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  1. Drying hay using wire by hanging grass a system used in Northern European countries like Sweden and Norway but also used for many decades in Countries like Switzerland and Germany, Austria. The idea was to make high quality hay even if the weather was rainy or mostly overcast
  2. U-C

    SP Seed Drill

    could be but its all Hydrostatic drive so I reckon not much can break in that area
  3. Well the heating system I am familiar with from the old country was the wood heating bread oven that also heated the water boiler in the over 400 year old farmhouse, but new heating system one of em is using chopped wood chopped with one of them wood choppers, similar to a pellet heater. If ya'r looking for a wood stove and or a wood stove and electric oven combo or just a high quality bread oven then I would recomment the Swiss Schenk Ofenfabrik AG. but would have to email them if they export any to North America. Some tech god copied from North America then improved on lol
  4. a Swiss shop made this
  5. U-C

    SP Seed Drill

    Custom operator in Switzerland build this unit
  6. I have been watching ya'r channel a while now and keep them videos coming
  7. Mower used is a AEBI model CC 46 which is the successor model of the AEBI AM 41
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