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  1. hope you can get it all into the bins before the snow comes, I hope that white stuff stays away for a couple of weeks. We're finally done with Soybeans the last field was very weedy. Now the corn will be next in two or so weeks I hope that stuff dries on its own this year without using the dryer.
  2. We have started to combine our soybeans three or four days ago there about 13% moisture not sure about the yield yet till the bin is full. During the growing season it got some hail so the yield will be lower. One field was pretty good but the other one that will be yet to combine and this one got the most hail back then and lots of weeds lol.
  3. I use the good old fashioned fence post in the distance!
  4. Welcome Welkersfarmfan to the RPF! Now now fellers ya don't want to scare the new feller away with your old feuds
  5. That was an awesome show, speaking of which Mikey McBryan has a youtube channel
  6. well ya could fly with a DC-3 again ya know in Canada there is Buffalo airways lol in Northwest Territories
  7. Swiss Made fighter from WW2
  8. German the Junker company was founded far before the Nazis came into power, and Junker was the first company that had a all steel plane on the market. All German companies had to manufacture war materials in WW2
  9. After one of the most innovative airlines in Europe went bankrupt because of mismanagement in the early 2000s, this plane is the last one still flying
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