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  1. Iam sure people thought the government was chipping people with the polio vaccine. And maybe did lol. but really your phone, car, pet, watch, wireless camera system, even tractor, and more. They Are all gps’ed or accessible so there’s not much hiding anymore also all Medicine is a form of poison. For the purpose of stoping what is bothering you.
  2. The balloons keep oxygen out while letting the gasses work. Pretty simple really
  3. The biggest thing I know is keep the oxygen out during fermentation. Mom keep turning hers to vinegar lol. Ps. They make it in jails from there June boxes. Cant be hard lol
  4. My first thought was also 500 hp. Turbo 6 cylinder. Well played. Very nice clean look to the truck.
  5. I would think a flow valve, or restritor orfice could fix that. So you could keep the flow elsewhere
  6. Yea I was just passing through definitely a repaint last time I was though there was a 5088. Just wanted to share lol.
  7. 0.50 lbs no less. Don't listen to these people with inflated prices. If you don't fell like delivering I will split the fright cost with you. Just to be fair.
  8. I seen this today. No connection just sitting looking pretty
  9. I bet if you're mortgage went up 12% you would throw a fit.
  10. It's the chip settling in. Whers my tin hat.
  11. We had a jd once. Dad said it was very low on antifreeze so he put two gallons in, then decided something was wrong. Lol.
  12. I wouldn’t have a problem doing it for diagnostic purposes brings up a good point are you familiar with 400 engines The pump has a pretty good tick. I have a video that amplifys it but can’t load it from phone
  13. I was thinking of the dex cool. Or something. Like What gm changed to.
  14. I think you should be able to tell the difference between the red antifreeze and fuel. Unless it separates?? I thought the red antifreeze mixed, it was just a bad combination.
  15. dannyredfan


    Just a thought. I love the idea of a IH v8 . But a dt466 would be light years ahead and all the power you can afford. As far as staying with a v8 that keeps running, use a old Detroit turbo/ blower. Keeps running. Plus you never have to change the oil. Only filters 😂😂
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