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  1. You can take keys out? Why? If you feel threatened when you're out of you truck just reach in the windows and lock it. Problem solved 😌
  2. Actually from what little I can see looks almost like my dads gravely mower
  3. Put a little hard face on them while you're there lol.
  4. the v8 turned more. My 1568 will go north of 20mph pretty easy was told the 1468 was scary fast lol.
  5. Around here cant'z,(?) is the pallet lumber. then you get ties ( RR ties ) log cut 8'.6" . can be pretty good especially if you can get cross ties, For the intersections 14-16' +6" but most of the market is grade lumber. Best is veneer.
  6. I could see exterior contamination from, dirt ,hyd,aintfreez . Iam just glade you could do it. I would have had a nice pile of aluminum lol.
  7. can't resist Morton salt has it figured out. Lol.
  8. But on another note. 88,000 is are max gross weight 80,000 + 10% for not being a weighed product, or a raw product. ( we can't weigh them in the woods ) you guys blow that out of the water lol
  9. Good looking load. Kinda funny to me anyway. We bought a 445? Timco out of the UP. He keep telling us that they had big timber. He even cut a big oak ( not sure what kind it was ) it was 18_20" stump. The job we where on was smallest 20" stump . There big trees was are small limits. Just kinda funny with geographic differences and past logging practices i guess
  10. Heck that's about the same as my ole truck lol.
  11. Well to save bandwidth, just the most interesting. Maybe funnest would be better lol.
  12. Wander what the fuel mileage is ?
  13. I like to put the tinfoil under my hat. That way everyone thinks Iam ok. Lol.
  14. He said three drinks Know we know how big the drink was lol.
  15. Well she already told me she was pregnant, me and her sitting at a bar with my buddy. I said crap guess we might as well get married. 8 years later still strong. 😌
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