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    IH tractors & Equipment, particularly the letter series. Hey, 2+2s are pretty awesome too! IH Cub Cadets, 1X6/7 series. Model Railroading. Pre 1980 Schwinn bikes. Steam locomotives/trains.

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  1. Pull the rear end. It isn’t that hard.
  2. All of the $hit around the bung, and the complications around resoldering it. You want it? I’ll sell it to you and you can fix it or do whatever you want with it.
  3. About two and a half weeks ago the fuel tank on my 147 started leaking. I thought it may have been the nipple threads; upon further inspection it was seeping from the nasty brazing job some PO did. after deciding repair wasnt worth it, I opted to find a replacement. The replacement didn’t leak but looked bad, so I threw a 10’ paint job on it. IH red is my favorite, but federal yellow is a close second. The best part? I finally got to mow my hayfield of a yard after 2 1/2 weeks of it being down, surprisingly in between the rain drops.
  4. Same motors as the IH cub cadets (k series Kohler) but sit in the frame sideways and everything is ran via belt, vs a cc that is shaft (at least the rear end) driven.
  5. Nice that he is around to see it restored! He seemed pleased. Nice video/pics
  6. Great looking ole truck. Thanks for sharing
  7. No. My buddy went cheaper tires on his truck and in less than 20K the sidewalls started falling apart and showing cords. He doesn’t do a lot of heavy overloading either.
  8. I have my dads old Mercury wagon that I’m borrowing until we got this one (we knew she liked wagon rides so we got one for her) and I’ve already done this. 😁. More to follow. (Once the Cub is back up and running- has a fuel tank problem)
  9. Every child deserves a Radio Flyer wagon in their lives. The lucky ones get to help build it. I had one as a kid but it got so wore out (dad welded on it a few times) it was eventually tossed.
  10. Stuck inside all winter with cabin fever getting tired of snow and cold; move into spring and it's slightly warmer but it seems to rain almost all the time.
  11. Eh, it's fine. I'm not push mowing or I'd be in boots.
  12. First mow of the season. Would have liked to do more but the rest of the yard is swamp. Shooting from a few different places with a new mount I got.
  13. Today was the day to mount the mower deck. I removed the 10-30 oil (for ease of winter starting) to go to straight 30W. (5 bucks a quart for that ) After I got the subframe/mule drive installed, it had a hard time raising, then the steering bound REALLY BAD when I tried to steer it. The tie rod was dragging the subframe. Made no sense to me..I compared an old tie rod end to a new one (same size) and realized my mistake. I had made a classic ID10T error. The tie rod was on upside down. I flipped 'er over and viola it steers better and the subframe traverses the full length. I drove it around and did some mowing with it- it steers way better than ever before. Way easier and sharper. I did notice that when it sits stationary and I try to turn it the axle will still move some....but I don't seem to get that when it's driving. Most likely because of the force needed to steer it while it's not moving (tire patch contact with concrete), but I'm sorta second guessing the repair that I did; meaning the quality of it. The only things I didn't replace was the roll pin in the drag link arm and the spindles themselves.... Then again I'm probably worried about nothing, IDK.
  14. Another vote for Bates in Bourbon.
  15. After 7 hours of rain, I was able to get back at it today. I wanted to take it for another drive so I could ensure I'd get the steering wheel centered where I wanted it before I put the nut on and tightened it up. Got it where I wanted it and I really like looking down at that IH logo in the center. I was messing around with it some more and realized the pitman arm wasn't tight enough. Simple enough; tighten up the jam nut. Doing this knocked the cam follower out of adjustment (the steering would bind in the center) so I had to unbolt the box from the tractor (removing the bottom tin piece first) swing it over some and adjust the follower. Fortunately it adjusted while still in the tractor and I didn't have to completely remove it. Took it for a few more tests run and I'm completely thrilled with how it drives. I should have done this years ago. Now I've got to throw the mower deck under it and start cutting grass! If it ever stops raining and the grass starts growing........................................... ....................
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