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  1. Ah, thanks 12. The BX cable hanger makes sense. It came out of an old dairy barn.
  2. Anyone have an idea what this thing is? Took a picture on a playing card for size perspective. Maybe some type of pound in conduit hanger?
  3. I don’t know about the starter button, but am pretty sure the cast shifter knob was because of rubber shortages during the war. A neighbor had an M that the original paint turned orange on because of a shortage of some paint ingredient. This was a story that my Dad, a lifelong IH man told me.
  4. How many of you refer to soda as “pop”? Another regional thing!
  5. I don’t see a #70 plow on that list. I just happen to have one I could sell…..
  6. Yeah, us29 or 81 are most likely your route. Both are a ways out of your way as Dale said, but the Hills and Rushmore are worth it if you’ve never been and have the time. Safe trip!
  7. Cool! I like bull snakes. Best rodent control in the world!
  8. Whoa. That looks bad on foreflight. Stay safe.
  9. This 1959 was my first tractor purchase in 1972 when I started farming. I was the second owner and was assured by the po that the motor was original. A couple of years later it started spitting antifreeze out the muffler and we discovered it had a welded up head! Bought a new one and installed new sleeves and pistons. Going on 13,000 plus hours now. Still my auger tractor and handy machinery mover with that fast hitch. Just sips fuel! Oh yes, it has Minneapolis U fenders.
  10. 1967 Mercury Comet Caliente. 289 auto. The instructors side had a brake master cylinder plumbed into the system somehow. When the instructor rested his foot on the pedal, the drivers brake wouldn’t work! Had to keep reminding him….made for some hairy incidents. He was a creaky old guy probably in his late fifties (Ha. I’m 72!). You got a big break on your car insurance for taking the class here in SD. Anyone remember the gory car wreck movies they showed during the classroom part of Dr. ed? One had a guy impaled on a tree branch. I got sick during that one and I wasn’t the only one.
  11. That intercooler looks nonstock according to the 5.9 that was in my 1640? Maybe was a bus engine?
  12. I thought that looked familiar. I have a couple of spare wheels if you need them!
  13. The gas 44’s had a 4 cylinder continental ohv motor. The combines of the same era had Chrysler flathead sixes so it is not inconceivable that someone might have put one in a 44. A six is a smoother, higher reving motor than a four so could probably move down the road pretty good. I put a 235 Chevy motor in a f30 once….that could move pretty good too!
  14. Grandfather had a MH 44. A 1950 model. As Dad had an M when I was growing up there was always good natured kidding between Grandpa and me about the merits of both tractors. When Grandpas will was opened after he passed there was a bill of sale for the 44 to me. I still have it, but I still like the M’s better!
  15. Don’t plant corn until the oak leaves are the size of a squirrels ear.
  16. Red against yellow, kill a fellow. Red against white, you’re alright.
  17. I think we had one of those on a #62 combine at one time. Cute little rascal.
  18. I would be careful about using a chemical like Tordon if you plan on planting another tree in the area in the near future.
  19. Gives a new meaning to “gunning the engine.”
  20. Did you try jerking on the steering wheel while turning the key?🤗
  21. My dad had an m&w 291 s&p kit put in his 706 gas back in the day. Required boring the block so I cannot imagine a way to easily convert it back to a 263 without going back to a standard block. It made 94 horsepower on the dyno which was the same as a stock 806. Burned six gallons an hour though of 21 cent gas. You couldn’t make it through a long morning or afternoon without refueling, but it held together and got a lot of work done!
  22. What year might that 56 Ford lookalike be?
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