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  1. Well pump trouble

    Sounds like it's using less electricity. Not flow , a blocked line would use more amps wouldn't it ? do you know about how long it takes to fill your reservoir ? Is the flow adequate?
  2. Ih 800

    They use a leading edge opener. So it can notill without a opening colter like you see on other brands . You will need a pto pump. Think you have to have open center hyd. If you are going to run it off tractor.
  3. Why??? 1206 top link

    Idk why they did that. But now I know where all the top links went lol. πŸ˜‚
  4. IH. Top link question

    I was thinking all 06 used the claw style top link, didn't realize it was only the1206. As bad as it seems I was thinking about getting a green one and painting it red lol. 😏
  5. IH. Top link question

    Fast hitch "2 point hitch". Does not use a third link
  6. IH. Top link question

    I know this has been brought up before but. Does anyone know or have pictures of the different style top link for each model? I know what the 66 series looks like . Was wandering about the 60,06,56 series. And where did they all go? Lol
  7. New to me 2656 D. Hydro

    Yes it's foot pedal. Might take a bit to get use too it. But I like it I was thinking it was basically the same as the ag. Models just a heavier front end maybe. Most of the sheet metal that's missing is covered by loader any way. Need a battery cover and that side piece. The finders I will probably straighten the best I can and go with it
  8. New to me 2656 D. Hydro

    Wanted to add a picture. it's not pretty but think that's the biggest problem .
  9. New to me 2656 D. Hydro

    I just bought a 2656 diesel/hydro / industrial. with loader now I have some questions lol. Will side sheet metal from a ag. Utility fit ? It has the foot pedals for forward and reverse. Need to put new pins in the linkages . But are the springs on pedal available though cnh. One is kinda week also the Rh spinal looks new but it's about 1 1/2. 2" to tall sticks out the top. Think it might be for a row crop maybe?
  10. 806 with 2450 loader

    Wide front for a loader tractor. If you start tipping to the side that will give you another stop before your on your side
  11. BB gun advice.

    I can hit the T post also. Of course I was wanting to scare that bird. πŸ˜‰
  12. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    If the crop stays right, go all night. Along the lines that if the dew doesn't come down that evening. Good chance it will be a rain in the morning
  13. lincoln ac dc welder ?

    My Lincoln red box started making a loud noise took cover off put wd40 on fan bearing . Been good for years with light usage
  14. Super bowl add

    I didn't watch much of it this year. Not a fan I used to like the adds. Budweiser always had a good one ☺️ Not sure if I understood one wright. Sounded like it was encouraging black culture? I want to give everyone a fair shake. But wander Am I missing something ? I see no ads for native Americans, Irish, Spanish and many other ethnic groups why black Its not even African American Just black
  15. 2656 hyd remote?

    I am looking at a 2656 hydro. It has a loader on it but was looking at ideas for putting remotes on the back for equipment. How have some of you all done this? Mid there a good place to tie into the hydraulic system? We had a 2444 years ago and just ran lines from the bucket control. But would like to keep it hooked up if I can