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  1. Taking some soybeans out today. 1.7 and 1.9 maturity groups. Yield monitor is giving some pleasing numbers.
  2. You’ll be counting your blessings around the end of February, Jeff! But you already know that.
  3. Servicing Rough Country tonight, getting her ready to bale stalks in a couple weeks. AKA 5488 S/N 4189
  4. JW Speaker is the brand I run. On a Peterbilt, so similar setup to your truck just side by side instead. Mine are heated LED’s and I love them. Hold on to your wallet, though, I think they were $279 apiece last time I priced them.
  5. Might be better off buying older bred cows, fatten them up after calving and sell the calves after weaning.
  6. My boys miss a couple weeks of school in the fall when we are baling cornstalks. As long as the school work gets done it’s fine. They learn more by working than they would by sitting in school wishing they were working.
  7. My Dad and Grandpa always painted their barns with 50% red barn paint and 50% boiled linseed oil. Having said that, they always applied a coat of used motor oil to the manure spreaders and silage wagons before they were parked for the year. I haven’t heard of using turpentine. I’m guessing that it acts as a wood preservative?
  8. Dog days of summer…. Hershey is our family pet, she’s 10 years old and starting to slow down a bit. 1/2 blue heeler, 1/4 lab, and 1/4 boxer. She’s a perfect family dog. My wife does daycare, and little kids can climb all over her and she doesn’t care. But if she doesn’t like you, you’re SOL, she’ll come at you as soon as she hears your vehicle.
  9. I think @Binderoid is on the right track. I had the same issue on one of my trucks earlier this year. Turned out that I had to replace a check valve between the air dryer and the air tank.
  10. I believe that was one of a bunch done by a dealer in east central Iowa (Schminke?). From what I heard, CaseIH was quite PO’d about the deal. They did Steiger green, they did a couple in breast cancer pink, and probably some others that I’m forgetting.
  11. Another good one. By the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Workin Man (Nowhere To Go) Sittin’ alone in the dark, wastin’ my time in the park, cause I’ve got nowhere to go
  12. Sorry, Mike, I made an error in my earlier post. My ALL TIME FAVORITE song came up next, Ed Bruce will have to settle for second. George Strait, “This is Where The Cowboy Rides Away” ”I knew the stakes were high right from the start, when she dealt the cards I dealt my heart. Now I just found a game that I can’t play, and this is where the cowboy rides away” I have instructed my wife that this song MUST be sung at my funeral, and just in case she digs in her heels, I have given my children the same instructions. Long live King George! And I found the input cord! 🙏
  13. Probably my all time favorite Ed Bruce, “The Last Cowboy Song” ”This is the last cowboy song, the end of a hundred year waltz” And now one of my kids has stolen the cord so I can’t play it loud on the radio in the shop 🤬
  14. Mothers against drunk drivers, the pope is against the pill, the union’s against the workers, workin’ against their will Hank Jr. - I’m For Love
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