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  1. Sandhiller’s October surprise?!
  2. I have one of those too
  3. My kids are no longer in car seats. And I still go to a full service station where they know my name and wash my windows.
  4. So, they are standing there filling with gas and the vehicle drives off? Sheesh!! Knock Iowaaaaay all you want, Mark, but I leave the keys in the vehicle when I go into Bomgaars all the time.
  5. LOL! Unless it was an old girlfriend, Mark. But I guess that wouldn’t fit with the “today” part.
  6. That’s exactly what I was thinking too
  7. This would have been a completely different topic if MTO had gotten lucky on a Ford today........
  8. It is a torx head. I asked my mechanic and he thought the same thing that jimw said, something from the top end. When I got the pickup a couple years ago the head gaskets were out, so it got new heads and injectors at that time. Is it possible that someone dropped it and it found its way down? That was about 30,000 miles ago. I guess the magnetic drain plug caught it.
  9. I drained the oil in my ‘05 F350 with 6.0 PowerStroke this morning. I thought I heard a clunk in the bucket when I pulled the drain plug out so I carefully poured it out and found this bolt. Any thoughts on where it’s from?
  10. Not sure I would have told the world if that was my son........
  11. I’m glad it worked out the way it did. It was good meeting you, Doug!
  12. Well, it wasn’t no UPS or FedEx truck but the Pony Express dropped off two Firestone’s and a genuine IH Windbreaker in Cody NE tonight. It only took a month for me to get there. Glad it worked out, Sandhiller.
  13. I’m guessing we’ve all had some years that were happier than others.
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