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  1. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    Grunder model E tractor brochure front (The Grunder company was the first company in the world that manufactured garden rotary tillers starting in 1917) the model E came out around 1939 but the first prototype was made in 1937. Engines used in the E were 6 cylinder Chevs and Ford for the last view made in the 40s.
  2. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    haling home the hay with a Rapid 606 and drive axle trailer
  3. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    found this on a Facebook page
  4. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    either a Bucher or an AEBI mower pulled by a Simmetaler cow (this type of mower was developed for the single horse farmer or the farmer that only had oxen or used his cows as draft animals.
  5. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    Bucher single horse Mower with 2 HP engine assembly in Niederwenigen Switzerland
  6. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    Wiesel Tractors first manufactured by the designer Thomas Schilter later by others
  7. That's awesome I reckon we Westerners have to beat ya easterners again lol
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