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  1. Looking through the IH archive at the WHS, I ran across a couple pics of neatly stacked twine bundles. I thought they would look really cool shrunk down, printed out & glued into the doorway of a scale boxcar. Not really.... it looks like a load of mini marshmallows. Mike
  2. They're made by the company that brought us Pearl Harbor. Good little tractors. I can think of 4 of those still in the area. They've lived a charmed life though. Mike
  3. Zenith carbs?? What did those come off of? Certainly not a Model A. Mike
  4. Is there a solar array going in? That'd be my guess. Mike
  5. There's three different sized seat springs. I had to get the one that was sized for "oaf". That & a new shock made a world of difference. Mike
  6. It's not quite a minute, but it's a good 'un!! I've been sitting on it for a while, wanting to get the whole thing copied & cleaned up & it just isn't happening anytime soon. Here's what's up.... (cue small violins) The record for this filmstrip is in decent shape, but has an arced scratch that crosses most of the the grooves on side A at near-parallel. If anyone knows of a place I can send the record to, to get repaired, please let me know. There was a place out in.... Seattle (I think?), that would do the job of straightening the grooves, but they seem to have disappeared over the course of the last couple years or they just aren't turning up in a search. It doesn't just need a deep cleaning or to get copied & transferred. Enough of that turns up in my searches & that isn't the only thing needed here. None of those places will touch this job. My only other option would be to send the record off to someone in Rome, Italy to tackle it. Not a fan of that idea. The place on the West Coast was an actual shop & had been there a while. The guy overseas could be legit, could be a scam artist. Don't want to risk one of these records to an unknown individual. Or.... if anyone knows of a neurosurgeon with a microscope that would like to earn a few extra bucks.... Anyway.... On to the feature.... (I'll even post it first & add the boring bonus Gehl ones after it. ) Enjoy!! Mike
  7. Looks like Tuesday is our warm day. High of 64º. Thinking of getting some grilling done, so there's some good leftovers to eat the following day when it's 25º & snowing. Mike
  8. I recall my grandma & my dad telling me about the new milk delivery route driver being a bit befuddled after a week on the job. He asked my dad about the origins of milk & dad said it came from a cow. The driver shook his head & told them that there are a couple people on the route that think milk is made somehow at the dairy. Wouldn't have thought anything about it, if it weren't for a water main break near the bottling plant. A few customers inquired if that was going to hinder milk production. That would have been mid '40s, so nothing new by far. Mike
  9. No idea. My service always sucks. It would be more concerning if I had five bars all day.... IN THE BASEMENT!!! Then I really wouldn't have any place to hide. Mike
  10. Glad you posted this. I forgot to look for the snowball tomatoes last year until it was to late. Not doing that again. Mike
  11. How not-big-enough of a grease gun have you tried? Mike
  12. The "side street" parades are the ones I would want to see. Seen enough boobs, &c in my lifetime that it's just not interesting. Not pooh-poohing anything.... just got all that out of my system a long time ago.... in a Galaxie far, far away. There was a live stream on Tuesday, from Guadalupe, that showed their parade. Great production effort, almost Macy's parade material in some respects. A few of the groups* are huge, too. Must have been around 100 people in some of them. Their instruments they play on the way to the "carpet" aren't much beyond the maracas & conch shells. Their ensembles have music played from a laptop or live musicians behind a pickup with power & speakers. Families are involved. They got the youngsters out & all are having a good time. The costuming of the different groups were outstanding & you could see everyone had their heart into it. There were instances where a few members of the accompanying security detail were also playing an instrument along with them, even though they were still in uniform. I was quite impressed. I watched some of the parade in Trinidad & was unimpressed. Everyone's outfit was a bikini & feathers. The only difference being color. Then, they're followed though the parade by a semi with a sound system on it, with some absolutely horrid music emanating from the speakers. So, if the side street parades are anything like Guadalupe, sign me up! And yes, I did cleanse my eyes after all that shakin'. Watched a Zydeco Mass live stream from St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Quite enjoyable. 👍 Mike *Not sure if they refer to them as krewes or not. There may be better footage of the Trinidad parade somewhere?? This is the one I watched. ↓↓
  13. Are those pics from the parades before the big one? That whole town comes alive after Christmas.... or at least used to. Mike
  14. It sounds like a recipe for gall-less ink. I'll see what's floating around for info. Don't recall any ink recipes with that name. Mike
  15. I think we just had flying cows. That was an exciting evening & the storm put on a good show. Don't recall the last time the lightning was so clean & white. A few good ground strikes & lots of crawlers. And every *^#%!!! time I went out to get video.... it quit. Doesn't pay to leave my phone set up for taking video as the audio cuts out after about 50 sec recording time & the camera isn't waterproof. Mike
  16. No IH emblem on the nose was the non-starter for me. Mike
  17. So..... what would individual piles sorted alphabetically by species & debarked with an Xacto knife be listed under? Askin' for a friend.... Mike
  18. If you really want to get picky..... use this stuff.... Make sure your parts are clean & degreased. Those will last a long time with the above coating or similar. Mike
  19. I tried forgetting until I remembered. Been hiding in the basement for most of the day, working with my trains. Had a short section of track to hand lay & realized the short fuzzy hairs in my hand looked like track spikes last year. Had to peek under my glasses to get the job done. Or it was hair. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mike
  20. Had to cut back on smoking again, just to combat the extra candles. Thanks for the b-day wishes! Mike
  21. They have a great channel. Ran across it some time ago, looking for info on rebuilding the wheels on my grain drill. Mike
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