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  1. ihrondiesel

    1086 starting issues

    So,......did they all have a neutral switch? I thought only the later ones did. If it does, where is the switch?
  2. ihrondiesel

    5488 Seat Choices

    Yes, about 3 blocks east of Hwy 75, just a little corner place.
  3. ihrondiesel

    1086 starting issues

    The thing that doesn’t make sense is that the clutch switch was bypassed until yesterday. I put in a new switch thinking it might have been a connection or continuity issue in the bypass loop. It doesn’t have the parking linkage switch. The tractor has NEVER done this before, and nothing was changed, just the wind blew up her skirt differently one day.
  4. ihrondiesel

    5488 Seat Choices

    I had mine recovered at D & T Customs in Le Mars. I think it cost me $225.
  5. ihrondiesel

    1086 starting issues

    I’ve had it twice now in the last three weeks. Jump in the 1086, hit the key to start, nothing. Lights, radio, all accessories work fine, but no starting. Nothing. No slow crank, no click, nothing. Finally resort to jumping starter terminals, now the SOB starts like it never missed a beat. 12.7 volts everywhere I measured it, but no cranking. Cleaned battery posts, all terminals on starter, replaced ignition switch and clutch switch. Nothing. Jump starter terminals with pliers, it starts. Shut it off, it’ll start 19 times in a row. What gives? Can’t win some days.
  6. ihrondiesel

    Why can't I find a job?

    So those are all antennae sticking out of its face? Plug in to hear it’s own thoughts?
  7. ihrondiesel

    An interesting moment in history is about to happen

    The thing that gets my goat about this corporate taxes argument/issue is that lost of the “evil” corporations are publicly held. You think that corporations make huge windfall profits on a regular basis? Well he!!s bells! You should be buying stock in that corporation then, to get your share of it. Corporations pay dividends to stockholders, but not to people who b!tch about corporate profits.
  8. ihrondiesel

    An interesting moment in history is about to happen

    Or to say it better, ............every CITIZEN..........
  9. ihrondiesel

    Give and take word game

    Puppy mill
  10. ihrondiesel

    MTO spotting

    That was my first thought when I read the title too!
  11. ihrondiesel

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Tubacase47, I didn’t realize that you live in Great Falls, my apologies for not giving a shout out to you as I went by.
  12. ihrondiesel

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Delta Dirt, The cattle will be going back to a feedlot by Paulina, IA. About 45 minutes east of my house. Or about a 17 hour drive, just over 1100 miles. As they say, it’s a “fur piece.” Gary, just east of Great Falls this afternoon I went past a farm with a sign that said “Mehmke Steam Tractor Museum”. Would that have been your friend Carl’s place?
  13. ihrondiesel

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, Its good to see Eddie’s Corner is still in business 60 years later. Location, location, location! I’ll be going to the northwest, to Valier.
  14. ihrondiesel

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I’m driving through the Professor’s old stomping grounds tonight. The picture isn’t the best (took it through the truck window) but if you blow it up you should be able to make out the name on the building. This picture of my truck I took earlier at a rest area outside of Billings.
  15. ihrondiesel

    Led Lights

    I can vouch for that!! I’ve called Mike many times and he has never sent me a bill for it. One big reason why I ordered all LED lights for my 5488 this week FROM MIKE.