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  1. A three speed trans with 5 ranges
  2. Wander how this would work in Ky. I know we get more rain would you have to keep it inside
  3. Did they bolt to the weight holes?
  4. The drummer is the only one holding his ears. 😆 🤣 😂
  5. the top one my 10yo was helping move equipment. The second one was raking hay He done a great job. Has been mowing the grass for years practicing. Lol.
  6. No it’s tight. Was figuring some type of ball and spring
  7. Haven't dug into it yet. But my speed shifter will move on its own from side to side making the transmission shift. What kinda detent is in there?
  8. That’s a great idea, you can get rid of a sign and a sticker at the same time. 😉
  9. Iam assuming you want to over fill it to float oil out
  10. Load it down and run it across the scales every so often. When it doesn’t make it to the scales use your last weight ticket that your rating. Lol.
  11. Yea tractor data showed the 460 at 55 hp. The M at 38 hp. that doesn’t seem right and there is a good chance the M has been messed with in the past
  12. First pick looks like god playing tic tac toe lol.
  13. That looks like lexan glass. Lol. 🤣
  14. Have built stands, specifically for different tractors. But nothing that fancy. Just giving you a bump.
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