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    Farm 1600 acres,milk 700 cows run mainly RED(gotta have a few others to make you appreciate the red ones even more)bought the '46 Farmall A in family since '52 when I was 17. Currently have A, C, Super C,200 ,230 ,230, '39 H , 400,450 x3 and an F30 adopted from my Wife's side of the family. Wish I had bought the 450 i grew up with, hindsight is 2020

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  1. How many cubic inches is the G ? I am guessing that if you increase your cubic inches on the M to what he has your horsepower will be higher. A stock G is 412ci , M stock is 248ci
  2. I never heard of the 3 lug rule. It would not work correctly on our Magnums dualled up on 18-46 . We had a 7240 that had 18-42 and it had 3 on the ground when aired correctly. On the 8950 with 18-46 it had 4. The difference between the two of them was HUGE. 72 rode awful, 89 like a dream. Next thing was the 42's lasted 2,100 hours and the 46's lasted 4,400 hours doing the same jobs on two equally weighted tractors (22 up front and no rear weights or fluid) both the duals always were always on. We figured out it was the extra lug on the ground that added traction , made it ride better and most
  3. bitty

    Farmall 400

    Through it. They have a seal at each end .... Tube welded in it that the shaft clears
  4. bitty

    Farmall 400

    I like that. Glad to hear he is enjoying doing things like that as he ages . I would love to have a 450 lpg for my lineup
  5. bitty


    We have (20) 18r46" , (8) 20r46 , (4) 620r42, (2) 710r42 , (6) 30.5-32 , (4) 900r32 , (8) 18r38 and numerous others. We have tried to get as many used decent tires as we can at times
  6. I use the Firestone chart and run the least psi needed for the weight I am (weighing to verify) . If you have radials and run higher than bias pressure you are leaving money slip out of your fingers. Do not use the "squat" to tell you if you need more pressure on a radial or you have too much in the end. 18r46 duals on the Magnum and the 8-18 plow I run 6 psi. Hauling silage and manure I need 14 psi
  7. bitty


    I only want a few more ..... There is one more I want currently
  8. I think along with having the sprayer pump hooked up to remote One you would want the flow control turned down to just enough for the pump so you have ample hydraulic flow for the booms etc
  9. After cleaning up the tank I see it says 350D in marker on the side. This solves some questions about it. Bracket is different up front.
  10. Should be buying another one and KEEPING this one .....
  11. Fuel tank pulled out to clean up and swap . Was this a diesel tank? It has two ports in the bottom, front mount was adapted because the bolt pattern appears to be closer on this short tank .
  12. Front fuel tank mount is homemade. Glad I have a selection of parts tractor skeletons to pick at . I'm hoping to get this tank clean enough to use on my pulling one as this is a small tank .
  13. I wasn't able to get the manifold welded . I cut the air intake away from the exhaust on two different ones that were both IH and I am using the air side from the propane and the exhaust from another one. I noticed that all 4 of the air tube hose clamps are IH ones, hoses look original too .
  14. My 450 manifold didn't have any success welding. I have changed plans to get by for now. We welded the top A arms enough to wait for them to cool down to install the plastic bushings.
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