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  1. This year's corn crop

    8” this morning in NW Iowa. Then it hit 46 degrees this afternoon so it’s shrunk to about 2” of slush. My corn is all in. (The bag, that is)
  2. 5488 mfd pics

    20.8R42’s on that 54?
  3. Run Tony Run..... get out while you can

    It would be an SOB to walk or drive on when the sun is shining brightly!
  4. Almost 600 Years Of Well Established Precedent Tossed In The Sewer

    Careful, Rick, tomorrow they could be breaking down your door, impounding your N’s, 1206, and 756, and forcing you to use your M for everything.
  5. Our Privacy is Being Stolen?

    And both business and government use data collection to influence your choices.
  6. This spring explained--------

  7. Give and take word game

    Tongue lashing
  8. Tariffs

    That, sir, is a statement that I can wholeheartedly agree with. Well said!
  9. Give and take word game

    Gas meter
  10. Missing Member

    At least we know MTO is still out there stirring the pot!
  11. Case 1845C hydraulic issues

    Figured it out yesterday. The foot pedal for the auxiliary hydraulics is sticky and was partially depressed, robbing oil out of the lift circuit.
  12. Tariffs

    Well said, George.
  13. Tariffs

    I’m not calling you an idiot. I’m not calling you stupid. You just seem to like to interject your opinion when a. you know it’s contrary to what is being said; or b. you feel you can stir the pot a little. But seems like not as much as you used to. And that, sir, is your right. As is being offended by my comment. But that makes you neither stupid nor an idiot. Maybe somewhat disagreeable.
  14. Tariffs

    Better to be thought of as stupid than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt?