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  1. The Daughter of the original designer of the Bi-directionals said her dad has alzheimers now just sad that stuff like that happens to folks
  2. saw that two 82's are coming up for sale in an auction in Ausgust but they aren' running and have the engines missing
  3. did you seed it with a drill or did ya broadcast it when you seed it? This field was broadcasted then cultivated in and rolled. Soybeans was last years crop but was cut for silage because of it being so dry last year but that field did very well but I reckon thanks to the Cow and goat manure (sadly the goats are history since over 3 months now ending a 24 year old run)
  4. Looks like another old grant company has reached the 175 year mark
  5. Its the first time for us trying it one field has been cut for silage for the Dairy cows but one field is for seed maybe some of it will be sold. The last time we seeded rye was back when grandfather farmed in Switzerland but it wasn't the main crop that would of been Wheat. And mom and dad as far as I know only seeded Triticale instead of Rye in there Crop rotation.
  6. haven't seen any ergot yet but I reckon we might get some in the very low areas where its wet. Its still to early to say because its all still in the flowering stage
  7. Labor intensive on one hand however it saves cash on Equipment and the hay doesn't loose any feed value when it rains on it. My grandparents hayed this way back in the day and they had over 15 cows and it was mostly done in May and when the year was rainy.
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