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  1. Cable getting bad ? Think they had a cable anyway?. Might be hard to get lube in to the cable.might take some payshants sorry no time for spell check lo.
  2. Didn't think tractors wher allowed on the interstate?
  3. dannyredfan


    That is true about the brakes
  4. Just a wild thought. What if you welded nuts /tapped in to bucket that way you wouldn't have any thing to bridge. Might ad , use Allen head beveld bolts so you can tighten from bottom We use bolts like that at work for wear plates Just thinking
  5. Didn't figure you for hanging from a crane lol.
  6. The trucks don’t have tire protection. It’s probably the limestone mud lol. The loader has tire Chains on front to prevent puncture.
  7. I always wanted to run a D6. Jumped from a 5 to a 9 lol. But it seems very small in the quarry lol. Next to the 10.
  8. There was a cistern under the first house. One of those “I got a feeling”. Backed up and had busted the top. God looks after fooles. Lol. On the other hand it wouldn’t have fit in the hole.
  9. No. Some 8” concrete walls just idled through 😎 have a very poor video but can’t load. Hard to hold the camera and controls lol.
  10. But sometimes I really love it. Had to tear down a couple of houses that the quarry bought out. they where already tore up inside from after the people moved out. Mostly keeping the drugs out.
  11. If it's not leaking. Run, it out of oil. Lol. I actually like Detroit's.
  12. Stopped by there today. picked up some hytrans and a toy disk that I will need in a few months.
  13. With the www. Its It's nearly impossible to escape . At least 20 years ago most could go home. When I got home I played on the farm. Hunted the woods.
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