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  1. 2+2love

    2+2's, what to look for

    Take a good look at hoses, wires and rams in the pivot area. See if everything is neat and not rubbing. With the tractor running have someone wiggle the stearing wheel watch ram ends and pivot area to see any problems. Watch the hood close for alignment. On the front axle left side is a dip stick pull it and check oil. Everything else is just like any other international tractor. Please post pictures.
  2. 2+2love


    I love them. Been looking for one for some time in my price range.
  3. 2+2love

    Insta pro extruder

    Does anyone run one? We have the 600jr looking to upgrade. It's just to slow 500 pounds of soybeans an hour. Extruded soybeans makes for good feed.
  4. 2+2love

    Insta pro extre

    Has anyone made a front 3pt for a 5488?
  5. 2+2love

    Front 3pt. For a 5488?

    Do you have any more information on who made it or anything else?
  6. 2+2love

    Front 3pt. For a 5488?

    Has anyone made a front 3pt for a 5488? Or seen one with a front 3pt.
  7. 2+2love

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    350 Cummins
  8. 2+2love

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    We cut ever 23-28 days depending on weather and regrowth. Sometimes we hand cut some and send it in for analysis. We have hand cut a sample a day for a week just to see how things were changing. Trying to find the optimal cut time. We take a lot of pride in our hay making. Always trying new different things and changing our ways in hopes of better forage.
  9. 2+2love

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    We wrap all hay even if its below 15% moisture. It stores good and trucks good that way.
  10. 2+2love

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    We plant heavy on alfalfa no bs seed coat just straight seed. All seed has to be certified organic. We inculcate the alfalfa. And just adjust the seeder to our liking on the grass. We use a brillion super seeder with grass box. Pull a cultimulcher with brillon seeder pulled behind cultimulcher.it makes for a nice smooth seed bed.
  11. 2+2love

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    We truck a lot of hay so we try to bale under 40% moisture. Target for us is 25% or less doesn't always happen that way. Orchard grass and alfalfa works good for our operation.The grass helps speed up the dry time that is key. I cut with a bidirectional new holland tv-145 and have a rake tedder spreading it back out in one pass. Then rake it 23 feet with a vermeer basket rake. Bale with tv-145 and welger fixed chamber baler. Move with a bale mover. We try to wrap with in an hour. Dosent always happen but the quicker you wrap the better. We put 33 turns on with the wrapper. Yes we put lots of plastic on but quality hay is expensive. We never skimp on wrap more is better. We sample every field every cut. We guarantee our bales against mold. We will refund or replace if a customer has a bad bale. If anyone has more questions feel free to ask. Tge welger fixed chamber baler is key. We take our time baling make a good tight bale. The hydrostatic transmission on the tv-145 is key. I can only make 20 bales an hour. Less bales = more weight per bale and less moving and wrap.
  12. 2+2love

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    8= 2018. L= field. 2= second cut. E= east side of field.
  13. 2+2love

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    In 2010 our farm won grand champion hay in the world forage Superbowl. At the world dair expo. We have placed 1st in categories a lot of years.
  14. 2+2love

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    Yes 87k + a few. Hay is organic dairy hay orchard grass alfalfa mix. 235 rfq