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    Farm 1600 acres,milk 700 cows run mainly RED(gotta have a few others to make you appreciate the red ones even more)bought the '46 Farmall A in family since '52 when I was 17. Currently have A, C, Super C,230, M, 400,450 and an F30 adopted from my Wife's side of the family. Wish I had bought the 450 i grew up with, hindsight is 2020

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  1. bitty

    Bus dt466

    All the tractor ones use the same sleeves so they have the same bore but use a different crankshaft between the 414-436-466 so they have a different stroke. Maybe the newer truck 466 has a shorter stroke than the older truck 466
  2. bitty

    Head gasket question

    Ok. I will try just silver paint then. The rear cylinder is starting to lose the crosshatch. We will put it together like this and see if it's leaking again then the next step is to get the head done again and re-in-frame it . We have a head from the 7140 we will send out so I can just swap it when needed. It sounded like the same head on 71-89 series Magnums
  3. bitty

    Head gasket question

    Putting a gasket in the 7250pro we (local truck garage) did an in-frame to two springs ago. You guys talk about copper or aluminum spray paint. Is this a special product for gasket sealing or is it just plain spray paint ? @DirtBoyz07
  4. bitty

    Old tricks of the day

    An old guy from town told a story about a guy who when he came to town others would mess around with his vehicle. This was back before radial tires. He hung a steel cable down to the ground and put a fencer that he could reach in and turn on or off. He arrived at town got out all this car reached in and turned the fencer on and went into the hardware store and he waited till he heard someone scream and he ran out and saw whoever it was messing with his vehicle
  5. bitty

    Bitty and Tjoker are getting older today!

    My oldest sister turned 50 three days ago, I feel really young yet except for the symptoms of Lyme's disease I got last year. Years ago I thought I was kind of funny at my cousin's 30th birthday party his two sisters were just giving him a hard time about turning 30 . After a little while I said you know you two are his older sisters they calmed down some after that
  6. bitty

    A warmer topic, 175 days until RPRU

    Mark I should register my second camper so that I can haul it down so you can bless everyone there with entertainment / marital advice, etc
  7. bitty

    Bus dt466

    This is my interpretation of the 466-570 engines I am thinking that the original poster has a newer series 466 that is different than the 466 like in the 5488, 3588 etc. There is two 466 engines made, the newer ones are able to make it a 530 or 570 am I correct on this. The 530+570 are mid stop sleeves, the old 466 is not
  8. bitty

    News outlets suck! What about the flooding disaster????

    I don't listen or watch any news at all glad I don't have TV. It's their opinion that it's all our fault because we haven't signed the green new deal yet
  9. bitty

    New Rims for my pulling tractor

    Depending on how much they cost out there bring your rims out in June drop them off at this place and they will have them done while you're down at Red Power Roundup Maybe......... You can speak they're at a seminar about your experience at Farmall. Many would enjoy it
  10. bitty

    Prayers requested

    Prayers for God's guidance to the surgery team and His healing touch
  11. bitty

    How to upload photos

    Lately I try to get pictures to upload. When I press the paperclip to choose files it makes the page scroll to the top. If I post the post I can then add the picture in an edit without a problem. I am using the mobile site on a Motorola Moto X phone
  12. bitty

    New Rims for my pulling tractor

    I like this kind of project. It looks good on a really cool retro puller
  13. bitty

    New Rims for my pulling tractor

    I am told of a place here that charges 100 per rim to widen wheels . I have never talked to them as long as I can get a donor rim or roll steel I figured I would try my own
  14. bitty

    A teaser for RPRU in Bloomsburg Pa

    Thanks for posting that Eric. I watched that video before now and again now. I forgotten about the picture on the dozer at the end of the video.
  15. bitty

    Kinda reverse land lease question?

    On 600 acres of land we shoot 17, 14,14,11 for the first four years and then we had it easier to get a handle on the population