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  1. Wow, way to be inviting to a new member. Welcome to the forum! Sounds like a great project. There are lots of good people on here that will give you some ideas. I’ll be following.
  2. It is gas. I have run several gallons through it so I feel pretty sure it is clean. I was thinking of putting a head gasket on it but don’t know if that would help or not. Is there anything I can put in the oil or through the carb to see if it will clear up? If that doesn’t work I’ll have to dig a little deeper. What is a good compression number on these motors?
  3. It gets a little weak and seems to spark knock after it has warmed up. Head gasket?
  4. I have a flat head 4 cylinder continental in a hyster forklift that I need help troubleshooting. It barely ran when I bought it but after a tune up and a carb rebuild it starts and runs pretty good. The problem is it smokes. It doesn’t burn any oil. Compression is about 120 on all cylinders. Any ideas?
  5. KyIH

    Fuel tank restore

    I know this question has been asked before about refreshing 86 series fuel tanks. Eastwood company has black trim paint but I don’t know how that would hold up on a fuel tank.
  6. I have been using ConocoPhillips power Tran for a while now and have been very happy. Talked to supplier yesterday current price is about 435 for 55 gallon but said all products are having a 12% price increase in February. Can’t say I didn’t see that coming. Stock up!
  7. Any good products to use on a very weathered plastic fuel tank? I know it was black at one time but now it is gray.
  8. KyIH

    Pto detent

    Ok thanks. My cable is connected under the seat but I assume the adjustment is the same.
  9. KyIH

    Pto detent

    When engaging the pto lever on my 5220 it wants to fall back into the off position. I have not had it disengage while running. Is there any adjustment I can make to to the lever or cable or is there a internal detent?
  10. KyIH

    Cab stands

    It’s not going! As stated before, I have measured exactly 1/2 inch all the way around the housing and the top shaft is just starting. Could something else have moved?
  11. KyIH

    Cab stands

    I got a broken snap ring in mfd coupler. I’ll update when I get that and give another go at it. Thanks for the support. I haven’t been this frustrated with one in a while. Nothin a little bourbon won’t fix!
  12. KyIH

    Cab stands

    Still won’t go. I got it 1/2 inch all the way around and it just stops. How far does the top shaft go in? It is just starting in at 1/2 inch
  13. KyIH

    Cab stands

    The top shaft does not seem to want to line up no matter how much I turn it. I’m going to roll it back apart and look things over again.
  14. KyIH

    Cab stands

    I’m within 1/2 inch of having it together and it just stops. Any thoughts?
  15. KyIH

    Cab stands

    The sealant says to use a activator spray on one housing surface. Can it be used without the activator?
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