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  1. I've traveled farther for less. Probably haul it myself. Tempting, as the front axle doesn't scare me and would love to have a 186. Neighbors expect me to come up with stuff like that anyway 😁 Way back before everyone had FWA tractors, that was not an uncommon fix/solution/option in my neck of the woods.
  2. retirement, vacation, those words are foreign to me. Bonus is a day I don't break anything. 😁
  3. REminds me of the one East of Atkinson NE. They put a lot of steam in the air. Is that one lit up like a Christmas tree also??? The one at Atkinson has lights everywhere. Hate to be the guy in charge of changing bulbs.
  4. Heavy duty timer set about 4 hours before. Only use one 1250w (maybe they are 1500w, been so long since I replaced one don't remember wattage) heater. If I need it in a hurry will use both heaters.
  5. Guess they have cats worldwide πŸ€”πŸ˜
  6. Another use for dump rakes. Around here we winter graze. Pastures are left for winter range. Some will mow the heaviest grass, rake into windrows then drive up and down the windrows dropping the rake until they have a reasonable sized pile then dump. Reason they do this is, if it snows, the cows can find the pile and eat into it. Instead of bunching, some will leave small squares or half sized BRB's. The old AC rotobalers used to be popular for this but don't know anyone still running one today.
  7. Guess I'm a bad holiday observer. I didn't realize, till I read DT's post, sorry MLK. Just normal cattle care, weather is great and very little snow cover so just cake and chop ice for the cows and pairs. Then going in to work on fire trucks. Swap 8 of the 10 tires on our M818, put in new batteries, seems like there is always a list of little things needs done to some others I have fuel to haul tonight but I may just decide to have a few with the boys after we are done and sit around and bs instead of going in the truck tonight. I ran over the weekend and things are slowing down a bit so..... The January ho hums or doldrums, never could remember what they are called. Kinda nice to have a day off every once in a while. Thanks MLK πŸ˜€
  8. A person's character can be seen in the friends he keeps. I am sorry for your loss Mark.
  9. I met Gordon Kosch when we exhibited next to each other at Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island NE. (kind of a big farm show). As president and owner of Kosch MFG, he was the nicest and most down to earth guy. When I still ran his mowers I would call occasionally just to bs. Always took my call and was enjoyable to visit with. If I was ever to go back to bar mowers it would be a tough call between Kosch and Rowse. Both good companies with good products run by good people.
  10. I use a H&S V rake now but still have my old 36' Rowse dump rake. We get a lot of dust devil's that will destroy raked up windrows. If it's bad enough I will pull it out and "scatter rake". Can pick up a few more bales that would have been otherwise lost. I loved to rake when we stacked hay. And like Dale said it is an art to rake up good straight even windrows. And when turning at the end of a meadow to get the end of a 42' dump rake within a foot of the fence when it is going about 50 mph. I've fixed my share of fence and broke posts😁
  11. One of the most important jobs as well as dirtiest was topping the stack. If you used a loader as Lazy WP you could go around the cage and get a good even stack with a good top that way. If you used a stacker it would dump the hay on one side somewhat. A man in the cage would spread the hay around, especially during the last few loads making a nice even round top that would shed water quite well. This poor soul would get hay, dirt, small critters and snakes dumped on him. After a while we got a hydrafork which is kind of like a long skinny knuckle boom with a grapple on the end. Now a guy could sit up high outside the cage and place the hay without having to be in the cage. BIG improvement. We took a lot of pride in bringing even sweeploads of hay and putting up a nice straight well topped stack that would withstand strong winds and shed water.
  12. If you had one, you usually had at least three (for parts)😁 I've seen tree rows with up to six lined up in various stages of robbery πŸ˜‚
  13. Let me see, Oui was a magazine in the 70's 80's that I bought just for the articlesπŸ™„ And wee makes me think of Am i huntin' I'm the right brush patch?
  14. Anybody remember Haybusters? They were fairly popular when we came to Cherry Co in the late 80's although BRB's were pushing them out.
  15. So, i assume something bad enough wrong with it, not worth fixing??? I'm with Lazy WP, would be great to have around. I'm thinking of digging out bottomless stock tanks since all three of my shovel operators left home. πŸ˜€
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