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    Farm 1600 acres,milk 700 cows run mainly RED(gotta have a few others to make you appreciate the red ones even more)bought the '46 Farmall A in family since '52 when I was 17. Currently have A, C, Super C,230, M, 400,450 and an F30 adopted from my Wife's side of the family. Wish I had bought the 450 i grew up with, hindsight is 2020

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  1. A good rim can have the rails welded in from your bad rim possibly? Call Wenger Wheels in Leola (717)656-9876
  2. I have been respraying corn. The stuff we got planted early is doing pretty good for around here. We have been getting dry but we did get some relief lately. 600 acres to go yet
  3. bitty

    Three hole Dual?

    5 slot rims is what I remember Kristen Gall was looking for . I didn't remember reading about 3 hole ones
  4. One we have is the same way. Has worked out for us okay but when the bushings were previously worn it shows evidence of rubbing
  5. We have changed some on tractors we have that the previous owner had duct tape the rim. Now I know maybe Tyler owned it before us. I will agree the tubes in the last 20 some years are junk. Whenever we have a tubeless tire we run it tubeless as long as the rims are good enough
  6. I was a half mile from Fry's today ....
  7. I went to the chapter meeting this afternoon and learned that Bud Yule (sp?) passed away a few weeks ago. I haven't been able to keep up on here , maybe I missed a thread about this or I already forgot it?
  8. We have guiney hen eggs hatching. They started last night, does this count?
  9. bitty


    X2 on what 12_Guy said . Blessings received
  10. I'm not sure I have never used them yet. They're probably both pretty good. Down in that neck of the woods there's enough business for enough customers that they usually have pretty good dealerships
  11. Now do you understand why MTO is always so cranky ..... Idiots who are clueless design a majority of the problems with service
  12. Haverstick brothers, stone mill Rd in Lancaster PA. Call them with specifications and they will have or can get just about anything I have ever needed
  13. I assume that is a 400 series garden tractor. I have a 222 parts and want to get a running 222 or similar for a project ..........
  14. And batteries are expensive
  15. We have electric golf carts for feeding the calves . They are NOT maintenance free . Batteries need water, wire ends corrode and numerous other things go wrong with them. How much is a clutch? I would try putting a really stiff spring on the clutch pedal so they don't hold it down as much?
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