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  1. I have a ‘14 F150 club cab 4X4 with 4 doors. 5.0 and six speed. Love it.
  2. A friend had a duster back in the day….said it was aptly named when driven on gravel roads.
  3. So what was a duster then?
  4. It could have ended up at Basler Aviation in Wisconsin for a turbine conversion…that is where they found “That’s all brother”, the first c47 to carry paratroopers over the English Channel before D Day. The C47 was the military version of the DC3. Anyway, the N number could clear up what became of the International airplane.
  5. I have a late 750 that I pull with a mx120 using a closed center adapter I got from my case new holland dealer years ago. I did run it with a 1086 by using a Deere open center kit on the drill, but I think depth pressure in no till conditions was better with the adapter. Will try to get a picture of the adapter later…pretty simple.
  6. My wife uses a pair of check wire stakes and wire to space the rows in her garden. Good thing you didn’t find them with a tire!
  7. Groseth did become a gm dealership selling Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac for several years. The location of his dealership is now a strip mall. Marks machinery, the Case dealer that was awarded the caseih franchise just sent us a letter this past week announcing a merger with the Titan machinery group.
  8. When he was asked “when is the best time to buy land”, the old county agent replied: “when it is for sale.”
  9. I bought a drop pin hammer strap through case several years ago.
  10. We bought one new in 2013. Has around 130,000 miles on it now. Ours is the XLT model with 3.5 engine and six speed. Averages 22-23 mpg. Probably the most comfortable car I have ever owned with infinitely adjustable driving positions and room to haul seven if you want to utilize the third seat. You can fold the second row of seats down too for even more cargo area. It has been trouble free so far too and is only on the third set of tires. We really like ours! Good luck.
  11. 855 cummins…….what’s not to love.
  12. I am pretty sure the pickup can handle the weight, but the size of the wheel/tire combination means that they would have to lean on or rest on the sides of the box and could damage them. Do you have a friend or neighbor who has a flatbed trailer you could borrow? That would be the safest way to transport them. Good luck.
  13. Wow. Beautiful!!!!! Almost too nice to use!
  14. I nominate Gooseberry in memory of my Grandma!
  15. I am sorry for your loss Sandhiller. This is a sad coincidence…..my border collie Harvey passed the same day as Gus and he was born 31 March 2009. The only fault that dogs have is that they don’t live long enough.
  16. Are you sure it is a turbocharger problem and not just wet stacking? Sometimes diesel slobber can look like a turbo problem. Good luck!
  17. I am the second owner of a 59 diesel model I bought in 1972. For years it was the planting/feed grinding/cultivating general go to do anything tractor. We gave it an overhaul in 1976 when the head proved to be cracked and leaking coolant into number three. Put a new cylinder head on it. It still gets used on the grain auger at harvest and other general tasks. Maybe we were just lucky, but this tractor will start down into the single digits and run for a week on a tank of fuel. I have no complaints.
  18. My Dad had this “bridge” style farmhand loader on his F20 back in the 50’s. They were very popular in the upper Midwest and were king for bucking and stacking loose hay. In the wintertime, the grapple attachment worked great for feeding hay and silage and moving snow. The F20 always started on the second or third impulse click! Almost every farm in our area had a “Farmhand”!
  19. I had one. Good disk. They do have a lot of linkage in their lift mechanism that gets worn over time. Personally I would prefer a 496 that uses self phasing cylinders to level and lift….much simpler. Good luck.
  20. As you can see, pristine examples are big bucks. There was a 4 door Galaxie version on an auction near here within the last year. They still said fairlane 500 on the trunk for some reason. Non runner, stored inside, 292 and two speed auto and you could tell the mice had been inside and went a little over $3000 if I remember right. Good luck on your search.
  21. This should end the best 2 cycle oil debate!
  22. People call my iron pile scrap. I call it spare parts.
  23. Years ago a friend stuck his shotgun out the door at midnight on New Year’s Eve…….and shot his cable tv cord off. No football on New Year’s Day!
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