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  1. EJQ

    I don't know why she is mad.

    The fact that you're a sheriff is not germane to the situation. The good damn Germans got nothing to do with it. Another classic line from that movie. Erich
  2. EJQ

    Say a prayer for

    Prayers from Wisconsin
  3. EJQ

    Happy birthday, Bermuda_Ken,russ

    Happy birthday
  4. EJQ


    May peace be with you always Happy Thanksgiving Erich
  5. EJQ

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Praying for the young one from Wisconsin
  6. EJQ

    966 - Loudest Tractor IH Ever Built???

    Friend of mine that works at Ziegler says they use it. Claims it works good also.
  7. EJQ

    966 - Loudest Tractor IH Ever Built???

    My 856 was pretty good with the factory muffler on it. I added a M&W turbo and had to go to a straight pipe because of the cast slip joints on the M&W would push exhaust out under the hood with the muffler. That 856 M&W straight pipe combo will leave you deaf. It's just flat out load as heck. I found some fix master 2000. (2000 degree putty) made by loctite that I plan on resealing the joints and put a muffler back on her this winter. Erich
  8. EJQ

    Fall 2018, show your pics

    Grandpa's 826 hydro I repainted the year he passed away on the auger. Erich
  9. I've hauled with a 25. Almost to short. 27 would be better. If you go 32 you can haul 17 at a time. I have a 30 now. Fits 14 easy. In my experience most 4x5 take up a little more then 5 ft when they get put on the trailer. Erich
  10. EJQ

    What’s so special about a Henry Rifle

    Just down the street from Rice Lake Weighing Systems
  11. EJQ

    What’s so special about a Henry Rifle

    Made in Rice Lake Wisconsin. In the old Wright Products plant. Just across the road from McCain's onion rings factory Erich
  12. EJQ

    🔥Cleaned the wood stove chimney today

    Someone once told me an aluminum can in the fire once and a while helps with the build up in the chimney
  13. EJQ

    Grandpa Ross

    Very sorry for your loss and my condolences to your family
  14. EJQ

    806 oil cooler leak

    Ok. Got it. Part number is 368548R1 Erich