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  1. When driving in direct drive and i turn the steering wheel all the way the transmission light comes on and the ta shifts down to ta mode. When i turn the steering wheel the other way the light comes off and the ta shifts back to direct drive. Not sure where to start.
  2. I have variable speed feeded house. The book says gathering belt should be the same as combine ground speed. The trouble shooting guide is good.
  3. Im mostly looking for the best way to harvest the most beans. Growing organic soybeans for seed or food grade this head will help. It wont solve all but will be one more tool. My dad always says we got to try and get it all and the seed wont grow in the bag. Some years we had more giant ragweed seeds then soybeans in the combine grain tank. We also have a small grain cleaning facility. We sell some food grade soybeans to Taiwan. Cleaned, baged usualy 25 pound bags and inspected for travel. Were just a small farm 600 acres with just myself and dad doing all the work. We have been organic 20 years. Just trying to make a go at it. The pictures are of some beans this summer certified organic.
  4. 2+2love

    CBD Hemp

    My neighbor has 7-8 acres of cbd hemp still growing. No one will buy. My understanding is that buyer's only want certifed organic.
  5. The head gets all the beans. Each row unit floats and follows the ground real nice. The gathering chains do a real good job. Does a real good job picking up down beans too.
  6. In the book it says they made a optional rock guard. Called dealer no longer available. I wonder if i could find an actual picture of one. So i can fabricate my own.
  7. What kind of combine do you run it on?
  8. I only need to save 50 bushels for it to pay for its self. I combined a field the other day a left behind 10 bushel to the acre with the flex head. The beans were all leaning one way. The 653A would have done a real good job in that field.
  9. I think 1979-1990 i think. The book i have is for the first model and it says they started production in 1979. John deere made them up to 12 rows.
  10. Organic soybeans are $20.00 a bushel at the elevator. We were losing way to many beans with our flex head. So years a go we owned a john deere 653 row crop head it worked ok but age was a big factor. We started to look last week for a new one but the 653A the newest one deere made. We found one on auction about 5 hours away. We bid on it and won for $800.00 on Wednesday afternoon. Dad and i left Thursday to get it. Got the pto shafts made and i figured out how to mount it on the TR86 today. We were in the field this afternoon with it and all works good. Talk about a cool header. No more losing beans to the reel or just folding them over and never get to the combine.
  11. We save and clean seed. The twin rotor is very gental on the crop. This tr86 only has 1,500 separator hours.
  12. 2+2love

    Triple R LEDs

    Did all lights on my 3088 huge difference. The only complaint is the red tail light wires were way to short. Had to clip off the plug and make longer wires.
  13. We use a 4'x4' floor scale. To weigh out individual wrap bales in semi loads. Works good and can get it real close on weight.
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