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  1. Sounds like one of the pawls in the knotter drive gear is not engaging. Either they're seized or one of the springs is kaput. Mike
  2. Not entirely sure. The hood is modded with the hood vents & a reverse scoop. The bumper is not standard issue either. There's also a spoiler on the cab roof. Don't think it's pulling a toy hauler. The trailer behind it is too flimsy for all that. I think it's a chase trailer. The guy roads that tractor all over creation. Mike
  3. I'm from Wisconsin & it is Russian. I posted that way for three reasons. One.... to express my thanks, two.... to see if the server was capable of posting those characters (just out of curiosity) & three..... I've been picking up on the Russian language through watching some videos as of late. Can't type out all that I know, as the videos are of Russian people hollering at each other. :v) Mike
  4. ....that was held in Richfield, Wi. this past weekend. Enjoy! Mike
  5. That's a $20 - $75 plow around here. Don't see them bring much more elsewhere. Mike
  6. The low yields must have been caused by a PFD growing season? Mike
  7. Looks like a great find! You have to own nearly all the wheatland IH's in Canada by now, eh? Mike
  8. I've posted this elsewhere & I'll post it here: After some popping sounds & a headache, I remembered there's a cardinal rule of the internet.... don't feed the trolls. This vid, others like it, all the complaints to the channel & the sponsor, et al.... are doing nothing but fueling a fool. You must not forget that the one(s) performing the action to get the reaction feed off of this kind of stuff. Kind of like bad press is still press. We can bring it home to this site here. There's a bunch of you that have been here long enough to recall some agitators who have "graced" this forum with their ignorance, stirring the pot for a reaction. This is no different, minus the fact that all involved are making scratch off of this mess. Think it over. Mike
  9. The 10-20 & Nuffie look great together. Also curious about the winch. Almost looks like an early Hyster. Mike
  10. Oddly enough, the pics in your first post did not show. Sledgehammer's got it. Two way Cub plow. Mike
  11. If that's EP in front of 783(?), it's most likely Oliver. Lots of EPxxxx numbers on my Plowmaster. Mike
  12. Would love to find a '25 or '26 Regular on steel. Just don't seem to be any in this area anymore. Mike
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