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  1. Ever smash your thumb with one of those waffle heads ? I did when I was 21 framing back in the day. Made quite the mess !
  2. Probably the best and last hammers you can buy. Unless you lose one lol
  3. This was my screen . Completely clogged. It did clean up after soaking in soapy water over night. I believe the mesh is stainless steel. I used a needle to clear out the mesh. A good portion of it is wrapped with some sort of epoxy cloth to give it strength I assume. The screen is mentioned in the service manual but there weren't pictures of it or removal instructions. My machine wouldn't even move but once it was cleaned it work well
  4. Looking forward to it. Yes. The distance from step on side to top of rops
  5. I'd like to see pictures of the rops. I'm curious as to how high the top is from the diamond plate floor boards on the outside of the operators platform.
  6. Well. Got the machine working well enough to do some work around here. My son is wiring up new lights and I fabbed up a new gaurd to replace the missing one. Also stumbled across a set of 6 teeth on ebay that fit the existing shanks perfectly. Even the pins worked also picked up a roll cage from an old allis forklift. Going to modify that to fit the crawler
  7. Update on The td6 .... The hyd. Pump cover was repaired last week and still failed..... So my brother in law made a new cover. Bearings should be in next week !
  8. Ok. Changed fluid, filters, cleaned screens. Previous owner adjusted the steering so badly it was applying brakes and not even releasing clutches. So I sprayed everything in there with rust blaster and we set everything back to factory adjustments. Steers left fine but right side is still stuck. Greased it and gave it a workout. Hopefully right side will free. Best part is Ian loves it ! up.
  9. Ok....the machine went I to reverse with no problem. Forward works if you push the link a bit. So ....we will take play out of link then if that doesn't solve it suppose we will dig I into the forward/reverser
  10. Screen is completely clogged. Tranny is drained and once I get this cleaned up we will see what happens.
  11. Unfortunately the hour meter doesn't work and stopped at 0794
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