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  1. There is a used International 4186 4WD tractor for sale at the local auction next month and was wondering if anyone had any exp on them the good and bad? I haven't looked at it in person yet but will do that one of the next view days.
  2. Has anyone on here used one of them International Plow mulchers like in this old promotional? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUQzFoI81Eo&t=128s
  3. we had a IH 1480 great combine sadly it had a major break down so it got sold, was one of the earlier models. I liked it better then them New Hollands TR's
  4. what about red and blue which is a Lanz Bulldog
  5. oh should say this what brought Saurer down was its management not listing to its engineers and didn't want a partnership with Mercedes Benz. The Saurer trucks where well made but the Cab sucked it was loud in them and that was what the engineers wanted to update or work with Benz on that but one thing we Swiss have which is a kinda a downer is when we invent something and have a good product and a german company wants to work with us we (maybe shouldn't say we all the time lol) its like no its my baby and no go. Same thing happened with the SWISSAIR company the flagship of Swiss companies, Lufthansa wanted Swissair to join the Star Alliance and back then Swissair owned hotels and one of the best servicing facilities for aircraft in Europe (this divsion now owned by China) and etc. Well went down flat then got a name change to Swiss and because Swiss management sucked was sold by the Swiss government to Lufthansa and became profitable again. The only aircraft still under the Swissair name is a DC-3. sorry of drifting off topic here but mismanagement of companies happens all over and always to good ones too!
  6. forgot to mention that the german MAN company was founded when they took over the plant and productline of the Saurer factory in Germany, kinda what happened at the same time in the US to the Saurer overseas division that became Mack trucks.
  7. with the end of this great company sounds almost like what happened to the Swiss Truck manufacture that was one of the Pioneers when it came to Diesel trucks and engine brakes and etc which was Saurer. They shut down truck manufacturing in the 1980s and sold there bus line off to the NAW company which was owned by Mercedes Benz. Even NAW is gone. The only thing left of the Saurer Diesel engine is there R+D shop which is owned by the Parent company of FIAT. All new New Holland and Case IH tractors have that engine design from Arbon in em now. Anyway the thing that is left of Saurer is the textile division which is owned by a Chinese company since 2010s. -Urs
  8. lots of truth to that when the Deere tractor we had that we bought used it had a early version of the IVT transmission. The tractor was a 2004 model, if I can remember we bought it in 2009 or 2010 and a view years later the transmission went and it got fixed but it had no warranty on it anymore but Deere and Company said they will pay some of the bill if the Dealership pays the other half which they did. Sadly our Deere dealership sucks but Deere products are one of the best.
  9. that french made tractor looks very similar to the Tractor made by the Swiss Simar or La Precision as it was first known in the late 1910s
  10. The end of the Dain tractor was because of another reason when Joseph Dain died. Back in the day the original founders of Companies didn't want to compiet all the time just think when the fire destroyed McCormicks plant J. I. Case offered to build the reapers until Cyrus Hall McCormick would have a new plant up and running (Mccormick turned down the offer). John Deere and the founder of Rock Island Plow Co. (this factory would be bought by J. I. Case Co. in the 1930s) where friends and business partners the later at first but there friendship stayed.
  11. ya where is the Coffee shop site? everyone likes that
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