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  1. 2+2love

    Ih 284?

    How many hours on your tractor and what do you use it for?
  2. 2+2love

    Ih 284?

    Is the ih 284 a good small tractor, are parts easy to find? 4x4 seem hard to find. Are they reliable? Do any of you guys have them? Do you like them? I think i would only want a diesel. Thank you
  3. 2+2love

    Jd 2940 hydraulic pump

    My 2950 does the same thing.
  4. 2+2love

    Looking for a square front axle to go on 5488

    The reason i ask is because i am going to be putting a front 3 point hitch on the 5488. I would like to have the square front axle.
  5. 2+2love

    Looking for a square front axle to go on 5488

    I am looking for just the front axle.
  6. How hard are they to find and what should i expect to pay? Looking for a complete axle. Thank you.
  7. 2+2love

    3588 steering noise

    When you stear it all the way to one side does it make more noise as you turn tighter? If so check your u-joints and Bearing at the pivot point.
  8. 2+2love

    Differences in 2+2s?

    I know its a long shot buy could a guy use the articulating joint from a newholand bidirectional tv-145. To put a 5488 rear on a 2+2 front? Just a thought i had today.
  9. 2+2love

    42 inch hub for 5488?

    Will a magnum 42 inch fit a 5488?
  10. 2+2love

    42 inch hub for 5488?

    Im looking for a 42 inch hub for a 5488. I would rather not go with step up rims.
  11. 2+2love

    42 inch hub for 5488?

    Did ih make a 42 inch hub for 4 inch axle on a 5488?
  12. 2+2love

    Winter tillage

    The hubs came with the tractor. Have not yet put duals on it. I might some day but with singles i like to just set them wide. Works good for me. Such a fun comfortable easy to see everything tractor.
  13. 2+2love

    Winter tillage

    January 1st.
  14. 2+2love

    In need of a 5488

    Im looking for a 5488 2wd. Im in south east Wisconsin willing to travel to look at the right tractor. Im willing to even look at something that has engine or trans problems. Thank you.
  15. 2+2love

    Differences in 2+2s?

    What is the wheelbase on a super 70?