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  1. Happy birthday going to see if I can talk are company into giving us are birthday off paid lol
  2. Are you drinking plenty of water? Because on a wild chance, it could be gout. Hurts like a knife, like you tore a muscle. It can set in any joints And dehydration sets it off quick.
  3. We did something similar. I used 15” truck tires and rims that still held air, and grass strings lol.
  4. We have a poor cost of living lol. And don’t go to school in bad weather lmao lol 😂
  5. Well under the hood will need some attention. 60 mph. Top speed, but good power. Just not enough 😈 Has 228,000 miles 10,000 hrs <>. So I won’t go crazy on power lol. pretty much rust free. But things don’t rust to bad around here. It was a sealed bid auction, I gave $2000. And beat the next bid by $600.
  6. Well just bought a 2001, 66 passenger bus lol. DT.466 with Alison auto. Wanting to convert it to a camper nothing real fancy but nice and functional Any ideas
  7. Happy birthday. And my air conditioning works great
  8. I used to go horse riding in Shawnee NP. Pretty contry for sure
  9. Well found it on at slone equipment. Half price of dealer. About $350. Hole new unit
  10. Well I can stick to quarters. It’s the larger amounts wher I falter. Lol
  11. But I just tried it on my other arm LH. And it stuck. Shot was in my Right. Also only in one spot
  12. Well mine stuck tonight. Pretty weird. I also don’t think it’s chips. Also coins aren’t magnetic. But it seem strange
  13. I have a new to me 486. String tie. But the arm’s don’t move. Is there a gear in there that goes bad. Or do I need to buy the whole motor assembly. The motor runs but nothing moves
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