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  1. If Iam understanding correctly. A chain is designed to work in a loop. Or a sling type fashion. So you use both sides. If you run it straight you cut the strength in half.
  2. I think they used the front bucket. And you couldn’t steer very hard. Just the way I understand it. Lol.
  3. I would like to have seem the steiger raking
  4. It was that way when I bought it. Probably the reason I could afford it lol. It's got a few dents and dings. But still looks good at 50'
  5. What is the chapter that covers Ky. ?
  6. like they say, not enough hp can’t get it done. 😄😏. Or something like that. Lol no the rake tractor went down, and this was the most handy. got it done lol. 20 hp. per wheel. feel free to add to this. What have you overkilled?
  7. Ok thanks. I can’t remember very well lol
  8. When do they announce the next date?
  9. See you all in just a couple hrs
  10. Just remember to rotate your stock. park them in different places, That way its hard for her to keep track of. lol. Ie. ( No babe I have had that for a bit )
  11. Yea my brother started to lift it and I stopped him. Lol. It was bending hard
  12. We used the bale spear to loosen the ground the ran a chain under it. I don’t think that bale spear whould have done it.
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