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  1. ihrondiesel


    I got a new air compressor about five years ago that has an automatic drain on it, I think it drains for 30 seconds every time the compressor kicks on.
  2. ihrondiesel

    Magnum 7140

    I like the rear fender extensions!
  3. ihrondiesel

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    Yes, picking up cattle at Dunseith in the morning. Destination is always NW IA, so 281 down to Aberdeen works pretty nice, avoids all the scales on I29.
  4. ihrondiesel

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    I’ll have to take Hwy 3 south out of Rugby sometime and have a look. Usually I go east on 2 then south on 281.
  5. ihrondiesel

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    I’ll honk when I go past, Dale. Headed up to Dunseith tonight. Probably won’t actually go past your place so I’ll just honk when I get to Rugby 😎
  6. ihrondiesel

    To pre fill or not to pre fill?

    I pre-fill fuel filters with Power Service (gray/silver jug). Nothing like cleaning the injectors when you change the fuel filter.
  7. ihrondiesel

    IH 1456 official winter project

    Wow, that’s a nice shed full of red!
  8. ihrondiesel

    New Ram (Dodge)

    I’ll second that. The one I had last fall drove out in a 6 speed Corvette. Not bad for a college kid. His older brother had his college paid for by playing the CBOT.
  9. ihrondiesel

    Anyone Buy tires off Ebay?

    I just googled Goodyear UltraTorque to find a picture since I’m not at home, and that’s what came up. My price is significantly lower than theirs........
  10. ihrondiesel

    Anyone Buy tires off Ebay?

    Different tread design than Dyna Torques. Maybe fewer lugs? Seems like treads are spaced farther apart.
  11. ihrondiesel

    Anyone Buy tires off Ebay?

    One time special.........I have a pair of Goodyear UltraTorque’s in that size (520/85R38), 80% tread, $600 apiece. I took them off my 5488 to put 18.4R42’s on.
  12. ihrondiesel

    Anyone Buy tires off Ebay?

    What size?
  13. ihrondiesel

    Anyone Buy tires off Ebay?

    Lyle, try Manley Tire in Manley, MN. 800-615-3704. Or Popkes in Rock Rapids. 712-472-3969. I’ve dealt with both of them and either can usually beat local dealers. Faber’s Farm Equipment in Inwood deals in tires quite a bit, too, and they quite often have take-off tires that they’ll make pretty good deals on. 712-753-4757. My $0.02. Edit-I forgot to mention NTS Tire Supply in Redwood Falls, MN. 888-787-3559. They are a little farther away but they deliver to my yard for $40 flat.
  14. ihrondiesel

    1998 Maxxum 120 hydraulic and electrical issues

    Check the light bulbs. They may have a little corrosion in the connections. I have had that happen to me on a 7140 Magnum. I turned lights on when I went to replace the bulb, and when I touched the old bulb the light came on, so I just cleaned the connections up—they didn’t look bad or dirty, either.
  15. ihrondiesel

    King Carbon Al Gore.

    Yeah, man, like turn off the volcanoes already.