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  1. EJQ

    What’s so special about a Henry Rifle

    Just down the street from Rice Lake Weighing Systems
  2. EJQ

    What’s so special about a Henry Rifle

    Made in Rice Lake Wisconsin. In the old Wright Products plant. Just across the road from McCain's onion rings factory Erich
  3. EJQ

    🔥Cleaned the wood stove chimney today

    Someone once told me an aluminum can in the fire once and a while helps with the build up in the chimney
  4. EJQ

    Grandpa Ross

    Very sorry for your loss and my condolences to your family
  5. EJQ

    806 oil cooler leak

    Ok. Got it. Part number is 368548R1 Erich
  6. EJQ

    806 oil cooler leak

    X2 on the quad ring. I'm thinking it is for something in the T/A on a 560. I have the part number in the shop. I'll look for it this morning and post back Erich
  7. EJQ

    205 combine dimensions

    Let me know if you need help. I'm only 25 minutes away from Dallas Erich
  8. EJQ

    7.3 High pressure oil pump

    I have had the same situation with my 2001 F350 about 10 years ago. Acted just as you have described. Turned out to be the crank sensor. I would try to replace that Erich
  9. EJQ

    Can't make a official announcement but....

    Congratulations. Wishing you all the best.
  10. EJQ

    Give and take word game

    Cabbage rolls
  11. EJQ

    Gooseneck hitch?

    Mine are mounted 6 inches ahead of the rear axle on a long box
  12. EJQ

    International 1026 oil capacity and a pic 😃

    It's going to around 30 gallons if I remember correctly. One thing different is that you need to check Hytran fluid level with the tractor running around 1500 RPM. I didn't know that until I got an operator manual for my 826 hydro.
  13. EJQ

    Firestone super NO tractions

    Have witnessed same situation. One 856 with 23 degree radials would not clean out the other 856 with 23 degree deep tread radials would. Bar spacing on the Deep Treads is more than an inch over the regular 23 degree radials.
  14. EJQ

    The Passing of a Forum Member

    So sorry for your loss. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
  15. EJQ

    F350 wheel bearing failure?

    Replace it with a Timkem brand. I have over 200K on the one I put in my 2001 F-350