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  1. I'd guess it's like a centerline baler. There's a neat video on Ewetube that shows the workings of a MF 1840. Wonder how close that system is to the one on the F5-91? Yes, it's not IH..... but it is red! :v) I'd also love to have one!! I've heard they're pretty bullet proof machines. Mike
  2. Talk about a pipeline that should be cancelled! Can't we just move water by unit tank train? It would be "bottled water" & not in plastic, either! 🤣🤣🤣 Mike
  3. I got caught up with a project in town & haven't gotten to it yet. Just in on lunch now & have to get stuff covered & put away before the rain gets here. Can get to it once I'm holed up in the garage staying dry. Happy 4th! Mike
  4. Let's see it working in rocks, clay & heavy corn trash. Otherwise, it's a nifty looking machine. Mike
  5. A very nice find! Can't wait to see it in action. Mike
  6. Ahh! That doesn't sound so bad. I'll give it a try tomorrow & post back. Then.... see if I remember how to PM someone.😁 Mike
  7. The stone is good & solid yet. Not sure how easy it will be to get out of the frame. If you're interested, I'll look at it tomorrow. Mike
  8. Think I still have a grinder around here for parts. I'll check in a while & post back. Mike
  9. Reminds me of the Eimco rocker shovel. Kind of a goofy contraption.... ok, it's a really goofy contraption. But, I'd wager it beats a shovel. Mike
  10. Agreed with mmi. Rowse is great to deal with for those wobble drives. They bought out the patents from IH & are still making them to this day. I almost wonder if the bearing on the pulley shaft on the wobble box is shot? There's a grease fitting between the pulley & case that often gets neglected. It's easily hidden if there's some grass wrapped around it &/or some grease. Mike
  11. Ah! That's the other place I've seen them used. Thanks! Mike
  12. Are you putting something on the shaft when you install the new seal? Anything soft, thin & durable would do. Latex glove is one option. Throw a thin layer of grease on that & slide it in place. Also, since the shaft has been on there since antiquity, you may have a groove worn into the PTO shaft. Might want to add a Speedi Sleeve to cover that. SKF makes them. Not sure who else. One other thing.... Have you gone through two separate seals or are you using two seals at once? If that setup is like the one on my H, you can reposition a new thinner seal to get away from the groove worn into the shaft. That is possible due to the fact that the old seal was twice as thick as the new one. Hence the room to move it in & away from the groove. As for two seals at once.... I haven't tried that personally, but have heard mixed results. Mike
  13. There should be enough clearance under the tank to get it out. The sediment bowl will most likely be in the way & the radiator shutter rod if there is one. A couple of the bolts are pretty long, but should come out ok. I'd say that unit weighs 70 lbs or so? Never put one on a scale. They are pretty darned heavy though. I could move the one I put on my 560 (near same as yours) around with no problem. When it came time to install it, I used an engine hoist. That way there was no risk of dinging anything up, especially the gasket. Mike
  14. Whatever they used to tie these trucks down to the auto racks. Probably four point with the chains & super glue the tires. Whatever it was, those buggers are on there!! Can't find my favorite image of a bi level rack, upside down & hanging off a bridge over a highway. The cars that weren't wiped out didn't look like they moved an inch. Mike
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