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  1. you talking about the women's arm pits and legs?
  2. i dont think its a cheater pipe, at one time when onland hitches for plows came out i think it mounted at a right angle across the front and had a chain hanging down to position over the open furrow to know how far away from the open furrow to drive....but i could be wrong as i usually am😊
  3. wonder how this kind of head works https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/tls/d/afton-makita-2012nb-planer-shelix-head/7237185754.html
  4. did they implant a tracking device in her?
  5. Takn4aFool


    or Andrew Cuomo getting an Emmy award
  6. Takn4aFool


    color blind and cant tell red from green
  7. had a kerosene torpedo heater....didnt like the fumes. then had a tank top and a forced air unvented which were better but there was still a small noticeable amount of fumes, now i use a forced air heater that is vented outside thru the wall.if it's not vented outside you will get moisture in the air from the LP. picture of the one i use now, 50,000 BTU on a thermostat and is more than adaquite for my new garage/shop that is 24x24x10 high with vaulted ceiling. works same as a furnace.
  8. is that a female turkey or a transvestite?
  9. built this shop/garage this summer..24x24 with 10' sidewalls and scissor trusses 6/12 pitch outside and 4/12 pitch inside so i have about 17' to the peak inside...fully insulated. material price went up on certain items by 50% while building it. neighbor helped build it and had another job lined up but that got shelved to later due to price increases, said it went from $24k to over $42k with trusses tripling in price.
  10. did it have legs or is that the top half of a 2 part cabinet?
  11. i remember dad using his International 1100 pickup to milk cows a few times
  12. my mom has a CC XT1 that you you just turn the key to the right position and then press the orange triangle by the key switch and then it will mow in reverse. on my JD X310 i put a jumper wire into the wire harness plug, no need to take the connection apart or cut any wires. it's the white wire with the blue ends on it, used spade ends and just push them in. to remove it, just pull it out.
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