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  1. Am I the only one here who grew up in a family where Mom's job was taking care of the house and kids? Not trying to start anything, my wife works from home (daycare, don’t get me started on that!) but I don’t know of too many families anymore that live on one income. Different times.
  2. Well, Anson, if you take me up on that ride to Grand Island for Red Power Roundup that I offered you, you’ll find that we bullhaulers enjoy a comfortable ride. My Petercar isn’t a Cadillac but I’m guessing it rides better than Jeff’s grass rigs (Jeff would know, he runs a Petercar at night).
  3. I think you meant almond juice, I’ve personally never seen an almond with an udder! Now nuts with mammaries, that’s a whole different subject
  4. Looking for some ideas. I have an Alloway flail shredder (3 section folding model) that has 3 lift cylinders. Without tracing hoses, I’m assuming it’s a phased cylinder setup since there is only a stop on one of the cylinders. My son was running it a couple days ago and one wing wouldn’t go down. The drive belt shredded later so it’s parked for now, but I want it ready to go. Yesterday it wouldn’t raise more than about 1/4 of the distance it should. I lowered it (pressure down), 2 sections went all the way down, the one wing didn’t move. I cracked open the fitting on that cylinder to bleed oil out, got the cylinder completely retracted. Now the wings will raise and lower evenly but the center section raises about halfway then stops moving. What’s my next step? Crack a line on the center cylinder to get it to raise? I’m afraid if I do that I’ll get more air in the system again. I’ll welcome comments and ideas. Thanks
  5. I had an appointment with my oncologist a week ago. Based on where my blood test numbers are, she told me I can stop taking the chemo pills if I want to. Since I have zero side effects, we decided it makes sense for me to stay on them for another six months and reevaluate then. Thanks for asking.
  6. I would like to put a splitteron my mini excavator. Mechanical clamp using the bucket curl cylinder and put a splitting wedge on the hydraulic thumb?
  7. Algae in your storage tank will cause the same issues, the filters are black but usually sort of slimy. Maybe you have eliminated that possibility already.
  8. I think I may have figured out at least part of your issue, @Solocam8925 In reading through your posts, you keep saying the problem starts after you use your fog lights for awhile. If it is actually foggy, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are using fog lights to chase away the dark, they will overheat without the fog to keep them cool, and draw excess voltage. If your chasing away dark, you should be using work lights (sometimes called field lights). They will do a better job and don’t require fog for cooling.
  9. If you can afford to put gas in an 856, what’s a little truckin’ stopping you for? 😂
  10. According to TractorData.com the 1468 was rated at 161 hp and the 1568 was rated at 167 hp. For comparison, they have the 1466 as being rated at 147 hp and the 1566 at 168 hp. Unfortunately I couldn’t find torque ratings, I think they would tell a different story than horsepower ratings.
  11. And works when the power is out
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