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  1. If’n you don’t think it’s worth that, send me a PM, I’ll head down your way with cash in hand.
  2. U Can’t Say Dat. by Paul Shanklin Maybe BLM’s theme song? Look it up on YouTube since I can’t figure out how to link it.
  3. When people start standing up and telling the whiners to F#ck off
  4. Took the tour in 2014. Pretty neat how it was poured as an assembly of individual blocks.
  5. Thanks again to SDman’s pictures and all the other replies. It’s working now. I cut the woes about 4” from the bulkhead connector and ran new wires to the ground speed sensor. A picture for the “pictures or it didn’t happen” crowd. And a picture of the tractor for your enjoyment. 24,000 hours and change. Repainted and overhauled before I bought it. Spent its previous life married to a lagoon pump.
  6. Drinking my Baby Goodbye
  7. Is there a picture of the bulkhead connector in a dealer knowledge article or similar publication that will tell me which pins I need to be checking?
  8. That’s what I’m thinking too. The harness looks good but when I unplug the ground speed sensor I have no power there, according to the dealer it should be 4 volts AC. If I unplug the bulkhead connector under the cab and go from there to the GSS plug-in with my ohm meter I can’t pick up anything either.
  9. Or maybe not let the wife go buy it! Although I don’t know that I would have asked if I could do a service job before I bought it.......
  10. Never, I hope. But I did go through a stretch on my Excursion where the alternator was being replaced every 10 months. Must have finally got a good one because it’s been about 5 years now.
  11. When my FIL was dairying one of his employees liked to tinker. They bought a Ford LTD, stripped off the sheet metal, and cut the frame to shorten it to about a 6-7 ft wheelbase. Used an extra power steering pump for hydraulics and mounted a blade on the side at probably a 60 degree angle. Pushed feed for years with that rig. Auto trans and 351 engine, it was a fun ride! Needed more weight on the rear end though, rear tires didn’t last long outside the barn. It was light enough that if they hit something with the blade the rear end would just slide around so they learned not to go too fast after the first time they almost flew off the plywood bench seat.
  12. I have a 7130 with no speed or gear readout. I swapped out the instrument cluster with my 7240, and it works in that tractor. I unhooked the speed sensor from the trans and took it out. Ohms out around 3350. Upon the advice of a local mechanic, I put it in a vise and spun a bolt in a drill by it, the ohms go up & down when I do that. Should I be able to find any voltage at the tractor end of the plug-in with the key on? I have none there now.
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