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    Farm 1600 acres,milk 700 cows run mainly RED(gotta have a few others to make you appreciate the red ones even more)bought the '46 Farmall A in family since '52 when I was 17. Currently have A, C, Super C,230, M, 400,450 and an F30 adopted from my Wife's side of the family. Wish I had bought the 450 i grew up with, hindsight is 2020

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  1. I need to be on the list also
  2. He still has the 8930 but got rid of the 7140 and ..... I forget what other one left
  3. Been busy hunting a little bit each day that I can but I primered this yesterday and today I am making it blue like the original pump was . Ford blue with a little white added to lighten it a little. Added hardner to it also
  4. A 4x4 Magnum is going to be very close to the same price as the other mentioned tractors above. Duals and big tall wide rubber and it might pull more than the 4366 . Loader is probably easier to find to fit the Magnum than the 88 series
  5. There was a dragster in the 80's that went 60 mph. It was a mcculloch chainsaw engine if I remember correctly
  6. My cousin had a clod buster and my brother has it now (I think). I had a Frog then I had a Bruiser
  7. We had about an inch but it has disappeared because it is not frozen and slightly muddy.
  8. Went out this evening and got cold. I had two doe and a spike come in at 25 yards. There was a dozen doe in the field on my way back to the kubota and 5 more on the way home.
  9. I am certain that this is definitely a selectively harvested area. There is some landowner groups that have limited harvest criteria to get big bucks . They let them get to maturity and this does grow some awesome bucks
  10. I didn't get out today. Expect to be out tomorrow evening. This was shot 40 minutes away from my place. Looks like a monster . Same guy shot one in '17 that was 155"
  11. I always looked forward to his mechanical advise as it seems that he has done much more and remembered how things were better than I ever had. Praying for his well being
  12. I can't imagine how unenjoyable it is in the long run with that kind of management...... Actually I can. When we moved here in 89 the deer herd was so out of balance. My uncle had sat overlooking a valley on the first day of buck season and he counted 62 antlerless deer exit our property. Not an enjoyable way to hunt in my opinion. I am much happier if 25% or so of the deer you see have something for antlers. I prefer to get 3 doe for every buck we harvest at this point
  13. Get some guys to archery hunt , doe only. We harvested 21, 17, 14, 14, etc in the mid 90's and then got them under control. The key is to take as much doe as possible and we were even adamant about not shooting any button bucks as they don't have fawns the next year. We figured that every doe shot early in the fall took 3 deer off the property the following year . Are you extremely urban sprawl area that's hard to hunt because of permission and safety zones? Bear damage is probably worse than deer is overall for us
  14. I was thinking about an IH tailgate ...
  15. Congratulations. Not to change the subject but is that a pit to service vehicles covered up?
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