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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate your thoughts. I don’t have anything invested in this oil and was planning to use it as chain oil but I may use it in equipment that get oil changes through burning it😆 I still may send off a sample out of curiosity.
  2. I guess the only sure way to know is to send off a sample. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to send it?
  3. Will it’s lubricating abilities change at all with age?
  4. I was recently given a new unopened drum of delo 400 15w40. It has a mfg date of 2008. Is it still ok to use or should I just oil chains with it?
  5. I had the same thing happen in an 02 Yukon. Shaft broke and replaced with reman pump. Broke reman shaft almost immediately. Installed reman steering gear box along with another pump and no issue since. Not sure if The pump was defective or the gear box played into it. Frustrating either way.
  6. What would cause low governor pressure?
  7. I pulled the governor filter and it was clean. Should I pull the governor and take a look or would I be able to see anything wrong or broken?
  8. I have a 2000 IH 4700 truck with a dt466 and mt643 auto trans that’s not shifting right. It shifts smooth up to 3rd gear then goes into 4th and right back down to 3rd and keeps jumping back and forth until I let off the throttle. Any Ideas?
  9. I have picked up many bales with 1032 wagons. Definitely don’t work as well on hilly ground. There are adjustments for bale length. Light bales can be finicky but not bad. Make sure to check linkages for wear and frame for cracks. If your barns are set up for them and you don’t have a super long haul they work really well.
  10. KyIH

    Cargo trailers

    I understand the increase in pricing, but where is all the increase in orders coming from? Speculation from dealers?
  11. KyIH

    Cargo trailers

    I can’t even find one anywhere to price new or used. They can order one but can’t guarantee pricing or delivery.
  12. I have been looking for a 16 foot cargo trailer for about a month with no luck. Every dealer I talk to has the same story. No inventory, should be getting some, don’t know when and can’t give any pricing due to mfg price increases. Are they just not making them? Can anyone give me some insight into this or sell me a cargo trailer?
  13. Have been running a 1155 for a few year now. Not a bad tractor but not a fan of the v8. It runs good but is loud and no powerhouse. Cab is pretty good for its age.
  14. Wow, way to be inviting to a new member. Welcome to the forum! Sounds like a great project. There are lots of good people on here that will give you some ideas. I’ll be following.
  15. It is gas. I have run several gallons through it so I feel pretty sure it is clean. I was thinking of putting a head gasket on it but don’t know if that would help or not. Is there anything I can put in the oil or through the carb to see if it will clear up? If that doesn’t work I’ll have to dig a little deeper. What is a good compression number on these motors?
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