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  1. New spin on the old doodlebug tractor..
  2. Heck of a good deal. Ridiculous what they want to run power lines now. There is a move to either pipelines or solar. Don't think windmills will ever be totally replaced but there are less and less of them every year.
  3. Yup, they are kept in good working order. Motors rebuilt when needed. Blades, braces, tail, any crack welded up. Keep leathers on hand. Water is king in the Sandhills, have to have it. Keep tanks full even if no cows, they are a water source for fighting grass fires. Thirty foot tanks don't get dug out as often as when my boys where home😪😆
  4. Boy, next time I am hiring you Lorenzo. I hired a local guy (with a reputation as a philanderer) Think he is used to jumping out windows😲 😆
  5. Still just a rumor at this point ..........................................................🧐😁
  6. I really like those 3w LED's, they are bright and will punch through smoke. I put the red and blue combo's on all our trucks also. (like the ones in your pics) Just ordered this light bar for one of our grass rigs
  7. Although not the fastest or coolest on the list, Mother has a '04 P71 code Crown Vic. It is a real fun little car to drive. The little v8 really screams and at speed, the stiff suspension handles the curves like running on rails. It is the only car we have ever owned in our married life and was thinking of trading up to a Charger with the "highway pursuit" package but probably better not😁
  8. The buddy seat idea in older tractors is a pretty popular subject.
  9. sandhiller


    Was going to say your solution was to bring it down here cuz it never rains😪 But we got .45" tonight woohoo😄
  10. If we can't stop this train wreck, it will be the future. I am optimistic, gotta be to keep my sanity. We have to put our foot down on these idiots.
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