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  1. The Actor Bobby Diamond that played Joey passed away in 2019 this panel was from 2011
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    Some Cool Stuff

    that is a good question, I have seen a pic or short video what they did in the Alps when folks still grew crops on those terrences or side hills every spring or so some of the dirt from below would be moved to the top furrow I think they did that back in the day too. And maybe that is the reason why they plow at an angle uphill, before winches and hill side plows folks used hand tools to turn that soil over.
  3. The White 2-105 we had was our main tillage tractor from 1997 to 2004 and baling tractor around that time and almost another 6 or 8 years after that. Then came the 4430 Deere sure when it came for more kick it has more then the White had but one has to refuel that thing a bit more then the White. One negative thing was the AC never worked but with the door and rear window out and the side windows open it was for more airy then when the AC of the 4430 didn't work lol
  4. U-C

    Some Cool Stuff

    One and Only Wetmore tractor
  5. I think our White 2-105 that we had did drive a bit faster after it got a newer engine after the old one used to much oil from a MF combine.
  6. the trailer that is used loading hay was also made by Hurlimann, the company made them for a number of years in the 1930s
  7. The old 73 year old in the thumbnail is or was the father of Hans Hurlimann, Hans Hurlimann was born on a farm in 1901
  8. If only White hadn't killed the Oliver corporate tractor with its revolutionary transmission
  9. The Oliver CVT tractor that never went into production
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