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  1. I like the V wrenches. Makes working in tight clearance spots a breeze. I have the double closed end set & thought the ends would have blown out years ago. Nope. Those are some tough wrenches. Mike
  2. Have you made it up there to check it out? Mike
  3. The last pic in the pile looks like a Pacific. Wonder if it is. IH had their hand in that company for a while. Mike
  4. The 1650 was being restored by the Bush Tramway Club. Think someone bought it with the intent of it's restoration. Have you any info on it? Mike
  5. Lol! The buzzing & clattering isn't always a go-to for me anymore. I had an old friend/DJ email me requesting a playlist of good rockin' tunes from the '80 that people have probably forgotten about. My active playlist is a mix of '50s jazz, lounge & production music i.e. music created for commercials, businesses to use in training, sales, company promo videos etc., radio spots & so on. Maybe we need a topic started that deals with music of a more relaxing nature? Then we wouldn't be channeling such negative waves at your black billy & fouling your favorite brew. Mike
  6. I was digging through my "hair metal" folder today & ran across this gem. I played the tar out of the cassette when it was still around. And this one was another favorite. My copy came in a Bass Player magazine on a flexi disc. Instant crankable favorite! Mike
  7. Glad to hear nobody got injured or that the hitch came through the rear window & stirred things up. Should be able to buff out that fender just fine. Mike
  8. If you can't source one locally, let me know. Can't imagine there wouldn't be one closer to you though. They're not hen's teeth. Mike
  9. There getting pretty darned big. Think they're going to start going for faster instead of bigger machines. The Lexion 8600 in the vid below is choking down 5.1 BU per second with a 12RN head & the Deere & CaseIH machines are doing 1 BU less per second with 16 RN heads. I'd like to see if the Claas slows down with a 16R head & by how much. Mike
  10. I'm thinking long, hard winter. The squirrels & chipmunks around here have been throwing down green pine cones & unripe nuts for over a month now & the march of spiders into the garage has increased 5x at least. The NWS has also made it known that we'll be seeing a potentially strong La Nina event this winter. I'm stocking up on some extra wood as we haven't had a good dumping of snow in about a decade, which puts us at about the right time for another one. Hope the poor snowblower holds out. It looked old after the heavy snows of decade ago. The darned thing was new that year. Mike
  11. Or realized there wasn't millions that would be spent on the whole lot. Mike
  12. Ohhhhh! So close. I had a 400 for a while. That tractor was one luggin' sonofagun! Traded it off for a 460.... which really did not have the same amount of beans as the 400. I now tend to agree with people that state the 460 is an H with two extra cylinders & some other refinements. Mike
  13. Going by Sandhiller's pic, they look to be close kin to the one made by Farmhand. May even be the same thing. Mike
  14. Hang on to something, brother! It'll be a rough ride, but the ralley does have a finish line. Still sending good words up. Regards to you & yours! Mike
  15. Welcome! Those 560D's are great tractors. Yours looks to have the Fast Hitch, fenders, belt pulley & possibly original paint. Not bad! Mine is a project that was ironed out over a couple years. Isn't quite 100%, but it's better than the 50% that it was. Still need to find fenders & have been thinking about getting a narrow front. The original cigar lighter looks like the one I have pictured. The previous owner never used it & it stuck when I pushed it in to see if it worked. It heated, but it didn't pop out. Enjoy the forum! Mike
  16. That's the dirt shield. Have the same setup on my H's. Mike
  17. You can clean off the paint & solder it. Then repaint it. That will hold up best. Some thick CA glue would work, but you really wouldn't want to move it after that. Suppose you could set up a small diorama showing someone welding it back on?? Mike
  18. Is the tail wheel shank plastic, metal or resin? Mike
  19. Working with what little data & pictures there is, equipment failure on the train is a possibility. Looks more like the train picked the switch about 3 miles east of there, just outside of Joplin. This goes against a good many reports that are saying that it looks like it derailed on the switch it's essentially sitting on. That could not be the case. A couple other reports state that it could have derailed going from double track to single track over the aforementioned switch. That's not possible as the Builder was eastbound on a single track going to Seattle/Portland & the two diverging tracks would have been the issue for a WB train. If it did derail going from single to double, that would have also happened at the switch east of there. Speed through that curve would have been a factor if they were screaming through there in notch 8. The curve isn't long or tight. Looks to be about a 50MPH curve. The opposite is more likely as the train would have been in emergency at that time. That & the cars that flopped over would have done so outside the curve & not inside.... & the derailment would have been a lot nastier. I have yet to take a moment to check the timetable to see if the Builder was running behind. That's one of the areas where the engineers are known to make up for lost time, so they could have been hot footin' it through there when something went awry. Mike
  20. Berner Landtechnik really has some great videos. I subscribed to them after your post with the combine that was sliding down the hill. Great stuff! Mike
  21. Far better than hardtack. You can armor a tank with that stuff. Mike
  22. Who sells a nonstop round baler in the States? The only one I've seen at all is the Vicon unit & those are sold in Europe & UK only.... as far as I can tell. Is that 8580 a rebadged MF or Hesston baler? Those lines look familiar.... Mike
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