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  1. here is a video from 2016
  2. Two Wolves where talking: "Man I really should of not eaten that weird thing yesterday!!" "didn't I tell ya a 100 times ya shouldn't eat them vegans!"
  3. the yield would be about metric 4 tons per hectare (2.5 acres) of Barley
  4. "My husband always comes home late in the evening" says a lady to her friend "well when he comes home say is it you Bobby" "but my husbands name is John"
  5. Kid comes home from his first day of School, mom asks "so how was your first day?" "I think i did badly because have to go tomorrow again!"
  6. Our Bull Big John will run fast in a view seconds how fast are you?
  7. A new sign: Entrance of Pasture is Free but the Bull will charge!
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