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  1. A few more pictures. Things are looking good.
  2. Flaming corn the second time. Flaming took care of all small weeds in between the corn. Zapping early planted beans. I am very happy with the way all my fields look so far.
  3. Having seed cleaning equipment helps a lot with storage and sales. Having fields fail will happen. Crop rotation and trying new things are essential.
  4. Well yes. I dont need Monsanto to speed it up for me.
  5. Monsanto is the only one winning not the farmer. Seed cost is expensive poison is expensive. Then at harvest the farmer has just a little money left over hopefully enough to do it again next year after the government throws the farmer some money too. I get it no farmer wants to admit that they are doing the wrong thing. Just wish they would wake up and see the poison system for what it is... DEATH. We also practice biodynamics any of you guys know what that is? Look that up. Its crazy stuff that allows you to farm with nature.
  6. I save and clean my own seed. Been planting the same winter wheat for 30+ years. Also work with a corn breeder and grow some seed corn. The zapper paid for its self last year. Im not saying organic has been easy but we seem to have found a system that works. Having the seed cleaning facility sure makes the whole farm complete.
  7. Organic food grade soybeans are $30.00 Organic food grade corn is $8.00-$14.00 My dad and i do it because conventional farming is based around poison and death. It kills our soil and humans and animals. Everything dies expected the seed that has been raped by Monsanto. Lol just a few reasons. We are a small farm 600 acres and once again its all about profit per acre.
  8. I am in full support of all protest. I think it should be used against the boys in blue. Ftp.
  9. I did start a fire with it yesterday. I have 3 fire extinguishers and a shovel with me at all times. My farm has never had a Gmo crop planted on it and certified organic for 23 years now. We also have a small seed cleaning facility. Being able to clean and bag seed adds so much more value to the crop. I think we are finally at the point where things are running smooth. Hopefully we will continue to have less of a weed seed bank.
  10. Yes we sure do. But we keep costs down and do all the work ourselves. Like i say its all about profit per acre.
  11. I will run it 2 or 3 times. I run a john deere 653A all crop head on a new holland tr combine. Clean soybean fields are a must for a all crop head. The only cost to run it is diesel fuel. Cost on zapper is $35,000 plus front 3point hitch, bought the tractor just for the zapper and tires. So yes we have a lot in to the set up. The 5488 is set a 185 pto hp. The weed zapper is 130 recommended. In tall weeds i can give the 5488 a good work out. The coulter wheels are the grounds for the zapper. Yes anything that the rod touchs will die.
  12. I travel between 2.5 and 4.5 mph. I no longer have a lasco lightning weeder. The weed zapper is much better then the lasco.
  13. I am not sure on the volts. The ragweed is wilted and dead in 5 minutes. This is my second year running it and it works very well.
  14. No i just use it to make $30.00 bushel soybeans! It's all about profit per acre.
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