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  1. Unused for 20 years? Here that would mean likely the concrete is compromised, the aeration floor sucks (if there is one), the fan and other electric might be in poor shape or junk, and the unload auger might be a worn-out 6 inch that takes an hour to load a semi (if the motor on it works.) Sometimes an excavator remodel is the best makeover for old grain bins and decrepit farm houses alike.
  2. It was going to come through us on four farms. Good riddance is right. And I'm not anti-pipeline, DAPL came through us in 2016 and it was a good overall experience- but moving petroleum efficiently is a viable net benefit. They wanted to put one of their above ground valves in half mile rows in a field that I just got done pattern tiling from corner to corner on 30 foot centers, wasn't really looking forward to that after having stupid point rows around one of them from DAPL on a different farm we rent.
  3. Had a pretty successful sweet corn season here, but put a lot of effort into it because 2022 and 2021 really sucked. Four separate plantings, had good daily eating for a full six weeks. Fifty quarts in freezer. Solar charger and three wire fence kept it coon free the whole time.
  4. Spark show, Midwest Old Threshers last week.
  5. We should be there, but haven't got the arrival/departure timing planned out yet.
  6. We had an early 966 (can't remember the SN now, but it was in the first couple thousand of production) which had Fast Hitch. Also had deluxe cab with AC, IH radio, axle mount duals from factory, etc. I've seen a handful of other 66s with Fast Hitch but don't think any of them were a high-end option build like that one.
  7. We've been very pleased with it here.
  8. Kinda late checking in to this thread, but worth pointing something out. Yes, the precision bombing theory wasn’t as precise or consistently effective as it’s proponents envisioned. However, the long, slow attrition started by the RAF and the early unescorted 8th AF raids had significant impact on the materiel and training of the Luftwaffe. The 100 days or so starting around Christmas 1943 when long-range fighters were finally perfected, and when they had sufficient numbers to sweep ahead of the bomber stream, cut the heart out of German tactical airpower. The sacrifice of so many bomber crews was an ugly thing, but the true effectiveness of the bombing campaign was not the targets bombed, it was the resulting clear skies that allowed for successful invasion of the continent.
  9. This is an excellent idea. I've had somewhat the same thoughts after seeing how much better the generation 3 Magnums with raised cabs are to work around, but never got far enough to specifically figure out what is needed to do it. Thanks!
  10. They certainly blatantly copied some things, like the reverse-engineered B-29s that made emergency landings in Soviet territory. But the first Germans who came up against T-34 tanks, or the first Americans who encountered the MiG-15 over Korea, would probably disagree that the Reds had almost no innovation ability.
  11. Well, some of those items I can't really comment on, for instance the Bluetooth as I shoot all RAW files and edit them in Lightroom (and I'm still packing around a D7100 Nikon that was made before that was a thing.) DSLRs are definitely much more about the glass than the bodies, I've got a couple lenses at price points that would make your eyes water but I do a lot of low-light and aviation photography that simply require more reach and more aperture to get decent results. Something you may wish to consider: When these companies release a new model of entry-level camera, they usually pass through features that were already in the cameras one or two price points higher in the previous generation. It can be worthwhile to look at those more advanced but slightly older bodies, especially since they tend to be more robust, have better weatherproofing, etc. as you step up though the lines.
  12. Been trying to catch up on my photo editing from last summer. It'll need to be a fresh thread because there's way too much to put in here, but if you guys want to see an album from Oshkosh I'll try to get it up here before the weather gets good again.
  13. Navy Legacy Flight @ Oshkosh last summer, two EA-18G Growlers and two Corsairs. Been working on EAA photos, might have to just do a whole thread of them here if you guys want. Growler high-speed pass.
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