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  1. take an old car flywheel and lay that over the post first then put the rim on top of that to solve the oversize center hole problem
  2. i had one from Gemplers that i mounted in the middle of a 4x4 sheet of 3/4" plywood that had 2x10's nailed on the back side for added support, that way i could stand on it so it wouldn't move around but yet i was able to move out of the way when not in use. mine was just like this but only gray in color.
  3. add $1500 premium to it.....becomes $17K
  4. agree with you on that....had a 700 semi mount in furrow then went to a 700 trailer plow with onland hitch...both were 5x16...the trailer plow was way easier to set and plow a straight furrow with.
  5. 3-14 bottom plows? not a 3 bottom with 14" bottoms😀
  6. lets not forget that Deere 244 snapping heads could used on either a picker with husking rolls or a chopper to make what was known as "snaplage"
  7. that looks more like beaver damage....taking the stalks for their dam
  8. is the front one 2 wd?
  9. everyone likes sausage but no one wants to know how its made https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/589546df-b8df-4cd1-a26b-0257e3b3ae3f
  10. whats the disc for? fire suppression?
  11. i used to run 14"-16"-18" shares on 16" Super Chief bottoms all the time...change the width according to what i was plowing
  12. is this the belt you're looking for? https://www.hoober.com/cas-1254088c2-belt
  13. another cure to a problem that doesn't exist
  14. dont know but theres been quite a few redi mix trucks headed south past my house the last couple days
  15. Wysoyki Farms in the central sand area of WI. has been fighting in the courts for almost 10 years to be able to build a dairy for close to 6000 dairy cows. they have been approved by the DNR for all permits but can't go forward because of the ongoing lawsuits. they were going to clear 8000 acres of Red Pines and turn it into crop land and put in hi-capacity irrigation wells but it's all on hold till the courts make the final decision.
  16. according to wikipedia it is 6 wheel drive, developed during the Vietnam war https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gama_Goat#Description
  17. i bought two of those about a year ago, they are nice...and rechargable
  18. this one? https://www.rjstockwellonline.com/auctions.htm#
  19. now that funny....i don't care who you are
  20. if this is the company that made the pumper truck heres the details
  21. wqas getting a tire semi repaired at a tire shop in Duluth MN. and as the guy was inflating it in a cage and standing remotely by it started to come apart, guy yells..."run for life get out of the building", everybody that could hear him yell was heading for a door like rats leaving a sinking ship. he then went outside to a remote shut off valve to shut the air off.
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