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  1. JD and a Althaus (swiss made plow) plowin in the Emmental
  2. Old Binder Guy Gary wrote some stuff for that Magazine, one of the best magazines when it comes to history
  3. U-C

    Case model S

    lol, the Cockshutt 30 and the Case S are at the same auction also a IH W-4 which ain't running
  4. U-C

    Case model S

    Was the J. I. Case model S a reliable model and what would be one worth nowadays? There is one for sale at a local auction that seems to have an older restoration behind it.
  5. thank you for the infos, looks like it works for some folks.
  6. ya thought about that too seems like everything now a days has to be huge! Sadly we can't get some of them European made smaller combines they would be around the size of a 915 IH combine or so.
  7. A month or so ago one of we got one field seeded with winter rye and another 80 to over 100 acres with winter rye as well. In our family we haven't grown any winter rye since my grandfather did long ago but that was to thresh it. Anyway to my question can winter rye be cut for silage more then once before it heads out?
  8. yup looks like it, I reckon some folks are going nuts because they can't go online lol for them its the end of the world
  9. them twine ropes aren't from a binder but specially made to bind sheaves by hand, here is a video where similar ones are being used the binding starts around 10 minutes and 30 seconds in the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgbnSyltoKY
  10. Minneapolis Moline back in the late 30s or early 40s was a pioneer when it came to LP gas fueled tractors, I have read an article that DEUTZ company has developed a new Hydrogen Engine.
  11. Grandma made this a couple of years ago out of binding ropes used to bind wheat, spelt, oats, and etc by hand
  12. yup, and Aebi goes back to 1883 when the company was founded but the founder Johann Ulrich Aebi (1846-1919) started making seed drills, firefighting pumps, and mowers on his family farm, well technically he worked in the shop and his wife ran the farm lol. JU Aebi's first machine which he build as a teenager can be viewed at a local museum, a seed drill.
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