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  1. dannyredfan

    Mystery Part topic

    With the curve at the hole. Iam thinking utility pole. Guy wire
  2. dannyredfan

    All right we need to meet the nfms in Louisville

    Anyone hear from Rollie? Think thats at show he spelled it. He has a booth selling IH stuff
  3. dannyredfan

    All right we need to meet the nfms in Louisville

    Looking like Friday will be the only day for me
  4. dannyredfan

    Adjusting MCV question

    Ok not sure what I was thinking of. Maybe the 06 series? Could have just been a different issue also. Just remember it happening
  5. dannyredfan

    Adjusting MCV question

    Need to watch shuting the tractor off to switch gears you will loose your brakes. And the transmission will not hold you either when you loose Hydraulic pressure
  6. dannyredfan

    Looking for

    not running, not to far from home.
  7. dannyredfan

    Best work boots. For the price

    Just like I thought. Come here for answers wasnt that impressed with wolverine dura shock. The sole gave out to soon. Will probably get another pair of redwing because I need them now but really thinking about some thorogood or danner maybe. Want to stay USA as much as possible ps. I run two pair of boots. 2pair of boots =3 years
  8. dannyredfan

    Best work boots. For the price

    Have Ben buying what I call traditional red wings I guess model #2413-11 Idk. Steel toe. Lace up but after 3hard years they gave up early 😕. What do you all use. Like to stay in 120. /150 range but would be willing to pay for more for quality. Ps I have been satisfied with red wing. But the last pair my souls started leaking not the leather and I don't like wet socks lol
  9. dannyredfan

    How people dont think! I will never understand

    You should try a limestone quarry. Employees don't hardly think past lunch. Owners think months in advance seems neather get what they want
  10. I have gone for last few years. used to set at a booth. I know several of you go but have not met you. Would be nice if we set a time/ place for us to meet. I know rollie has invited several by his booth
  11. dannyredfan

    Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Man that's great, glade things are looking better . Just kinda read up on your thread your family has had a rough go hard to beat a place like this on the internet Good Night God Bless You
  12. dannyredfan

    Utility ATV-What to buy?

    450 formen. Can shift in and out 4/4 the electric shift is nice. And there is a foot shift for emergency to get home. Pull rope if it starter starts giving fits. Honda hands down my 450 is a 2000 model.
  13. dannyredfan

    Honda 250R trike

    I wanted a 250r . Bought a 400ex four strokes are a little easier trail riding . But it's plenty fast. Only has a pipe and carb kit. Still have it haven't ridden it in years
  14. dannyredfan


    Subway is ok. I really like fire house but they are a little more expensive. Did not care for jimmy johns at any price
  15. Not redoing it. But just in case . Have been using cat yellow But wandering if I can get the correct one?