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  1. For sale: Beech King Air, low hours, ready to go only needs replacement seat cushions. Regarding jumpers- I was at an airshow once where the winds were so high that one of the parachute teams as well as a couple of civilian aerobatic acts in light aircraft had to cancel. However the Leap Frogs, the Navy's SEAL parachute demo team, were there. Prior to their routine the announcers were interviewing one of them. It went something like this. Announcer: Do you enjoy jumping out of a perfectly functioning airplane? SEAL: There is no such thing as a perfectly functioning airplane. Announcer: How is the high wind today going to affect your performance? SEAL: What wind?
  2. This won't be the answer you are looking for. But this is 2021, not 1981. There are vastly superior and reasonably priced tractors out there to deliver 200 horsepower. This from somebody who has spent thousands of hours on 66-86 series tractors and also has a 385 Steiger with a Steinbauer to add some juice. The 1486 at stock settings was the maximum that IH engineering was willing to stretch the 806 chassis, while memory of the folly of stretching the M into the 560 was still pretty fresh....
  3. Every event we've been to or close to in Iowa has been very strong. Went to Airventure in Oshkosh in July, they ended up with 608,000 in attendance which was close to their record set in 2019 without having some of the international travelers that are normally there. It was a blast and absolutely nobody was Rona-panicking.
  4. Thanks for the reminder, I recently finished another book about the larger campaign there (Bloody Okinawa, by Joseph Wheelan- very very good) and that book about Bunker Hill was one I intended to put on the list. The fight against the kamikazes was some very nasty business.
  5. This is a bit of a time commitment, but if any of you want to sit down with about six cold adult beverages for a while.... This is the best original color footage of an ETO bomber base that I've ever seen. It's completely amateur but it rivals or in some ways surpasses Ford's footage used in the original Memphis Belle film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMLC1_qqgU8
  6. This thread could use a little noise! MKBlues1 is always out at El Centro posting these during Blue Angels winter training from January to March. The team is transitioning from legacy Hornets to the E/F model Super Hornets for the 2021 show season. For anybody who has seen the Blues recently, next time you see the demo in these Rhinos with 40% bigger engines it's going to be impressive and LOUD!
  7. Took this from the campgrounds at Oshkosh 2018. Man was it fun sitting next to the tent drinking beer and watching Draco and the other STOLs fly in the twilight. Right up there with the daily wakeup call of P-51s taking off at dawn!
  8. Lots of variables as others have pointed out. We've been cutting hedge posts out of a very large old fencerow this winter, as well as a fair amount of firewood. I've been packing a Stihl 311 with 20" bar and a battery powered Milwaukee saw with 14". That's a really nice combo for anything up to about two feet in diameter. And I like doing the cruddy work with the smaller, cheaper chain, plus that little saw is a lot easier for the kids to handle if they're helping.
  9. Wow, I've seen a few photos of the H model but had no idea there was great color footage of it. Thanks for the share.
  10. Younkin's routine in the Beech 18 never gets old, it's especially gorgeous at night.
  11. Have been doing a little research into sawmills myself. I doubt there is really a bad saw on the market, but this one that doesn't have much of a national brand name really intrigues me. Sure seems to be a lot of capability for the price, and there's a lot of farmer-brain common sense features on them. http://www.ezboardwalk.com/home
  12. Yep, later variants of the P-38 fixed the high altitude problems too, but of course by then the P-47 had been pretty much perfected and given more range with drop tanks and the Merlin Mustangs were coming online. Made more sense at that point to concentrate Lightnings in the Pacific where twin engines were a major safety bonus for long overwater flights.
  13. Timbo, you need to order this book. Wish you could have had it to share with your uncle, but there were very minimal injuries to those on the ground when the food was being dropped. https://smile.amazon.com/Operation-Chowhound-Glorious-Bomber-Mission/dp/113727963X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=266LFJESXWALO&dchild=1&keywords=operation+chowhound&qid=1610692624&sprefix=operation+chowhound%2Caps%2C275&sr=8-1
  14. Gosh, I'm glad you linked that, I was gong to go dig it up this morning but ended up having to bug out and leave the computer. It's not even that they switched to 454s because the Buick motors went out of production, but that they were sending people out to buy those engines from junkyards and ran out of wrecked Buicks that had salvageable engines.
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