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  1. I just need a cheap 15-40 to put in my chopper before storage. Would really like to do an oil change & don't find it necessary to put the expensive stuff in it until it gets used. Well, it may get used just enough just to stir up the extra crud from the old oil so that comes out in the next change. It'll use up most of a 5 gallon bucket, that's also why I'm going with cheap & just slippery enough for right now. Mike
  2. Thanks for the number. Didn't know that one. Looks close to the old Tractor Gray. Mike Instrument Panel Gray codes....
  3. Hope you two have many more!! Mike
  4. This is back there: It's the lower fluted feed roller, shear bar, knives, paddles & the disc or flywheel. The transmission runs off of the front flywheel shaft by roller chain. Two chains are used for the three row head. Mike
  5. That's interesting. I'll have too look this fall & see how the cobs come out. Mike
  6. I'd be all about it if the house was in better shape. So, my best goes out to François & hope he has a great time in the States!! Mike
  7. Happy Birthday, guys!! Mike
  8. Get well soon, Rick!! Mike
  9. Did Oliver sell CBT tractors in North America? Mike
  10. If Gehl could have afforded the new factory, that came along about a decade after the SP's, they would have stayed in the game. Looking at the offerings Gehl had in the mid 60's, a new design team would have been in order to kick off that project, too. They could have made a harvester that Harvester may have been interested in. It would have been easy enough to switch out the chopper & power unit for something IH. Though I don't know what IH had for a BIG block six at the time. The size of that Waukesha is a lot bigger than what was crammed into the 1206. They must have had something that size in the construction division?? Mike
  11. The guy in charge of the Gehl tent at the thresheree was one of the regional salesman at Gehl when the Chop Kings came out. He just shakes his head in disbelief at the new stuff. About the same for Bill Gehl. Mike
  12. Really hope Gary & his wife are doing ok. Here's a movie to watch in the mean time. A lot of this takes place in Montana on the Milwaukee Road & is really worth a watch.... even with the corny & predictable script. Two interesting things to look for: Eagles Nest tunnel & trestle & a tug-of-war between two 4-6-4 Baltics. Enjoy!! Mike P.S. As always.... my apologies if this was posted here before.
  13. That may be the one that has the Sixteen Mile creek & canyon for it's southern boarder. Was looking at land in that area years ago & want to say that was the info I found when researching the abandoned town of Sixteen. Was going to move there until I found out there were two people actually living there & there's an annual rattlesnake roundup that brings a pile of people to the area. There was also a shooting there a few years before I looked at it. So much for the charm of living in the middle of nowhere! Mike
  14. That made me think of this.... That may predate the Carnac skit. Mike
  15. Working on something or another. Grilled out yesterday so I don't have to, tomorrow. Hope to finally have the chopper running & a video up if anything. If I want to see fireworks, I'll walk around the property & watch everyone else's. Currently sounds like a war zone while I'm trying to get some firefly footage. Guess I'll be doing the overdub thing. Mike
  16. Thanks for the nice cool pic while it's hot out!! Mike
  17. I like the cab, but it's all schnozzola. Mike
  18. Fairly certain the 806 is a gasser. I don't see the second battery nor the twin fuel filters. It's also an early 806, just like mine. That tractor looks to be in fairly short corn & the population looks to be lot less than contemporary plantings. Also looks weedy in spots, which would make for a thin stalk. So, the 806 wouldn't have too much of an issue in that corn. If it was Goliath Silo corn, with bamboo like stalks & an average height of 14' - 16', the 806 would have been brought to a stop in short order. A 1206 would most likely be on a two row for that. There's a 3010 on a mower bar in the video, but that's on a Chop-All & it looks like the crop is a forage sorghum. That should be an easy enough job for the 3010. The video doesn't show which tractor is running the FH188 on the mower bar. Unless we're talking about two different videos?? Mike P.S. I've realized, the Chop Kings in this video are still yellow. That would make the date on the video, no later than 1966. The new color scheme would have been announced in Feb. of '67. So, I made the change. Which could always get changed again in the future. Lol!
  19. Glad the pics are of some help. There isn't much for a left side view, nor the rear. There may be a few shots in the parts catalog.... that I can't seem to find. You can email German-Bliss Equipment. They used to have the parts catalog for the FH188 posted online until a couple years ago. Now you just email them & they'll send you a pdf. It is a newer copy & may not have the same pics in it as the earlier book, which was a combination operators manual & parts catalog. I'll post back if it turns up. Mike
  20. The line, "BETTER THAN NEW" is only the second disqualifier after the price. The non-original extras would all fall in line after that. It's like a Model A resto'd to "better than factory" conditions & the owner expects it to rate as a 100 point car. Pffffffft! Mike
  21. This one's hot off the press! There will be a part two, maybe three depending on the footage. I'll add it/them to this post when it's complete. This thresher is a 1925, first year of the All-Steel machines. The other one on the property is from 1926. Enjoy! Mike
  22. The 806 is ok, but not worth the risk of travelling north of Point to get eaten by a Hodag. Mike
  23. Was going to post more later, but I found this looking for something else. Figured I'd post it before it's forgotten. Reminds me a lot of MacAR's setup. Mike
  24. Here's some of them there fancy movin' pitchers.... No, the disk is not IH. It is a Krause. The blades are Earth Metal & the cylinder is IH. The spring tooth is an IH 401. And yes.... I KNOW I'M PLOWING TOOOOOOO DEEP!!!!11!¡!!!!¡!111!!!!¡¡ I'll post some stills of the rest of the junk fleet this afternoon. Mike
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