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  1. bought a new '73 Chevy Nova, came with a 307 automatic. couple years later it had a 402 big block and 4 speed transplanted into it. no power steering or power brakes. no A/C either. not sure what top speed was on it but i did follow a friend who was going 135 on a 2 lane winding road , he was topped out but i was just getting warmed up.
  2. Takn4aFool

    Thinking cap

    my problem on a big block chevy was floating the points not the valves since i had a solid lifter cam, went to a dual point distributor and could take it to 9000 rpm, drove it one night at 9 grand and 90 mph for 4 miles in first gear...still had the 2.78 gear rear end in it from when it had a automatic and small block. think i still have the timing light and dwell meter from the 70's
  3. did a google search and found this place about 30 miles from where i live http://www.indianheadplating.com/ http://www.indianheadplating.com/chrome-capabilities.html
  4. have to replace the rubber grommets that seal the connection on them once in a while ....thats about all that can go wrong with them
  5. Takn4aFool


    what kind of speed limiters would they put on an electric car? a VW Electric smashed the Pikes Peak hill climb record in 2018, not sure how they'd compete on a flat track https://www.engadget.com/2018/07/07/watch-vw-ev-pikes-peak-record-setting-run/
  6. did the wheats have the headlights in the grill? and what about that style of cast rear wheel centers fast hitch with regular drawbar....werent most wheats with a swinging drawbar i was driving by in the semi and got those pictures off his web site
  7. glad hands....one part goes on the air line the mating part goes on the trailer
  8. its about 35 miles from where i live....is it a true wheatie?
  9. ran my brothers 3600 12/23 over thousands of acres , no problems , carry a baby bottle brush with you to clean the sensors and you're good to go
  10. Takn4aFool

    8930 MFD

    left it set that way...as far as i could tell it was factory setting
  11. my mistake...they also made a 810 pickup head
  12. had a 810 , hyd. drive with 5 rubber belts with plastic teeth that was 10 ft. wide, had no problems with it. had it on a 715, 1420, then a 2166
  13. Takn4aFool

    8930 MFD

    what size rubber you got on it? my 8930 had 18.4x46 and 14.9 34 on the front....stopped by the dealer once when going by and had them dyno it...they ran it up to 225 hp.and quit, even at that point it wasnt smoking nor had it started to lose rpm's
  14. wind towers are in the works for the county i live...more specifically the township i live in. on the second link i live right dead center in that red square https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2019/10/27/wind-energy-developers-eyeing-southern-eau-claire-county/ https://www.co.eau-claire.wi.us/home/showdocument?id=33721
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