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  1. International power shift equipped 150 loader. D282 engine. More or less a td9b weighs around 20k depending on drott 4 in 1 bucket or not
  2. Langley models from the uk. They made them in I believe 1/43 and 1/76. Theres a nice btd6 drott skid shovel too. A google search for langley models should pull up their website. I have 2 of the mercury drott skid shovels along with a few of the first gear 1/25 models. I have the td25 with cab. Both versions of the 175c loader and the 560 payloader.
  3. well....adding another toy to the collection so these have to go. 3514 backhoe. Diesel. Was told engine was rebuilt. Backhoe swing mechanism looks to be in nice shape. Machine is apart but lots of good parts. Hough hf payloader. Engine cranks. Valve cover removed. Manifold rotted. Figured I'd offer them up here. Located in rhode island.
  4. Undercarriage look well shot to me....the riveted pads tell me it could be original. Also. Parts, especially for the u.c. are impossible to find. I used mine quite a bit when I had it. But never worked it hard. I do know it struggled with stumps bigger than 10 inches or so. I also have very rocky ground here. But for making trails through brush and grading off the yard it did work well. Wish I never sold it. The brakes are located behind the finals. So they have to come off. Theres lots of ways to adjust everything. I'd buy a manual if you do grab it. I'd also offer him scrap price for it.
  5. Here in rhode island we dont jave any poisonous snake. I do have nice at the house and I hate cats. While at work if I come across any black racers or milk snakes I will catch them and release them in my yard. Havent noticed a dent in the mice population but then again...I hate cats.
  6. We have 2 Norwegian Elkhounds snd a mini schnauzer. The elkhounds wre amazing dogs. Very smart ,ancient breed. Couldnt ask for better companions. But, they shed worse than a husky !
  7. I guess scrap is so low now it would cost more to pay someone to load the machine up and haul it to the scrap yard than what they would have gotten for it. Cat 938 picked the entire tractor up with no problem....I'd guess 6 tons at the most.
  8. The machine differs from mine. This has a 4 speed transmission with the forward/reverse pedals. Mine was hydrostatic with high and low. The engine doesnt appear to be a d239. Rosa master pump om right side. Also has 3141 backhoe. Mine had a 3121. Anyone is looking for backhoe parts let me know as I dont plan on using that unless I locate the missing bracket.
  9. Tried buying this very machine years back when I was restoring the one I had...owner wouldn't budge. Fast forward 5 years later and I'm sent to a nursery to demo the structures and clean up the lot. Backhoe is still sitting in the same place. Talked to the grandson of the former owner and was told motor was rebuilt,tranny was rebuilt, rear axle broke and machine was dismantled for repair then they have up and just bought another machine. Missing u bolts and one bracket for the hoe... swing shaft and top plate are in very nice shape. So its loaded and at home. Going to see if the motor runs.
  10. Tell me your not parting out the one I sold you !!! That little machine made equipment echoes magazine...the DVD and it made The international hough dresser book that came out last year !
  11. I was thinking of cutting the exhaust portions off and making flanges and pipework to make a separate manifold. As the intake and exhaust are cast as one piece I would have to get pretty creative. I located a manifold for 300...which is more than I paid for the machine but it may be worth picking it up. I removed the head and cylinder walls look very good.
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