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    Farm 1600 acres,milk 700 cows run mainly RED(gotta have a few others to make you appreciate the red ones even more)bought the '46 Farmall A in family since '52 when I was 17. Currently have A, C, Super C,230, M, 400,450 and an F30 adopted from my Wife's side of the family. Wish I had bought the 450 i grew up with, hindsight is 2020

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  1. bitty

    Late Night sucks...

    He certainly seemed cut from a different rug than they were
  2. Definitely seems to be starving for fuel
  3. Agree that there should be no gathering of any extra people at this time. My neighbor just had a boy ( his first kid ) and I really want to see him but I will wait until everything blows over with the covid19 stuff. His name is Cormick
  4. Try Fry's machinery in Pensdale PA
  5. X2 . Letter series expert
  6. I hope it's a neighbor lady 😁
  7. I think he is talking about 3 PT quick hitch and not a fasthitch ?
  8. bitty

    Corona virus

    Our mechanics nephew that had covid19 is doing well and comes off isolation tomorrow
  9. Bartering is legal ...... Special circumstances require special ingenuity
  10. I was scared to use a torch ..... I had a gas line leaking
  11. About the same for orneriness although I want the mule for more power right @oldtanker
  12. Just cut the one out of my 12 suburban to do other work in January. Stupid place for a spare. If you have a rear flat it's too low to remove the spare before jacking it up
  13. Happy birthday DWV and the others
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