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    IH tractors & Equipment, particularly the letter series. Hey, 2+2s are pretty awesome too! IH Cub Cadets, 1X6/7 series. Model Railroading. Pre 1980 Schwinn bikes. Steam locomotives/trains.

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  1. Some hacked together articulated thing made out of a cub cadet that I had 0 interest in so it didn’t make but this one photo. The auction was still going at 2! Crazy. I like the grounds but can’t help but wonder how much bigger it could be if it wasn’t just restricted to a ‘good ole boys’ club showing off what they had. Membership is more than $5. I happily paid my entry fee, walked around and enjoyed the sights despite the temps.
  2. Yeah, southeast Michigan tractor collectors. I could join, but then again I really don’t HAVE to... ive seen the 1466 before, and it’s still just as good looking. I never really got many photos of it before so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity again. The SMTA-D has a turbo on it hence why the exhaust is on the “wrong” side of the hood.
  3. Went down the road a bit today for the annual tractor show in Carleton MI. IH was represented well- I couldn’t help but wonder how much better the show could have been if you don’t have to be a member to show.
  4. There are two sides to this equation, like most things. I've gotten stuck behind someone that doesn't fully understand how to set up a plow or just pulled it out of a fence row, and while that can be frustrating, I've only plowed like 10 times at most in my life, all but once or twice it has been at events. While I'm tempted to throttle past them I remember that I'm by no means a master and am still learning it too, and am grateful for people that have let me borrow their tractors and have worked with me so I can learn the correct way. I think having a dedicated area for setting up your plow/learning how to do it is a good idea. I went to one that had a 'test plot' and that helped- the last thing I like doing is holding up someone that knows what they are doing. I was on a Farmall C last year plowing it in granny being followed by a SMTA-D that had little to no problem and I felt like I was just in the way. I like that the hosts don't mandate furrow depth; but that might not be a bad idea either- it's tough when you've got 20 HP and one bottom following a 8 bottom plow that's turning over dirt trying to find china. Only once have I seen an operator of a larger HP tractor ask a lower HP tractor if he was plowing too deep for them. That took class and said a lot about the person on said tractor. If it irritates you so much, stay home. Or show up and watch- mentor those that don't know how to do it. Most plow day hosts don't have a problem with ride ons.
  5. I found one listed for August 10 in Avlordton. I’m hoping to make that one.
  6. I enjoy watching these. Thanks for the great coverage and narration- I enjoy them every year. It helps when I’m not able to make them I can still go through the eyes of your camera. 👍🏻 ps it’s 2019 why are you still filming in standard definition? 😆☺️
  7. drglinski

    Back tires

    I agree: love my 23 degree’ers.
  8. Just wondering if anyone had any news of any upcoming plow days in northern Ohio yet this year. Typically around the end of this month/early August there is one in Alvordton, and Van Wert in mid August. I know the springtime rain has made this year off whack and I didn’t know if it would impact any potential events.
  9. Most everyone I know doesn’t have a trailer hitch on any of the vehicles they own. I suppose that means they’ll want to drive the truck with it too....🤔😳
  10. My wife told me I needed to “try it out and get used to it” so I loaded it up and took it on a 2-3 mile trip. 😁
  11. I’ve already had two people ask to use it before it was even licensed and legal. ☺️
  12. Finally got me a cub hauler! No longer wishing I could take it to shows. its a 6x12 AMO. 3500 lb axle gvwr of 2990. I only have the one (147) but I am actively looking for a 73 to use for snow. I was looking at a 5x10 but that would only allow me to haul one CC at a time plus it was only $200 more. I had heard that the 4’ gate some mower decks bottom out so one has to go 5’ but this one works great. It also isn’t made of cheap angle iron but heavy steel tubing. The first test will be taking it to the SCRAP show chapter 6 state show Labor Day weekend. I bought it from USA trailer sales in New Boston MI- I’d go back there. I was happy with the service provided. They didn’t try to push me into anything.
  13. Cub cadets and letter series tractors etc are easy to haul. Yeah I like all of them but logistically getting a 7488 to a show is difficult. I’d like to see the feature one year be implements. ☺️
  14. I also couldn’t make RPRU but took a trip to St Ignace and the upper peninsula of Michigan. weather was amazing. Mid 70s, low humidity, nice breeze each day, 50s at night. Saw both of the Edmund Fitzgerald lifeboats as well.
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