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  1. Flame cultivator? Ih 153 cultivator? Noble cultivator? Orthman ridge cultivator?
  2. Yes i have a small seed cleaning facility. It's not that slow. Or maybe i just don't know better! Yes each pipe is to a bin. I have pipes ran all over the place.
  3. Tillage radish in the picture was planted last year after wheat. I did kill a lot of radish with my weed zapper. The grain vacuum is a 4 inch the highest i lift with it is about 35 feet. I can unload my truck 450 bushels in about an hour and fifteen minutes. The johndeer row crop head works real good for me. The new holland 973 flex head is junk i hate the thing. All crop heads get all the beans and work good in down crop. Having a feeder house reverser lateral tilt and adjustable feeder house speed sure makes operation easier. I try to sell most soybeans as food grade so the go
  4. Started soybean harvest the other day.
  5. Yes i always adjust the stone roller. I even use a john deere 653a row crop head for soybeans.
  6. One of the many things i like about Tr combines is that it has no auger bed. That i believe makes for good grain quality. My local junk yard has 10-12 Tr combines in it. Most of my parts come from junk combines. New holland wants to much for new parts if they even still make them. Like anything it makes a difference if it was maintained and cared well for. We had 4,500 separator hours on our Tr 85 and it was still a good machine. The Tr combine has excellent capacity and easy to set.
  7. I love my tr86 with 1,600 separator hours. Stone damage is no fun in any combine. The Tr combine is simple and easy to work on. If adjusted right will provide a very clean sample.
  8. My 3688 has claw 3pt hitch. This winter i will be putting a complete 3pt hitch off a 2+2 on it.
  9. I wonder if that is us currency or canadian? Also wonder how difficult it is to get in to the us? We shall find out! Thank you.
  10. Already looked at that one. Thank you. Wish it was in better shape. Another day wasted looking for farm equipment wont be the last.
  11. I like the 88 series a lot. 3088 3687 5488 and 6588. So a 3488 would be a nice addition.
  12. I can not find any on auction time.
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