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  1. does the spring look like this
  2. must be the same thing with "unthawing" doesnt that mean to freeze?
  3. cant say for sure but is the rear rim painted white....or is it silver?
  4. i always ran 14" flat on a 5x16 700 trailer plow , liked the way it rolled sod with that setup
  5. agreed....been snowing off and on for the last 24 hrs here, wet heavy crap
  6. company i drive for has a handful of CNG trucks on a dedicated run, thought i heard range was around 5-600 miles. only reason they have them is because the account requires they be CNG. they had some fleet day cabs with CNG but claimed maint. cost was too high and couldnt get rid of them fast enough after a couple years use.
  7. Takn4aFool

    #512 plow

    pulled a 412 plow with a 560 gasser for years ....4x16
  8. does it have field tracker?
  9. tail wheel lift cylinder the proper one or has it been replaced a longer one preventing the tail wheel to drop enough....or something wrong with the tail wheel lift cylinder that it doesnt retract properly...is there a adjustment screw for the tail wheel that sets the depth?
  10. 0k....dumb question...how does the bar/chain get oiled on an electric/battery saw i bought a ms 211 3 years ago and am still using the same 2 gallons of gas/oli mixture from then. last time i used it 2 weeks ago it took 4 pulls to start it after sitting idle for about a month, cleaned the air filter and if it sits for a while unused it starts on first pull now
  11. shame to have it sitting out in the weather https://www.dandlequipment.net/inventory/?/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/152956937/1970-international-1456?dlr=1&pcid=2938456
  12. and other assorted relics from the past at auction https://lacrosse.craigslist.org/grq/d/irma-estate-of-terry-bushar-absolute/6996524786.html https://www.wausauauctioneers.com/auction_details.php?auction=219
  13. at their present site they only been there about a year
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