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  1. Continental drives on my Peterbilt. They wear like iron, excellent traction, and the tread pattern stays the same all the way down to the casing. Had a set of Hankooks once, cheaper to buy and they did OK but I replaced them early as it was going into winter and the tread pattern on those was only good for trailer tires once they got down to 40%.
  2. ihrondiesel

    New joke

    Better pass that on to AOC, Rick!
  3. ihrondiesel

    New joke

    Note to self: NEVER, I repeat, NEVER click on OT’s links 😢🤬🤮
  4. The Sacketts is great. Named my second son Tyrell.
  5. ihrondiesel

    New joke

    I don’t get it—W** does it take for people to go out in public like that? Walking across my yard, OK. Walmart? I’d have to be bound and gagged.
  6. The bent over one IS wearing black and white, maybe that stirred his memory?😎
  7. I’d help Lorenzo, might be kinda fun rolling in the mud with those two. Might even let them pin me for a bit.
  8. Looks like the ‘round black thing’ is still attached. They might be inviting you to do some mud wrestling, Lorenzo!
  9. Would a 15xx ring & pinion in a 14 achieve the same results?
  10. Matt, talk to Randy Blankespoor in Doon, I’m pretty sure he’s done it before.
  11. Did a little chiseling tonight before the rain comes. I noticed the voltage gauge on the 7240 drops to near zero when I turn the lights on. I’m sure it’s a ground, but which one? The one under the right side of the cab where the power supply lug is? Other than that it worked well. Pulling a 15’ (11 shanks) 5500 chisel about a foot deep through manure tank tracks from last fall. I was surprised how high the EGT was running yet with only 200 hours on the reman engine. Pulling in 8th gear it would hold 2320 RPM’s and light up 8 of the 12 bars on the EGT gauge. In 9th it would drop to 2270 RPM and add another bar on the EGT. The pump and injectors have 1,000 hours on them (transplanted to the new engine). Stock injectors, S300 turbo, pump is 10% over stock.
  12. Lucky guy, now you got to check her for ticks frequently!
  13. I’m with you there. But my boys might not know what a GTO is, and a later model Trans Am is way out of their reach. The cool thing in high school right now is diesel pickups, but my second boy loves the Grand Prix. Might also have to do with him being second and his older brother laying claim to the pickup.
  14. I have a ‘99 GTP, my boys say the same thing, (although now it’s not as cool as a diesel pickup) it’s a blast to drive.
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