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  1. Heat and wait. Use a rose bud tip so you can cover more area.
  2. I have a chance to get a 1480 but second gear is chipped , How hard is that to repair? I can get a transmission out of a 1680. It’s 2.5 hrs away. I don’t want to drive it that far. And haven’t found a hauler yet.
  3. I can’t remember for sure. It was black, think 4 door, mom took it to her wedding. To my dad. Lol.
  4. Not posting as a wanted ad. I would like to find a 59 fairlane for sentimental reasons. Seams like a odd year to find. I don't know cars at all are they wanted, not wanted, rare? The one papaw had was v8 3on tree best of my memory
  5. I bought a 8 row head in southern IL. Lol. If you where bringing a goose neck pay you to haul it. But no problem I will make it out that way sometime lol
  6. I always wanted one. But 10 is to high without a winch. 😌
  7. Yea. It was a shot gun. I don't shoot rifles or pistols in the air anymore
  8. idk this is the seller info. At one point I did see a jw I think on the map.
  9. just did it to my buddies truck yesterday
  10. What’s everybody’s opinion on a 983 head ?
  11. Can't let a little rain bother you lol.
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