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  1. Good thing I was sitting out here on RedPower giving you heck or I wouldn’t have seen it.
  2. I keep a seal on hand. Just a PITA, but better to change it now than after 900 miles tomorrow. I do them myself, so just another hour or so of work tonight.
  3. And I just saw this Was ready to go to the house for the night, guess I’m gonna change a wheel seal in the truck first, gonna be a heck of a mess when I get back tomorrow night if I don’t do it now.
  4. I would say “Welcome to married life”, but something tells me you have more experience than I do there, Mark. Maybe this will make you feel better
  5. Gee, wasn’t THAT long ago, there was a thread titled “All she needed was another installment of MTO”, complete with her humming “Still the one”. Apparently this train went off the rails?
  6. Make sure you don’t use an IH Autowagon, they tend to get lost with their load on
  7. Sorry for your loss. Cancer is a four letter word.
  8. Last fall I said the he!! with it one day, pulled into the left lane and blew it. If you get off in Sturgis you can take Hwy 34 about 25 miles east, then turn south on New Underwood Road and take that all the way down to 90 east of Rapid. There is a gravel road bypass too but I don’t know exactly where that is. Thanks for the Inkom tip, although I may never get out there again.
  9. Sitting in line would be the place to work on the shine if ya gotta wait that long
  10. Almost always there exists a route you can use to avoid a scale. The only one I’ve been across that is mostly unavoidable is at Inkom, ID. I think there might be a way around that one too, but it would take you quite a ways off route.
  11. You’re overthinking it, bkorth. Hook it to a cow wagon and roll. How old is your son? If he’s been around at all, that would be the easiest.
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