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  1. Exactly and sometimes it makes one think how where they able to do all that and still get it done in time. I mostly mown with a Swiss Style scythe but that one is out of service till it gets welded would be nice to get some new ones from the old country. For grass a good experienced mower can mow about an acre in 10 hours! Yes that is the Fall Rye but in a corner where todays combines with there huge headers can't get to lol. Sadly we don't have a threshing machine so we will feed it threw the neighbors combine or worse case scenario we might have to use flails lol -Urs
  2. Me and dad did 1/10 of an acre cut the old fashioned way and tied into sheaves and stooked, still another small plot to do and maybe another one where the combine can't get too. I know I know Crazy dude lol
  3. well only one SIMAR but it was a tractor though, SIMAR only made about 160 tractors there lift system was interesting by tipping the engine and transmission upwards to lower down the tiller or plow. SIMAR made tillers until 1978 making something around 50 000 tillers before closing there plant in Geneva Switzerland. There tiller got the start from using the licence of the A. Grunder & Co. AG. near Basel Switzerland (Grunder was the first company in the world manufacturing garden rototillers) https://www.bungartz.nl/hist-simar.html https://www.bungartz.nl/hist-grunder.html
  4. Rapid model P and R walk behind mowers/ tractors they came on the market in the 1930s replacing the models from the 1920s
  5. Ya a early frost would suck, the silage corn is way behind will take a pic of it and the soybeans were also very late in the ground late May in places and early June. Two weekends ago I showed a local Museum director how mowing with a scythe was done. He even took a video and its posted on FB. There was also a 74 year old there too and he wrote a local historical atlas of the Mennonites that settled my area and he said as long as he has been around he never seen a spring so late. -Urs
  6. The Fall Rye is about a week or two away from being combined if the weather stays nice
  7. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    I stand corrected lol Schiltrac transporter, Schuler Speedrake and Luond Hay loader all three Swiss made equipment
  8. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    ya'r talking about silage not hay 😜
  9. old Bucher promo film for there hay harvest line for hill and mountain farmers its sadly in german though
  10. first Rapid motor mower from 1926 in the first year they made only 50 and the year after that 200, it sold for over 2 500 Swiss Francs back then (the US dollar was about 5 times as high back then)
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