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  1. Thanks....I'm a Ford guy. I thought that age of Chevy was pretty decent. Anything else I should be aware about? 225K with 25K on new engine.
  2. Looking at an older Chevy pickup. It's a 1994. I think it's the newer ones where an internal pump gets unmounted and rubs a hole through the transfer case from the inside out?
  3. 2 1/2 hours west of Sioux City Iowa
  4. Exiss, Sooner, and one other brand are all made by the same place I do believe. I think they're alright. Supposedly featherlight went back up on quality? Thats what the dealer here says about them. So many choices aluminum....Wilson, Merritt, Eliete, Barrett, Duralite, on and on. Same way with steel. Unless there a complete POS, they hold their value for the most part. Guess on the Pacesetter, I was curious if anyone could comment on their construction vs say a Titan or something? Fairly reasonable price compared to say a Titan or something.
  5. Found a pacesetter stock trailer for sale that's a ways away. I know nothing about them. What's your thoughts? TIA
  6. Amo

    Gotta vent

    Ya, that would explain the wife all right.....wowzers.
  7. Guess IDK any of the details either, except they were heading to Wyoming. Why in the world, with this kinda storm would you take off to fly into it? Ya, I spose they could have dropped south into NE and went west, but it was pretty crappy down here to. Panhandle was really bad.
  8. Yuppers. Forgot I asked that on here.
  9. Head gasket was right, but I know what you mean. Rocker arms came apart, and the blocks were in the wrong location for the oil passages. Ihad them take the pan off and check for filings down there, even though he was sure there wouldn't be. There wasn't. IDK why I didn't question the valves. Guess I have a new head again. Just not very happy with the $967 it cost me, but that's life.
  10. Thanks for the thumbs up. The owner of the shop has worked on hundreds of 282's. The head gasket went out last spring on it. Just replaced the gasket. Well the rocker arms got disasmebled and not put back in the right order. So after about 100 hours, I took it back in and it was making a funny noise. Top of the head was getting no oil. Main mechaninc said, I got a use rocker assembly, Ill give you that and eat the labor. Well, the head had just been done a while back. Maybe 1500 hours on new valves, guides, etc. Well, had to replace the valves again. Guessing no oil had something to do with that. So, I was just double checking. There both good guys and crap happens. Last time when it wasn't getting oil, "oh everything should be ok...just replace the rocker arms"....well the valves were shot. Since it was a screw up again...thought Id make sure. Thanks
  11. OK, so my 656 is getting overhauled since one of the sleeves dropped. I was in the guys shop the other day, bringing back the head from machine shop. He has a kid (that has gone to college) working for him. Guess one of the sleeves was stuck. So they ran several beads inside the sleeve to get it out. One time they melted through into the block. Which yes, its a dry sleeve engine. So as long as its smooth enough to slide the new sleeve in, in theaory it should be fine, they say. Which I would agree...just wanting to make sure though.
  12. Sure you can buy a used one. There are good ones out there yet. I was going to do that until I stumbled on to HTP. They are a bigger player in the smaller welders for autobody. They do make the big ones. Yes, they are a foreign made welder. Big parts wear house in Ohio I think. It is a TAP machine, so you cant just set your amps, you just have settings. If you use to a Lincoln, you will know what to do. I think a "2500" type machine is like $1650. 4 drive metal feed rollers. Its a very good value with good quality. 90 day trial, money back garuntee. I had mine for 2 days and blew a circut board. Im not good with electrical, but a friend is. He came over and over the phone the customer service had him check 3 things with a volt meter. 4 days later I had the circut board. They mail out most of their stuff. They will even mail you wire. Cheapest wire I have been able to find and its good quality. You can skip and stich, and lots of other stuff. Myself and two friends have them and are completely satisfied. If they are out of stock in Ohio, you might have to wait for the next shipment to come over from Europe. Usually that isn't to long. The one draw back is it will tell you how many amps you are using, but only while your welding....which is kinda dumb I think .https://www.usaweld.com/MIG-2400-Welding-Package-p/602400-24.htm https://www.usaweld.com/Steel-Wire-s/53.htm
  13. So the lever is an after market product? I know i could make one too. Just asking.
  14. I've been wondering about this in the beef world too. Im a member of Farm Bureau. Its been a hot topic of discussion. Lots of the ag groups are trying to differentiate, but to scared to call it "fake"....don't want to offend.🙁 There's some truth to overproduction. With that being said, with more population/urban sprawl there's less resources to feed more people. A happy medium wouldn't hurt....Ill agree to that!
  15. It blew a gasket about 4 years ago. No problems before that or until last year. Not sure if mechanic missed the dropped sleeve last year or what. I understand what your saying though.
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