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  1. Amazing indeed! I didn’t know they twisted the pistons on every stroke to line up to the valves.
  2. I buy road fuel in bulk, usually 1850-1950 gallons to fill my 2,000 gal. tank. Two years ago it was $4200ish to fill it, a month ago it was $9500. 🤬
  3. Nothing new here. Solutions in search of problems.
  4. I didn’t think it was probably available, I just thought it would be a better option than an adapter if the PTO isn’t that tough. Maybe I’ll just have to buy a small 1000 shaft for one of my balers.
  5. I’m wondering if there was ever a 1 3/4” PTO shaft available for this tractor. Does anyone here know?
  6. Yeah, you can have them buzzards. I hit one a month ago. $6500
  7. 👍👍 just warning you Jeff, keeping’ the bears off your arse, I’m sure you can handle that, but keeping the bugs off your glass is about a full time job right now.
  8. So if I’m hauling pregnant cows can I qualify for longer hours? Oh, wait, I would have to care about HOS first. How about dairy cows? (Assuming here that there might be some form of actual milk in baby formula.). Goats? What else goes into formula that I can claim exemption for?
  9. Sooo, how ARE you coming along on that Steiger restoration?
  10. Thanks for the birthday greetings. I spent the last few hours on my knees on concrete lagging poles in for kennel fences. Needless to say I do feel older tonight. Getting in the truck now to head west and load cattle in the morning.
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