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  1. did those have a sensor to tell if the rotary air screen was turning fast enough?
  2. geeeee.....i just delivered a 43,000 lb load of small arms ammo the a Target DC in Connecticut
  3. this is the IHparts depot in Eau Claire Wi. it's been converted to luxury aprt. homes. i can remember going to the local dealer with dad to get a part and if they didnt have it the dealer would call there and dad would go an pick it up personally.
  4. wife got a certificate for a FREE balloon ride years ago so we cashed it in and took about 1 hr. ride and landed about 10 miles from where we took off from. strange part was when looking for a landing spot the pilot dropped down behind a house (there was a lady sitting with her back to the patio doors drinking coffee in just her bra and panties...dont think she ever realized we had sailed past her) thinking the yard was big enough but at the last second he fired the burner and went looking elsehwere
  5. wife and I were at Hudson this past February for the morning balloon launch, there was probably 20 of them that took off that day.
  6. never saw the one with a square socket....the one we had had a hex socket without the notch
  7. maybe they have bedroom eyes
  8. Clark Grisswald (Chevy Chase) of "National Lampoon's Vacation" movie would be honored to drive that after have driven the Truckster
  9. got a date at Jeld-Wen at noon
  10. how far is it from where you are to Ludlow ? reason i ask is because i'll be in Ludlow on Monday morning.
  11. there might be something to that rumor...this is from March 28th https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/education/local_schools/madison-teachers-balk-at-directive-to-secure-child-care-when-working-from-home/article_04e7e59f-29c0-5114-bf12-edc559a4a153.html
  12. you mean this auction? https://www.gotoauction.com/sales/view/189029.html
  13. check underneath where the feeder throat attaches to what shape the feeder check flap is in, its number 14 in this picture and made of something like a piece of belting.
  14. always ran the long landside on the back bottom along with this wear pad on all the bottoms, it bolts onto the regular landside in the back 2 holes, lot cheaper to replace that than the landside. https://www.shoupparts.com/SH058UV-Landside-Wear-Pad
  15. i dont think so....looks like the spring steel latch is on the top where it's supposed to be
  16. 1/2" OSB weighs 54 lbs. per sheet x 58 sheets per bunk..........i'll let you do the math
  17. mine cost $24.....i see it went up another dollar already
  18. so a week ago i needed a bunk of 1/2" OSB (58 sheets)called the local Menards which is also happens to be located in the city that is the home of the "World" headquarters of Menards and was told there was not a single sheet of it either store located here. had to go 65 miles north to Rice Lake to get it....they had 865 sheets on hand there. reason for none in Eau Claire was that one of the large builders/developers had bought them out of it and also had prepaid to get the next 2 semi loads coming in
  19. no idea what it sold for, i wasnt at the auction but my understand is that did not turn worth a darn
  20. any Magnum dual shaft unit should fit it https://www.google.com/search?q=8950+dual+pto&rlz=1CAGSAE_enUS829&oq=8950+dual+pto&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.5610j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  21. old farmer not far from me who died had a 560 with front wheel drive at his estate sale
  22. your ground was a little more solid than mine was when i poured a garage/shop floor about 6 weeks ago.truck went down so that the pumpkins were dragging in the dirt about 5" but never spun a tire getting in or out of there
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