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    Farm 1600 acres,milk 700 cows run mainly RED(gotta have a few others to make you appreciate the red ones even more)bought the '46 Farmall A in family since '52 when I was 17. Currently have A, C, Super C,230, M, 400,450 and an F30 adopted from my Wife's side of the family. Wish I had bought the 450 i grew up with, hindsight is 2020

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  1. I replace it all at once. Consider putting more on half way between the originals also
  2. I usually hauled my miniX tied like that ..... around the farm that is.
  3. bitty

    Barn Repair

    Here also, some don't just visit but stay for extended times
  4. bitty


    I think they have a different ring and pinion gears ..
  5. This is how it was on our Claas disk mower input shaft goes about 770 rpm. 540 gearbox speeds up to that, flip it around and it decreases 1000 down to that
  6. I was thinking too left, I didn't think Lorenzo was so old for the bottom right
  7. I actually would like to make a grapple for it but that's going to wait
  8. I am very cautious about pulling with it. The one advantage of the way I am hooking up really short on the chain is if I lift the front up much the log arch rests on the log on the ground working like a wheelie bar only letting me lift up about a foot up front
  9. Why was the cab off ? Parts tractor or one bought to fix ?
  10. This is only a slip hook even. I have 4 chains with the better logging style slip that can hardly come unhooked by themselves
  11. Rear tires are loaded . I wish they were dry and then add mid weights
  12. We had to add a second set of cylinders as it would not quite lift with the Magnum on once we added the gearbox. We also trussed the legs as they bowed under the weight like the original legs did. Outer set of cylinders are used 90xt and inner set was lift cylinders off a 26k hour 75xt we parted out, we had bought that one new .
  13. I have only run that one my brother had a tiny bit so I don't have real knowledge of the M&W . I have to check if I have a Thompson Rocket on my pulling 450 or not yet. I have two in my workbench and I just got another one on a siezed parts M so I don't have much to contribute about those yet but I have read on the forum that the Thompson is the most responsive of them.
  14. In-laws have a M they bought new. It has 7.50-16 and they look fine on it. I can't imagine 6.50's on these bigger tractors. I replaced my front rims and had 11L15 on the front of my 3020 for soft ground and better ride in rough ground
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