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  1. If only White hadn't killed the Oliver corporate tractor with its revolutionary transmission
  2. The Oliver CVT tractor that never went into production
  3. I sometimes wondered about that, I always thought they might of wanted to use up a large inventory of MM engines they still had around. Isn't it the White 2270 that came before the 2-150 its like they just changed the sheet metal on that model.
  4. isn't that the model with the Minneapolis Moline Diesel
  5. over the years driving the 2-105 I was able to shift it without it grinding gears into some ranges, by doing double gas with the gas lever and using the two powershift ranges that way it didn't made any noise. also the PTO clutch used paper discs that was another tiny weak point on it. And when ya had to repair the clutch the whole thing had to come out on the other hand sometimes would be nice if that tractor would be made again just like with some of the other brands that made some tough tractors. Just like the New Big Bud that suppossed not having any computers in it.
  6. yes Deutz Allis and later Agco allis used the White rear end and cabs from the Workhorse line. We had a White Field Boss 2-105 2wd that had no hood lights I think it was a early series of em, it was easy on fuel and had the pull kinda more then the tractor that replaced it though. Its brakes where bad and the hydraulic system failed on that tractor and would of been to pricey to have it fixed however wish that we had because I really liked that tractor.
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    family affair mostly I think lol
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