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  1. I know how that goes. My mother keeps emailing me from beyond the grave. The first one was titled "Hello" & the following was, "you need this life insurance". Figured if the insurance was that important, she could just haunt me & let me know. Then again, if she scares the life out of me.... maybe I should have opened that email in the first place?? She always did say I didn't listen/don't know everything. Wonder what she meant by that? Mike
  2. Sounds like I'll have to find some meat to try. Haven't had elk in a long time. I recall it was tasty, yet a bit dry. Looking at the rack in the first photo, I see two spikes in front of the beams. Am I seeing that right? That would make a neat mount if it is. Mike
  3. The front mount IH rake sounds familiar. Might have seen it in a brochure that's floating around here somewhere. The merger brochure I have shows it mounted on one of those green 'n' yellow tractors. The full line Gehl brochure from that era has it mounted on a 1586. If I get a chance later, I'll dig it out & post it. Mike
  4. My best to you! Hope you can shake it soon. Regards! Mike
  5. Oh! That axis. The title had me thinking of a bunch of WWII Germans hunting in the Black Forest with their trusty Sturmgewehr. I've only ever seen those axis deer on the internet. Wonder what they taste like? Mike
  6. I'm cataloging some slides for the local historical society, when I ran across this one. Thought it is rather interesting & figured I'd share it with you guys. It's a Gehl 1160 merger on the front of a 3788, pulling a Gehl 1260 chopper & 970 forage box. The merger looks to be a pre production unit. I'll see if I can't find out some more info on it in the next few days. Enjoy! Mike
  7. Wouldn't that make it a 3388? I thought the 35 & 3788 had the 466. Mike
  8. That is a weird one. Thought maybe the decals were a hold over from the xx94 tractors. Went to look at mine & found it was just the ribs cast in to the metal on the front. Then I remembered, I have a weirdo in my collection, too. A Magnum with no hood decals or stack. Bought it from the toy tractor store that was at the Mall of America. They were in a basket for $1 ea. Figured they are for the table farmer on a budget. Sorry I can't be of further assistance with that. One thing I can add, if you take a picture of a small dark object in front of a bright background, the camera or whatever you're using will compensate for the large white area leaving the subject in the dark. Hope that helps. :v) Regards! Mike
  9. Here's the site I was thinking of: http://www.thebarnpages.com/oldbarnsforsale.cfm Kind of surprised that there is about a third of what was on there 6 months ago. NOT! There's a lot of money standing there in terms of wood. A whole lot. Mike
  10. I don't have animals, well.... bigger than my dog, either. What little I know has been learned from reading, watching videos & some interaction with other peoples animals. Word of mouth from those who actually have livestock fills in the rest of my knowledge of them. What I learned early on from some of the local farmers is, keep a level head, don't be mean, think well in advance of everything & don't stand down/show any weakness.... unless you need to get the h*ll out of the way. Even then, you can't anticipate everything. I would add, don't forget to enjoy the learning curve. As for land, that's a start at least. If you want a barn, there are more options than you can shake a stick at. One that come to mind is, having one moved. I have my eye on one for sale that's about an hour or so away from me. It's cheap, but the cost of moving it has gone up big time. So, I have to save a little more. I don't recall the name of the website that I found it on. Will post back when there's time this evening. Mike
  11. My buddy sent me this yesterday: Must be a Freemason Terrier?? Mike
  12. Ohhhhhhh! Three rear tires. Thought this is what you were talking about. In my defence, there's still two on land & one in the furrow. Mike
  13. I did see they are a cherished breed in Britain. Didn't know they were brought over during WWII to help preserve the species. Seems to me that was done with a horse breed as well. Don't recall which one. I was on the Livestock Conservancy sight last summer, researching the Brabant. Wouldn't mind having one of those either. Would just hate to see the price tag. Will be looking forward to future posts if you get some "fancy" cows. Mike
  14. I had not heard of the Ancient White Park until you mentioned it & then I had to look it up. They are a fine looking bovine! Wouldn't mind having one, but don't have the room. Otherwise I'd have a couple Highlands & a Ayrshire to cause trouble. Mike
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