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    IH tractors & Equipment, particularly the letter series. Hey, 2+2s are pretty awesome too! IH Cub Cadets, 1X6/7 series. Model Railroading. Pre 1980 Schwinn bikes. Steam locomotives/trains.

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  1. 1206s to me are OK, not my favorite...but a narrow front end 1206 is neat. This one looks great!!
  2. Not if it’s made a rule and the admins/moderators delete political comments/threads. I’m on other forums and social media and it is, so it can be done
  3. I really really wish we would keep politics off this forum.
  4. Imo that makes them look silly and they are harder to steer. The narrowest position.
  5. How many of you are this guy?
  6. My battery on my truck died and needed a jump a few months ago while at my daughters swimming class. I flagged someone down and asked for a jump (I had the cables) and the lady that stopped told me she couldn’t help me because the battery was buried in the rear.
  7. Cool. I'll call you to come change the oil the next time it needs it. Good idea.
  8. My wife’s car takes a special tool to remove the cover for the oil filter element. By the time I fart around and buy the oil and try to get that contraption off it’s easier and cheaper to have someone do it. i change my own in my truck however.
  9. what in gods name for?
  10. Yesterday there was an Oliver Gang plow day (but all makes welcomed) 6 miles from the farm my dad grew up on. At said farm there are three tractors and two plows. My brother and I decided that we were going to take those tractors and plows, drive them to the event and back to the farm again. We had a Farmall M and H (his), a two bottom little genius plow (his) and the family's Allis B with a mounted plow. Since genius plows don't travel well down the road and Allis Bs only go about 6 (this one does) we opted to trailer the plow and the Allis on his 18' car hauler, towed by the M and me on
  11. I'm still looking for a classified section....and eliminating any political posts. Until then it looks the same to me.
  12. This looks like a great time! I've plowed both wheat and bean stubble and can say bean stubble is much more fun and preferred. It's too far for me but I wish everyone the best.
  13. Have you tried searching for the curator of the Smithsonian? They may be able to help you.
  14. You sound like my dad. Who cares what it looks like if it works.🤣
  15. I've been doing it since I could walk....and I'm 35 now. Some of my best memories are on an IH tractor.
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