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  1. You sure the mauve one isn't for the wife? Mike
  2. We have lots of gray squirrels & some of the obnoxious pine squirrels.... Mike
  3. Hope everyone has a Merry one today!! Mike
  4. And now for something a bit different.... (Don't listen kiddies) And a bit weird.... Mike
  5. All these tunes reminded me of a tape I have. It was a truck stop special. Mike
  6. The canvas flaps are on top of the cab. This is what they look like installed.... except for the back one which is rolled up.... It's a cool accessory, but not for what people are usually asking. Mike
  7. I got the Number Series covered, but not the Letter Series. A 350 is pretty much just an H anyhow, with more stuff to go wrong. Mike
  8. I can quote my Dr. as saying, "The humorous often dies before the patient." (Yessir, spelling intentional.) It's been fun going through these pages & seeing what everyone listens to. None of it genuinely bothers me in the least & I also like to engage in a good-natured ribbing & poking.... with the finest of Christmas music.... Honestly don't know which version of this tune is better. Also, such antics, jokes, pranks, etc. are just part of the music scene. There's lots of examples of that.... none of which can be shared here. Speaking of funny, this is some seriously good piano.... Cheers! Mike
  9. There is indeed some great audio in this vid, for those of you who like to crank it up. Also some banter from time to time, like when they plug the chopper, so it's not perfectly clean audio. That said, I'm somewhat impressed with the 2-135. It did better than expected, but sure could use some more beans to keep that 1250 spinning. Enjoy!! Mike
  10. Don't have a whole lot of heavy metal Christmas music. Though there is some weird stuff & things a lot people just don't listen to anymore.... All the Johnny that was in my collection left with my ex. Whether she knowingly left with it is another story. I personally thought she had three boxes worth when she moved in....?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Stevie Nix did a good rendition of Siient Night. I recall hearing it on the local easy listening station & occasionally on the Top 40/Hot AC station.... back when both existed. Here's another version from a favorite vocalist.... Mike
  11. Well, since we are getting close to that time of year.... & apparently I'm the only celebrant here.... I figured something should be posted.... Mike
  12. The short, short story is: there used to be a lot of Roadrailer trailers plying the rails up until around 2010 - 2015. Amtrak even owned a bunch of them & they ran on the end of some long distance & corridor trains until they lost the rest of the mail contract. Having a lighter load rating due to the heavy frame, touchy braking due to them being lighter than your standard boxcar & the requirement of a dedicated facility pretty much made the trains a nuisance in the eyes of the bureaucrats & shareholders. Definitely a topic worth looking up if you are interested & have the time. Think either C&O or New York Central had the first trailers back in the late '50s. Going back further, the North Shore (CNS&M) had one of the earliest TOFC (Trailer On Flat Car) setups & the TMER&L (Milw. steet cars & interurbans) had probably the first container/rail transfer setup.... both in the mid 1920's. Mike
  13. At 23:20 in the video, you get to see a glimpse of the old Farmall plant (on the right) in Rock Island, from the cab of a former Soo Line GP9. Going to guess it was recorded in the early '90s. Mike
  14. Here's some interesting Montana news. Looks like Amtrak might push through another North Coast Hiawatha, returning a southern passenger rail route to the state. https://www.montanarightnow.com/montana/montana-receiving-500-000-for-north-coast-hiawatha-passenger-rail-development/article_2b41c4e4-9514-11ee-bcb3-d713e2365818.html https://dailymontanan.com/2023/12/08/montana-passenger-rail-gets-15m-for-malta-infrastructure-southern-rail-planning/ https://kfgo.com/2023/12/12/943994/ Can't wait to see what comes of it. Any excuse to see more of Montana by rail is a good one!! The North Coast Hi at the NP depot in Deer Lodge. The Milwaukee depot is on the left. The North Coast Hi pausing in Butte. Mike
  15. This is a neat one, as there are not a whole lot of behind the scenes videos from the equipment manufacturers. Especially the short lines. The merger in this vid is on a White 2-135 & you get to see the videographer & photographer set up the various shots that would get used in promotional films & brochures. Complete with a hired pointer. There will be a video of the 2-135 at work with the merger coming up, so stay tuned for that. Also a couple more with the merger on a Deere. Still have not seen a video of the merger mounted on a 2+2. Also don't think Gehl gave up all the VHS tapes, so it may need to be unearthed yet. Here's a bonus. Took these videos while in Hannibal, MO., on my way to the Darst IH museum to pick up my auction spoils. Caught a barge in the Mississippi in Bettendorf & train action in Hannibal. The second train is a Triple Crown Roadrailer & the last of its kind running in the States. Enjoy! Mike
  16. Being only 12 miles in from Lake Michigan, we can have bone dry fall days & very damp, soggy nights. One nice thing, we don't get the wind off of the lake as much in the fall. That 1620 must be a far superior machine to the 1420 if you can run 6RN 30 on it. That's a lot of corn through & a lot of weight on the front. Did you have weights on the back of the 1620 & did you have hills? Guess I wouldn't turn down a nice clean 1420. There are still a few out there. But my heart is with the early pull types & SP's. The 76 is one of the machines that really grabbed my attention as a kid, with all it's pulleys, the Hume reel & mess flying out the back. And the smell of the oats! Mike
  17. The 1420 was not happy in corn in the fall. We usually have damp conditions & the 1440 was favored for more HP. Dry corn & small grains earlier in the season were no problem. Mike
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