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  1. Had some time to work on the 6 today...installed new used valve. Replaced broken flared line with one off the parts machine and swapped out the oil return pipe from the valve to the tank. To my surprise the machine started instantly on diesel. And we have bucket hydraulics !!! Small leak from right lift cylinder and some rust spots on bucket cylinder. Not to worried as I have the pistons from the doner machine. So engine is good...hydraulics seem ok. Next order of business is freeing up the stuck main clutch and shift lever. The lever in the parts machine shifts through all gears and the tranny shaft is turning when you pull the machine around. The tracks freed up while I was moving it with the 336....the red machine, the shifter moves right and left but will not budge at all forward or back. I'm assuming top cover and shifter has to come out for this ? Could it be a problem with shift lever or is it more likely the gears are not sliding in the tranny. Only one picture today but it was nice to see something move after its long nap.
  2. Ok...going through the loose parts...what are the 2 rectangle parts on the bottom ? Are they the floor boards that go by each brake pedal ? Also is that the wrench the dealer supplied to tighten the tracks?
  3. Well....12 hours later and it's home. We tried to roll it off the trailer and onto mine but low and behold it won't roll....so I'm assuming brakes are stuck. Good thing over overhead cranes. Trailer held up well but truck only averaged 8.5mpg pulling it home
  4. I also had the ih backhoe and still have it ! My father fabricated a 4in1 front bucket for it....I have the pay hauler and a deere backhoe too.....never got the hough loader though
  5. Just need to clean the car before Karen gets back from florida.
  6. The little Honda earned its money this weekend.
  7. I've got parts!!! Took a ride to check out the machine and the valve looked good but couldn't find the pump in the parts pile but he thinks he has it so I made an offer. He agreed so I filled my civic with as many parts as I could. Bottom is ehh.... Pads are worn. Rails are thin but bushings still round. Sprockets, idlers and rollers looked ok. Looking at what's left of the machine I'm pretty sure the f250 and 5 ton trailer will work. He said it rolled onto the trailer last year no problem and it was covered with a tarp. So now between the 2 of them im hoping I will be good for everything I need.
  8. Yes. I think I may bite the bullet and just send a lowbed to get it. 200 bucks plus fuel....There's an overhead crane there that will lift the machine onto the trailer. I just hope it rolls otherwise it's going to the pit to be unloaded with the excavator
  9. It's a 1953 with drott loader. No engine, no ripper and standard bucket no 4in1. It's 4 hours away and the cost to haul it back is up there. I can get it myself as I have access to a 7 ton trailer and a 5 ton trailer which is newer and in much better shape. I know the 62 series came in at around 15k fully loaded. But can't find much info on the earlier t6. I appears to be much lightlier built than the 62 series. With no motor and no grille or radiator what would you figure the weight woukd be ?
  10. Well....I'm taking a ride this weekend to look at the t6 parts machine. Hopefully it will have stuff I can use. I'll keep you guys posted
  11. Ok. Just got a lead on a parts machine a few hours from me. Waiting on pics. They say it's a t6 gas job. Hoping parts are the same
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