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  1. Goodyear acquires Cooper in all-American tire deal By Associated Press Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 7:17 AM CST|Updated: 11 hours ago (AP) – Two of the biggest remaining American tire companies are joining forces. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is acquiring Cooper in a deal with an equity value of $2.8 billion that will combine the two century-old Ohio manufacturers. Cooper, founded in 1914, is the 5th larg
  2. BTO that moved into the area started out with a 24x30 on a middle bender Steiger the first couple years then switched to a 36x30 pulled with a MX 305, that didnt last the whole season before they brought in a couple 16x30. the 36x30 didnt work because it didnt flex enough for the rolling terrain plus the 305 couldnt handle it the hills. now they use 630 quad tracs on 24 row planters
  3. i was getting unloaded not far from there in Arlington yesterday morning at 360 and I-30....got reloaded in Garland and was headed out of Dallas area on I-30, didnt get far when i sat for 2 hrs while they cleaned up a crash ahead of me. got moving but after spending another hour to go about 10 miles i decided to park for the night because the road look pretty glassy.
  4. Richartz couldnt have had IH for too long after the 3X88 5X88 series came out before Lapean got to be the dealer for that area. which turned out to be a disaster. my neighbor who has passed away was the owner of the Value Imp.chain of stores that acquired that territory.
  5. yes...all natural colors with 2 coats of clear polyurethane i suppose you want to include the yoopers too?😁
  6. south and east of Eau Claire, along 94 towards Osseo
  7. running at the same speed? going to fast will cause it to bounce
  8. thats exactly why i quit going to Canada as a truck driver...as a U.S. citizen trying to get back into the U.S. was some of the worst experiences i ever had. going into Canada was a breeze, the Canadian border patrol practically just waved you in but the U.S. border patrol always gave me the 3rd degree and searched the truck, searched me, opened the trailer and went thru the cargo, x-rayed the load.
  9. all things lead to my house......made from red oak, padauk, poplar, pine, black walnut, hard maple....almost forgot the purple heart
  10. buy good bits as you need the design/profile...i have lots of bits from small kits that i never use or foresee any reason to use them
  11. grab a piece and rip it and the first thing it does is bow in a half circle
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