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  1. This is my clipper.
  2. I'm a Eagle scout. I looked at it as a bigger achievement then graduating high school.
  3. I've got a flamer and zapper. Both good weed fighting tools.
  4. So this i what i ended up with. Found a 7300 john deere vacuum planter. Replaced everything and switched a lot from my old planter. All together i have about $8,000 in to it. So im running it on my 3488 hydro. Perfect set up for my smaller fields. I have been eliminating head lands most of them are 30 to 40 feet so not much turn around space. I was able to plant some organic soybeans with it yesterday. Everything worked very good after getting things adjusted. The 3488 is a perfect tractor. I also added 9.5x24 tires on the front and i think i like it. So i will have to paint the rims silver.
  5. I put 33 turns on a 4x4 bale. Im organic and sell a lot of high quality dairy hay. Its cheap to put a few more turns on. 8 turns is about 1 layer. The quality of bale makes a big difference too. We use a welger fixed chamber baler and take our time making bales. Store on but end, we also stack 2 high.
  6. My target goal is 70 bpa average for my organic soybeans. I don't have irrigation. Im improving every year and have been growing and saving the same soybeans for 25+ years.
  7. My worst tractor experience was a John Deere 2930 open station. Hydraulics never worked right I fixed so many things. It would never start below 70°F without either or a jump. Under powered too in my opinion.
  8. I can't pick a favorite. 3088-3488-3688-5488 2wd-5488 mfwd-6588.
  9. Good question. I will try to figure that out. Probably the NOP- national organic program. So I would say some government agency.
  10. We don't report anything to the USDA no crop insurance no farm programs nothing. My dad always says we don't need any government welfare. Different folks different strokes I guess. Somehow we make it work. But sometimes it makes me think how many farmers could make it work if they didn't receive these payments?
  11. Is it open or closed center hydraulics?
  12. Manure was today. Chisel plowing was Saturday.
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