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  1. What I want to know is—who spends an entire day moving leaves around the yard when they could be searching for thongs?
  2. At the risk of sounding like MTO, I did know a girl in high school who was ugly enough to make a freight train turn down a dirt road....
  3. They can, but usually don’t fly very high or very far. My FIL had about 30 wild turkeys around when he dairied, it was common for them to roost n trees or rafters of an open shed.
  4. I refuse to use OSB for that reason among others. Nothing but full dimensional plywood here.
  5. Only on the widow-maker split truck rims. I worked at a tire shop in high school and college, we had a particular customer who would come in with a flat occasionally. The older guys in the shop would fix it, carefully making sure the rim was seated properly. It never failed, when he backed out and dropped off the 1.5” step in the concrete, you would hear the rim “POP!” as it finally seated.
  6. Roorda (the family of Hessel Roorda) retired 15-20 years ago and sold the business. It was rebranded as Roda Mfg. at that time. I think they lasted 5-10 years and then the business was sold to Art’s Way Mfg. Post Equipment would be a good place to check if you need parts. Edit—it may have been longer ago than I think
  7. Glad to hear you are on the mend, Ace!
  8. +2. Use a baler belt if you don’t have a flat belt with a splice in it.
  9. I-29 corridor, Troy. Open for business.
  10. Steve & Doug, I added you to a PM on the subject.
  11. Glad your OK, but I was really expecting a picture of you wrapped like a mummy. Oh, wait, this isn’t Lorenzo’s thread 😂
  12. W**?! Covid won’t spread during daylight?
  13. Nice bright moon tonight. Headed up to Herreid SD for a small load of calves, then down to Ft Pierre to top off the load. Calves must be bringing a good price this week, the buyer in Herreid said he just ran out of money to fill the load. I’ve heard a couple other local guys went to Presho yesterday to buy cattle and came home empty handed.
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