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  1. Used a northstar power washer with a honda motor for years that got minimal maintenance and worked great. The products are good
  2. I had one on my S10 way back when because I thought they were better and would increase fuel mileage. Looking back it was a waste of $$ and I don't bother with em now. Stock filter box and change the filter yearly at least is the way I go now.
  3. SMTA diesel. I gravitate towards those for many reasons, I'd like to own one some day. Apart from that, probably a 7488- been behind the wheel of a 3788 and a 6588 and they are sweet- a 88 would be even more awesome. Also either a 10/14/1566 and/or a 1468 because they are just neat.
  4. Glad you sold it to someone who will likely enjoy owning it instead of constantly complaining about it.
  5. Michigan is a truly beautiful state if you know where to look. You found a great area to visit. The UP is in a world of it's own. Mackinac island is fun; more fun if you get on two wheels (no cars allowed!) and pedal into the center and backside of the island where tourists seldom visit. The only steam powered ship on the lakes that I know of is the SS Badger out of Pere Marquette (Ludington)- sails from there to Manitowoc WI and back each day.
  6. LaPorte to me was a sauna with no shade. I thoroughly enjoyed Lima in 13- venue was excellent.
  7. Thanks to all who post photos for us that can't make it. I appreciate it. Hope to see everyone next year at Ohio.
  8. WDs are neat. Good score. I'd work for an old allis too.
  9. LEDs are great. I'd have a few so you can eliminate shadows.
  10. Got crapped on Friday. Local area freeways were flooded so the locals were out swimming in it and one even had out a jet ski. Dampened my trip to the National Threshers Reunion in Wauseon Ohio but what can you do. Supposed to rain every day till the 5th of July.
  11. I like this one
  12. For Fathers day tomorrow I thought I'd reflect upon my Dad and what impact he's had on my life. He has shaped me into the person I am today. I get my love of IH tractors and equipment from him. A few years ago I recreated this photo with my daughter. It's Dad and (his first born) I on his 52 H in the top photo and me and my daughter (my first born) on the same H in an approximate same location in the backyard around the same age. Hopefully some day my daughter can recreate this photo with her first born. Happy father's day to all you great dads out there.
  13. I love seeing nicely polished metal that will go inside an engine and it'll never see the light of day again. HA
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