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  1. I had one and scrapped one. The backhoe can be removed. You have to remove 2 pins under the machine by the rear axle then loosen the 2 large nuts above the stabilizers. There should be 3 hydraulic lines. Cap them once disconnected.
  2. Bucket width. And also distance between bucket pin and linkage pin holes . Also width between the plates that the boom fits Into
  3. Does anybody have any leads on a 4 in 1 bucket for a TD 6 drott skid shovel ? I checked with as many salvage yards as I could find .I found a few for a td9 but nothing for a TD 6. I'm wondering if a 100c bucket could be made to work.
  4. That was Internationals last new crawler loader before the line was sold to dresser so even though it doesn't have the correct decals on it it still looks pretty straight and not abused. They were imported from Great Britain in the late 70s parts are tough to find for the standard crawler loader range so I can only guess they would be more difficult to find for that particular model. Your best bet as far as Parts go would be to find a parts machine but due to the Rarity of that model it could prove to be difficult
  5. If it runs and works I'll give the idlers some attention. Still trying to figure out why it was parked so long ago in the first place. So far I found the plunger for the boom lift is pulled out of the valve a lot further than it should be. I'll try to get pictures of the inside of the slides...also I'm curious if the original casting that broke off is still inside also welded to the angle iron or if it's just angle ironthe machine .... I see what you mean with a bucket of gravel that's a lot of weight on the front idlers pushing upwards
  6. It works. I'm not worried about mine.rhis machine will see little if any hard work
  7. Well...spent the day cleaning and lubing. All fluids aer full. Cleaned small gas tank. Have fuel to carb. Cranked but no spark. Cleaned points and she fired of a few times as engine revolutions sped up. Had some smoke and she really wanted to go but lost spark again. Going to do points and condenser next week and try again.
  8. I have the same issue with the TD 6 I bought it .rolls but the chain has frozen links where it sat for a long time Wrapped Around The Idler and sprocket. I am probably going to take my chains off bring them to work set the blade of the excavator on it and see if I can work the links free with the bucket .I don't think it will break because the undercarriage is new just Frozen. but seized pins on our track screening plant broke and that machine is only a few years old
  9. I hear you it was cranking last year but it hasn't been used in at least eight so I should probably slow down a little bit and go through it
  10. I don't have the VIN number on hand I just know when I looked in my book it came back as a 54
  11. Ran out of daylight it's tough when you don't have a garage we just want to see if we can get it cranking
  12. I have juice coming out of the battery the ignition key is stuck in the position it's in ...should there be a push button to start this? Or the key would have done it originally? I only ask because I don't see any buttons on the dashboard .also this is a bit different than what I'm used to ,the main clutch lever if it's forward its disengaged correct? Pulling it towards the back of the tractor engages it? And....small dmround dial switch on lower right side of dash...would that have been a switch for lights ?
  13. I'm sure it will be fine.it will see very light use.hoping to get it running before snow hits.then do any repairs this spring. I think I'm keeping this one
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