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  1. 2+2love

    Triple R LEDs

    Did all lights on my 3088 huge difference. The only complaint is the red tail light wires were way to short. Had to clip off the plug and make longer wires.
  2. We use a 4'x4' floor scale. To weigh out individual wrap bales in semi loads. Works good and can get it real close on weight.
  3. We combine then chop wet stalks,bale and wrap the bales same day. Makes for nice beef cow feed. I keep all 18 knives up on the baler.
  4. Thank you. Its a real nice sight to see. Having a seed cleaning facility helps a lot to market the beans and get highest price available. We also have a soybean extruder and make a lot of soybean meal for organic dairys. We try to sell direct and cut out seed brokers.
  5. A real crop rotation helps a lot.
  6. Some organic soybean pictures.
  7. I got a kit for 147 with sloans this summer.
  8. Do you have a copy of the service bulletin?
  9. I have a gear pump conversion kit for a 2+2 for over 20 years. Everyone tells me not to install it. But just in case we keep it.
  10. Yes i like this fourm very much. Just wish my pictures would load. I would share way more.
  11. Im looking for a 7 or 9 shank glencoe yeild builder chisel plow. It must have the heavy duty shank assembly that doesn't use the u bolt mount. Ive been looking all over and have only found 1 and it's priced way to high. The picture is the style shank assembly that i am looking for. Thank you.
  12. If i put a intercooler on my 6588 would i gain any horsepower or just a cooler running engine?
  13. No we have not. Don't know anything about it.
  14. Belarus tractor. Enough said. At one time we had 3.
  15. Cow manure is from our farm. Chicken is not, but okay to use in organic production after its been composted.
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