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  1. same deal here , crew showed up and stripped off 2 layers of shingles, reshingled the house and put a rubber roof on the garage that has a flat roof all in one day. cleaned up everything into a dumpster which was hauled away the next day. they put down tarps all around the house and i never picked up a nail in the lawnmower tires. 9-12 pitched roof that they walked around on like it was flat ground.
  2. IH or Cummins engine.....not sure when the change happened
  3. i don't use the app....i just google Messicks and it works
  4. the one we had from the 3688 was painted black...but maybe thats because thats when the black frame and rear end appeared on the scene
  5. there won't be a shortage of beer.....theres an excess of beer drinkers
  6. speaking of E Brakes.....what about the newer Electric E Brakes
  7. ah yes....the famous I-80 truckstop at Walcott, billed as the Worlds Largest Truck Stop with a trucking museum located beside it. Petro runs the fueling part of it. if memory serves me right it can hold 800 trucks.
  8. from what i've seen over the years he might not have had any load securement....seen backhoe tractor being hauled no securement, guys hauling steel coils in Chicago no chains/straps, guy who took down the old farm house with a trackhoe got done and loaded the hoe and took off without chaining it down.
  9. Takn4aFool


    farm near me had and still might have a 7701 sitting in a shed...it might have gotten traded for a 6620 sidehill
  10. can the Funeral be delayed a few days?
  11. your cuts have to be more accurate than a chainsaw?
  12. i know he's not a member here but my neighbors son is a Lutheran Minister in Ireland and will be home here for his step-brothers wedding this weekend
  13. https://eauclaire.craigslist.org/grd/d/pound-farmall-450-diesel-for-parts/7533255289.html
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