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  1. and they just opened up a 700,000 SF distribution center in Germantown ...just north of Milwaukee https://www.jsonline.com/story/communities/northwest/news/germantown/2018/06/20/briggs-stratton-distribution-facility-germantown/714536002/
  2. Takn4aFool

    706 plow sizing

    we pulled 4x16 with a gas 560
  3. yes........the O-rings go bad and coolant goes directly into the cylinders. Pro star i had did that, replaced coolers under warranty then 3 weeks later ...same thing...appearently they nicked one of the O-rings and had to replace them again....that time the company had me drive it 1200 miles to the dealer next door to the home terminal to get it fixed, in those 1200 miles i dumped 40 gallons of water into it, drove it another 100,000 miles before they got rid of it.
  4. cant help you on that....i just go past there several times a year and see it sitting there, like i say, hasn't moved in years heres the website where it is http://www.jakessalesandservice.com/ and a better picture of it from the website
  5. maybe you need this 1066....its been sitting on that lot for over 5 years that i can remember it's on 141 by Crivitz (Beaver) WI.
  6. rims on the 1066 we had had been widened out from 16" to 22" by previous owner....had 20.8 on them too
  7. not a fan of how the front rims are painted either
  8. 1066 we had weighed just 10600# with 20,8x38 no cab, engine would turn 2950rpm
  9. but can it beat the VW electric that holds the record in the Pikes Peak climb
  10. probably no oversize signs, no escorts, no lights on back
  11. https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cgi-bin/viewit.cgi?bd=farmall&th=377959
  12. i had a 8315 and never expeirenced that problem, but mostly what i cut was alfalfa with maybe at best 10% grass in it. i even tried to plug it many times and couldnt by picking up a full 15' windrow on the ends along with a narrow strip left when finishing a field. no matter how fast i drove it just kept putting it through.
  13. i have a belt buckle that is serial number 001...shows a 2 wheel drive tractor, 4 wheel drive and a Axial Flow combine
  14. from Tractor Data site Weight (operating): 12,148 lbs [5510 kg] (gear) 12,320 lbs [5588 kg] (hydro) 13,345 lbs [6053 kg] (duals) Weight (ballasted): 15,260 lbs [6921 kg] Wheelbase: 105 inches [266 cm] Length: 165 inches [419 cm] Width: 98 inches [248 cm] Height (exhaust): 11 inches [27 cm] Clearance (drawbar): 16 inches [40 cm] Rear axle: Bar: 3.25 inch diameter [82 mm]
  15. 1066 we had ran 2950 WOT...ran it that way for years and never had a engine problem. previous owner had set it that way because he used to use it for tractor pulling. had 20.8's on rims that had been widened out to 22"
  16. i had a 700 trialer plow just like that only a 5 bottom, had a 700 semi mount before that and swore i'd never have a semi mount after getting the trailer plow, so much easier to set and maintain a straight furrow on sidehills especially with the onland hitch
  17. Takn4aFool


    had a well put in jan.3rd 2019...just had a point in the basement before that, was just 11 ft from the basement floor to the tip of the point and water was excellant. new well is 37 ft with the pump hanging at 25 feet...casing has to be a minimum of 30 ft. in WI. water was little hard at first so had to install a softener, had it adjusted a couple times because the water improved to the point it uses about 2/3 less salt than originally. when they put the well in they hung a pump in the casing and pumped it onto the ground without a pressure tank or any restrictions except the 3/4" hose hooked to it and it was pumping out over 25gpm for almost an hour and never ran dry or sucked air. even after going through the piping in the house i can fill a 5 gallon pail in the bathtub in 14 seconds going through 1/2" copper lines.
  18. sounds like we both had identical balers...430 all twine, tried every kind of twine known to man..even plastic.. and could not get it to tie consistantly.replaced every part of the knotters and and re-timed them multiple times. go into the dealrship and ask who was the expert on all-twine knotters and you'd have thought a bomb went off in there the way the techs ran for the exits. i finally gave up on it and had guy with a Hesston inline baler bale for me
  19. which shear bolt? the one on the flywheel, packer fingers, or for the knotters? has to be a GRADE 5 that shears through the unthreaded shank of the bolt, cant have any threads where it shears off
  20. i been to that paper mill several times
  21. Smithfield closing 2 more plants, one in WI and one in MO. https://www.wbtv.com/2020/04/16/smithfield-foods-closing-more-facilities-after-covid-forces-shutdown-major-plant/
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