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    I love 86s

    Over the years I owned three. An 886 and two 1086’s. They are comfortable, nice handling tractors. The naysayers bemoan the “backwards” opening doors and “choppy” ride supposedly because of the mid mount seating, but I really liked the visibility it provided. That is a sharp one!
  2. If I were you and have memories with grandpa and the truck, I would paint it and try to preserve it. I wish I had my grandfathers 1965 El Camino to restore!
  3. axial_al

    Beans froze

    We have had that happen. They will dry down and depending on weather conditions the next couple of weeks they could get a little moldy and probably will have a greenish tint. If you are able to bin them awhile the elevators may not be as fussy later on. That was our experience anyway. Good luck.
  4. @sandhiller, I am glad your mother came through the COVID ok. Not everyone is that lucky though. There are over 188,000 deaths nationally. It hit close to home for me too when my brother’s 73 year old neighbor and his 51 year old niece died from the virus. He suffered and lingered in isolation for several days and the niece died in a matter of days. His wife caught it too, but survived much like your mother. The virus is real. It is too bad it has become so political because that makes it so much harder to research, understand and contain it. The sooner the country can come together and fight it from a united front the sooner it can be brought under control in my opinion. No one knows what will happen when seasonal flu hits this Fall. I live in your neighboring state of SD and am ashamed to report that we are number 1 in the nation for COVID cases per 100,000, thanks partly to events like the Sturgis rally and the state fair. Contact spread from the rally alone took the disease to several states and was responsible for at least one death. No one knows the long term effect of having had the disease yet either. Issues like lung scarring and heart problems could show up after being sick.
  5. Does it have a thermostatic fan? They give grief sometimes.
  6. Tire inflation can do that too.
  7. Any kind of booze you could want....and loaded weapons laying around....what could possibly go wrong?
  8. My Dad had one years ago. Thing I remember was almost going through the windshield if you stepped the clutch pedal in when you were in high range and the trans oil was cold. Also, you better not have your knee near the power shift lever because it snaps down into low when you hit the clutch. Not a bad handling tractor for it’s day. Only major work it needed was transmission work once. I think trans parts are an issue nowadays.
  9. X3. They do more good than harm.
  10. I am going to suggest you research the horsepower your 8.3 is making. Are the fuel and air filters recently changed? The 2366 only has a little tiny juice can size filter and I have had them plug in mid season. Jass1660’s suggestion to check the wastegate actuator is a good one. The diaphragm in the 8.3 in one of my tractors failed causing the anaeroid on the fuel injector pump to limit the fuel flow, cutting the power waaaay back. No power and no smoke either. I have run a 2366 over 10 years now and that combine should walk through 60 bu. Beans at 3 to 4 mph easy in my opinion. Good luck.
  11. Are they snapping turtles? That’s cool!
  12. I call it the most expensive hay because of the junk people throw in our ditches, the danger of roll over from the steep slopes and breaking out rear tractor cab windows from rocks thrown by the baler. We cut railroad right of way for several years too and lost sections and tires to rail spikes.
  13. They are less active early in the morning when it is cool, so spray them and their nest with most any wasp and hornet killer. I like the kind that will spray up to 20 ft. Spray and then run like heck. I hate them with a passion. Good luck.
  14. Ditch hay is the most expensive hay you can make! Love the mower. I have my grandfathers model 100 bought in 1962.
  15. I nominate 97 Winchester. When you rack one of them old girls the bad guys will leave!
  16. Hey, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel!
  17. My wife says to try “Gardentech.com” and search for how to identify, control and prevent blight on your tomatoes. She said a product called serenade is an organic fungicide that works well as a preventative. Good luck.
  18. My master gardener wife says it sounds like tomato blight (early blight). If it is only on a couple of plants you can pull them so it doesn’t spread.
  19. Hannibal, MO is pretty neat. Looks like one of your routes would go right through there. Safe travels.
  20. Earth Metal blades for the JD drill were a good investment when we rebuilt our 750 drill several years ago. I think they are outlasting the original openers at least 2 to 1. There are a lot of companies making aftermarket "improvement" parts for these drills too (Kind of like the axial flow combines!) Good Luck.
  21. My (fixed wing) flight instructor said helicopters can’t really fly. They just beat the air into submission.
  22. The mower looks like a 27v IH to me
  23. A wildlife specialist told me that the coyotes are territorial and if you have some that aren’t bothering your livestock you are better off leaving them alone. If you eliminate the “good” coyotes, the ones that move in to replace them could be “bad” coyotes.
  24. My 560 acted kind of like that once. Turned out to be a broken pressure regulator Spring. Good luck.
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