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  1. My guess is/was.... Ford wanted the smaller equipment to sell with their ever popular (back then) compact tractors. Our local Ford dealer sold NH & it made sense to me at the time. It would certainly be interesting to figure out what they were actually up to back then. Mike
  2. What equipment did Ford have? They were nothing but a tractor manufacturer repainting equipment blue, until the bought NH. Mike
  3. Are the rest of the casting codes on the H the same as what's on the engine block? Also, if it's a '39, the serial number is stamped on the frame by the governor. Provided it's not worn off. The motor mounts should have rubber in them on a '39. Mike
  4. Try running a YouTube site with IH & JD films. I've had to put on the steel toe a few times. Mike
  5. That ain't silly. Having a company name (Stellantis) that sounds like competition to Viagra, is silly! Mike
  6. Might be the last. Haven't had a chance to dig out the tape again to see if there's anything else hiding on it. Anywho.... There's a good cab view of the merger in action, as well as a pacing view from along side. Then there's the usual stationary shots. The tractor seems to be a JD 4450 & the chopper is a Gehl 1250. I say seems, as the VHS footage isn't the clearest. There's also a "cameo" from a wood-sided H&S box. Enjoy!! Mike Also..... would there have been a better place to put the cab glass divider??
  7. If anyone got their last penny out of a Maxwell.... Mike
  8. That reminds me.... Rad Shack used to carry FM filters that you could install in your vehicle to cut down on the distributor noise. Could probably find those for pennies on eBay. There's also companies that still make FM or AM mini transmitters that you can plug into near any 1.5mm headphone jack. Don't have to hack into anything with those. I have an FM unit on my laptop that broadcasts to the radios in the house, garage & around most of the yard. Change it out for the AM one & broadcast old radio shows to my tube radios. Mike
  9. There was a Mello-Yello stock car set up like that in the '80s. Saw it at the Wally Rank car show in Milwaukee, which was held at his Buick dealership. Mike
  10. Yep. As long as CaseIH still sells copies, there will be very few freebies out there. The ones on the Cub site being an example of free ones. Mike
  11. Those are some great looking cows! Don't blame you for driving all that away. Hope the weather isn't too bad for you. It's been warm here, but winter is still trying. It was coming down in snowballs just a couple minutes ago. It's pretty neat when you can hear them thud on the ground. Mike
  12. That's 3 1/2 hours NW of me. What brings you cow shopping in the frozen tundra? Mike
  13. That gearbox looks a lot like the one for the trencher on my 2444. Just configured a bit different. Mike
  14. That's a lot of wheelin' & dealin' right there! Mike
  15. @FarmerFixEmUp Here, I got you something.... Have a good Christmas! Mike
  16. Wanted to post these quick before heading off to festivities. It's something a little different, looking at Gehl the company & what they were up to at that point in time. The first video is about the new plant that almost sank them & the second is an interview of the top brass on American Spotlight. Enjoy!! Mike
  17. That's good grilling weather in this state! Have a Merry One! Mike
  18. When you find a video on YT & want to post it here, look under the video window on YT for where it says "Share". Click that & you'll see a blue button that says "Copy". Hit that, come back here & paste it in the text box for your post or reply & it should turn up functional after you hit the reply button. Have a good Christmas!! Mike
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