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  1. Nothing but hYTRAN, every Thing else is just line flush ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. As far as that price my ole M has radial rear tires I can't buy the tires for that.
  3. One heard frome the left, another from the right lol. See i have two heard 's.
  4. Well it was done Williams lord I hope this day is good. Guess it didn't work lol.
  5. Hopefully you won't have the add. But it a good song kinda sumze up how I feel.
  6. https://pandora.app.link/agCmugoiFbb
  7. When I was a kid I tried wrenchโ€™s , planted them in every kind of soil and things to this day nun have sprouted
  8. I have had good luck with old tires. 16โ€ or so car tires. Put seeds on the ground put tire around fill with lose soil like potting soil. Put straw on top. Keep stacking tires as the plant grows and fill and cover. Everywhere the straw is there will be potato's
  9. So is Pluto back to being a planet. Seems like they tryed to say it was a moon or something
  10. I think ot should be mandatory that everyone watched that video. I have shown it to several people
  11. My grandad bought a H to replace his horses late 40s early 50s.
  12. Might not work. But my 1566 was leaking there it just started one day. At the time it was being parked in the shop on concrete. I was dreding the job so just for giggles I put a 30$ jug of Lucas hyd stop leak 1 gal. It has not leaked in years.
  13. dannyredfan


    Probably a good thing I didn't do it. She would get mad if I kept looking at all of them thinking. Is that for me. Lol.
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