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  1. As far as you can tell, is that original paint? Sure held up nice. Reminds me a bit of creamer'd coffee. Which also reminds me, I need to get a pot on. No creamer though.... Yuck! Mike
  2. Thanks! I haven't head about that set before. Will have to poke Hawthorne for a list of what they released. Mike
  3. The Wisconsin State Fair grounds would handle that list with ease. Whether or not they would want tractors there is another story. Don't know about pricing. It's still $20 to get into Trainfest, but that show has been there 52 years. That show is also a priority to the management & the city for that matter. Thinking locally, there's the county fairgrounds. They're hosting a Gathering of the Green. Judging by the show flyer & who's behind the show, it's probably not going to be some rinky-dink setup. And forget Madison! Mike
  4. Had to look. Tramontia. Le Creuset is the big Dutch oven that weighs about as much as the oven. Mike
  5. I appreciate you asking around. Ravenna is a railroad designated place along 90, well east of Missoula. Missoula....↓ top left corner.... This is how it looks from the highway.... Not my pics. Can't find 'em when I need 'em.... of course. :v) Always thought it would make a very cool house. Then again it's along 90, so my idea probably number 41,646,871,804 & 5/16, after everyone else's. Can't find my book that covers the abandonment of the tunnel at East Portal. Want to say it collapsed at one end. There used to be a large substation, speeder sheds & two small company houses there, on the NE end of the tunnel. This is an obscured view of the tunnel portal, which would be back, over the right shoulder of the photographer in the above pic. The switch to bottleneck the twin mainline to single track for the tunnel would be right behind him also. ↑ Credit for photo above goes to brownlg34 on Flicker. ↑ Nothing left but the bare foundations today. ↓↓ There's pictures out there of the two houses, so buried in snow, that they look like two drifts. They both had a door on the roof so the snow can get cleared & the station maintainers can shovel their way to the substation. Will post those pics when I find them. A couple bonus pics.... A Little Joe & brace of SD40-2s working their way along the Clark Fork. Here's the west bound Empire Builder at Ringling. Going to guess it detoured off of the GN or NP for some reason. The shiny new SDP40Fs put the date between June of '73 & June of '74 when the pan's dropped for the last time from under the wire on the Lines West of the Milwaukee Road. The slight chance exists that the juice is off & the line crews haven't pulled the wires down yet. "¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " Will check back soon with more pics. Mike
  6. JI Case had a triple range transmission on their 100 series tractors. Someone might have stuck a decal on the CC 100. M&W had a 9 speed for the Original Cub Cadets. No idea if that had a decal or what they named it. Might be a decal to denote a gear reduction box for a trencher or something similar. Mike
  7. It's nice to have you back! Was wondering what happened. Figured you might be out chasing the girls around.... turns out you were chasing nurses. ;v) Glad to hear you made it through all that. Those UTI's ain't nothing to mess with. Hope you keep on the up 'n' up! Mike
  8. Need some fine dining music for all that good eatin'! And some music for after. Mike
  9. There is a "Today's Tractors" board on there, although no one has checked in since Aug. 8. Someone might know what you're dealing with on the "Tractor Talk" board. Mike
  10. They're needed to wade through the stories when the season is done. Don't think Crocs make a filter for that.... Mike
  11. Almost sounds like it was a package option. Do you have the details on that setup for the O's? Mike
  12. He'll have that whole island turned upside down! Or is it right side up?? Mike
  13. That about gave me flashbacks just looking at it. My dog befriended a skunk. They were "buddies" for about 2 years. They'd stop 'n' sniff at each other nose to nose & then take off, chasing each other around in the hay field. Stopped taking the dog out for a walk at dusk & that fixed the problem. Mike
  14. In short.... very, very short.... between the poor choice of construction materials & the details that have been presented/misrepresented..... NO! When they start building them accurate, in full detail & out of brass, I'll think about it. Mike
  15. After a bit of research.... yep, high velocity lead is the best way. Seems the breed does have the instinct, but needs to be trained & even then it is iffy. Mike
  16. Howdy Panda! Don't know if you have run across the Parts Depot for searching out what you need, but they have tons of NOS parts.... & some really nice take-offs. The only caveat is, you have to order through a dealer. Preferably CaseIH or similar as, IH-JI Case-Ford-New Holland-et al, are all under the same umbrella. Shortline dealers & small engine repair shops may also be an option. Mike https://parts.depotparts.com/ P.S. Already checked for the starter bracket you found, to no avail. They do return quite a few PG- prefix numbers, so they may have something else you need at some point.
  17. That's good to know. There's some decent tires on an old wood running gear here that I've been pondering about for a while. Hate to let them sit out & now, hopefully.... I can put them to good use. I had thought that was a grain pusher too, but for boxcars. It looks a bit wide for the wagon. It may be missing the handles, too. Mike
  18. Leave it to Leibherr to do something cool. Like their pole climbing excavators. Mike
  19. That tractor has your name written aaaaaaall over it. ;v) Mike
  20. How do you get the tires off those hubs?? Looks like a pain & I don't think they would work on a tire changer. Is that a '68 Wildcat in the second-last pic? Mike
  21. We got rid of the non stick stuff a while ago & switched to All Clad & some company who's name I can't pronounce. Temperature is everything. When you think it's hot enough, spritz some water on the pan (or spit). If it beads & sizzles off, you're ready. Mike
  22. The railroads had the same issue. Diesel fuel, bunker C, pulverized coal, stc., all flew out the stack quickly. They were also exceptionally loud. Mike
  23. If my dog wasn't soft around the edges & was still built like a porterhouse, I wouldn't be too concerned. The AmStaff has lineage back to the British Bull & Terrier which were bred as a dog that could easily dispatch a badger or wolverine. AmStaffs also have an incredibly high tolerance for pain & once they lock on to their target.... it's going to be all over for the unfortunate critter that gets chomped on.* Mike *Stated as a generalization, knowing how nature works & essentially anything can happen in a battle.
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