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  1. The shop. It really was a concrete truck shop ,then a fab shop. They divided it and made it a bar. I was in the shop all day babe. Honestly
  2. Good for them. If that happened more often thieves might at least think about, well Nevermind.
  3. I thought it was a change over kit. Best of my memory it was pricey so not many got put in.
  4. I had no idea p@@f was a slag, insult in other country’s
  5. Well I seen it went poof. Kinda seen that coming
  6. The short answer No. I had already taken them apart and reconfigured them trying to figure out a way to make the other glass work. So they fold up for now. But close good. have to change when I get back on that project lol.
  7. Anyone run a noched and a smooth closing wheel on there planters? I see a bunch of jd. And kinze planters set up that way around here.
  8. Wheels up, axle deep, 9" spacing. Manual fold, heavy disk. 480 might not be the right number. I have pulled it with my 806 ( not plowed ground) duals on a little slow. Red stack lol. The 1568 finally started burning the coating off the new mufflers
  9. My 15 open station, 1 set of rear waights, dry 24.5/32s BPly, no duals pulls a 24' 480? Wing desk in plowed ground just fine. They are heavy
  10. dannyredfan

    Found an H

    Or if you can, put it in 5th gear and rock the tires back and forth by hand see if fan moves.
  11. I got my new glass in. There is basically two windows A tall and a short. The 5x88 uses the tall glass. Seriously if anyone needs the short glasses PM me. Deal of the day lol.
  12. They show them doing that on **** on wheels series. That doesn't make it true but interesting to watch. I could definitely see them doing it if they could cross here. Then they could run two crews, one on each side after the thaw. While they built the pass around
  13. You killed my brother, so iam a going to kill you. Ofcourse your brother will have to come kill me, then mine yours. Probably not the right place . Thought about clearing it, but it fits some were on this form.
  14. I bet you don’t really need one to go too jail. Lol.
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