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  1. instead of the Diesel 2010 they should of imported the German made 700 and later the 710 Diesel made at the Mannheim plant
  2. I thought the JD 2010 was a tractor to be beware off and the JD 1010
  3. We Swiss and also the Austrians invented the hill side tractor or mower tractor what that vehicle ya see is called. It technically came out of the walk behind mowers and other companies in Switzerland and Austria made there versions from the ground up in the early 1970s
  4. a bigger tractor doesn't have a low center of gravity and will flip over
  5. personally I think the only real Jeep is the classic Willy's Jeep made during World War two and a few years after that point. Just my two cents lol
  6. This video was made in germany in the Schwarzwald (black Forest area) of Germany
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