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  1. 21 deg F. currently in Midland TX
  2. What’s done with the ground after everything is flattened? Somebody has to clean it up?
  3. Never admit on any forms that you snore.
  4. My wife has been reading lots of articles concerning Antarctica, apparently almost everybody there is a government employee/cia worker of some sort. Supposedly several governments have intelligence(spies) there. Articles claim human trafficking is major function of what governments engage in there.
  5. I had a 345 w/2 barrel many, many years ago. If I’m not mistaken, a couple different carbs were available at that time(1968). Having a brain freeze at the moment on what I had. Truck had good ‘get up and go’ for a COE 1600.
  6. O my Lord. Reminds me of a co-worker of mine years ago, his wife was from a family of 24, yes that’s right 22 siblings in her family. All the same mother and father. She was about the 6th or 7th from the youngest, there were ‘only’ 13 of them still living when I worked with him, and his wife was in her late 50’s at the time. 2 or 3 of them had been murdered, a couple drank themselves to death, a suicide or two, car or work accidents took the others. Truly unbelievable.
  7. How long would the drive train of a 656 hold up to a 100 hp?
  8. I have question, and I am sincere, are those grain carts really that advantage to have? Reading what the costs are, do they speed up harvest that much vs. the cost? We always parked the gravity boxes, or trucks at the end of the field, and hauled out from there.
  9. Med-beds, are nearly ready to go. The challenge is producing, and distributing to all corners of the Earth before making the news public. If not there will be a world war for sure.
  10. Series 60 Detroit’s are one of the most commons engines in use today. There has to be millions of them out there.
  11. If you don’t mind, define ‘drinking oil like it’s her job’. I don’t want to bust your chops on this, trying to put this issue in perspective. What weight oil are you using, what brand? If you are not comfortable with the amount of oil consumption, take actions to correct it.
  12. If have come to the conclusion, it does not have one. I know the compressor needs work, it pressurizes the system fast, and holds, but is dumping alot of oil into the air tank. Engine also needs an injector or two replaced, it has a bit of a miss.
  13. Where was the Ford Tractor assembly plant?
  14. You say the house is ‘all electric’ does it have an electric furnace? With the duct work, and all that? If so, if it were me, I would re-work the duct work to get additional heat(and air circulation) down into the basement.
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