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  1. There were 2 filter types...one I recall was a single large oval with a mesh screen that could be cleaned and reused. The other had two round filters that had to be replaced. Wix filters makes both. I think they were around 20 bucks.my t340 would required cleaning of the filters quite often.
  2. Has a hercules engine. No ticking or knocking but at idle it gradually revs higher on it's own. Has a gas pedal and hand throttle. Gas fill cap is just to the left of steering wheel. It came with a set of chains for the rear tires too ! Not a bad project. I had an h25b years ago and struggled with traction on that too
  3. Picked this little hough hf for what I felt was a fair price. Former town machine. Heat even works ! It has a 6 volt system but the guy jumped the solenoid with a 12 volt battery. Melted some wires and started a small fire.which didnt concern me much untill I realized he spilled gas all over the cab floor while filling the tank. At 6 feet tall and 250 pounds I wasnt getting out of the cab very fast so we decided to just winch it on the truck instead of trying to drive it on. Has all the old work lights and even a licence plate from 1950 still on it. Not sure when I'll get around to it but a few problems right off the bat. Brakes do not work...engine wont idle and continues to rev up even with throttle down. And theres a crack at the flange on the exhaust manifold. Not sure if I will leave it 6 volt or switch it to 12 with a GM one wire alternator .
  4. The 100 series c decal goes on the top right corner of the sheet metal on the side of the operators station. Power shift decal goes below that. The white international decals in the black stripe one goes on the rear of the fuel tank the other goes above the radiator. The extra one goes on the back of the rops if equipt. The black letter international decals go on the side if the hood and the ih logo gets centered on the back of the fuel tank above the international decal.
  5. I will get more info when I get home....thought you were just asking about the power shift decal.
  6. dresser got the rights to payline, hough, payloader and international i believe
  7. i looked at cat teeth as well...they have a bolt on tooth for the 305 ecavator that would work nice
  8. dont have the measurements offhand but ih had an unusual design to their buckets. the sides actually folded over the back and was welded together there. if he has pics it would be an easy way to id them. on the 3120 3130 and 3140 im almost possitive they all shared the same pin and space size as the backhoes where more or less the same and only had longer booms and sticks. the 3120 was standard boom, standard stick. 3130 had standard boom ,long stick. 3140 had long boom ,long stick.
  9. Thanks Brian. I was told my tracks may last another 10 years, but I don't want to chance it. I'll start looking for a parts machine and hope for the best. Thanks again for the help.

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