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  1. That's what I listen to. Best station. at work it comes and goes. In one spot it's pop,another it Spanish, the most spots it good old country Had to look it up. My station is wklo 96.9. Just seen the LO 96.9.
  2. My brother sold a holstein heifer a while back. Got a check for $0.00. They sold it then the deduction canceled it out.
  3. Sorry pigeon forge.
  4. In Gatlinburg I worked on a foundation for a pedestal tank. It was going to be painted to look like a bat and ball.
  5. Why would someone do that? 😥 There already unique, no need to put lipstick on them.
  6. Probably just plane ATF.
  7. Only read the first bit. Then the last page But Iam really proud of you all. When i seen this topic a few days ago figured it would get locked for sure. Good job 👍
  8. That's why I farm. Mostly for the kids. I don't do to many acres now. Been buying better equipment so that when the time comes. I can start doing more acres as they come available. I didn't have any crop experience either when I started. Bought a $1000. Glener F , 806 and a free Ac. 4row planter. Things sure haven't changed much. Just kidding
  9. Broadcasting is hit or miss. my brother will lightly disk the ground spread it with a fertilizer buggy, then lightly disk again. Has been good to nonexistent as stated before. If the ground is soft we have had good luck with a 510/5100 drill. But hard to catch that weather in the fall.
  10. How big is it. Agree it's from horse days
  11. Well iam new to 88s but have wanted one since I was in short pants. Wanted a 5088 and that would be plenty big for me. "But overkill is underrated" I do like the cab layout, just need something to do. Lol.
  12. Iam sure you know but there is a huge difference in steel plain mild steel will bend fairly easy even 1/2" . And thicker might not be much better. But better steel is more key to me. Not hardened, just better alloys. Don't know which steel is best for you. Good luck.
  13. Got a new gauge yesterday. The 5488 has 2600psi
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