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  1. Wire won't work. Buy a lawn mower cable and try it. If it works then you can get a factory style
  2. I have a fine 303 parts machine if someone wants it. Free to a good home.
  3. Good job, sounds like you took a good approach and he listened. Iam just glade It’s not closer. Lol. I have a soft spot for misfits and fence rows finds. 😊
  4. I didn't realize case IH. Made a 1086??
  5. I have a 806, we have had it for years. Yesterday I was broadcasting some seed, I went to back up and heard a snap/ pop sound that I had never heard before. Now it only has reverse no high or low range. (It is a TA delete). There is also a intermediate chatter from the transmission. what are the possibilities???
  6. Yes sir. There wasn't very much
  7. I agree It still needs alot of TLC. It has set for many years. Think I will drain the oil. Fill with water and see what comes out the oil pan. It could bee a very small leak. The battery that was in it was from 2013.
  8. Well gas and battery a tap on carb and it fired right up. So not as bad as the mechanic made it sound.
  9. I just got it home yesterday. It's gas. Will get pictures later
  10. Hello everyone seems I am the proud owner of a 300. I already over paid but it was my uncles and great uncle's. I new it was a non runner but wasn't sure why. After the sale a got ahold of the guy who helped him mechanic on it. It is getting antifreeze in oil. What are the possibilities?? And witch is most likely?? Thanks. Already over my head might as well swim lol.
  11. Do they make a kit for the 5488?
  12. I thought That was for M hyd. Oil, And low ash was motor oil in a gas? Obviously straight 30w in diesels
  13. What you didn’t use 30w low ash....
  14. I used to go horse riding in Shawnee NP. Pretty contry for sure
  15. No can't see wear either one would cause foaming, hate to say but you are getting air in your system. Really only one place it would come from. Hope I am wrong
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