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  1. Figured while I'm here, I'd introduce my "kid" Loki. He is a blue-nosed American pitbull aka a blue-nosed brown noser. He is my first dog & I will admit that this breed never crossed my mind when I thought about getting a dog. After getting him, there's no other option. I'm sure many of you out there know that pitbulls aren't all bad & if you don't know that.... you don't know your dogs. The only ones that are mean are the ones that have been beaten, their spirit broken & trained to fight &/or poorly handled. You treat them right & they are pretty close to being a kid &
  2. That fits my dog to a "T". Just need to make mention about the copious amount of attention out in public. Depending on where I go, my dog has reached celebrity status. Same thing at home. The Schwan's guy loves him & the UPS guy wants to get him hired on as a mascot as he matches the uniforms & trucks. He would be great at it. He loves people more than his own kind. On the other hand, some people may not be too happy when 80 lbs of pitbull steps off the truck. Lol! Mike
  3. Just to be clear, I "Liked" the comment.... not the communism. :v) Mike
  4. I think the Road Runner batteries at Fleet & Farm are either East Penn (Deka) or Interstate. They are a fairly long lived battery. Usually get 7 - 8 years out of those. Might have to go that route again as I'm only getting 5 - 6 out of the Ironsides. The only exception is the EE battery on my 806. That's 7 years old & still strong. Mike
  5. How did this guy get into office? He's too smart. Actually knows something about what has gone wrong in this ****hole of a country. Impressive!! Mike
  6. No Monaco & no Lark? Must not have been much to write home about. Didn't know anyone used a GN or GNX. No T-Type either. ;vD Great video! Mike
  7. Never heard of Gunther Heritage Diesel. Will look them up when I come in for lunch. As for NAPA, there is still one that's local. I'll have to check out their pricing over the weekend. Mike
  8. That curved barrel job makes me wonder if they had a Polish .37 5/8 on display somewhere? Mike
  9. Oh is that nice!! How wide is that harrow? Almost looks like a 30'. Mike
  10. Probably get about 10 revolutions before it chugs to life. Then it seems like another glow plug gave up the ghost, so I'm down to four. That's the reason why I'm thinking about going to the Navistar plugs. I've just about given up on Case & their parts. Has CaseIH been known to have crappy glow plugs to your knowledge? Mike
  11. Glad to see I'm not the only one that has more than enough tractor on his hole miner. :vD Mike
  12. He posted on the other forum a couple two three days ago. Must be up to something. Mike
  13. Howdy rustred! Went in to exchange the leaker & they don't have anything bigger than the group 65 @ 850 CCA. Whatever the next size up was, just had a bigger case & that was only 800 CCA (guess little orange tractors don't need big batteries?). Opted to stick with the 65 as I was tight on time & don't have the scratch at the moment to run all the way to town to upgrade. Hope I remember to get that done before this fall so I don't have the same issues as last fall. Might even spoil myself with a block or tank heater. Also want to change over to the Navistar glow plugs. Preferably so
  14. I was kind of taken aback. The dealership doesn't carry the group 31's. Could go up in size but not CCA. Thought that to be odd. Say, do you run the modified Navistar glow plugs in yours also? Been thinking about going that route. It was suggested on the other forum by a few guys. Mike
  15. Bent barrel, no trigger. If you look in the first photo, the kid second from the right seems to be holding a dummy as well. That stubby thing in the hands of the kid on the left doesn't look right either. Unless someone can ID that one. Mike
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