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  1. Takn4aFool

    IH #70 plow

    always ran the long landside on the back bottom along with this wear pad on all the bottoms, it bolts onto the regular landside in the back 2 holes, lot cheaper to replace that than the landside. https://www.shoupparts.com/SH058UV-Landside-Wear-Pad
  2. i dont think so....looks like the spring steel latch is on the top where it's supposed to be
  3. 1/2" OSB weighs 54 lbs. per sheet x 58 sheets per bunk..........i'll let you do the math
  4. mine cost $24.....i see it went up another dollar already
  5. so a week ago i needed a bunk of 1/2" OSB (58 sheets)called the local Menards which is also happens to be located in the city that is the home of the "World" headquarters of Menards and was told there was not a single sheet of it either store located here. had to go 65 miles north to Rice Lake to get it....they had 865 sheets on hand there. reason for none in Eau Claire was that one of the large builders/developers had bought them out of it and also had prepaid to get the next 2 semi loads coming in
  6. no idea what it sold for, i wasnt at the auction but my understand is that did not turn worth a darn
  7. any Magnum dual shaft unit should fit it https://www.google.com/search?q=8950+dual+pto&rlz=1CAGSAE_enUS829&oq=8950+dual+pto&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.5610j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  8. old farmer not far from me who died had a 560 with front wheel drive at his estate sale
  9. Takn4aFool


    your ground was a little more solid than mine was when i poured a garage/shop floor about 6 weeks ago.truck went down so that the pumpkins were dragging in the dirt about 5" but never spun a tire getting in or out of there
  10. 21.35 here for OSB...i need another bunk of it...54 sheets https://www.menards.com/main/building-materials/panel-products/osb-sheathing/1-2-x-4-x-8-osb/1242809/p-1444422395209.htm 4.77 for 2x4x8
  11. the correct term is..."Commercial company"
  12. and they just opened up a 700,000 SF distribution center in Germantown ...just north of Milwaukee https://www.jsonline.com/story/communities/northwest/news/germantown/2018/06/20/briggs-stratton-distribution-facility-germantown/714536002/
  13. Takn4aFool

    706 plow sizing

    we pulled 4x16 with a gas 560
  14. yes........the O-rings go bad and coolant goes directly into the cylinders. Pro star i had did that, replaced coolers under warranty then 3 weeks later ...same thing...appearently they nicked one of the O-rings and had to replace them again....that time the company had me drive it 1200 miles to the dealer next door to the home terminal to get it fixed, in those 1200 miles i dumped 40 gallons of water into it, drove it another 100,000 miles before they got rid of it.
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