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  1. Interesting Magnum comparisons.

    We've got an MX Magnum with tilting hood and we've still had to remove the whole thing for more than one reason. Honestly, anybody who badmouths an 8000 series Deere has blinders on- they are very very good tractors, especially the last ones built before EPA got too much emissions crap on them.
  2. Randy Sohn B-29 article

    I know what my ride in Fifi cost, I could probably spend a couple days polishing for a ride in Doc too lol!!!!
  3. Randy Sohn B-29 article

    Art, they did better- the Blue Angel solos went flying WITH Doc.
  4. Randy Sohn B-29 article

    Pulled my new issue of Flight Journal out of the mailbox today, to see that Randy Sohn from this forum wrote a really nice piece on the B-29, flying with Paul Tibbets, and other goodies. I know there is a pretty enthusiastic Superfort following here, definitely worth looking for a copy at your local supermarket or whatever if you don't have a subscription. Gratuitous B-29 pics from Oshkosh '17.
  5. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    Part of this is that the A-10 community is and always has been completely dedicated to close air support of the ground troops. Taking those people away from that platform, even if you just move them to the F-16 and F-35, really dilutes the commitment to that mission.
  6. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    Thanks Steve, those are great pics! There's no F-94 flying now, but you should look up one of Greg Colyer's magnificent T-33 airshow demos. He gets around the midwest quite a bit.
  7. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    Complicated. I know somebody who is flying it and loves it, he came from the F-16. Purely from the standpoint of USAF, I think it's a boondoggle. If the politicians hadn't chopped the number of F-22s built, (which already had the sunk costs of development, flight test, tooling, training and spare parts infrastructure, etc. spent and would have gotten cheaper on per-unit basis by simply making more of them) to cover the air superiority mission and contracted for more new and proven F-16s and F-15Es.... Well, they'd have a lot more low-houred jets on the ramp with the same or less overall cost to operate. When you add in the Navy, USMC, and all the other partner countries then it gets a lot murkier. Honestly I believe it's going to be a good contender, just think that the costs and capabilities have been compromised by politics instead of what is truly best for each service. Saw one fly for the first time at Oshkosh last summer, you can at least enjoy some of my pix.
  8. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    Not necessarily "bettering", but in certain parameters performance of tactical jets was near peaking in that era. The Mach 2+ interceptors (F-106, F-4, F-14, Mirage, Lightning, MiG-21/25, etc) and the strike fighters that were truly fast down on the deck (F-105, F-111, Tornado, etc) all came in to being in the period from roughly 1955-1970. Most of those birds went away because of high maintenance costs, outdated electronic systems and changes in tactics when it was realized that going super fast wasn't really needed very often and takes a whole bunch of gas. Efficiency, agility from computerized flight control systems, and advanced avionics are what counts today when the threat of hordes of Soviet bombers coming over the Arctic Circle is pretty much nonexistent. The Super Hornet will never have the all-out performance of the Tomcat, but it does the job pretty well on a whole lot less hours from the maintenance troops.
  9. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    George, I think you gave a pretty good overview of the program, but I've never heard anything about this supposed USMC interest in the CF-105. Do you have any documentation on this? The Marines were never in the interceptor business, and it's true that they used the F-4 extensively but that was a carrier jet and the Marines deployed (still do) to the boat frequently. Just can't think of anything in their mission needs that would have enticed them to sink big dollars into the Arrow. I've always thought the Arrow would have had a brighter future if it could have stuck around long enough to morph into a long-range low altitude interdictor, like the role of the F-111 or Buccaneer. It would have taken more internal fuel and probably some structural enhancements to handle high speed operation down in the weeds, but the load-carrying capacity and power were certainly there.
  10. Excuse me pilots

    Have to say, I've seen a lot of high performance fighter demos, but watching this Cathay Pacific 747-800 depart from Oshkosh '16 was very very impressive. It was a lightly loaded jet and they were just hopping down to Chicago, they made a takeoff very similar to the one in the videos and then climbed out in a tight spiral right above the field for several thousand feet. They didn't go up like an F-16, but it was really cool to see.
  11. Excuse me pilots

    Others have explained some of it, but here is video of the company pilots showing how they actually set up the footage for this in the airshow demo profile. As you can see, they were actually nowhere near a 90 degree pitch attitude but were using the cameras in somewhat of an optical illusion.
  12. 5488 interior color choices

    ^^^^ That looks outstanding.
  13. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    General wear parts we get a majority of from the catalog outfits. There's a pile of acres through the Yetter row cleaners on this planter and I see no reason to think they are going to need any attention from wear for a long time to come. There are certain things I like better about Martin row cleaners we have run in the past, but these are fine.
  14. F-14's

    Sorry guys I've been busy with farming stuff and didn't get back to this topic, some of you would be interested in the Fighter Fling series of videos that the F-14 squadrons used to put together for their annual ball. Also a link the the modern Rhino Ball one, C-Rock was on the west coast Super Hornet Demo Team this season and he has some spectacular footage.
  15. F-14's

    The swing wing was their answer to making a Mach 2 capable interceptor that also had high maneuverability and safe handling at slow speeds to get aboard the boat. Here's an old Tomcat demo showing wing sweep and lots of awesome vapes too.