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  1. I am honored to share a birthday with such a great group of guys! Happy BirthDay everyone. Qc.Can.IH man I tip my hat. Long past the days of partying like that! My boys and girlfriends come home and took me and mother out to the local bar in Cody for steaks and beer. Played pool till we had to go home. I look forward to the day we cross paths and can celebrate our BD together🍻
  2. sandhiller

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    Very sorry for your loss, you're are doing a great thing. Your little Angel is up in Heaven, smiling down on you.
  3. sandhiller

    Dreaded starter button thunk.

    Sorry I didn't state in the OP it is a 656H gasser. Rebuilt starter put on just before I bought it. I ran the flywheel all the way around and at the other two spots, there were some mildly banged up teeth on the starter ring. I cleaned them up with file also. I ran the starter off the tractor and it ran good, no lag no drag, positive engagement. The starter drive gear looked good, just a little polish where the teeth mesh. I felt for wear / play and could find none. Put it back together and started the tractor 5 times. The starter engaged quickly, quietly and spun it over very fast. I dunno, I'm still not happy because I didn't fix anything. I am bothered by the dings on the starter ring teeth. I guess I will pay more attention when I start it from now on and listen for anything unusual. Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it!🏆🍻
  4. sandhiller

    Dreaded starter button thunk.

    Did not know that, good info, thank you!
  5. sandhiller

    Dreaded starter button thunk.

    So, went to start the 656 after the storm, hit the button and THUNK. You know the sound you get when you got a good battery and starter and locked up motor? Took some deep breaths and prayed for a bad spot on the teeth on the flywheel. Pulled the starter and prayers answered!!! In the next day or so will get to work with a file and emory cloth. Breathing easier, thank you Lord!!! Promise not to ask for any more favors for a while😅😙
  6. sandhiller

    Do you Gnuse?

    Ha, ha I don't ka-now neither, gonna go with Ga-Nuse, I'm with ya on it😂 Nope, no Ga-Nuse is BAD G-News😂 See a lot of them come up on big iron, all sizes. They must have sold a boat load of them in the day!
  7. sandhiller

    Do you Gnuse?

  8. sandhiller

    The cattle thread

    I'm afraid it's not only Hosteins that have those moments. Here is a 2 yo Angus bull. I had to cut the leg on the caker with a hacksaw to get him out.
  9. sandhiller

    An old tool

    Very cool, never seen anything like it!
  10. sandhiller

    Do you Gnuse?

    Snow is a necessary evil, it keeps the sand from blowing over the winter and these late spring snows give the grass a good start going into summer. We really depend on them even though they can cause a lot of heartache if during calving. A single cylinder, I'll snap a picture tomorrow. A full bucket will make the front end awful light on the 966. The dozer blade balances it out nicely tho.
  11. sandhiller

    New Zealand

    Mike, thanks for the update. So sorry your beautiful little country has been drug into this undesirable facet of modern civilization.