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  1. Yeah unfortunately....I hate those damn things.
  2. That's cheaper than my local club's dues and they don't produce a magazine or a paper newsletter. Besides, it's for a great cause. Will it survive? As long as it's still around I'm still going to attend, exhibit and volunteer where able.
  3. It's up to those that can volunteer and represent to do so to make that determination.
  4. I was there 3 1/2 days and still missed things. Fortunately photos others share and videos like Brady Boys are great for helping me see alternate perspectives on the show.
  5. The barn the cadets were in was perfect for them.
  6. From what I understand Red Power Roundup has always been a strictly IH show and not in conjunction with another show. Imo it should stay that way.
  7. Not to be a smartass, but maybe we should have a thread dedicated to properly loading a trailer and securing it for those that just don't know if there hasn't been already
  8. The view of the show as taken by my 4 year old daughter.
  9. Full disclaimer: not discriminating against one group or the other, just my observations. On that note, on the way to RPRU and on the way home down 75 I hauled a 6x12' landscape trailer with 2 cub Cadets and a #1 trailer behind a 1500 Silverado. Plenty of truck for the load and trailer for the load but I only tow at 65-68 MPH in the right lane. I stay out of the way and give plenty of room. That being said I had multiple semis that ran right up to my back end, pass me like I was sitting still, and cut me off to just keep trucking. People just need to slow down.
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