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  1. the remake of the old promo
  2. I remember watching this one back when I was a kid lol
  3. maybe read it on the table in the afternoon instead
  4. we won't have Turkey for dinner at my house lol
  5. Happy Thanksgivin' to all
  6. U-C

    AC 6080

    what I have heard another problem was that it was a banged up tractor using metric and imperial screws. Fiat tractors themselves where a sold tractor but most farms in Europe are smaller then over here in North America
  7. Sadly this model did not go into production it would of been what we kinda have in todays tractors electro hydraulic shifting no clutching. The managers of the Company invited all the dealers down and let them test drive that tractor and they were all in haw and thought with this they could maybe beat some of the bigger names in the tractor field. Behind closed doors they where told they are ending tractor production.
  8. Lobsinger Bros made there last Thresher in 1970 there is an interesting article about that foundry on Farm Collectors magazine
  9. its called a wood gazifier does where made during WW2 but the technology goes back even to WW1. All Swiss tractor makers equiped their tractors with one
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