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  1. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    Aebi TP 1000 a truck for mountain farmers
  2. wish ya the same Gary and your family and all folks on here!
  3. Happy Independence day to all Americans, I know I am a bit early....
  4. U-C

    Hay Blower

    In the Alpine regions they sometimes use hay blowers on there backs but this Swiss made unit was for the walk behind tractors not sure if they are still made! a rake still does a better job in my opinion though!
  5. AEBI has an electric vehicle for ag already on the market the EC 170 it can go over 12 miles per hour lol
  6. Speaking of an Electric tractor the Swiss tractor maker Sepp Knuesel and his Family have a model coming next year! Its called the Rigitrac SKE 50 each axle has its own Electric motor and also the front and rear PTO have there own and the hydraulic pump has its own to increase efficency, but to be honest I like there Diesel Rigitracs far better
  7. U-C

    Happy Canada Day EH!

    Heartland is maybe the only best show the CBC is making now, and the cool thing is a lady friend of mine her husband knows Amber Marshalls Husband lol small world
  8. Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians and the unofficial Canadian Anthem much better then o Canada lol
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