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  1. This is a quick one on the Gehl 1300 series spreaders. There is a Magnum & Maxxum in this one, though only briefly. Enjoy! Mike
  2. That's an outstanding job! Good luck on your mission!! Mike
  3. Wow! It's the farmers version of the five man Cadillac! Mike
  4. Oh boy! I though the blond killers were bad on the shoulder straps. Mike
  5. The Greyhound stop in West Bend is or was at the Webbs in the West Bend Plaza. Only ever seen it actually stop there a handful of times & that also has been around 15 - 20 years since the last sighting. Honestly didn't know they were still around until hearing that they were closing a bunch of bus terminals. Mike
  6. Here I thought you were going to come out with your own line of squallets? Mike
  7. Guess there was one in the area until recent. https://www.washingtoncountyinsider.com/kewaskum-is-a-pregnant-albino-deer/ Mike
  8. Some of us in the American Tundra do actually listen to music that you usually have to have some education for & generally still wear a suit & tie whilst performing. Then again, after seeing the offerings here.... I may be the odd man out. Mike
  9. You really don't have to be so hard on yourself. Mike
  10. Yep, SE corner of the state just about holds the monopoly on them around here. Racine is the better known one. They were the first to produce a kringle for the mass produced market. Don't let that fool you, they're still very good! Lehmann's still makes a far superior kringle. Mike
  11. Glad to see you hit 1000 pages, Gary! That was a whole lot of work putting it together & probably not as much forgetting about it. The concept of the road locomotive has sparked the curiosity of the ferro-equinologist in me. Has it been noted anywhere, why the need for a road locomotive vs the common variety rail travelling beasts? Pacific Borax already retired the mules & switched to locomotives almost 10 yeas before that. Was the road train necessitated by the terrain or was it a budget thing & they didn't want to pay for an extensive infrastructure? David Jct. was another Milwaukee Road town, that sat on the line from Chicago to Omaha. That crossed the CB&Q branch line up to Rockford & Beloit. The Milw. had trackage rights to those towns via the CB&Q. Mike To say the line, by '79, was in need of repairs was an understatement. The 100A looks to have spent some time under the 35th St. viaduct, judging by all the bird frass on the cab. Might be on a run-through from Milwaukee vis Janesville if that was the case. Mike
  12. We lost Huber to Stroh's a few years after they bought up Schlitz. Lots of breweries crapped out in the '80s now that I think of it. Minhas did ok with the re-release of Huber. Not sure about the rest of their selection. Usually don't delve into the weird beers much. Mike
  13. Spotted Cow comes from New Glarus which is down closer to IL. They're fairly close to the Swiss Colony in Monroe. Both recommended visits if you get in that area & have time. Mike
  14. And.... my humble apologies sir. Forgot to put out the welcome sign.... Mike
  15. Decent, but not the same as draught. Cold tapper of that or Old Style on a 90º day is wonderful!! Their business practices leave the bitter taste in my mouth though. If you like rootbeer & see this somewhere, grab a pack. The stuff is excellent.... as per my taste buds anyhow. Makes a great float too. Their beer selection is also great. Amber or Bock are my favorites. Haven't gotten into the girly flavored stuff. Try that at your own risk. Mike
  16. You lucked out with a mild winter up there. Don't know that I would be all gung-ho over ice fishing. Surprised it's thick enough. Enjoy your stay!! Mike
  17. Yep, Vega DWRs. (Delivered With Rust) They must have stopped dipping bodies by then? Mike
  18. Welcome to the forum!! The horses d'ovaries will be out at 4 & dinner will be promptly at 5. Enjoy! Mike
  19. I saw that happen in church. The lady saw the ushers coming out with the baskets & started filling out a check. They're two rows of pews away from her when she stops for a minute, stares off into space, crumbles up the check & starts over. Dad knew what was going on & leaned over to tell her the date. She was still writing while the basket went by & caught it on the way back through behind her. Mike
  20. Here it was different. John Deere mixers are scarce. If it's green, it's Art's Way or Badger. I would have thought Farmhand to have some of a presence by you with their bale accumulators. Then again, the NH bale loaders seem like they are easier to operate. Mike
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