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  1. U-C


    in my area here in Canada when we came to to Canada in the late 90s there where around 800 or so Dairy farms and now there are only around 200 left Province wide. And this is even with Supply Management.
  2. U-C


    in that same time frame in Switzerland it was around 5 to 15 cows give and take. Most farms back then had milking cows and I think there where around 150 000 to 200 000 farms back then now there are only 50 000 left and if my info is correct only in the 10 000 and 20 000 range have milking cows. When someone tells me this is progress then they are an idiot just my opinion.
  3. not a home made tractor, has a Stihl two stroke Diesel engine in it (and it is the same company that makes chainsaws that made that diesel engine)
  4. German made Ritscher model N starts with Gas and gets switched over to Diesel
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