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  1. dannyredfan

    5088/1486 differences?

    Thanks to everyone for the replies the 1486 is really nice but can't justify it at this time. The 5088 after really getting into the photos is a lot rougher then I had thought a lot of small things but just to many really don't need another tractor/ project so just going to be satisfied with what I have But thinks again always learning something on here. Useful or other wise lol
  2. dannyredfan

    5088/1486 differences?

    So a 5288 is 14 and a 5488 is a 15.
  3. dannyredfan

    Bought me a Hybred car, what do ya think?

    Advance til the point of failure 😊
  4. dannyredfan

    post hole digger storage

    Dad set two post close together then a cement block under it. back digger in between post set point in block tie up digger works good
  5. dannyredfan

    5088/1486 differences?

    Also. Pardon my ignorance but. If a 5088 is same as 1086 what's the others models there are very few 88's around
  6. dannyredfan

    5088/1486 differences?

    Should add both are far away so haven't even called on them just starting to look
  7. dannyredfan

    5088/1486 differences?

    The 1486 looks pretty nice. The 5088 is rougher but at least still had interior in place as I have found several that don't. Think I would rather have the 88. But seemed like there was some rearend trouble and couldn't remember how bad it was
  8. dannyredfan

    5088/1486 differences?

    Should have said 1086 or bigger Guess what Iam asking. Are the rear axles the same. What model 86 is comparable to the 5088
  9. dannyredfan

    5088/1486 differences?

    I know they are not comparable models i have kinda started looking for a cab tractor want 100 hp + . Came across a nice 1486 but a little steep for my proposed budget. Also came across a decent 5088 that's more in my range . I don't use them to make a living I mostly farm because I like it and want my kids to experience it kinda guessing the 5088 is closer kin to the 1586? Rear Axial size. never been around the 88 series not really sure how the model numbers run . I I would like something 1086 or bigger.
  10. dannyredfan

    carb issue

    Old combine I had . I Whould have to smother the carb a few times a year. Run it wide open throttle then choke it till almost died, then let it come back to wot and repeat a few times sucks the water and fine particles out of jets. I eventually was able to clean fuel system up and didn't have that problem near as much.
  11. dannyredfan

    Factory top links ?

    Well I would like a cat lll for a 66. But it's just frustrating looking at a $10,000 + tractor and no top link.
  12. dannyredfan

    Factory top links ?

    Ok who has all the factory top links? Just kinda starting to look for a cab tractor but half of them you see don't have a top link. And there 300$+ what's up with that ?
  13. dannyredfan

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986

    Well that makes sense . I guess lol
  14. dannyredfan

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986

    I thought DT. Was turbo.
  15. dannyredfan

    Poison Hemlock

    We have a lot of hemlock on the river bottoms. We always just bailed It with the other hay. Few years ago we had a few cows got sick. Seems now one died. Best we could figure it was the hemlock. Spray it with 24d