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    IH tractors & Equipment, particularly the letter series. Hey, 2+2s are pretty awesome too! IH Cub Cadets, 1X6/7 series. Model Railroading. Pre 1980 Schwinn bikes. Steam locomotives/trains.

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  1. drglinski


    Got hit with a 6-9” snowfall all day yesterday. The weather guessers were saying 2-4. I saw probably a half dozen or more guys cutting beans on Sunday in the rain just to try to get them off. 😳 God bless those that are dealing with a longer than usual planting season from the rain and shorter harvest season now. 😔
  2. Naw a polish roundabout would be square.
  3. We got 6+" here today. I'm in the process of putting an E lift back on my 147 so I've got the rockshaft installed, lift bracket modified and installed, snow blade on....and the E lift is in pieces waiting on parts. My parts supplier was on vacation (which I thought was fine since we haven't had snow before Christmas here in years) soooooooooo I got to hand shovel today. It would have been less pain and probably less work to swap it back to manual lift until I got my E lift parts. 😏
  4. Looks like a black stripe 66 at that.
  5. Cub cadet original or 70-100 restored would make a good pair with that engine on a set of running gear.
  6. I really like the gas start diesel that came with it. ☺️
  7. I meant taking a spoon and eating it like pudding.
  8. Cheeseburger and sandwiches like turkey, ham etc. not directly out of the jar 🤮
  9. I don’t think we should change it. Getting dark at 4 PM is dumb. I was ok with it not light until 7:45-8 AM. I feel myself being super tired at 8pm instead of 9 this week. The older I get the less I like it, seems like more and more things are that way. ☺️
  10. What happened to the doors? You drive with em open? ☺️
  11. Snap! What happened to my front axle? 🤷‍♂️
  12. When I was young(er) and dumb(er) I had a 97 S10 SS with the 4.3 v6 that I put a flopro dual exhaust on. Also had a K&N intake on it. Only thing I saw for performance and fuel mileage was it wasn’t pulling my wallet around due to it not being as heavy. Apart from that I saw no fuel mileage or Hp increase. I didn’t like the sound of a flopro either. Once that rusted out I went flowmaster for noise; I enjoyed that. Looking back the intake and muffler was a gimmick for a daily driver.
  13. I saw mine a couple of days ago. Interesting article about S MD-TA’s 🙄 in there.
  14. 12” brinly plow looks like it does a great job. Is that a 982?
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