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  1. EJQ

    You guys got a Wood burners ❓

    It's negative 5 out. The old Steel King has the 24X60 shop nice at 70 degrees. Good dry oak helps a lot. Erich
  2. EJQ

    You guys got a Wood burners ❓

    This is my Steel King. Works great for me.
  3. EJQ

    You guys got a Wood burners ❓

    I have a Steel King in the shop. Model 480. Yours must be a little newer than mine. I have the combustion fan on the back. All I can say don't put too much wood in or you'll melt. Had the shop to 95 degree one afternoon. I had to open the 18 foot door to cool it down. Erich
  4. EJQ

    I don't know why she is mad.

    The fact that you're a sheriff is not germane to the situation. The good damn Germans got nothing to do with it. Another classic line from that movie. Erich
  5. EJQ

    Say a prayer for

    Prayers from Wisconsin
  6. EJQ

    Happy birthday, Bermuda_Ken,russ

    Happy birthday
  7. EJQ


    May peace be with you always Happy Thanksgiving Erich
  8. EJQ

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Praying for the young one from Wisconsin
  9. EJQ

    966 - Loudest Tractor IH Ever Built???

    Friend of mine that works at Ziegler says they use it. Claims it works good also.
  10. EJQ

    966 - Loudest Tractor IH Ever Built???

    My 856 was pretty good with the factory muffler on it. I added a M&W turbo and had to go to a straight pipe because of the cast slip joints on the M&W would push exhaust out under the hood with the muffler. That 856 M&W straight pipe combo will leave you deaf. It's just flat out load as heck. I found some fix master 2000. (2000 degree putty) made by loctite that I plan on resealing the joints and put a muffler back on her this winter. Erich
  11. EJQ

    Fall 2018, show your pics

    Grandpa's 826 hydro I repainted the year he passed away on the auger. Erich
  12. I've hauled with a 25. Almost to short. 27 would be better. If you go 32 you can haul 17 at a time. I have a 30 now. Fits 14 easy. In my experience most 4x5 take up a little more then 5 ft when they get put on the trailer. Erich
  13. EJQ

    What’s so special about a Henry Rifle

    Just down the street from Rice Lake Weighing Systems
  14. EJQ

    What’s so special about a Henry Rifle

    Made in Rice Lake Wisconsin. In the old Wright Products plant. Just across the road from McCain's onion rings factory Erich