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  1. Interesting find while browsing the web. Looks just like the old 520 loader. Wonder if dressta sold off the design. https://eimcoelecon.in/portfolio-item/model-al-520-articulated-wheel-loader/
  2. It's fixed! Found a new voltage regulator for another brand in my dads garage. 13.6 volts at the battery. Thanks for all the info !
  3. Ok...finally had some time this morning to look at it again .I pressure washed the engine compartment and found a short in the wire going to the pto. Charged battery. Fired it up. If I test the two outside prongs in the wire coming from stator I have 36 volts. When its plugged into regulator I have the same voltage as the battery which is never above 12.5 or so and drops as tractor is running . If I disconnect the battery ot will stall out...Ordered a stator from amazon. It came in yesterday. Going with the info you guys have me I'm going to replace the voltage regulator and see if it fixes the problem. If not it will go to the shop. I simply dont have the time to do it myself . Thanks for the tips and I'll let you know what happens.
  4. Pouring rain here and working doubles till Saturday...grass sure is getting high lol
  5. I refuse to give up on it I'm going to have to charge the battery and mess with it again today before I make the decision
  6. I pulled the plug and theres .4 volts coming from the plug that comes from stator... off to the lawnmower shop she goes.
  7. Now it's at 11.... so I'm assuming the stator is the problem?
  8. As the tractor is running at full throttle...voltage has dropped to 12 across all three pins
  9. Ok....I have 12.8 volts at each pin...top,middle and bottom
  10. Working on it again this afternoon. Had a busy couple weeks
  11. Didnt have time fo work on it yet but did notice something... on the battery theres only the possitive cable that goes to the starter and the ground wire along with a small wire that goes down to a bolt on the battery tray. Should there be a small wire going to the possitive terminal ? Or does it charge it through the wire that goes to the starter ?
  12. I've had this tractor for 10 years and never had a problem...battery was 6 years old. Anyway wife went to cut grass and battery was too low to start. Jumped it and it ran all day. Replaced battery just for good measure. I cut the grass last week and the electric pto quit on me. Parked tractor and it had the same low battery issue. I'm not the best with electrical but before I take it to a shop I figured I'd trouble shoot it. Charged the battery overnight. Fired it up and set it 3/4 throttle. I had 12 volts at battery and it slowly went down as it was running....went to test regulator and.....where the **** is the regulator on this tractor? It has the Kohler command 18hp motor. Cant find much help online. Also...does this tractor use a stater behind the flywheel to charge battery ? Or is there something else. Shop said 250 dollar max to repair it but I'd like to fix it before I go that route
  13. I'll be in touch for that roll cage !
  14. Well I probably shouldn't use it the way it is unfortunately my time is stretched between other projects so this will have to get parked in the back for now
  15. Tractor runs well...greased religiously... it has a c 135 gas engine 4-speed transmission with a quick forward and reverser. If you push in the clutch and put the transmission into gear everything is fine as soon as you have the forward or reverse lever engaged and the clutch pedal is pushed down there's a god-awful vibration that shakes the entire hood and dashboard of the tractor. It doesnt seem like a grinding noise more of a hitting/ vibration. If the forward and reverse lever is kept in neutral it does not make the sound as soon as you let the clutch pedal up and it begins to grab the sound goes away. I checked out the clutch adjustments everything seems fine I have an inch of free play in the pedal .the fingers inside the bellhousing appear to be adjusted properly I'm really hoping I don't have to split the tractor to dig deeper into this problem. Also why would anything be spinning in the transmission if the clutch pedal is pressed down? anybody have any info?
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