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    Guess the tractor

    the thing under the transmission is very common on Swiss, German, and Austrian made tractors its for a pully that also drives the Sickle bar with a pidman, here is anexample of that pully on a Swiss Buhrer Tractor ya that is the fan for cooling the engine, Eicher and another german company Hatz had that fan system to cool their diesel's
  2. I will so far they don't know anything aftermath!
  3. U-C

    Guess the tractor

    which one do ya mean? Them Eicher Tractors had a front axle suspension and had air cooled diesel's
  4. U-C

    Guess the tractor

    nope its a Eicher tractor
  5. U-C

    Guess the tractor

    its a Eicher Tractor, Eicher is was a german company which also had in later years a factory in India which I think is owned by TAFE now
  6. The Front and oldest part of the Factory got rented out to other businesses! The oldest part was build in 1916 by the Motoren und Maschinenfabrik AG. a company that manufactured Buhrer Tractors for Fritz Buhrer starting in 1930 but that was in a different factory though. The Hinwil factory stood empty until Fritz Buhrer bought it in 1939 and expanded it in the 50s and 60s.
  7. Yesterday was a sad day for any fan of Buhrer tractors the oldest part of the Buhrer Tractor Factory burned down! No word yet if any of the log books and plans for parts have survived!
  8. looks like them french changed some FORDSON tractors over to a CLM two cylinder dual piston two stroke engines lol
  9. Claas promotional film
  10. not quite vintage yet but getting close with this promotional film of the Fendt Farmer 200V vinyard model
  11. U-C

    Kids 2021

    LOL tin cans eh they are very picky eaters just like kids when it comes to broccoli lol
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