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  1. It really is amazing how much water they can hold & stay above water.... for the most part. It's also amazing, how so much can go on in something that looks so mundane to the casual observer. Same with railroading. A lot goes on besides delivering goods & pissing people off at grade crossings. Could the buoy have hit a spot that saw previous "battle damage" or was worn thin from bumping about? It's the only thing I can think of. That & a lot oft he Great Lakes fleet in general is wearing thin. Mike
  2. Not a pro on gold demo tractors, but is there a difference? They do look the same to me. Mike
  3. Someone hasn't watched the video.... apparently. I do like to cut my alf & red clover at about 1/10th bloom, but the clover is always a little more eager & is usually well under way with flowering. Now, that's when the planets align, the wx cooperates, etc. Currently, I'm looking at the alf & clover in my field & it is up past my waist in spots & the grass is up to my pits.... & I'm 6' 2". All sorts of flowering going on too. And it didn't get that way with a dry Spring. At this point, it'll take at least two weeks for the ground to dry & I would like at least a four day dry window to make idiot cubes in. So.... it gets cut when it gets cut this time. If the legumes go to seed, whatever. Just adds to the salad. Mike
  4. Saw that earlier this AM. They better make with the bubblegum & baling wire. Seems the boat was near a couple WX buoys for NOAA & U of MN & may have bounced off of one of them. That's according to someone on Boatnerd who checked the AIS track. Mike
  5. And it isn't even the big one. Those are about $80 & I would also resort to fab'ing up my own first. Mike
  6. I've been told enough that I'm full of manure, so the ashes should be good for something. Mike
  7. I have no issue with my ashes going out past the end gate. Can still farm for a little bit that way. At least until it rains. Mike
  8. The VB235 seems to average around $45.5K in Tractorhouse Dollars, for new or nearly new. Don't know what that comes out to in real world value. Mike
  9. Things that make you go, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... Mike
  10. Looks sharp & close to how I recall them when they were still new. Mike
  11. Once it's dry, you can try spraying on some WD40 or gently brush on some Hy Tran to temporarily re-hydrate whatever's left of the paint & decal. You would be amazed what colors still pop when you do that to a rusty machine. Mike
  12. Ebay?? Just type the word "vintage" in front of what you want & go to town. Sort by price so you're not paying top dollar. Mike
  13. Found this pic, looking for something else as always. Action was one of the local co's out of Milwaukee. I'll throw in these next two as a bonus. Initially, I was looking for pictures of TrackSide Produce in Milwaukee for a modelling project. Ran across these pics & the former one in a search. The above one does not look like it was at the produce house. There are silos in that area, but would not look that close, even with a tele lens. They could be parked out back by the LCL/transfer yard. There were silos across the river, next to Morton Salt. A great looking 359: And the Alcoas on the KW look shiny new. Too bad it's cloudy as usual in Milwaukee. Mike
  14. Happy belated & current B-day to the celebrants!! Mike
  15. After reading what's wrong with it, it may be holding the cab on. Mike
  16. Which of the orange plows had an air canister on it? Recall seeing it at a dealership years ago. Think it has something to do with the trip bottoms. Mike
  17. Another neat filmstrip video! This one compares the IH steerable plows to the likes of AC, JD & Oliver's offerings. There's a few record skips in this one, but the images on the filmstrip were good. Not that it isn't still redscale.... just the whites are whiter & the image is a bit sharper than normal. Enjoy!! Mike
  18. Pabst is a holding company & label but, made with the same river water that flows past Miller.... at Miller.... Mike
  19. After some thought.... Pabst was better out of a can. The flavor still seems to be a bit weaker since it went to Miller. Which may or may not be on purpose. Pabst has had contract issues with them before. Mike
  20. My vote is also to get out the ol' hoe. Everything should be good & loose after that. You know..... you just don't get much for stock footage anymore. Mike
  21. Found it! And there's more in the reply to IH Forever. Brochure from '64: Mike
  22. The Machine Product Listing states the 535 was made from '66 - '72. No idea why it's the only xx5? This pic is from a 1970 plows brochure: These are the offerings from '64. Going to guess that's the same year as the filmstrip. Mike
  23. Far as I can tell, it's the first three steerable plows, 540, 550, 560. The other ones came later. Still looking for the brochures to get an idea of date. Mike
  24. Been looking for one for my 540 & have had no luck either. And there's probably a thousand in the weeds we don't know about. Mike
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