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  1. Not surprising. Have a buddy about half my age who was not familiar with anything '80s Top40 for Country. He had just started getting into records & I took him a handful of Alabama & Oak Ridge Boys LPs, not thinking he'd really enjoy them. Wasn't what he normally listened to. He thought it was excellent! So, we worked out a deal & he ended up with a majority of my old country records & I gained enough shelf space to empty out the rest of my crates. Mike
  2. I have some of this First Lady of Rock guitar on record & was listening to her this morning. Was going to post what I was listening to & remembered this gem in my YT playlist. It is most worthy of 11. And Mr. Newman................................ She's well old enough to be your mum, so BEHAVE! Mike
  3. Roof made those really cool Jeep look alike mowers. Have you seen any in your area? Only ever seen one at at show & I believe it was Baraboo. Mike
  4. Out of curiosity, have you thought about self employment? If anything, it would be something to work toward with your factory gig. And..... if you ain't makin' money for yourself.... Mike
  5. Tell him to post more. I'll post some too & we can tank the eBay market!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Mike
  6. Looks like 20 machines there? How long did it take to go through 100m? Mike
  7. National corn hole champion?? Mike
  8. Finding a good anyone to work for is a craps shoot & I wish you the best. Tried to think of something encouraging to say about factory work, so here goes.... Anything would beat working Mickey D's or delivery. The idea of a door-to-door salesman has some merit. If things go wrong, there's always a way out. Mike
  9. Happy New Year to everyone! Hope it's going to be a good one, anyway. Have a couple pics to post of the Milwaukee Road's Tunnel 16, which is a mile or two west of Sixteen & both of which are along Sixteenmile Creek in Sixteenmile Canyon.... in the Crazy Mountains. Always had a daydream of moving to the Crazy... er, um.... Sixteen, until I learned it was still inhabited. Also, they have or at least had an annual rattlesnake roundup there too. So I said forget it. Far too overpopulated for my liking. ;v) West end.... East end.... Yes, the tunnel is also known as Eagle's Nest Tunnel, due to the eastern portal's location in the side of a mountain. I'll be back with more when I get a minute. Had to add exercise to my to-do list, as there seem to be a few too many Christmas cookies hanging over my belt. Just about how I feel about it.... Mike
  10. The catalog gives two part numbers, 353652R91 & 54169D. The first one is a New Departure 5205-W & the other is a 5205. Not sure what the difference is & am still looking for my bearing bible to sort it out. Which one are you looking for?? Mike
  11. There's a slight chance it will sell better if it didn't come from us "filthy Americans". We don't exactly have the best image, the world over, you know. Mike
  12. This is a neat one, as we get to sit in on a hay tools sales meeting for the dealers. Quite interesting to hear the speculation of the day in terms of where the future of ag was going with the new technology, like the disc mower. There will be a couple more releases from this tape, so don't touch that dial!! Mike
  13. Reminds me of the ball end of the linkage from the tail rotor gearbox on an Iroquois. Mike
  14. Well.... I'll give it my Scout's best.... ↑↑ Just in case our Mr. Newman is too rattled & needs a ride out of here. ↑↑ Mike
  15. Yes, we have that here! Now, if you'll excuse me.... I'm off to listen to something a little less sophisticated. Mike
  16. No no, wait.... I think he said something about female vocals.... Or was it older folk music?? Mike
  17. S'pose.... while I'm here.... Mr. Newman did say something about screeching vocals. Think he wanted to hear screeching vocals. I don't know. Can't hear so good any more. Too many concerts.... something.... Mike
  18. They did manage a few good videos & I recall when that hit MTV. Think Remote Control was still on at that point. MTV reformatted pretty quickly after then, giving birth to the rap videos, Bevis & Butthead a couple years after that & then the reality TV nonsense. Mike
  19. Just ran across this rough & tough looking Jimmy hooker on Hemmings. Mike
  20. I don't argue that, but who puts lipstick on their workhorse? Then again, if Deere put those duals on the 4020 & 4440.... Mike
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