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    IH tractors & Equipment, particularly the letter series. IH Cub Cadets, 1X6/7 series. Model Railroading. Pre 1980 Schwinn bikes. Steam locomotives/trains.

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  1. drglinski

    bedliner concerns

    Put the cub on a trailer. Problem solved.
  2. drglinski

    Nice quiet night

    Agreed. I miss that view.
  3. drglinski

    Spring is offically here

    I was going to ask how that goes being in the suburbs. I've had people stop and check out my cub cadet before, and it isn't a big tractor.
  4. drglinski

    Some Names for IH Techs

  5. drglinski

    86 Series Cab Roominess???

    If it's like the cab on a 3788 (which I think it is) there is plenty of room if you are the operator with no one else in the cab. I rode along in one last fall on the left side and at 6' my legs got tired of holding myself up and I kept whacking my head on the ceiling with every bump trying to be cautious to not get a gearshift lever up my ***. When we traded places and I drove I felt bad for the person in the same position I was in- looked really uncomfortable (which it was). 66 series cabs have a whole lot more room (deluxe cabs)
  6. drglinski

    What do you see here?

    I saw the ass first too.
  7. drglinski

    The super m's painted!

    That's pretty ok!
  8. drglinski

    Spring is offically here

    Either it'll start or either it won't. That was one of my dad's favorite sayings.
  9. drglinski

    Anybody Ever Seen One Of These?

    Restored that would make a great show piece behind your Dad's M. I really hope it doesn't have too many wheel bearings in it.... Although in working condition it would look good behind your other M. Or the Super H. Eh, let's be honest. I'd pull it with
  10. drglinski

    Anybody Ever Seen One Of These?

    That's pretty neat! Cool old piece of IH history.
  11. drglinski

    Red Tractor just sitting in the Bush

    Some fuel, battery, puff up the tires and you're probably right
  12. drglinski


    I'm a big fan of this one.... This one's a very close second.
  13. drglinski

    Hooked My Neice Up.

    I agree. I bought a pair for my daughter so she doesn't suffer going on tractor rides, shows, etc.
  14. drglinski

    spring plowing pics!

    Looks like fun!
  15. drglinski

    Dumb and Dumber

    It's a bank. IMO banks are nothing but trouble. I went credit union and haven't had a problem since.