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  1. As for the dishwasher, don’t worry about that, wife and rented a house one year and the dishwasher was plumbed with only cold water, the dishwasher heating coils heated the water just fine. That house was ‘all electric’ so it didn’t matter what heated the water.
  2. Why not put a battery in it, then turn the key?
  3. I noticed he dropped to plow to the ground while not moving, that we never did, always be moving dropping the plow.
  4. We did ham this year. Figured I would rather pay high dollar for ham, rather than turkey.
  5. Definitely wet ground. Better hope that soil gets a long hard deep freeze over winter, otherwise they will be in world of hurt come springtime.
  6. That picture sure looks a lot like west Texas, except you have better fence post’s. LOL!!
  7. Wonder how long that Road Ranger would hold up if a real heavy drawbar pull would be applied to it, like a chisel or moldboard plow? Is there a transmission cooler?
  8. Like Burt Reynolds said about their divorce; “What good is being married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, if she never wants to f__k”?
  9. Does Jasper deal with those transmissions?
  10. If that is a 14, that plow should be no problem at all. We pulled 5-18’s with an 856 in 3rd with TA forward, WOT, and didn’t plow shallow. Most soil was more brown, than black, so fair amount clay. I loved plowing, didn’t have a heat houser, coverall, stocking cap, and ‘snowmobile gloves’ until the ground was either froze, or too much snow.
  11. I think I’ve worked with a few guys over the years that could pull that off!
  12. With that beefy frame, and tandem axle, should able to handle 3,000 gal easily if an aluminum tank..
  13. Can’t tell what tractor. 966? looks like 5-18’s?
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