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  1. Saint Lyle, kinds has a ring to it. Patron saint of the busy farmer. Good for you! He didn’t ask you to help him scoop?
  2. Luckily I don’t take anything very often, just when I have lower back spasms.
  3. Ibuprofen and other painkillers like Aleve are hard on the kidneys, according to my oncologist. As long as I’m on chemo I’m only allowed Tylenol unless it’s REALLY bad, even then they want blood tests for kidney function if they know I’m taking anything.
  4. Nope, not me. I haven’t been out that way for quite awhile.
  5. Good to know about the bones, Dale. I’ve made it to 45 without breaking a bone, hope that trend continues.
  6. Yep. Back to it. About the only restriction is no painkillers except Tylenol, everything else is too hard on the kidneys with the chemo pill in my system. It’s been slower with the truck too, my trailer and job got sold but the previous owner kept most of the business and customers, just downsized.
  7. Not for me! I can drive 16 hours in my truck more easily than 6 hours in a car.
  8. I got glasses at 41. They lasted 3 months, then I said the he!! with this, dang things are always fogged up! Started wearing contacts and never looked back.
  9. Not to derail, but since we’re talking about 6.0’s—has anyone here replaced a front crankshaft seal? My 6.0 Excursion is starting to drip from the front at 275,000 miles.
  10. Make sure you use 7018 or hard surfacing welding sticks ! (I know “sticks” isn’t correct but I didn’t want to use the other word for Rusty’s sake) Electrodes would be a better choice of words I guess.
  11. An oxymoron mostly
  12. 68 head of fine looking Hereford steers walking off my trailer this afternoon. Edit: I’ve been self quarantined in the truck today, except for loading & unloading & a fuel stop.
  13. Me too! Which direction from you is the sale, Sandhiller?
  14. I won’t knock the pharmaceutical companies myself. The one medication I’m on for my leukemia is $13,000 a month. I’m getting it for a WHOLE LOT LESS than that thanks to a pharmaceutical company program. Yes, I do wonder why they charge the insurance company $13K when they can get it to me for far less. Why not just lower the price for everyone? Capitalism is just how that works out I guess.
  15. ihrondiesel

    Tires shot??

    Not supposed to groove the sidewall though
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