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  1. I have no idea was always like that. Anyway that tractor if it does go into production it will be a pricy one around or over 150 000 Swiss Francs
  2. 2.5 acres mown with a 11.5 feet cutter bar in 20 minutes
  3. Prototype from the Rigitrac Tractor company in Switzerland A step hillside tractor with a tilt cap for more comfort for mountain Farmers and other operators! The Rigitac SKH 60 developed by the founder Sepp Knuesel in about 4 years! Serial production will start in 2022!
  4. https://www.themanualstore.com/New-Holland-450-Sickle-Bar-Mower-Operators-Manual-p/nh-o-450-455(80012).htm
  5. no problem, the old ones count too home made or even from the factory
  6. another auction that is coming up in a view days has a none running 8n but has a PTO pulley for it. Now I am not interested in that one lol.
  7. just wanted to update ya folks I didn't buy none of them 8n's and 9n's that where forsale a view days ago, the two 8n's both brought over 900 bucks and one of the 9N's the running one brought 1 100 bucks but would of needed a new PTO shaft.
  8. its Rapeseed but similar to Canola though
  9. not a Conversion but a factory three wheeler IH's first SP combine
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