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  1. Not getting the right volts and amps to the shift coil.
  2. My friend came up with it. I was just excited to pick it up and try it to see if it would solve my problem. I will get the part details from him this weekend. The most I can tell you is it's a controller thing. Lol a bit of dicking around with it and I can change the range.
  3. Thank you everyone for the help!!! I've been driving around loosing speed for probably 5 years now.
  4. Fixed all the issues today with the help of a friend. I drove 19.00 mph today without any surging in speed. Glad I stuck with this voltage and mA. Problem. I will know more tomorrow when I have to travel 15 miles to get to the field and bale hay all day.
  5. Yes checked everything 3 times. Ran new wires to shift solenoid. At a complete loss on how to run everything on the tractor without the eic dash computer.
  6. No longer available. 15 year old tractor that CAN NOT be fixed.
  7. Update. The eic dash computer is going down hill fast. No longer can shift out of first gear. 5.4 mph max in first gear. Coolant temp does not read right fuel gauge not working. Throwing error codes all the time. When this stops working I will not longer have a working tractor. What good support new Holland has. A tractor that has 4,500 hours and can't be fixed. I also believe my shift solenoid is bad. List price is $5,000 and not available. Now I have a tractor that has very little value. What am I to do with it? Nobody will buy it except for a salvage yard.
  8. Thanks it's been a good day on the 5488 zapping weeds all day.
  9. I'm also getting 12 volts from the range select switch to the eic. Just not the right volts out of the eic to the shift solenoid.
  10. I have tested everything. Seat switch, range shift switch and the shift solenoid. Ran new wires from eic to shift coil. Last fall I did the test for the hydro system and everything was within specs. I have been loosing max speed in ranges 1 and 2 for a few years now. It makes sense to me that the shift coil is not getting proper voltage and that might be why I'm loosing max speed. But I could be wrong too.
  11. My local new Holland dealer laughed at me this morning. He said I did everything they would do and said to keep looking for another eic and see if it works. So basically I have a tractor that will never operate right again. My 1985 3488 hydro has 9,000 hours on it and works perfect. I can troubleshoot the whole electric system myself and fix as needed. Who thought miles and miles of wires and computers in tractors and vehicles was a good idea? My tv-145 only has 4,500 hours on it. It has been one problem after another since we bought it in 2007 Hydraulic leaks like crazy.
  12. Everything is working it's shifting ranges but not putting a constant voltage to the shift solenoid. When I shift ranges the tractor speeds up and then slows down. I'm aware that I may have other issues. But this is one that absolutely needs fixing first. The "new" eic I have supply's 4.5 volts in all 3 ranges. When you shift out of range 1 it throws an error code 12 and will not shift out of range 1. Error code 12 says short in line to shift coil. I have ran a new ground and power wire from the back of eic to the shift solenoid.
  13. New Holland tv-145 Bidirectional. Having issues with shift solenoid getting the proper voltage. Sent the dash computer to ag express they said not repairable. Found the only new dash eic available in new Hollands dealer network. $3,000 plus shipping. Got dash today and it has 2,466 hours on it and doesn't supply the shift coil with the proper voltage. I'm have no ideas where to continue. So I'm wondering if anyone could help me. I do have the service manual. All 2,000 pages. I've identified lots of things and have traced it to the eic not putting out the proper voltage to shift coil. In the attached picture it shows the volts and amps for the 3 ranges. How can I make something to supply the right volts and amps? Im at a loss. The max speed I can get out of it is 6.1 mph with the old eic dash. The "new" one will not shift it out of range 1.
  14. I have cheap egts in my 5488 and 6588 they read good for me. I'm happy with spending $20 for gauge and probe. Type k probe too.
  15. If I had a super 70 I would use it all the time. It would fit right in with my fleet.
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