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  1. My grandma never gave me anything even close to being as awesome as that. Congrats.
  2. Progress has been slow. Due to the fact I’m an “essential employee” I’ve still been putting in 40+ hrs a week- which is fine, I’m glad I’m still making $$. When it comes to days off (today) all it did was rain. I was able to remove one run of forms and backfill but apart from that all I’m doing is chasing a flooding trench.
  3. Neat photos! I know a cage is safer but I liked the look of em pre cage.
  4. What’s the saying, make hay when the sun shines? Well, how about concrete? 60 degree sunny day is good for making more headway.
  5. ...not opening up again, ever I’m sure
  6. Yes. Pointless I’m sure, but nevertheless I’m complying. It makes it more difficult to sell when/if that day comes if it’s not installed.
  7. Thanks....what do you want to know? The city I live in has a code that states out buildings on a slab has to have a concrete poured (no exceptions) 4” wide by 24” depth to keep rats and mice etc from digging and sheltering under the pad that has the building on top of it. To make them happy (code enforcement) I’ll comply. Most of why I’m building this myself is price; as well as the pride of building myself (with some help from my brother at some point.) Concrete is curing. It’s showing signs that I’ve done something right but then again I haven’t tried to pull the form. I added another 8’ today to finish off one side.
  8. and yet there are a surprising amount of idiots still out in the way.
  9. Same here. I work maintenance for a large retail chain. My only concern is that I don't take enough precautionary measures and bring something home for my daughter/wife. Not that I don't wash my hands etc usually but I'm more conscious of it now.
  10. I don’t have a dedicated lumberyard close to me. Used Menards for projects before and their raw materials are decent. They are stored in an inside building that you can drive into. Not climate controlled however. Existing building doesn’t have a sag. The front end of it raised some before I bought it. There isn’t a concern of failure as an additional ridge beam under the existing was installed, and the rafters have been gusseted with additional 2x6s. Today I started setting forms and pouring a rodent wall.
  11. They are 92 5/8" not 8'- I wanted 8', and buying the 16' was cheaper than the pre cuts.
  12. Took a trip to my local Menards for lumber today. Pros: they have a large lumberyard that’s enclosed so you can drive in and load up, even with a trailer. Cons; the employees are idiots. Drive to the lumberyard and the guy tells me I have to pay first. Fine, go and get all the part numbers for all the lumber I wanted, and pay. Drive back to the yard. Give the guy the receipt. He says did you get an invoice? The he11 need that for? He says I have to go back up front (it’s up that way-yeah dude I know I was just there) and they had to re ring it and provide said invoice. Then spend the next hour or so loading it up. Now I have an addition but some assembly required. That should be all the rafter, wall and sheeting materials. Fortunately the gate came off the trailer as I hauled some 16’ ers on my 12’ trailer. (They don’t sell 8’ studs they are pre cut to 92 5/8” so I got 16’ and am gonna cut them in half)
  13. About 12’ more dug out today before the rains came. Since everything is closing because of the beer virus my city hall closed down today till April 6th; I’m glad I applied for the permit on Monday.
  14. This is where I’ll be posting updates to my current project; enlarging my garage and adding a shop space. Currently when I want to work on anything either one or both vehicles need to be relocated. Or if I’d like to get out my Cub Cadet I have to move vehicles, etc. It has finally came to a point of needing more room, and I’m more financially able to than I was when I moved to my property 9 years ago. Im working on enclosing a 11x20 space. That isn’t much, but it’s the best I can do with allowable space codes, (660 square feet) and utility easements. I have that pad already in place which is good I just have to build up onto it. After applying for a building permit yesterday, I was told code is a 4”X24” Rat wall has to surround the addition. Has to be poured concrete, no exceptions. (I asked). Since I don’t own a trencher nor am willing to rent one-$180 a day- at age 35 I suppose I can dig it. A shovel I do have. It’s hard honest work but it’ll be worth it in the end, I hope. That was it for today. 2 hours of yelling at roots was enough.
  15. Ugh. That's the biggest thing I dislike about winter, how DOT thinks they need to oversalt the crap out of everything.
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