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  1. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    Now these are pickups not the new ones with tones of electronics and stuff lol Here is a rear mount 3 point hitch loader, we had one back in the day good loaders
  2. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    Meili Flip lugs, because doodle bug tractors had no differential and poor traction Ernst Meili came up with this:
  3. or let the grass grow and mow for hay Nice that you got some rain I hope more is on the way. We mowed our first cut this week and the custom harvester chopped it but not so much as in other years. If we got more rain it would of helped. I hope we all get some more of the wet stuff. I also did some scything this past week lol
  4. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    Ernst Meili is the one to the right
  5. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    Ernst Meili Traktorenfabrik assembly line, the Meili company was set up very different then other tractor companies, the management was very simple almost like a family run dealership, Ernst Meili (1900-1975) was the designer and manager in one lol very time he made a prototype he went on to the next project. His wife did the books. In the best years of the Meili company three tractors were made per day later only one. From 1934 to 1966 a total of 7000 tractors were made. The first ones were doodle bugs first with a second transmission for speed reduction then later Ernst Meili designed a much simpler way to do that. Also he designed steel grippers when going was to soft. Ernst Meili was a farmson lol I for got to add that.
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