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  1. clay neubauer

    Helicopters :Moving Eastbound along Lake Erie

    35 is single engine, and yes it is LOUD up close. Herks, Ospreys, and Chinooks all have a very distinct sound, we get them all through here at low altitude from time to time. (Not the F-35 locally though!)
  2. clay neubauer

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Yes, those are all 602 or 802 Air Tractors. I forgot a cool one from when we were standing at the Ag Applicator's booth at Oshkosh last summer!
  3. clay neubauer

    Helicopters :Moving Eastbound along Lake Erie

    There were many upgrades to the sensor suite during the life of the Blackbird fleet, and no reason whatsoever why they couldn't have been transitioned to more modern digital stuff instead of that film. The REAL reason they were expensive to operate was because the tanker support to keep them air-refueled all around the globe was massive, and they couldn't do anything without the gas multiple times on every sortie. (And with lots of redundant tankers, only the KC-135Q variant was equipped to handle the Blackbird's JP7 fuel and they couldn't risk losing a Blackbird because a tanker broke and there wasn't a spare to pass the gas.) All of this happened under the umbrella of SAC, and SAC hated things that diverted funding from their bombers.
  4. clay neubauer

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Pretty hard to get decent photos of aerial spraying without a DSLR camera and the proper lenses (you probably don't want to know how many $$$$ are in my camera bag...)
  5. clay neubauer

    My Winter Project- 5488 Rebuild

    That's something to be proud of. I suspect though that no matter how much you tried, the day that it will leak something somewhere is probably not so far off as you would hope!
  6. clay neubauer

    Airplane doing stuff

    There are obviously variations between different type aircraft, nozzles, terrain, etc. that factor in but yes the proper spray pattern is NOT developed with the wheels actually in the crop.
  7. clay neubauer


    I'll never understand people that complain about jet noise.... Have you seen this???? Leadership, I normally don't share these with you but find myself needing to send the message that we are being watched. While not uncommon this particular individual has been keep a log of our flying events for some time. I expect you all to be professional and to expect scrutiny. Our industry demands it. Carl's note to me while lengthy is not uncommon. My staff and I see many of these each week as you and your warriors exercise your right to hone your skills on low level training routes and in controlled airspace in preparation to defend this great nation when called. My response and reply are at the end of his complaint. VR Mutha CAPT Mark A. Hubbard USN Commander Strike Fighter Wing Pacific ----->> To: Hubbard, Mark A CAPT CSFWP Commodore Cc: White, Michael S RDML(S) NPC, Pers-4 Subject: Noise Complaint Captain Hubbard, I am having an issue with noise that is generated by aircraft based at NAS Lemoore (and elsewhere), specifically, with their use of a low level military training route that your command is the controlling authority for. Rather than deal with mere underlings, I thought it best to go directly to the source of "where the buck stops". That would be you. My home is located in a rural area of California's Sacramento Valley. I was unaware that when I purchased this home 21 years ago, it was located directly under the centerline of VR-201 (or VR-202, I can't remember which one it is), at GPS coordinates N39.38.610 W121.48.710, 210' MSL (according to the GPS in my car). Over the last 21 years, I have been subjected to the repeated injustices, insults to my eardrums, and affronts to my sensibilities as an American Taxpayer, that your jets have been responsible for. In the early 90's the use of this low level training route was frequent, but I tolerated it nonetheless. From about 1995 until early this year, use of this route was only occasional and sporadic, so I could generally overlook the issue. However, in the last three weeks, there has been a noticeable increase it its use. Specifically, I have observed the following, 1. August 30th, 1135 AM PDT - A single F-18 2. September 18th, 1430 PM PDT - A single EA-6B 3. September 19th, 1120 AM PDT - A single F-18 4. September 19th, 1145 AM PDT - A single F-18 Here is my specific complaint..... 1. None of these overflights were low enough... 2. None of these overflights were loud enough...... 3. And, none of these overflights were fast enough!!! As an American Taxpayer, I pay good, hard earned money, to provide your young Naval Aviators the best training possible. For that money, I EXPECT to get something for it. If my house is not shaken to its foundation, if the windows do not rattle in their frames, I judge this display of airmanship as incredibly weak. All of these jets listed above, were so high, that I could not tell if the Hornets were Super Hornets or Legacy Hornets (the Electic-6 was unmistakable). These jets were so high, that after one of them flew by, my wife looked at me and said, "That fly-by is so wimpy, you should call it a "Whisperjet". The ultimate goal is to earn a five-star rating, as viewed by me. To earn a five-star rating, your jets should create enough noise to break at least one window in the house. Not since '92-'93 has that happened. At the time, a flight of eight jets in a combat spread formation passed over my house at about 200' AGL, approximately 500+ knots. This flight consisted of four Hornets, two Intruders and two Turkeys. The thundering noise was awesome! Not only did I have to replace a few windows, but several of my neighbors did as well!! That was a fly-by truly worthy of Naval Aviators. As a former naval Aviator (back in the day, we flew Lot V Hornets with planning link failures and collapsed landing gear), I am hugely embarrassed for my younger brethren. You and your young naval Aviators should be ashamed, for you have subjected me and my family to the indignity of these transgressions. My son, who is a KC-135 pilot in the Air Force has observed some these so-called "fly-bys", and has said that even his jet makes more noise when it is at 5,000' at cruise power settings. As you know, to fly the American flag upside down is a sign of distress. Perhaps you should bring in the young Naval Aviators responsible for these affronts to our dignity, and instruct them to wear their Wings of Gold upside down on their flight suits the next time they visit the O'Club, as a sign of their humility and penance for committing these transgressions. Very respectfully, Carl A. Raabe VFA-113 (circa '87-'90) -----Original Message----- From: Hubbard, Mark A CAPT CSFWP Commodore Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 5:15 PM To: Carl Raabe Cc: White, Michael S RDML(S) NPC, Pers-4; Black, Mark E CAPT CSFWP Deputy Commodore; Nelson, Todd M. CDR CSFWP OPS; Subject: RE: Noise Complaint Carl, I assure you that this has my fullest attention. I have directed my Operation team to investigate these repeated injustices and to bring me the names of all the guilty parties. I am expecting to receive a briefing from my Operation Officer early next week. In the mean time I have asked my staff to review our SOP, route descriptions, and tactical training procedures to ensure we have the guidance in place to achieve the "The five-star rating". In fact, once we are complete with our investigation I personally plan to survey the route myself to ensure we have not overlooked any training opportunities and will encourage others to do so as well. I firmly believe that if we do not use these training routes to their fullest we may in fact loose them all together. Thankfully, we have great Americans like you who remind us that there are still some that appreciate the "Sound of Freedom". For that reminder I applaud your letter and tenacity to go directly to the top! I would like to offer by way of apology an opportunity to re-blue the resonance of jet noise that will in fact shake you to the bone. If you and your wife would be my guest at our air show I would be honored. I have a limited number of VIP seats but would like to send you an invite to attend either Saturday the 15th or Sunday the 16th of October. If you would be so kind to send me your address I will have an invitation in the mail in short order. Sir, it would be an honor to make your acquaintance. Proud to Serve, Mutha CAPT Mark A. Hubbard USN Commander Strike Fighter Wing Pacific -----Original Message----- From: Carl Raabe Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 17:28 To: Hubbard, Mark A CAPT CSFWP Commodore Cc: White, Michael S RDML(S) NPC, Pers-4; Black, Mark E CAPT CSFWP Deputy Commodore; Nelson, Todd M. CDR CSFWP OPS; Subject: RE: Noise Complaint Captain Hubbard, Thank you for your prompt and complete attention to this matter. I am indeed encouraged and heartened by your rapid response to these past travesties. I am confident that your forcefulness in placing your hands firmly on the helm of this issue will pay dividends for all us... Your young aviators will get the training they truly deserve, the country will be better served by having the most competent aviators in the world, and I will get my "5 star rated" fly-bys. What more can we ask for? Your leadership on this issue is exemplary, and is a credit to you and the Naval Service. I would be most pleased to favorably endorse your next FitRep accordingly, to ensure that the next promotion board is fully aware of your outstanding contribution to our country and the Naval Service. If I may be of additional service, I will gladly assist your staff in any capacity as they pursue the work you have assigned them in reviewing this military training route. Even if the contribution is as small as providing occasional critiques of the aviator's route performance (from the comfort of my lounge chair by the pool), I will answer the call. Your offer to accommodate both my wife and I as your guests at the Lemoore air show is both gracious and generous, and is a sign of your stellar leadership. Accordingly, we humbly accept your offer with great gratitude. We would be honored to attend the air show on Saturday, 15 October. We look forward to meeting you, and being a part of this great event. Best regards, Carl & Gale Raabe P.S. There is an answer to the above question, "What more can we ask for?"..... My wife says that attending this air show, with its "bone-shaking" jet noise, will hopefully, finally shut me up. She has had to tolerate the last 21 years in this house of my complaints about not enough jet noise and afterburners (on active duty, that need was satisfied by endless hours on the LSO platform on the Connie and Indy, and countless hours at the LSO shack out at NASL 32L). She has repeatedly stated that my complaints are louder than the jet noise, and she wants that changed.
  8. clay neubauer


    You have a great seat there! Absolutely nothing in the world quite like a Bone fast and low in burner. Has to be FELT to be fully appreciated.
  9. clay neubauer


    The B-1B has a terrain-following system which allows them to do very low level penetrations at high speeds in any weather (think 500 feet and 500+ knots, although if it was a real WW3 combat scenario they'd go even lower) and the canards are basically dampeners which help to smooth the ride.
  10. clay neubauer

    Planting corn in mn

    Amazing how fast it changed here from the winter that seemed never-ending. Everybody is done or nearly done with corn and a whole bunch of beans are in too.
  11. clay neubauer

    hy tran oil interval change?

    Last complete Hytran change on the Magnum I plant with was 21 miles from home, on the back side of a creek crossing, at approximately 12:30 AM Sunday morning.
  12. clay neubauer

    Is your dog helpful?

    Jameson helps momma get her thongs and bras out of the laundry. He also is pretty good help in the field.
  13. clay neubauer

    value of a 1066 black stripe low hours?

    We got a wonderful and legitimate 1500-ish hour black stripe, factory fenders 1066 that had lived just a couple miles away since it was brand new. Kind of a shame my dad had to trash it.
  14. clay neubauer

    Interesting Magnum comparisons.

    We've got an MX Magnum with tilting hood and we've still had to remove the whole thing for more than one reason. Honestly, anybody who badmouths an 8000 series Deere has blinders on- they are very very good tractors, especially the last ones built before EPA got too much emissions crap on them.
  15. clay neubauer

    Randy Sohn B-29 article

    I know what my ride in Fifi cost, I could probably spend a couple days polishing for a ride in Doc too lol!!!!