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  1. Interesting. Glencoe's Yield Builder was the direct competition to the Brillion Soil Builder. I've noticed the older Glencoes go for cheaper than the Brillion. Wonder what the difference is? To me they look like the same machine. Mike
  2. I see the spring packs now. Is it a Brillion Soil Builder? Always wanted one. Mike
  3. Do you plow at all or just stick to the cover crop rotations? Mike
  4. I'm glad I didn't go! Would have spent all my money on books & manuals.... & probably would have had a coronary once the Regular & the H with dual steel came up when I had empty pockets. Jeez those went cheap! And I've never seen so many knife grinders in one spot. Also didn't see the vacuum pump listed that's in the pic with the milker. May have glazed over looking through the listings I missed it. Oh well! Saved some money missing out on that auction. Not any less heartbroken though. Mike
  5. Had no idea it was still syndicated. I'll have to watch out for it next year. Mike
  6. Yikes! Sorry to hear about that, oldtanker. You have my best! And don't worry about your hair, the monks refer to it as "ignorance grass". Guess in your case, you'll get wiser, faster. Mike
  7. Always good to see a fellow forum member out in your natural habitat. Never ceases to amaze me that you can take a picture anywhere in NZ & have it look like it should be on the cover of National Geographic. That must be your secret to staying motivated. That scenery would certainly keep me young at heart, even as my body clunks along. Mike
  8. Happy Turkey Day everyone! It's a good day to remember all the turkeys that have given their lives to make everyone's holiday a little better.... & a certain "PR stunt". Mike And now for more news.... with Less Nessman....
  9. ....with his sheep, congregated upon a bluff? He must have his spyglass out to check up on the status of the black billy over the camp fire. :vD Mike.... I saw this cover picture & thought of you down undah, in NZ with all the sheep. Don't think you were around in 1928, but if you were..... you have aged well, sir! Also, I think that's the Alps in the background? The AT apparently didn't believe in cover photo credits, so its just a guess. Regards! Mike
  10. That poor ugly thing. Has a face only a mother could love. A deaf mother. All that aside, if it does the job, run it! Mike
  11. It's a rototiller tractor that's missing it's tiller. I've seen a lot of them that way. Guess they wear out the tiller unit & hope to pass the tractor on to another job. Mike
  12. Didn't notice until after the fact that the cat going down the firepole pic still had the watermark on it from the seller. Here's the scan of the original & the accompanying description. Mike
  13. Believe me, it takes talent! 😁 It's been postulated by many a man that a smallish Asian lady should do the exam. Now, when my doctor sprung the question on me a few years ago, of course I requested a small Asian lady to do the deed. He said that was a good idea, as they can usually use their whole hand & get a more accurate reading. You know, after some thought.... I believe he may have heard that question before. Mike
  14. I'm that way too. IH inline 6 diesels smell great to me. Especially when mixed with cut hay or oats. Another combination is IH diesel, carbureted gas engine exhaust & cigarette smoke. The smell is reminiscent of the IH dealer shop from my younger years. Cummins smell sour & I'm not a fan of that. Fairbanks Morse & Alco locomotives smell good, EMD's reek!! Mike
  15. Ok.... few more for everyone, while I'm in my neat pics folder. Mike
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