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  1. Guess I never really understood the point of them either, but there must have been some sort of legitimate reason for IH to make tooling and think they would sell some.
  2. Couldn't even tell you the last time I had cold cereal. Yuck.
  3. There is nothing fun about carting with anything that has a TA, and I can't imagine anything fun about doing it with a 4166. (And I've done it with a 1086 and a 6788.) Now if you want to make yanking a grain cart fun, it looks like this.
  4. Some time ago when we used 66s for main field tractors, we had a very early white cab 966, a red cab 1066, and a late black stripe 1066. We had good foam, cowl covers, pedal boots, and some added insulation- and there was no appreciable difference inside any of them under load. You just can't cure all of the stuff that comes into those cabs from the steering pedestal and the top of the transmission housing that you sit on, with no actual firewalls like what came along later.
  5. This is NOT pilot error, and not faked- thought some of you might enjoy the Blue Angels' opposing solo executing his low transition during a practice at El Centro yesterday. You can search youtube for "Mkblues1" if you want to see videos from there during winter training, this is from about the 20 minute mark of the one dated 2/7/2020. The guy on the ladder is Mkblues1, it knocked him down....
  6. He sounds more like the sort who would wish for a Corn Belt halftime show, a bunch of 350 pound+ women in sweat pants riding around on Walmart scooters....
  7. Especially with that godawful semi-mounted planter. Used to run one of those on a 1066 for a while and I'd rather be beaten with a rubber hose than have to do that again...
  8. Seeing that Sasquatch in the vertical never gets old. Have to be a little crazy to come up with the idea of a jet biplane, but is sure is impressive.
  9. Fill 'er up! How about some naval fighter photos from Oshkosh last summer?
  10. Somewhat of a tangent, but here's a cool link involving B-17 history with with a new paint scheme on a current USAF F-15C that some of you might enjoy. https://taskandpurpose.com/f15-wwii-paint-job-honors-medal-of-honor-hero?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EBB+01.28.20&utm_term=Editorial+-+Early+Bird+Brief&fbclid=IwAR1iMZAqhXKCWUgMnh3wyIiS9p6nmhlxFYnUb2HN8wt-MafpdnDUoIf1bT8
  11. Or go bigger, and bring all your friends!
  12. Just saw 1917 yesterday, and have to admit I didn't notice the tractors- but there's so much to see. I'm probably going to go back and watch it again in the next week or two. For anybody wondering, yes it IS that good of a film. And go see it on the big screen, this is one that needs to be experienced that way. It's not one to wait around and rent the DVD for.
  13. Sure is impressive, glad you got to experience it too. Pictures and video can't do justice.
  14. You need to think less about just what a drawbar will hold, a 24 row planter without a bunch of extra stuff hanging on it doesn't necessarily pull all that hard in the field- it's in transport when you really need a tractor in front that can control it. Boxcar Magnums are fine for what they are, but in this day and age would not be my choice for a large planter. MX230 would be my budget tractor pick for that planter, the MX chassis is just better balanced for load carrying and so much nicer for anything to do with 30" rows. Or, as mentioned above the small frame articulated tractors would be a great fit as well.
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