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  1. dannyredfan

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    Can't say how much oil we have on reserve. But best of my history lesson, we better keep a lot on reserve. It might just make the difference.
  2. dannyredfan

    New torch kit

    I have never been around a hypertherm . I have a miller (spectra?). Will try and look. Small plasma cutter can do 1/2" but slow 1/4" is ideal. I have no complaints .
  3. dannyredfan

    Black Friday

    My local ace store runs Black Friday sales. Bought a good cheap 41/2" angle grinder two years ago for about 20/25 dollars
  4. dannyredfan

    Sound from rear end?? (1066 geared open station)

    Does it have rops /canopy?
  5. dannyredfan

    1466 Rebuild

    The serial number on my 15 says it's a 75 but it's a white panel. Even has the place by hyd. Filter for serial number tag.
  6. dannyredfan

    Black stripe serial number question

    That figures lol. Was thinking it might have been repainted o well. Pretty close musta been about the last white panel
  7. dannyredfan

    Black stripe serial number question

    The 966 thread got me thinking about my 1568. I know my number is on the bell housing but was pretty sure it had the spot by hyd filter went to look and sure enough it does. That got me wandering how it wasn't a black stripe . So looked at serial number and it a 75. According to TD. So what do I have lol.
  8. dannyredfan

    weather tonight

    Yea 22 tonight wind chill of 7*in morning. A lot of crop out yet probably 50/50 corn beans
  9. dannyredfan

    Grease gun mishap

    I also put it on a few turns then release the rod seems to force the grease into the gun for prime. What I can't understand is how you can run out of grease on the last fitting just as it filled, and not know the gun ran out of grease . But every time I grab a empty gun the last guy (I know he was) says huh didn't know it was empty 😒
  10. dannyredfan

    Haven`t seen one of these in decades

    Damper knobs. The door in between has a auger in it for ashes. Put a false wall inside and aimed to put forced air out the IH. Vent. It got cold last winter had to put it to work lol
  11. dannyredfan

    Haven`t seen one of these in decades

    Just done away with mine last year. Built a replacement . parden the stuff behind it had to make a hole to set it in
  12. dannyredfan

    My favorite Halloween costume last night

    I guess some never heard that rhym . But it was way funnier when it had to be explained ROFL.
  13. dannyredfan

    Now seriously, who had this idea?

    My vote is the girl in the middle
  14. dannyredfan

    another interesting moment

    Donald trump has filed bankruptcy. Maybe he's a loud mouth idiot. maybe its smart business. idk
  15. dannyredfan

    Hit and Miss Water Pump

    I would like a small hit and miss. put it on a squirrel cage fan 😊