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  1. Glad you posted this. I forgot to look for the snowball tomatoes last year until it was to late. Not doing that again. Mike
  2. How not-big-enough of a grease gun have you tried? Mike
  3. The "side street" parades are the ones I would want to see. Seen enough boobs, &c in my lifetime that it's just not interesting. Not pooh-poohing anything.... just got all that out of my system a long time ago.... in a Galaxie far, far away. There was a live stream on Tuesday, from Guadalupe, that showed their parade. Great production effort, almost Macy's parade material in some respects. A few of the groups* are huge, too. Must have been around 100 people in some of them. Their instruments they play on the way to the "carpet" aren't much beyond the maracas & conch shells. Their ensembles have music played from a laptop or live musicians behind a pickup with power & speakers. Families are involved. They got the youngsters out & all are having a good time. The costuming of the different groups were outstanding & you could see everyone had their heart into it. There were instances where a few members of the accompanying security detail were also playing an instrument along with them, even though they were still in uniform. I was quite impressed. I watched some of the parade in Trinidad & was unimpressed. Everyone's outfit was a bikini & feathers. The only difference being color. Then, they're followed though the parade by a semi with a sound system on it, with some absolutely horrid music emanating from the speakers. So, if the side street parades are anything like Guadalupe, sign me up! And yes, I did cleanse my eyes after all that shakin'. Watched a Zydeco Mass live stream from St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Quite enjoyable. 👍 Mike *Not sure if they refer to them as krewes or not. There may be better footage of the Trinidad parade somewhere?? This is the one I watched. ↓↓
  4. Are those pics from the parades before the big one? That whole town comes alive after Christmas.... or at least used to. Mike
  5. It sounds like a recipe for gall-less ink. I'll see what's floating around for info. Don't recall any ink recipes with that name. Mike
  6. I think we just had flying cows. That was an exciting evening & the storm put on a good show. Don't recall the last time the lightning was so clean & white. A few good ground strikes & lots of crawlers. And every *^#%!!! time I went out to get video.... it quit. Doesn't pay to leave my phone set up for taking video as the audio cuts out after about 50 sec recording time & the camera isn't waterproof. Mike
  7. No IH emblem on the nose was the non-starter for me. Mike
  8. So..... what would individual piles sorted alphabetically by species & debarked with an Xacto knife be listed under? Askin' for a friend.... Mike
  9. If you really want to get picky..... use this stuff.... Make sure your parts are clean & degreased. Those will last a long time with the above coating or similar. Mike
  10. I tried forgetting until I remembered. Been hiding in the basement for most of the day, working with my trains. Had a short section of track to hand lay & realized the short fuzzy hairs in my hand looked like track spikes last year. Had to peek under my glasses to get the job done. Or it was hair. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mike
  11. Had to cut back on smoking again, just to combat the extra candles. Thanks for the b-day wishes! Mike
  12. They have a great channel. Ran across it some time ago, looking for info on rebuilding the wheels on my grain drill. Mike
  13. Looking over your right shoulder, with a strong wind from behind, may leave you to encounter a bit of "overspray" without a cab. Mike
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