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  1. Reminds me of a joke lol Two fellers were going home late and one of says "gee when I come home this late my wife will be cooking in anger" "oh then ya got a wonderful wife mine never cooks this late."
  2. As long there isn't a battery the size of the batteries we use in a gas or diesel car, tractor, truck and etc. That uses harmless materials, and has the same milage or double that of a gas and diesel vehicle. I wouldn't be interested ...but to be honest even then no thanks I rather stick to what I know or would rather use what our forefathers used walk or the horse and buggy if a horse ain't available then a steer lol
  3. depends on the walk behind, in Europe for example walk behinds are used by women as well not only by men,
  4. Rapid made around 25000 of the model Spezial from the 1950s to 1978 a real universal tractor for the small farmer, company is still manufacturing walk behinds
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eZtb0hYoizM&pp=ygUham9obiBkZWVyZSAxNTAwIHBvd2VyIHRpbGwgc2VlZGVy
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fwwDFKsIvwo&pp=ygUham9obiBkZWVyZSAxNTAwIHBvd2VyIHRpbGwgc2VlZGVy
  7. U-C

    Mitholz 1947

    The first munitions depot that exploded a year before could of been the deadliest Military accident if the stationed soldiers where there thank god they weren't. Not sure maybe they have started to clean up the lakes. The other sad part of this clean up is that does families that have to move will never get there property back because the government will own the town after. It said that if the Axis had attacked the Reduit as we called the Mountain fortress it would of been firing non stop 24 hours for weeks, months maybe even a year or more. The slogan of the Swiss General is "defending not only to hold but to sell ones life has high as possible"
  8. U-C

    Mitholz 1947

    ya might have to turn on the CC for the english subtitles
  9. when the French protest they protest with style lol
  10. The plane with the ski's with wheels was a Swiss military secret
  11. I don't have a story like that, back in Switzerland we cooked on a woodstove which was connected to the kunst and that is a part of the Kachelofen masonry oven which also acted as a bread baking oven. Anyway one of my bros left or put a chocolate house or chalet in it and it melted. Or one story my mittens where in there to dry and they where forgotten and came well dried out again ... black lol
  12. the sad part of skills or trades like that is that they are disappearing more and more...
  13. is that cheese made from Raw milk? Well may Swiss folks moved to that area in the 1800s and brought there cheese making skills with them.
  14. your welcome most Swiss made cheeses are made like this maybe on a larger scale though. Like Emmental or Gruyere are examples. someone I knew makes alpine cheese but if I can remember she uses an older system to heat the milk using a wood fire right under the copper kettle.
  15. How Swiss Alpine Cheese is made ya might have to turn on the English subtitles by going to the settings button on the player
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