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  1. What did the doughnut say to the birthday cake? If I had all your dough I wouldn't be hanging around this hole!
  2. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    Fendt Tool Carrier tractor and other Fendt's at a Swiss Dealership GVS
  3. Here is a joke I translated from Swiss German: Kate says to a friend "my Ant and Uncle have their Tin anniversary tomorrow!" "Tin Anniversary?? I have heard of Silver, Diamond and etc but Tin .... whats that?" "eating dinner from tin cans for the last 20 years"
  4. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    why get a tractor with a loader when a truck can do the same thing lol
  5. Dentist: "You need a crown."-Me: "Finally someone who understands me"
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