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  1. Soybean oil

    Eric, I hear ya. Tho I dont have an allergy to soy, it one of those things I try to avoid, but its nearly impossible to do so. In the western culture's soybeans are ingested in different form than in the orient. We westerners consume soy in oil or grain form, those effect some people by altering the body's hormone levels.Easterners consume soy mostly in a fermented form (tofu) , which thru the fermenting process converts the soy to a protein, wich does not mess up the hormone levels.
  2. Upper Midwest/Great Plains. Things to see?

    Benjamin Franklin??
  3. Identify the problem on this IH Farmall 1066

    depending on whats been 'photo-shopped' in, I could be a terd and say the biggest problem with this 1066 is, that it is a 1066. but I wont say that
  4. Transtar Had A Bad Day

    that and older trucks dont need re-gen, or DEF.
  5. 1066 steering whine

    What the h*ll are you doing 10wt in an IH ag tractor?
  6. Transtar Had A Bad Day

    Junk the box and hoist, drop a 5th wheel on the 'ol girl and head to west Texas, and pull sand trailers.
  7. Another cat topic

    cats are ok, we did get our first dog this late summer, a maltese. our cat we brought with us from wisc, and is the best cat we have ever had, he's our 3rd. i do admire the cunning and devious nature of cats. one more thing the wife and i learned decades ago; sleep with the bedroom door closed.
  8. Big money in tomatoes?

    cant figure why a rail spur would be needed where you are for shipping out tomatoes, as you are only a few hours away from 3 huge markets; chicago, mpls, and st louis. that all would be quicker by truck my guess the 'tomatoes' is just a cover for real reason for 100 acres and a rail spur. they are actually planning for a frac sand mine nearby, if the liberals in madison knew the real reason, they would pee'ing and crapping all over inside the capital building again.
  9. Heated shop condensation

    a combination dehumidifer could be too small for sq. footage of building temp to low not enough air exchange if you are actually washing inside the building, you will have problems. it's possible the concrete could have moisture wicking up' from the soil underneath
  10. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    I would say, corn silage. After a couple of fields were cleared, it was time to start fall plowing. Nothing like the sound of an 856 in front of a 5-18, 3rd gear, TA ahead, WOT!!

    There used to be an IH dealership in Brooklyn? Must have been way before my time. I went to the auction of the Mobil Oil jobber after he retired.Picked up some DX items, and Mobil stuff too.
  12. 826 Engine Swap

    Not to be nosey, but what to you use a haybine? discbine?, what type of rake? You dont need a tremendous amount of power to cut and rake hay. Any tractor with live pto and hydraulics would do.
  13. Anyone watching the Stanley Cup?

    For crying out loud, their still playing hockey? Sheeze people it's June!
  14. Turning up the hp on engines

    How many ponies do you need to pull a 4 row? hyd lift is the challange with planter, years ago a 460 was overkill on a JD 7000. I used a Case 830D Comfort King nf with full fert. boxes on a 7000, and that was a joy planting corn.
  15. International Refrigerator

    Years ago, there were a model or two that Insurance company's would cancel your homeowners policy if you had one