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  1. This is what I heard from someone who ships to Ellsworth. Ellsworth co-op had their contract cut by Foremost. Supoto cheese (Twin Town) is limited them to one truck load a day. They are asking patrons for a 7% reduction. also offering 100% payout on dividends for any farmer willing to sell their cows and quit
  2. Prayers from WI for Mel and a quick recovery.
  3. How about a 75 Grand AM with a 455 4bl. She's got some long legs with 2.56 gears in the back
  4. EJQ

    Front Axle "fun"

    This right here. Works great 👍. Well as long as your not in a hurry. Or drive it through a dead furrow. Bump from tire against a tree. Anything to get the inner to twist in the tube. Worked great for me and only took a little time. Bounus is you won't have to repaint anything. I think George 2 told me this trick not long after I first joined RPM. Erich
  5. Bitty, I did look into this and all said it done with a SIMS cab kit and electric heater it was a little over 3K. As much as i like the old LS170 it is getting long in the tooth. The steer motors need attention as well as pins and bushings. I'm to the point it is financially beneficial to trade up verses putting more money in the old gal. Erich
  6. Thank you to all who have offered their input. It is great to be able to reach out to such a large source of knowledge. I have taken the advice above and reach out to a friend that works at Ziegler. He passed along my information and was able to have a very good conversation with at salesman over there. it sounds like they have a couple of options that would fit my needs both being 242's. one is a 242B pre emission and the other being a 242B3. does anyone have an opinion of either of these two machines. I would like to here about the hydraulics? are they smooth or jerky? how about the lift capacity. the old LS170 will pick up more than it should some days. Do the Cat's act the same or will they lift only what they are rated for? I like the idea of having CAT's parts support but not sure if they have a larger price to support it. Does any have an input on the cost or replacement parts from CAT.
  7. Thank you for your feedback. I checked Ziegler and fabick cat. I'm only looking to upgrade about 20 25000 after looking at the cat websites it looks like it may be an upgrade of 30 to 35 thousand which is a little more than I can afford at this point in this economy. On another note has anybody had any experience with ASV posi track skid steers. We have a local sales person about 20 minutes from me I have heard it's hit or miss with them. Thank you everybody for taking the time I appreciate all responses.
  8. What issues are they having? I have a friend with a Case SR220 that has treated him very well. That's the reason I looked at New Holland. I was told they both are pretty much the same now days. Thank you
  9. Wow. I didn't know New Holland's quality had gotten that bad.
  10. I am hoping some of you may provide me with some assistance. As I get older my fingers don't stay as warm as they used to and I have decided to upgrade skid steers. I'm looking at a New Holland L223 with Heat and AC. I don't know much about the newer skid steers from Hew Holland and would like to here of your experiences with then before pulling the trigger on one. I would be replacing and well used, but very reliable New Holland LS170 with open ROPS. Thank you for your comments and have a great day. Erich
  11. Yes they are baffled. Two plugs in towards the center. Still available from CNH but spendy. Around 300.00 or so. After market one have a hole through the center like you saw. Only place I could find one like the original was from my local dealer.
  12. EJQ

    856 steering issue

    I would check the steel hydraulic lines going to the front steering bloster for small leaks. It could be losing a little bit of pressure and leaking a small amount of oil. I had this on my 826 once Erich
  13. Wow small world. I live 9 miles east of Clear Lake
  14. Diesel or gas? Friend of mine has a diesel. Good on fuel but hard to start.
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