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  1. Yes, that is burnt paint. Is that a factory top link can’t tell in my picture
  2. dannyredfan

    What is it?

    Maybe something from the railroad? Thinking something to push ties ?
  3. The 800 definitely seem less complicated
  4. Thanks I guess I should have known that it’s a 86 series
  5. Happy Easter !! Looked at a 3388 yesterday was not sure where the tag should be. It was over grown with weeds and thorns and lightly raining Found one one the rh side of cab. I know it’s on the axle now. But Iam not around it is the number the same or is that just a cab number
  6. Kinda what I was thinking. And of course the hundreds he saved by switching 😉
  7. That’s pretty cool. He’s kinda missing some sheet metal
  8. Well update. I was able to take my information, time to think and was able to fight off the orange bug. I am glade it looked like it would be rough, seeing how I still have red fever. Now just have to work on my current condition There’s been one setting in the edge of a field I have had my eyes on might get it bought this time. It needs saving.
  9. Depending on how cold it was. Might want to also replace the expansion valve. Just learning about ac systems myself but was told that makes a lot of difference
  10. I haven’t had any problems with iron gard. My touch up spots have stayed shiny, was kinda hoping they would fade a bit to match.
  11. I looked at it. Was hoping to get some feed back on a couple before subscribing
  12. I have that exact tractor at the house
  13. Been looking at different systems then yesterday I was talking to a guy and he said he had a app on his phone that worked pretty good as far as spraying and fertilizer. So anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Well let the headaches begin. Looked at the tractor today. A bit rough good tires. But basically scrap price. Someone had stolen the batteries some time ago. So I don’t hear it run. Not to far away so I will take a battery over and crank it. We will see how it goes
  15. Thanks from what I have seen they are low resale. I do tend to give myself headaches. The guy said couple thousand. I asked what was his idea of a couple thousand. He said a couple thousand. In my opinion that’s two. But I think it’s a bit rough
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