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  1. The fast hitch should bolt right up. The hydra touch is a hydraulic valve in the valve stack that gets feedback from the hitch position via a series of rods and levers and a spider gear arrangement that allows the hitch to move to the position of the fast hitch lever. If your 560 originally came with a drawbar and no fast hitch, there may not be a hydra touch valve present. No problem, you can run the hitch off of one of the hydraulic valves and have up and down only like the 400 and 450’s had. The draft control really has nothing to do with hydra touch. It is adjustable linkages that turns pulling force into down force for traction. Only really worked with mounted equipment. Good luck.
  2. The transmission in my 2002 model MX 120 has a McCormick tag on it.
  3. Not familiar with the New Holland balers, but you had to shut down the pto with the Vermeer 605F between bales or the belts would skin the twine off the bale as there was no kicker. Baler design and function has come a long way since!
  4. I bet your serial number suffix is cc for heavy tillage third gear. Not sure either when the factory installed the 560 upgrades, but an old time IH parts guy told me about the factory program to install the upgrade parts in a tent set up at dealerships. A diamond shape stamped on the serial tag indicates the tractor went through the upgrade program. My 1959 560 serial 17,XXX s z cc has the diamond stamp. I am the second owner (since 1972) so I can’t ask the original owner about it any more and my parts guy friend died a few years ago. I asked him what all was in the upgrade and he said it was a whole wooden crate full of parts but didn’t know what all was in it. I really miss being able to visit with him…..his blood was IH red!
  5. Something else I would check is where the tight spot is between the rotor and the concave. I believe the recommended spot is about 7 o’clock as viewed from the rear, but your owners manual can confirm that. I have found that to be not so important in corn or beans, but can help with the thresh in wheat. Also some varieties just plain thresh hard. Good luck.
  6. The cab solenoid on these can get weak keeping the fuel shut off from working properly too. Had that happen to my 8920. Good luck.
  7. Do the frame rails have two bolts on the bottom side? Mechanically that is where the most strength would be needed.
  8. The later 2366’s had heavier finals and and rear axle and were pretty much the same as a 2388 except for being a little lighter weight because of the smaller rotor, narrower auger bed and narrower shoe. I would think you would be fine with the 8 row head. Good luck.
  9. axial_al

    560 diesel

    Did you check the sleeve standout when the head was off? There were shims supplied for adjusting sleeve protrusion above the block. I did put a head gasket on one of those upside down once, but the oil came out the side of the engine.....a lot of oil.....really fast. Learned a valuable lesson! Good luck.
  10. Sorry for your loss. I am not a metallurgist, but I think I would be concerned that the metal frame of the loader could have lost it’s temper in the fire. A process called annealing......when it is heated up and allowed to cool slowly. Good luck.
  11. I have run my scx 100 16’ moco with a 756 in all kinds of conditions. Handles it just fine. I would think the torbo’d 706 will too.
  12. Pretty tractor. Is it an 856 custom? Noticed the extra headlights and non tilting steering wheel.
  13. Most any good parts house should be able to get you a kit. Be sure to give them the Holley List number that is stamped on the air horn. There are thousands of various applications for those carburetors! Lots of times a good cleanup, blowing out and new gaskets work wonders. Good luck.
  14. That bearing looks a lot like the “water pump” bearing on the snapping rollers on a 1000 series caseih corn head post 1995.
  15. Maybe it was a WW ll model with that paint that faded to yellow.
  16. In addition to the above, you might check that the turnbuckle that actually pulls the concave up when adjusted is intact. I have seen them break and drop the concave open. Good luck.
  17. Whenever the data center acted up on the 86 series in my past, I would start by using contact cleaner on the datacenter connector first. Nine times out of ten that would get it going. I also remember that the connection on the oil pressure sender could make the data center do funny things too. Good luck.
  18. My vote goes to piston slap as well. We had a 706 gas that got noisy once and the rattle would go away if you rotated the distributor a little to change the timing. We just ran it until it burned a valve and got an overhaul. Good luck.
  19. I have had this sticker on the door of the machine shed forever. Pretty sure it came from a dealership I worked for in the early 70’s. IMO, the 856 was overkill against the 4020.
  20. Have you figured it out yet?
  21. axial_al

    1680 Milo

    I’m going to suggest putting the wires back into the first concave section at least if you are seeing unthreshed heads. I confess I’ve never harvested milo; but holding the crop in the cage for another round or two could help thresh the crop. Good luck.
  22. axial_al

    Pro 600

    Have you calibrated it?
  23. I have had thumb switch failures on both of the MX120’s I have owned. The motor didn’t pull down like it was in two gears, though. It just wouldn’t shift or would skip gears.
  24. Looks like 1 1/16 “ thick. I would think 1” would be enough. You could always add gaskets if you needed it thicker.
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