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  1. Taken somewhere over the North Atlantic on the way to Europe a few years ago.
  2. Steel arch! We put up a 47x80 twenty or so years ago. Been great.
  3. Something else to consider might be the starter ring gear on the larger diameter flywheel.
  4. I saw it there in the Fall of 1987. Also remember some farmers driving around in the reflecting pool with their tractors at the time.
  5. A Northern phenomenon…..sundogs. Colder weather on the way!
  6. I vote for the first picture based on my 1944 H.
  7. All States Ag Parts lists a 400 carburetor in their catalog.
  8. They look like the ball end joints that adjust the sieves on my 2366.
  9. Could be a little piece of crud floating in the needle and seat area that got dislodged during the surgery. Good luck!
  10. My Dad was very talented and made several homemade toys for us kids. One of my favorites that he made was a toy version of his forney welder. I think I “burned” many pounds of tinker toy welding rods with it. Dad has been gone almost 30 years now and I really cherish these memories.
  11. Those are pretty simple carburetors to work on. I have had good luck getting kits from Mikes carburetors. I think they are in Washington. Just google it. Good luck.
  12. Yes! Dad would buck hay in the mornings when it was a little dewey and tough, start several stacks and surround them with buck bunches and then my brother and I would level and tramp the hay down while trying to keep the sides straight. The bunches came up pretty fast and it was hard work. Then we got a ride down in the loader basket….no osha in those days! Dad did custom haystack moving too in those days.
  13. Here is a picture of the rotating control. Back to tilt back, forward to raise, in to tilt forward and out to lower. When you get real good you can gently tilt the bucket forward while raising the loader to keep the bucket level. I always thought if you wired a paint brush to the end of the bucket, my dad could have painted buildings with his F10. Thanks for posting the literature!
  14. Dad was 11 when he went to the barn to tell my grandfather about the attack on Pearl. He said grandfather leaned his head against the cow he was milking and heaved a heavy sigh. Then he told dad “I’m thinking about all of the young men that are going to die before this is over.” Grandfather was drafted into the army in 1918, but never made it out of the country for WW1. That quote sticks with me. The Arizona memorial is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made and how terrible war is. You would think mankind would learn…..
  15. I am no help on the axle mounted loader either, but have heard talk about a hay bucker that only pushed bucked hay into something called an overshot stacker. Maybe they were axle mounted? I too am the owner of a couple of F10 farmhand loaders. One is mounted on my grandfathers 1944 H that he bought new during the war. The loader was ordered in the “wide” configuration as it was originally intended to be mounted on grandfathers F20. My dad told me that they discovered the H was not a replacement for a F20 as a field tractor. Grandpas farmhand has a serial tag labeled “Superior threshing machine company”. Must have been the forerunner of the farmhand company of Minneapolis, MN.
  16. Jensales has manuals.
  17. As Jeff said, I am not sure a 40 or 60 series will work with 4 row narrow because of axle width. A 4 row wide makes a 1640 run on corn rows. Good luck.
  18. I like cotton gloves named green ape. Heavier than yellow fuzzies and last longer too. I don’t remember where I got the last dozen…ordered on line somewhere.
  19. I always thought cracking all around the bead like that was caused by running under-inflated.
  20. Try Dakota Windmill 605.238.5110
  21. Might be a separate pump and reservoir under the left front of the hood? At least that is where my 400’s is. PS runs off a belt driven Eaton pump.
  22. axial_al

    C engine

    Couldn’t you put the super c sleeves in a 113 block to make it 123?
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