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  1. My wife wanted more, she likes having babies around. She started doing daycare at home before our last two were born, I convinced her that sending babies home at the end of the day wasn’t so bad. But she still says she wouldn’t mind having a couple more.
  2. I definitely married up 😃
  3. The oldest was stillborn, so these are the oldest of the six we took home. Ethan and his older sister Kendra 😇 were born 11 months apart.
  4. Not just when they were little, we had 7 in 10 1/2 years.
  5. My three oldest dressed up for homecoming at their high school. Left to right, Tyrell is a junior, Ethan is a senior, Cassidy is a sophomore.
  6. Thought that was supposed to be accomplished before going in to see said doctor? 😎😎 Hooe you get a good report Mike.
  7. That’s for all the water crossings on the highways out Sandhiller’s way, you know, squeegee the water off the road to get some traction. Though it wouldn’t take a very big piece of driftwood to wrinkle it, I’ll wager. Note: not intended for your type of river crossing escapades, Mike.
  8. We get it, Mike, we get it! 😂
  9. Dang, guess I owe you $10, Bitty. See you in Huron this summer so I can pay up? 😎
  10. $10 says it’s the one I’ve seen where he works. Thanks for finding the radiator bracket for me yesterday, Aaron.
  11. How about rape and murder? Absolutes, or just opinions?
  12. IndyFarmer, an honest question for you. Is there anything that is absolutely right or absolutely wrong, or is everything relative to the opinion of some (any) person?
  13. Guys, it’s obvious. He lost the key so it won’t start. That’s a major electrical problem! Just kidding. Like others said, more information is needed.
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