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  1. I have a Meyer v-max 3954. I hate it for bed pack. You have to fluff it up really good and it's time consuming. I put the poultry manure slow down kit in as well. So it takes forever to unload. I'm currently look for a kuhn knight pro push but they are expensive and hard to find used.
  2. No Model number 2331. 13 foot. Hooks up just like the loader.
  3. First week in August after wheat harvest.
  4. I'm organic. That is why I fall plow.
  5. Oat and tillage radish after winter wheat. I cut it beginning of October about 3000 pounds of dry matter per acre. Baled and wrapped. My beef cows are loving it.
  6. I do have a set of 6 hole wedge lock hubs and tires. Just to lazy to put them on.
  7. I'm thinking mitas AC-85 18.4x38. it's a nice tall tire 2nd gear is to slow. I feel like I need to throttle back then it's even slower.
  8. It's been slow going in ta 3rd gear. Only 275 acres left for the year. For next year I'm going to add two more chisel points to get my spacing down to 11". Now it's 7 points at 15".
  9. I have 14.9x46 on my 5488 2wd for zapping
  10. This is a sears that I fixed up this spring. I think it sat unused for 20 years. I hauled a lot of corn silage with it this spring.
  11. A step in the right direction. So much better then alcohol!!!! Now Wisconsin will be the last state to legalize. I think it has a lot to do with the tavern league.
  12. They are called flow forms. We use them to mix biodynamic preps and biological inputs before spraying. They mimick a natural stream and bring back life to the water. I had my yearly biodynamic inspection a few days a go. The inspector said I am the only biodynamic certified row crop producer in North America. Biodynamic is much bigger in the wine industry and in Europe. My friends call biodynamics " hippie witchcraft".
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