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  1. Find something this awesome in 2022. Let's see what is made in 2022 will still be around in 2070.
  2. It's all speculation at this point
  3. My brother and I took a trip to Scott Urschels place in New Haven IN today to get some cub cadet parts. Knowing the Fort Wayne Harvester plant was near there we decided to drive by and see what we could see. I know about Harvester homecoming but have yet to make it out there. After our visit today, I might have to try harder to make it in 2023.
  4. Started wrenching yesterday. The end of the driveshaft was in the coupler and broken off from the rest of the shaft. The engine had to be pulled to get the driveshaft out to be replaced. The back of the engine needs a screen replaced as well. I'll probably clean the frame rails out while I'm at it.
  5. drglinski


    I wonder more about how that is planted.
  6. I leaned on a cub cadet as well. Great place to start. The cost of a new pedal tractor (and quality) vs an IH cub cadet I'm likely going to be getting my 5 year old one.
  7. Last Monday when I was plowing and took these pics it was 70ish. 70 up until Friday. I went back to our farm yesterday (where I plowed) and there was an inch of snow on the ground. It's been in the low 30s the last two days here. Guess it's time to grease up the plow, put it on the shelf, and put the snow blade on.
  8. .......time to eliminate this thread
  9. It is pointed down a bit, yes. It isn't chisel plowing when plowing. It's supposed to be that way. The landside isn't 100% level but it's darn close. If I raise the point any further it affects sucking into the soil. Two factors were against me yesterday/in these photos: dryness of ground (no rain since April) and weight of plow. I'm going to see about hanging a 40# weight off the back and see how that does with it sinking further into the ground.
  10. I did some more plowing yesterday to get it set up better and learn how to roll the soil properly. I discovered that the coulter and plow worked better for trash, depth control and penetration if I went slower and let it work. I'm very pleased with the way it cut and the sidewall left behind. It was a fun day.
  11. Yeah, it's ok on the color. I spent an hour with this guy I bought it from just shooting the crap about plowing. To me life is bigger than silly debates about tractor color. I just like plowing. Thanks for the photos.
  12. Dad (at least I think he did) cut the dash tin from a 127 at one point and covered the original blue dash. I was curious to know what the OG dash looked like so I pulled it back a bit. It looks better than I thought. Kinda want to take the black off; it would be coming off if I were keeping it.
  13. Nope. Just regular steel.
  14. I don't think it is made of stainless. I bought mine from a Deere guy who has a setup very similar to yours. He is out of Ida MI. He had them for sale and shipped them at one point so it's very likely they came from the same place. He lives close enough to me that I just took a road trip one afternoon. Nice photos. Looks like it's doing a good job.
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