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  1. Not a ad but a drawing made by Alfred Huggenberger (1867-1960) Swiss author and farmer out of his memory of the farmhouse he was born!
  2. Lindner's smallest tractor the 9 hp two stroke diesel
  3. U-C

    Kids 2021

    they sure are! They look like their Grandma too lol
  4. Forgot to add Saurer made its first truck in 1903 and not in 1911 in Arbon Switzerland The first made truck is back in the Saurer museum in Arbon the good old number 0
  5. Saurer Trucks where made till the early 80s, the company was one of the first in the industry that used Direct injection in Diesel Engines. They even sold a licence for their Diesel engine to a Swiss tractor company. Saurer still exists but only makes textile machines which they always made, their diesel engine development department is now owned by the Parent company that owns Case New Holland.
  6. U-C

    Kids 2021

    Got my first kids today
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