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  1. So to get off track what is oolite? Is it in the dolomite family
  2. We are mining right on top of are dolomite seam , at least That’s what we call it. Dolo 1, we are mining Hical we need low mag.
  3. dannyredfan

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    A very well put together add.
  4. dannyredfan

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    Yellow marshmallows that look kinda like chickens, hard to find this time of year though
  5. I didn't see it but we are at there house. I go buy there rules everyone thinks this is a open forum. Its not, we asked to be here. And I still like it 🙂🙂
  6. Glyphosate /24d lv6. Should do it.
  7. We took ares to an upholstery shop. 140.$ I think I bet you Google one they are closer then you think. Call a body shop they might point you in a good direction. Or a boat shop. I don't think its all that bad to do yourself. Depending on how much you are worried about looks.
  8. I have it on the 5488 now but haven't got to use it. Hopefully this week. It is pretty flat and very few rocks but it was definitely the tail waging the dog lol. With the 806.
  9. Good. Think we did ok. Kinda big around hear but the center pivot helps. had to screen shot some pictures
  10. Who built the 8315 discbine? whats the good and bad on them? Kinda late cause I already bought it just wandering pictures later
  11. We had matches at are wedding 8 years ago. I just wanted the nostalgia lol
  12. Guess I waited to long to watch video. I can’t find it that someone isn’t putting there side to. don’t really care to watch it but I guess I should
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