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  1. Not gonna happen. To many variables out there on the road a computer can’t compensate for.
  2. Could it be used antifreeze? If so, could have all types mixed in with who knows what kind of sealer, flushing additives, etc.
  3. Has anybody asked if there is fuel in the tank?
  4. Looks pretty dry in there. VT may be right. It only takes one of those vanes to be stuck to lose all suction. Possible the draw tube is missing.
  5. Pic 3, show different coloration on the break. May have had a hairline crack, but why the hairline crack? I’d chaulk it up to poor manufacturing.
  6. Yea, keep in mind, Ol’ Isaac can bend Sarah over that bale of hay any time he wants, and not hear ‘no’.
  7. My wife’s Ford Explorer has the ‘sealed transmission’. 115,000 mi on the odometer, so far so good. Nobody around here will service those except the Ford dealer. My son’s BMW has no engine dipstick, the onboard computer tells him when to add a quart. Takes a full synthetic motor oil, and minimum of 91 octane.
  8. Swing over to Monroe, tour the Minhas(Huber) Brewery, Schullsburg is on the way.
  9. 🤣🤣, but being in w. Texas, rain would help. lol
  10. At 30+%, I imagine it would to be diluted by at least 75% to be used on flowers, veggies, or the lawn?
  11. Wherever those from Kooklifornia land, let’s hope they get their heads out of their rear-ends, and not vote for policy/people that created the reason they needed to move.
  12. Figured I would ask the smartest people on the internet. What is the proper way(legal), to dispose of outdated DEF, and Defendel? At work there are 2 1/2 totes of ‘Defendel’, and a 55 gal drum of DEF. All are several years old.
  13. Nice pics, generally didn’t use tractors that size for the baler, mostly 656 gas got that job. If the 656 wasn’t available, then the 826, but switched out asap.
  14. All 3 of my boys took to the breast, used formula only as a supplement. There is more to this situation than what the media is reporting.
  15. Check out estate sales for older tools, mostly made in the USA. I picked up a bench model drill press a few years ago, believe it was manufactured in the late ‘50’s . Power Kraft(Montgomery Ward) brand. Paid $50.00 for it.
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