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  1. Lol. I just about did the same thing last evening. Was lucky enough to make it through the wet spot. Going to be a little bit yet. Raining here all day so far Erich
  2. Had the same thing. Had to do the Conway shuffle this morning.
  3. It's negative 5 out. The old Steel King has the 24X60 shop nice at 70 degrees. Good dry oak helps a lot. Erich
  4. This is my Steel King. Works great for me.
  5. I have a Steel King in the shop. Model 480. Yours must be a little newer than mine. I have the combustion fan on the back. All I can say don't put too much wood in or you'll melt. Had the shop to 95 degree one afternoon. I had to open the 18 foot door to cool it down. Erich
  6. The fact that you're a sheriff is not germane to the situation. The good damn Germans got nothing to do with it. Another classic line from that movie. Erich
  7. EJQ

    Say a prayer for

    Prayers from Wisconsin
  8. EJQ


    May peace be with you always Happy Thanksgiving Erich
  9. Praying for the young one from Wisconsin
  10. Friend of mine that works at Ziegler says they use it. Claims it works good also.
  11. My 856 was pretty good with the factory muffler on it. I added a M&W turbo and had to go to a straight pipe because of the cast slip joints on the M&W would push exhaust out under the hood with the muffler. That 856 M&W straight pipe combo will leave you deaf. It's just flat out load as heck. I found some fix master 2000. (2000 degree putty) made by loctite that I plan on resealing the joints and put a muffler back on her this winter. Erich
  12. Grandpa's 826 hydro I repainted the year he passed away on the auger. Erich
  13. I've hauled with a 25. Almost to short. 27 would be better. If you go 32 you can haul 17 at a time. I have a 30 now. Fits 14 easy. In my experience most 4x5 take up a little more then 5 ft when they get put on the trailer. Erich
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