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  1. I got hired one time to "go get every pivot around once" on a ten circle deal. I was a dumb kid, didn't catch on till the Federal Crop cops showed up and asked me WTH I was doing. They were damn intimidating till they figured out I was a innocent in the deal. Then they were funny as **** with a good sense of humor. They knew they had their guy dead to rights. Guy rented the pivots, planted bin run corn and wanted pivot tracks to make it look like he tried to raise a crop then collect from Federal Crop ins. Guy wound up going to prison and I was a bit wiser 😄
  2. Not too late. It has fell back to page 3 I would use that pic to bring the thread back to page one😃
  3. I know that look....... It's the "Let's go through the Dairy Queen drive through because they give out doggy sized ice cream cones" .........look😄
  4. Did you find anything written from the guy that shingled it last? I found a note on the shop roof I did, just name and date. When I reshingled the barn roof I left my name and date and something about cattle prices and maybe something else. The job was hard on my back more than anything. IIRC I rigged up a rope and pulley tied to the roof peak with a big padded cinch for a butt sling. I could adjust it as I moved up and down the roof. Made it a lot more comfortable and not as worried about sliding off the roof.
  5. There is just no reason deal with a breachy and/or mean cow. Too much at stake if you get hurt. Not too surprised Phil took her to town, he never could run very fast and he ain't gettin any faster😂
  6. I'm glad she settled down for you Ray. I am sure this old gal will to. She was just out of her element, now that she is back in her own pasture and once she finds her "girl buddies" she will be fine. If that SOB was siccing his dogs on your cow that is about as low as you can go. He needs a meeting with a 2x4 up along side his head.
  7. Ok boys, I got a story for ya And if I didn't know the story teller I'm not sure I'd believe it. So a neighbor called, he shipped today and had one of Ruth's pairs come in with his. He left em in the corrals, no water, I'm branding tomorrow almost dark Well crap better go get her now. Oh and by the way she is on the fight and will take anybody gets in the pen with her. Good luck! I get over there with about 30 minutes of daylight left. They wasn't lyin, I walked up to the pen and she played the sucker rod and RR tie fence like a Spanish guitar. She wouldn't leave the center of the pen unless it was to chase me out and it was gettin dark. I looked in the back of the pickup for something to go to war with and all I could find was a shovel. She come at me and I made the diggin end ring. She musta liked that sound cuz she stayed close enough to me to play her a song with it. Back outta the pen I went. After all I'm not like the rocket surgeon in the "Play stupid games" thread.🤕 So she's back to the middle of the pen puttin a ton of dirt in the air so out of frustration I threw a shovel full of dirt at her, hit square in the head and she stopped. I thought, hmmmmmm. So I hit her in the head with another shovel full and she took two steps back. Ha, got you now. I am blowing your mind I moved her through the gate out of the pen down the alley way with shovel loads of dirt. She balked at the trailer so I hit her in the azz with another dirt bomb, her and her calf jumped in, I slammed the gate and another successful cowboy story is in the books. Cute little 4H calf she probably was.😆 Don't remember John Wayne using a shovel to move steers in The Cowboys🤠
  8. Like a leather LaZyboy on 24.5's😉
  9. And I apologize if I fired back too quickly and without warrant Touchy subject with me. As sec/treas I know where our money comes from and where it goes down to the penny. And, as if I didn't have enough paperwork I now have to deal with the state auditor. He is fighting corruption in some of the big depts on the east end of the state. To go after them, he has to go after everyone. We operate our FD like our ranches. The most dependable equipment for the least amount of money. We don't look for thanks for what we do but being accused of being reckless with tax dollars is a kick in the gut. It comes up out here every so often and I just tell them "we are a volunteer organization and have room for one more, I'll get you an application." We hold a meeting once a month that is open to the public.
  10. That is a great pic. Good luck with harvest!
  11. We got it for $7000. I got three 1600 gallon tanks donated by a tank manufacturer a few years back. I pulled a trailer to Minnesota to get them. No expense to the district. This truck will put the last of the three into use. We have a pump that was donated to us by another dept to put on it. We will have it on line for under $10K. We will get $12565 from property tax money this year. Out of that, insurance (takes about half), firehall upkeep, electricity, telephone, and the rest goes to maintenance on the trucks and fuel . We are all volunteers, don't take a dime, don't ask for one and in fact pay out of our own pockets for some things just to volunteer our time to run a fire dept. We hold fundraisers also to cover costs. We build, repair and maintain our trucks ourselves. Spend a lot of time away from our jobs and families to do it. It is a job not everyone is willing to do. I think the taxpayers are getting a pretty damn good deal.
  12. We have a 1600 gallon tank on hand for it.
  13. I'll just send him for a canoe ride. They like that😉
  14. It was Crash Rescue Pumper ( from an airport), can't seem to find a pic of it now (yes it was a big ugly yellow). But I converted it to fight grass fires. It was kinda cool and kinda not cool. Driver sat in the middle with room for two to my right and one to my left. We let it go back to the Forest Service when the 8V92 blew. It looked close to this one we used as a town pumper. They were both a lot of fun to drive but a little big and clunky.
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