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  1. Oh......a blonde moment. I replaced the starter a while back. One wire wasn't hooked up on the starter..........ya Im beating my head against the wall!
  2. Got it figured out. Thanks
  3. The volt guage is normally in the green. It was clear over to the left. OK, there are 2 wires that come out of the harness. One is black...I think, and the other is yellow. The yellow wire goes into a plug. I checked the ground on my test light on the positive post of the battery. Light the test light up bright. When I touch the yellow wire on the plug that would come from the starter, it lights up but not very bright....or dim. Thats a spade connector that plugs into the alternator. The other side of the spade conncetor goes up to a little post on the back side of the alternator. We cut the black wire off years ago when we put the spade connector deal on.
  4. I wondered if a low battery would have enough juice to excite the alternator. Im pretty sure its a delco. Get them from Torco out of South Sioux City IA. The one that was on there I think was a 75 amp......red band. This is a black band, so its 100 i think. Last night I grabbed a battery from another tractor to keep baling. Didn't have enough juice to accuate the net wrap. I was trying to beat a rain storm with lightning and having baler issues....fresh battery to keep the monitor running. For what ever reason I had monitor issues....different story. When I was done, I forgot to shut off the key. Tractor started right up this morning. Dealer called after I posted this. We figured it originated from the starter. Dealer mentioned the resistor and some connection box??? Ill look and see if the resistor has been bypassed.
  5. Put on a new alternator yesterday, thinking that's what my problem was. Amp guage shows no charging and I didn't have enough power to run the netwrap stuff on the baler. With key on, the big wire coming out of the harness is hot, but pretty dim. I'd think that'd be enough to energize the alternator 🤔? Anyway my mechanic says that's my problem, but we're not sure where the power comes from for that wire. He's worked on a lot of 560-86 series. Not many 88 series. He thought starter. Looks like all the wires on the starter are good and tight. Any ideas? I'm not an electrical man!
  6. Amo

    Tractor chains

    Ya, I think they were old truck tire chains.
  7. Amo

    A/C temp control

    Never thought about the thing being stuck open that let's outside air in vs recirculating
  8. Amo

    A/C temp control

    It's on the left edge of the evaporator pic. There's like a #9 wire looking thing on the left edge of the evaporator pic. It's stuck down through the fins of the evaporator.
  9. Amo

    Tractor chains

    Cleaning up and found a set of tractor tire chains. 14" wide and roughly 9' long. What size would they fit? I'm thinking they came off a little Ford tractor or something like that.
  10. Amo

    A/C temp control

    Radiator is clean
  11. Amo

    A/C temp control

    Ok here's what I got. The evaporator is the radiator thing, right? Yes, the lines are shut off from the radiator
  12. Amo

    A/C temp control

    I have a piece of foam insulation over the top of everything. I don't think there's ever been any other "insulation" up there. Just the foam thing that I replaced with Styrofoam insulation underneath the access panel from the top.
  13. Amo

    A/C temp control

    I have freon added every year. It'll be low, but not bad. I know the 85/88 series isn't known for its cooling ability. It has worked well years ago. Just curious if the tempature knob ever goes bad. I'll go to turn it down in the evening and it never changes. I just have to turn the blower knob on and off. Yet during the heat of the day, it barely cuts it and a lot of times it doesn't cut it. Thinking even though I can turn the knob that something isn't adjusting like it should. I asked my when he was adding freon and he said no, but I'm not sure he understood my question either.
  14. Amo

    Blower fan cab switch

    Interesting. I'll keep that in mind. They are noisy.
  15. Amo

    Blower fan cab switch

    I think I just found a bad connection
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