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  1. Would you be able to take a picture of the page of parts book with that in it. Please thank you
  2. Thank you absent minded farmer.
  3. Hey thanks farmall57 that’s a start. It would be nice to find out what it fits and a new home.
  4. No help to your question but we can get allis chalmers and new idea parts from the depot. I use them all the time to help guys get parts.
  5. Bump any one have old book with this number in it.
  6. Thank you. We still have some red on the farm
  7. Cool loads of orange. Thanks for sharing. Wonder what the story is
  8. Welcome. I’m a newbie too
  9. Thanks that’s what I was thinking to. Thought maybe someone might have a book that would have that part number in it. thanks again
  10. First off. I’m new and Want to say hello to everyone. Our family started farming around 1911 with international harvester farm equipment, trucks and milking machines. My grandfather had a gas station, body shop and sold willys cars then allis chalmers and new idea. But every once in awhile we find IH stuff. dad found this plate and to me looks like a baler knife and bushing Part number on the plate is IH495458RI. any help would be appreciated thanks
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