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  1. I have one of those also. Works great for that. Erich
  2. This is my 856. Love this tractor, hasn't let me down yet
  3. Pretty sure the order is 370, 429, and 460. Won't bet my life on it. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, I hope.
  4. I work as a process engineer at an injection molding facility. Started at it in 1996. Grew up on 45 cow dairy farm prior to that. Still raise some animals and provide the beef for a local bar my friend owns.
  5. EJQ

    HCMC Burn unit

    Wow. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  6. Go out by a can of coffee get a 9 by 13 cake pan pour the coffee into the cake pan let it sit on the front seat. leave it out in sun for a week. This was a trick that was taught to me buy a used car salesman a very long time ago and it works.
  7. Try this for the smell. Get a 9 by 13 cake pan and a can of coffee don't the coffee grounds into the cake pan leave it sit on the seat with the windows up in the hot sun for one week the coffee grounds will pull the smell out of everything. you are going to have to enjoy the smell of coffee though because it's going to smell like that for a while.
  8. EJQ

    Emails sent

    Please PM me also. Thanks
  9. I believe you need a 28.57mm wrench.
  10. This is what I heard from someone who ships to Ellsworth. Ellsworth co-op had their contract cut by Foremost. Supoto cheese (Twin Town) is limited them to one truck load a day. They are asking patrons for a 7% reduction. also offering 100% payout on dividends for any farmer willing to sell their cows and quit
  11. Prayers from WI for Mel and a quick recovery.
  12. How about a 75 Grand AM with a 455 4bl. She's got some long legs with 2.56 gears in the back
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