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  1. somewhere the tech started, these bales where likely sold to the army or stagecoches, and delivery companies in the olden days
  2. Seen a MF 65 for sale at the local auction and was wondering was this model a good one and what are the bad points on it. This one has a Diesel and multipower.
  3. that is what does things that he put in them screws he had put back in most times one wouldn't of used a tractor back then unless it was pulling out lumber from the forests
  4. Starting the Green machine well rusty but was green lol
  5. that is because they where shipped to Neuss before to other places in Germany, Holland and etc. Maybe depended on the model though or the engine was a German made one
  6. most of the New Holland round balers we had had the Racine tag on them
  7. A youtuber in Switzerland or some place in German speaking Europe says this is a IHC scout but I think the dude made a mistake, now I am no expert when it comes to IHC Trucks! I commented on his video and told him its not a scout, the model is a 1310
  8. the second part is missing but it plays in the city so not as interesting lol
  9. Heidi TV Series from 1978 Part 1, seems like the English or even the German Versions never seem to last long on youtube so if ya can I would binch watch the series Enjoy it was filmed in Switzerland
  10. as a Kid I saw the BBC TV series of Chronicles of Narnia, its on youtube now not bad for the time when it was made. Sci-fi depends which series or when it was made. Star Trek for example was a good series till they W..k it all up. There is a German series made at the same time as the Original Star Trek series called Space Patrol the Fantastic adventures of the Space ship orion. For a Series that only had 7 episodes and far lower budget then Star Trek had it was well made.
  11. This Swiss made Movie from 1952 Heidi dubbed into english Heidi (1952) English Divx 480w : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Fun fact Praesens Film planed to make a Heidi movie back in the 1930s but when the Shirley Temple version come out from Hollywood they put the movie plan on hold, then in the late 40s early 50s the film company was struggling fianencially and then they decided to make that movie which was a great success they also made a sequel however can't find a english dubbed version.
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