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  1. Found an old promotional film of the McKee Stack-n-Mover on youtube that was uploaded by I think a McKee family member that made the film back then
  2. The game Farm Simulator was or is still being made by a Swiss gaming company
  3. at a coming up farm show in Switzerland a Small Swiss manufacture is showing off its first SP Swather with three disc mowers, its the first SP Swather ever made in Switzerland. It has a over 300 hp Mercedes Benz Diesel engine
  4. bring back the country schools folks learned some real stuff not like now a days lol
  5. I'll pass, I miss the old school Telephones does where reliable when ya unplugged it no one could call ya
  6. Saw a big fire in the east this evening thought it was getting close to the neighbors chicken barn but turned out to be farther away but it sure looked darn close. So I reckon I made to much of a fuse by telling the neighbors brother who is our vet and my bro who texted the neighbor about it. But I reckon better safe then sorry! Neighbor had corn stalk bales in that field and thought they might of catched fire.
  7. looks like the USS Enterprise NCC 1701
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