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    IH tractors & Equipment, particularly the letter series. Hey, 2+2s are pretty awesome too! IH Cub Cadets, 1X6/7 series. Model Railroading. Pre 1980 Schwinn bikes. Steam locomotives/trains.

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  1. drglinski

    IH 1256 "The Mini 14"

    Nice pics! Thanks for sharing.
  2. drglinski

    Van Wert plow day video

    Neat coverage. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much green. Even got a shot of our host for a bit. The group of red it flew over near the beginning was 4 generations of Merkle's plowing right before they took their family photo. yeah the ground was hard, but it was challenging. Made 'ya work for it, which REALLY shows how well someone knows their machine. Good thing they didn't get me with the mighty C...😄 I'm betting Robs video is going to be a good one.
  3. drglinski

    Another Video About "DOC"

    Neat. DOC is supposed to be nearby here next weekend. Maybe I'll be able to see/hear it. Sometimes we get lucky in the summer and the Yankee Lady flies over my house.
  4. drglinski

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    Sorry guys....my mistake. Should have looked a bit harder before sharing.
  5. drglinski

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    Neat drone video
  6. drglinski

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    Neat looking 360 photo. I think you can see it without logging in. (click the photo it's a link)
  7. drglinski

    Little wonder plow vs. Little genius.

    I wonder....if I knew I'd be a genius. 😁😀
  8. drglinski

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    At least you got to drive something. Looking forward to his footage!
  9. drglinski

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    I think I was working the TA at this point.
  10. drglinski

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    I enjoyed going to this last year and really looked forward to making it again this year. My luck with tractor related events prior to today was 0-2 due to the weather so I had been watching the weather report for about two weeks. Last year I rode with my brother (Farmallman77) but as luck would have it he said he couldn't make it and I was going regardless. I didn't mind if I didn't have anything to drive. Since Ayersville is on the way to Van Wert, I told 2+2guy of my situation and if I could ride along with him and help him out w/loading, etc. He said sure, then offered for me to haul his C and use that. (I think he really just wanted an excuse to have two of his tractors there.) Setting up my truck/trailer Loaded up and ready to go. Making a few test runs to check for load shift, etc. We're off! I asked 2+2guy if he could get his C dialed in so I didn't look like a total fool I could plow more effectively so he turned the SMTA-D over to me for a few rounds. 2+2guy on 2+2guys C being followed by 2+2guy's SMTA-D and 60 plow Plowing today was challenging, but a great learning experience. I enjoyed running the C and will have a hard time topping anything for a good while being able to run the SMTA-D. She sure is a great hard working tractor. I also saw a really neat gas station/sign in Grover Hill on the way back. (oh and gas is 20-30 cents cheaper than in MI and the roads are better.....) OhioFarmer y'all put on a super great plow morning day. Thanks for all the hard work that's put into it; it's really worth it. I enjoyed seeing old friends again, and making a few new ones. Hope to do it again some day. PS Farmallman77 was able to make it after all. I took his H for a few rounds and actually plowed 3rd gear for part of the field.
  11. drglinski

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    You are talking about plumbers tape. Usually comes on a blue roll and is white. Have to wrap it the right way so threading the nut on it doesn't back the tape off.
  12. drglinski

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    Blech. I know you had issues with the 400 last year and it couldn't make an appearance......it's always something isn't it. Hopefully you caught it before it got too bad. Reminds me of this show called Roadkill they filmed here last year (between Milan and Pontiac) Long story short they blew up an engine and rebuilt it twice just to get it ready for the saturday event in three days time. Coincidentally this event and the plow day were on the same day (same as this year).
  13. drglinski

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    I agree. It is a fun tractor and an awesome looking representation of the model.
  14. drglinski

    Red Bibs Bill on RFDTV

    This is great. Best line: "It's a goofy looking tractor and I'm a goofy guy so it works." I bet Mr Jennings is a great guy to sit down and have a chat with.
  15. drglinski

    Ever had a small bike for a runabout?

    my neighbor lived about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile away from the farm and his mode of transportation was a Honda Spree. He spent many many many days going back and forth from home to the farm on that. (till his parents passed away and he moved into the farm house). I forget how many miles were on it when it quit- he had it blown apart in the barn and wanted to give it to me at 15 or 16 to rebuild. I wisely declined.