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  1. Good luck fighting your cancer! Will be praying for you.
  2. That’s funny! I actually made a similar comment to my wife yesterday.
  3. Sounds like it will be outpatient treatment.
  4. The doctor was just in and confirmed that the leukemia is CML. Good news for me, I should be able to go home early next week. Thanks everyone for the prayers.
  5. ihrondiesel


    Thanks, Mark. This has been a wake up call to me as you can all imagine. Oh, I’ve tried to be a better Dad—I made it to three football games this year, and I try not to say “No” to my kids when they want me to do something with them. But yeah, when fall hits, it’s balls to the wall day in & day out. Thanks for taking advantage of my current condition to remind others.
  6. Still waiting to hear the results of the bone marrow biopsy, might get some news today yet. Right now they are thinking it’s chronic myelic leukemia. If that’s what it is I may be home sometime next week with pills to take and lots of follow-up doctor visits.
  7. Well, you know truckers, being a little tired is normal.
  8. I brought a load of cattle to Dakota City yesterday morning, up at 3:00 am, loaded and going down the road by 4:30. Got unloaded by 6:30, felt a little tired so stopped to take a nap. Phone rang at 7:45, it was my wife—doctor appointment at 9:30, so get back home. OK. Been feeling a little tired the last week or so, better get checked out. Did some blood work. Doctor comes back in and asks Sioux City or Sioux Falls? What?! Here I am in Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls tonight with my wife. Leukemia. (Diagnosis, not my wife. She’s Martha)
  9. But your no good snipy neighbor might turn you in for a code violation, better have VTfireman hook them up the right way.
  10. Limit you to two batteries on your person, not more than 4 volts each
  11. The first memory I have of riding in a truck was sitting on the doghouse of a cab over Peterbilt.
  12. Got up bright & early for an early load to Dakota City, then back home to top off the fuel tanks and reload for Grand Island. Saw this straight ol’ KW in Grand Island.
  13. Ha ha! I don’t burn wood except for camp fires.
  14. First time is when you cut it.........
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