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  1. Well… I’m a nice guy and he’s a nice guy so we’ll just figure out who needs it the most! ?
  2. It’s real nice! I’ve seen it in person! Chris if you ever have the urge to sell it… It’s not that far of a drive to the black line! Then I can take it from there! Lol
  3. Did you pick warm enough weather to do it? ? Looks good!??
  4. That’s exactly what I was doing up until 1978… 656 gas but cutting with a new Holland 461 haybine, still got the job done… Maybe about 4 acres an hour!
  5. Well today was the day! He is now the proud owner taking it home. I escorted him to the ferry to cross the river into his province, but not before stopping for a quick lunch! Smoked meat poutine!
  6. Happy birthday Mike!! Haven’t heard much from you lately...you must be busy like the rest of us! Hope you have a great day!
  7. I’m confused here in Lorenzo. Was your mother coming in to Canada with the fish or was she going back home to the US with the fish?
  8. From what I can tell from the picture I would say it’s a late 78 or early 79 build. It has the larger steps and the rearview mirror is higher on the corner post, I believe they lowered the mirror later in 79.
  9. Happy birthday old tanker! I wish that you ”M”ay have a great day celebrating today! (I know it was lame, but it was the best I could do) lol MTO should be along shortly…
  10. Very nice for sure!?? The only way it could be nicer is if it was a 2 Wheel Drive! ??
  11. Not all fields are that smooth… Some of the land I rent it’s hard to get over 8 miles an hour because it’s just too rough! We are lucky around here that we don’t have many stones, and when I prep a field to be seeded down with hay I make sure that it is very smooth! Here’s a couple of pictures
  12. That part of the field is light sandy soil, The north end of the field is heavy clay so it was a little bit slower and coming up. The rows are 6 inches apart. We had five or six days of +30°C temperatures so it warmed up the ground pretty quick, we haven’t had any rain most of the spring and it’s getting pretty dry now! From what I can tell the hayfields look better than last year, but I won’t know until I get it baled! Hopefully it’s not a repeat of last year, first cut was about 30% of the average yield!
  13. How much are they asking for it?
  14. Doesn’t look too bad except for the damage to the roof! I just bought one back in April, pretty original with 8500 hours on it, I bought it from the second owner who has owned it since about 1990.
  15. I bought this one in 2012 from the second owner, the hour counter said it had 5280 hours when I got it but he said it was changed at either 1200 or 1500 so that means it had somewhere around 65 or 6900 hours on it. It was pretty well all original when I got it, but it’s been a money pit ever since! First problem I had with it was the hydraulic pump, put a reman and had problems again so I put a conversion kit in it and it’s been good ever since. Upgraded the AC with all new lines compressor and even cab fan. Put all new tires on it. Had injection pump and injectors rebuilt. Repainted the cab interior and installed new upholstery, seat, radio, Cab mounts, auxiliary fuel tank straps,auxiliary fuel tank sending unit and main tank sending unit, turn single switch, Oil pressure sending unit. Changed the clutch, pressure plate, fly wheel, rear engine seal and PTO gear Replaced alternator batteries and new battery cables. Seal kit in clutch booster and fixed leaking steering cylinder and new hoses. I’m sure I’m forgetting other things I’ve done to it, now it needs a TA! Someday I will paint it
  16. I’m just trying to help you out! So you can get something done in a day! The sooner you get done your hay the sooner you’ll be out to help me do mine! Oh...by the way bring the discmower! LOL
  17. I tried! I try to do like the Ritchie Brothers auction… To get a commission from the seller and a finders fee from the buyer! but it didn’t work!? I’ll find him a 5500!?
  18. I think the recommended minimum is 70 PTO horsepower. The smallest tractor we ever used on our 8312 was an MX 100 with 85 PTO horsepower, it was fine if you only went eight or so miles per hour.if you want to go 13 miles an hour in very heavy hay crop you’ll need 150 hp to run it. I have used my 86 series tractors on it too, but the tractor the cut the most he has been our 7120 magnum. The biggest issue is to have a heavy or weighted down enough tractor in front of it, to keep the tail from wagging the dog if you know what I mean.
  19. ??‍♂️ 23,847 I know one thing for sure… I do like the IH sign on the grill between the headlights! ????
  20. Awesome job for sure! Are you mentoring him Tony? Or is he mentoring you? LOL One Thing I don’t understand is when does he have time for a girlfriend?
  21. I kind a hope that he doesn’t want to keep it… So that way I can buy it from him, because I really wanted it! But the nice guy that I am I gave him first chance! Yes it does swivel, they are great because the PTO drive line is always straight so you never get any chatter no matter how short you turn! They are also available with three point hitch mount, I prefer the three point hitch mount because you can turn even shorter with them! I have a case IH 8312 with a three point hitch, I really love it! Well he’s been upgrading his hay equipment, He even bought a Kuhn rotary rake! ???? Yes we know you hate him! As soon as the borders open you can come on up and tell him just how much you hate him! Don’t forget his parts!
  22. I too spoke with the guys from Herrs machine when I was at red power round up in Bloomsburg PA, I bought a test kit from them and I had a real good chat with one of the guys, they were awesome to talk to and seem very helpful in answering all my questions! I have three Hydro 186s and a Hydro 84. I love my hydros! The first 186 I bought in 2008 it’s got just over 9900 hours on it now and the Hydro is still as strong as can be! The second one I bought in the fall of 2018 at an auction sale it has just over 2000 original hours on it! The third one I bought in the spring of 2019, it has a turbo, auxiliary fuel tank and four remote valves, I don’t really know how many hours it has because the guy I bought it from was about the third owner. The Hydro is a little bit weak on that one, but for now it is fine as long as I don’t pull too hard with it. My Hydro 84 I bought it with a week Hydro, it is fine for a stationary tractor or to move equipment around the yard which is all I do with it. Here are some pictures.
  23. That tractor is the typical jockey BS story! I went to look at the tractor at the end of March 2020, it was a 6 1/2 hour drive from my place (East of Quebec City) That tractor has over 17,000 hours, the top of the cab roof was Totally rusted out and they put an aluminum plate on it, At the back of the cab roof above the filter box I was able to put my finger through the rust. The Hydro was weak and didn’t take much to make it slip once it warmed up, one brake was sticking on, one hub was cracked, and one of the three point hitch arms was not an international original, and most of the lights didn’t work on it either. It had a reman engine in it with about 3000 hours on it. It spent most of its life on a mixer wagon to feed the Dairyherd. They bought it used in 1990. I offered them $8000 for it but they refused, they said they wouldn’t let it go for anything less than $10,000, so I drove home without it!
  24. So a buddy of mine (forum member hot plug) has been looking for a disc-mower conditioner to cut hay, a while ago he sold his new Holland 488 haybine so he was starting to get stressed because hay season is coming up fast! He was looking for a 9 foot cut, I was texting him lots of links of disc mowers for sale. but they were all either too far away and or too expensive for him! (cheap ba$t@rd) ?. So couple of weeks ago we went to look at one about an hour away but it was in pretty rough shape and the guy was asking too much money HP made him an offer but he refused! (Or at least his wife refused the offer) ? I told him about one that was about 40 minutes away from me, he said it was way too big and way too expensive!? I told him I was going to go look at it anyways, (without him because he’s just so busy) he said go ahead and waste your time! I knew the guy who had it for sale so I gave him a call and made an appointment with him to go look at it. It was an Agco (Hesston) 3312, when I got there and looked over the machine it was in really nice condition hardly a scratch on it, he bought it in 2004 or 5 he couldn’t remember but it only cut about 300 acres a year. I told him I have a buddy that was interested in it, but if he didn’t take it I am very interested in it too! I made him an offer for 3000 less than he was asking, and he excepted that. So I texted pictures of it to HP and told him what he would have to pay for it… He said that was double my budget! ?I told him to buy it and if he didn’t fall in love with it or thought it was too big I would buy it from him when he gets done with it,I told him that way he would at least have something to cut his hay with this summer! So today HP and I went to look at it and he decided to buy it! I told him congratulations and welcome to the 21st-century of hay cutting! I told him I could load it on my float and truck it to his place, but he said he will drag it home behind his pick up next weekend.??‍♂️ So this is the third machine I have found him in a year, last year about this time I found him a small square baler and last fall I found him a 5088 mfwd, I trucked both of them to his place for him so he knows how “inexpensive“ the trucking is…?? Here is some pictures.
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