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    Swiss Folks Music

    In some places I don't know how they did it maybe with a chopper, in other areas they used vehicles to unroll em and then strengh them off ground. Ya might have to rewind the video to see it all
  2. A Schilter tractor Truck or Transporter would do far more work then that EV thingy lol
  3. U-C

    Swiss Folks Music

    old song from the Swiss Peasant Revolt from 1653 with english subtitles the song even holds true today
  4. U-C

    Swiss Folks Music

    This is the Original version of that Song it was first time mentioned in 1741 the oldest texts of the song date back to 1764 When Swiss mercanaries sang this song it would of been a death sentence because it would increase the risk of home sickness for the soldiers that where serving in foreign lands at that time.
  5. Kinda cool to see Big Bud back but will it live up to the old Big BUD legend. I reckon we will have to wait and see
  6. a Documentary film staring James Doohan in 1961 a few years before he got the roll as Scotty in STAR TREK TOS. Made by the National Film Board of Canada
  7. yup looks like it or could even be a Grey Fergie but maybe less likely for the number of Ford N's made
  8. Taters cultivation in Switzerland in the 60s the hills are in the Emmental area of Bern I think.
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