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  1. Here it was different. John Deere mixers are scarce. If it's green, it's Art's Way or Badger. I would have thought Farmhand to have some of a presence by you with their bale accumulators. Then again, the NH bale loaders seem like they are easier to operate. Mike
  2. Don't know much about it. The terrier types seem to have issues with lumps & bumps. Pitbulls are known for it. I hope the best for you two!! Mike
  3. There were areas in the northern states that saw decent Gehl hay tool sales. Usually where shorter seasons & rain were an issue. They got their foot in the door out there with the forage harvesters & were able to move round balers, conditioning mowers, etc. when they came along. Any area with a decent dairy or hog operation, too. Think CA & AZ vacuumed up some of the hay tools & Mix-Alls when their dairy herd populations got bigger. I'd wager Farmhand & NH probably had a bigger foothold in your area too? Mike
  4. Dirt Floor brings up a point. I had already thought about digging up around 25 posts each, early some morning & burying every board in antique postings, but.... the mods have enough to do & don't need the headache. That & there's a fix in the works for that or it's already implemented where you can sort by post time & date. Mike
  5. In my defense.... there is a first generation Magnum in this vid. Just sayin'.... Mike P.S. There may be a really cool baler video coming up.... provided I can post it. It's an experimental unit & I want to make sure there are no issues posting it. Granted, there is no ag line, I'd rather be sure about it. You know, patents, copyrights & whatnot.
  6. Just don't know why I bother folding laundry anymore. Had it piled up nice 'n' neat on the corner of the couch & he nose dozed it to the other end. All in the time it took for me to go p & come back. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyone else have a dog that wait's until you are not looking to do something sneaky? Mike
  7. Had to shoo my dog out of the room so he doesn't get any ideas. Mike
  8. Six of one, a half dozen of the other. Ethics are speculative. There will be no definitive answer. Mike
  9. I lost the dang balloons again. So.... Hope y'all get lots of birthday kisses!! Mike
  10. LED interference & your standing in a Faraday cage. Run an ant. from the outside to your radio & that should make a difference. Mike
  11. Batteries with a good charge are usually good down to -50ºF. By the time they are almost dead, it's more like +10ºF. Mike
  12. It doesn't help that there is sooo much RF in the air, it's screwing up everyone's signal. SW, MW USB has been tripe lately, but I think there was just a solar storm. Still can't surf the waves like I used to with the Zenith. Pretty much relegated to Airspy or Kiwi SDR if I want to listen to the world. Mike ↑↑↑↑ Still searching for signs of intelligent life.
  13. Ricky ain't getting no where with 1/3 of Neil's kit!! Had a dw set like Rick's kit many moons ago. That's how I know he can try like heck.... Great vid! Mike
  14. That reminds me of the days you could hear Stairway on three different stations at once. The most I recall was five when a reformatted station started up in Madison. Technically it was eight, as WKLH, WLUM & WAPL had mirror stations on the AM bands. Mike
  15. I got to check one out, some years back, when it sat by a tractor jockey. He said it already was spoken for & heading off to Iowa to get restored. Wonder if that isn't the one? Mike
  16. After some deliberation.... Anything around here with this logo on it. What's probably dime store stuff the world over is quite expensive in the States. They do make an excellent line of gardening tools & equipment. The only thing I didn't like was their electric water timers & the gas powered pump. Both crapped out just after the warranty was up. There watering tools are top notch & that's after a few decades of use in rusty water. I still have most of the first micro drip irrigation kits that were bought around 1990. Still have a bunch of the first snap ends for the hoses, too. I'll stop here, as I really could yammer on all day about them. Both good & bad things. Mike P.S. One thing must be mentioned... their dandelion & weed puller (Unkrautstecher) is quite amazing!! Certainly something I'd recommend looking into if you like to pull & not spray. We have two of the first one pictured. You can really put some a** into those things & not have to worry about breaking them. I'm an oaf & still haven't broken ours. Even pulling dandelions & burdock in the gravel driveway. The second one is the new model & can't speak about it from experience. Looks sturdy though.
  17. I like Jelly Roll. His contributions to the Ragtime Jazz world are hailed by everyone in that music scene. Good time of the year to listen to some ragtime, with Mardi Gras coming up. I'd wager the Indians are already getting restless, prep'ing for the parade. Mike
  18. And we can celebrate page 999 with NYC&HR #999, the first loco in the world to crack the 100 MPH mark. She currently resides in the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago. Mike
  19. Should call it a pucker truck. Us hefty folk need not apply for that job. Mike
  20. That's a Milwaukee Road town & a bit more built up today with about 4x the grain capacity. It was the northern terminus of a 37 MI long branch line heading north from Milbank. This here book: Says it was a branchline served by a mixed freight. And may have been served by one of these combine cars. I'll have to look into it further. Mike
  21. Didn't think the hydro on a Cub would operate a larger lift cylinder. That's cool! How are the pumps on those for continuous flow? I have a small hydraulic motor I'd like to use to power a lawn sweeper. Mike
  22. As not everyone's Monday goes smoothly. I always liked the day. The dealership is open again & I can order parts & fix whatever I *****d up over the weekend after they closed. Think I need to catch you guys up, too. This is the second video in the series & it is on the Gehl 264 rotary rake: This is part three, pertaining to the 2340 disc mower: And a bonus. This one is on the DL series Dynalift: Enjoy! Mike
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