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  1. Hey! Hey! Mike went from Jeff to you and bypassed me? 😂😂 I’m busy loading the chopper anyway. Good to hear that the Most Interesting Man in the World is getting around!
  2. Started my seasonal mid-summer job today, loading a helicopter with fungicide and insecticide.
  3. I mean, he doesn’t HAVE to be a citizen, just show a birth certificate from Kenya I mean Hawaii.
  4. I can put more clothes on and be welcome in a lot more places than if I started taking more clothes off……
  5. This may piss off a few of you fine folks. But IMO the farm exemption is bullshit. A load is a load. Case in point—a few years ago I hauled a 4960 JD tractor, MFD with duals on. I was within 150 miles of home, hauling the tractor about 75 miles to a paint shop @dads706 knows the place. Chains and binders on 4 corners. No oversized banners or flags. F350 SRW with county plates, no tonnage. Pulling a tandem dual rented gooseneck. About 15 miles from my destination I met an Iowa DOT. I pulled into a convenience store to take a leak and he turned around and pulled in behind me. Said he noticed in his mirror that one of my binders was loose (it was). Checked things over, asked if it was my tractor (it was). Went back to his vehicle to check some things, came back and said tighten that binder, check the rest, be on your way. No way I should have gotten off without a fine that day. I was over licensed weight and overwidth. I owned a truck I could have hauled it with but the pickup was easier. The dumb farmer card worked for me that day. I guess at 50 years old I’m turning into a grumpy old man. I get irritated at what some people get way with. I own trucks and I farm, so I see both sides. But since trucking is my main job, I say you gotta pay to play.
  6. Until he has to fix the rear end 😢 😂
  7. NW IA corn can’t have very deep roots at this point.
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