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  1. Bought it to fix. Had a small electrical fire under the cab, insurance co totaled it out
  2. MX200 with the cab off, setting behind it, on a 32 ft gooseneck behind my ‘99 F350. Grossed 40K before we set the cab on the trailer. Hauled it home from Aberdeen SD, about 270 miles. At night, of course.
  3. I’m betting you gotta ask for AmazonPay or PayPal 😂
  4. Of course, it’s the same NYC that fills a reefer with bodies every week from murders. Oh, wait, was that Chicago? Don’t matter, they’re both communist camps.
  5. Do you know what hospitals are getting paid over this COVID b.s.? This comes from a phone conversation I had with an insurance guy, so I don’t have a source to quote, they are getting paid $16,000 per hour per ICU bed!!! 10 ICU beds means $3,840,000 per day!!! No wonder ICU’s have been full for the last year.
  6. Wow, calling him a ho just because he drives his tractor upside down? Kinda ruff there Seth
  7. FWIW, I think joint pain is part of the virus’ side effects. I had it (the virus) about a month ago, biggest complaint was I woke up every night from my hips aching. I still have a little bit of a cough. Within 48 hrs of taking ivermectin my hip pain was gone and my senses of taste and smell were back.
  8. I found this video on YouTube, the guy walks around his tractor quite a bit, maybe you can see what you’re looking for?
  9. Happy birthday to all those celebrating. Sorry I’m late, I’m still finishing Thursday.
  10. As Rush Limbaugh always said, if the world was going to end tomorrow, the New York Times headline would read “World to end tomorrow—women, children, and minorities hardest hit!”
  11. Yes, you are right, but there are many days when I swear the only reason I own a battery powered grease gun is to more efficiently spread grease on my hands and clothes.
  12. ihrondiesel


    Remember “pink slime”, anyone? Maybe NBC could do a similar story on “laboratory slime” to drive down the profitability of fake meat. Oh, ha ha ha, who am I kidding!
  13. Well, they pushed the dang button and the door didn’t open, what the heck do you expect?
  14. Ok, that makes sense to me, trying to measure the amount of play in the axle bearings. Thanks much!
  15. Can you expound on this for my simple untrained mind? I’ve seen it discussed on the forum here but I’m a self-taught mechanic, haven’t got to that lesson yet.
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