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  1. Good point Mike, but the brakes don’t seem powerful enough to slide the tires of the loaded trailer. They are strong enough however that it is hard to back the loaded trailer up an incline!
  2. Ha. Green Demco’s being towed by a MX 120. The MX has pretty good brakes. Thanks for the responses. Have a safe harvest everyone!
  3. Let’s say you are towing two 350 bushel gravity box type trailers and one has tongue activated hydraulic brakes on its rear axle. Is it safer to have the trailer with brakes in position A or position B?
  4. IH’s equivalent to the 5010’s era would have to be the 660.
  5. A field tracker attachment can help with the header level problem. Later axials had an adjustable vane to help with chaff distribution.
  6. Thanks, spent the day cutting beans!
  7. My theory was that the tires had enough bounce to kind of set up a feedback condition until the weight of the grain in the tank compressed them some. I remember upping the tire pressure some too. Make all of the feeler adjustments by the book and by all means shoot some penetrating oil on the sensor tube bushings. There is a mechanical linkage kit available to replace the cable that moves the header potentiometer if your header hasn’t been updated to that. Yes, the spring adjustment is pretty important for proper function too and don’t forget the coil spring on the left side. If they are too springy, that can make the control bouncy. Good luck.
  8. Pete’s right. When I ran a 1640 you could increase the sensitivity as the grain tank filled, it was really jumpy when the machine was light. Good luck.
  9. The fast hitch should bolt right up. The hydra touch is a hydraulic valve in the valve stack that gets feedback from the hitch position via a series of rods and levers and a spider gear arrangement that allows the hitch to move to the position of the fast hitch lever. If your 560 originally came with a drawbar and no fast hitch, there may not be a hydra touch valve present. No problem, you can run the hitch off of one of the hydraulic valves and have up and down only like the 400 and 450’s had. The draft control really has nothing to do with hydra touch. It is adjustable linkages that turns pulling force into down force for traction. Only really worked with mounted equipment. Good luck.
  10. The transmission in my 2002 model MX 120 has a McCormick tag on it.
  11. Not familiar with the New Holland balers, but you had to shut down the pto with the Vermeer 605F between bales or the belts would skin the twine off the bale as there was no kicker. Baler design and function has come a long way since!
  12. Sounds like two legged thieves to me. I doubt even a crow could cut the head off let alone carry it away. One of our friends had someone dig up his sweet potatoes last year. Sorry for your loss.
  13. I bet your serial number suffix is cc for heavy tillage third gear. Not sure either when the factory installed the 560 upgrades, but an old time IH parts guy told me about the factory program to install the upgrade parts in a tent set up at dealerships. A diamond shape stamped on the serial tag indicates the tractor went through the upgrade program. My 1959 560 serial 17,XXX s z cc has the diamond stamp. I am the second owner (since 1972) so I can’t ask the original owner about it any more and my parts guy friend died a few years ago. I asked him what all was in the upgrade and he said it was a whole wooden crate full of parts but didn’t know what all was in it. I really miss being able to visit with him…..his blood was IH red!
  14. Some folks eat it. (not me). Kind of like mushrooms I guess.
  15. Don’t know anything about your vise, but man if that thing could talk!
  16. Found this one this spring near an abandoned farm site. 63 circle c 41.
  17. Something else I would check is where the tight spot is between the rotor and the concave. I believe the recommended spot is about 7 o’clock as viewed from the rear, but your owners manual can confirm that. I have found that to be not so important in corn or beans, but can help with the thresh in wheat. Also some varieties just plain thresh hard. Good luck.
  18. We have a 13 explorer. Same color as that one even. Love it! Very comfortable, great handling and 22 to 23mpg. Probably a $10,000 car if in good condition. You have room there to invest in a lot of parts! Good luck.
  19. Yeah. Solution looking for a problem IMO.
  20. I like it. What holds them down? Baxter, my border collie would jump totally from the cab to the ground, except for the time he caught his left hind leg in the second step of the 8920. No broken bones, but a cut to the bone that took a dozen stitches to close. We have to watch out for our best friends.
  21. I like my Hesston 956a. Makes good solid bales and has been fairly reliable. The net wrap is simple, but you need a strong back to load it. Bearings are generic....I have gotten them from deere and mother case as well as from a jobber when needed. It will bale almost anything, so you do have to watch moisture! The newer versions are Agco and Massey. Good luck.
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