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    IH tractors & Equipment, particularly the letter series. IH Cub Cadets, 1X6/7 series. Model Railroading. Pre 1980 Schwinn bikes. Steam locomotives/trains.

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  1. 105 Hydro

    Hood ornament is correctly oriented. Nice 105. Needs a good wash but that's about it. Nice to see it's not all hacked up.
  2. Letter Series at Work

    The letter series are my favorite in every way. They don't have everything a 2018 tractor does, but for 1939 + they had darn near everything anyone could want...plus the styling was great! Grew up driving an H; Dad's got a SWD9 and a W9 that are favorites as well.
  3. Calls on Cell Phone

    Seems to work for my phone.... although it doesn’t block the m-I-l.......
  4. Calls on Cell Phone

    Yep, telemarketers. Is your # on the do not call list?
  5. Touchy subject

    I was paddled, and swat a bunch. (still happens if I'm close enough to my mom, haha) My daughter is 4 MO and she's already been swatted on the rear when she is being temperamental; just to emphasize the point, and it usually works!
  6. 2+2 from concept to the field

    I don't have much experience operating one (does 4 hours count? give 'er take) but it's extremely easy and straight forward......it's weird at first to see the whole hood pivot when you turn it but the concept of weight distribution so the front end swings and the rear stays put was engineered well. (just don't turn it with the doors open) I can see why they were popular as a row crop 4WD. Neat tractor!
  7. Watching Dad

    That's the goal.........................................
  8. Former I-H Dealership In Onawa, IA.

    Yeah, those were called the pylon buildings. Some of them still exist. http://www.ihdealerspast.net/
  9. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    Dad said 'go suck an egg' and when we did something stupid we had a 'dumb attack.'. Or 'hold one hand over your ear so when I tell you something it'll stay in that way.'
  10. Former I-H Dealership In Onawa, IA.

    Neat piece of history there. Hope someone saves it.
  11. Watching Dad

    One of my favorite memories as a kid was watching Dad out the window move snow with the Farmall H and 3PT blade. Now it's my daughters turn.... my wife took these today. We got walloped with 9" of snowfall yesterday. Keep in mind we already had 5 or so on the ground from prior snowfalls, and we are supposed to get 3-5" addtl after the weekend is over. The 'ole 147 sure was earning it's keep today.
  12. Anyone ever have a hat like this guy

    I think my Dad has one too. He hasn't worn it in years. Hauled it with him to the 2010 Red Power roundup (I think it was this one, or one really like it) unannounced to my brother and I....whipped it out in the car in the parking lot, quickly donned it, got out of the car and within 2 minutes some guy goes 'I AIN'T SEEN ONE OF THOSE HATS FOR YEARS!' pretty funny.
  13. Why, when you’re cold and in a hurry...

    At least it wasn't hot oil. The first time I changed the oil in my new (to me) truck I missed the catch pan and put about 3 gallons of oil on the ground.
  14. Ant Eaters need new home....

    The 3788 sure does look like it's been used...hard. I drove one once. Never really sought to before I did, but glad I got the opportunity. They are fun!
  15. Is It Really Winter?

    Lmao you're funny. We keep getting snow every day/other day. 4" Sunday, an inch Tuesday morning and last night another 3". Friday we are going to get anywhere between 5-12".