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  1. Ol' Marley looks like real fine help😀 I don't even want to think about fencing but it is coming up soon!
  2. Same in NC Nebr. I would say over half the farmers had 20 to 50 cows. Now don't know anyone. In HS, I would go help my best friend milk before we could go out Saturday night. Thought nothing of it. Good times. There was a cheese plant in Orchard Ne that took most everyone's milk.
  3. Well, finally couldn't wait any longer. Pulled old "Sue" (bought it in Sioux City, remember the song?) out of mothballs and got back on the road tonight! Good to get behind the N14 red top again. Got four loads ahead of me, hope the old girl holds up. One load down😀 Snowball should have a new clutch by end of week🤞🤞🤞
  4. Happy birthday 🎂 guys, hope you had a great one😀
  5. Blacker the better. Old dirty grease works well too.
  6. Yeah, I kinda can see a 52990, that third digit is a tough one. I wouldn't bet the ranch on any number right now.😁 If I was bettin' somebody else's money, I'd go with a "3".😄
  7. Sad, sad day when your last gate opener grows up and moves away😪 😁
  8. sandhiller

    Know what?

    I was saving this one, but when April 1st rolled around, I just wasn't really in the mood for it. OT put it in the joke thread a couple days later.
  9. From one angle I see 5 2 4 9 0 Another angle I see 5 2 3 9 0
  10. Never thought of doing that. I have bats in my barn (not just belfry😜). They live up behind the track on my sliding door. Looking forward to summer when they come out at night and eat bugs flying around the yard light. When I first moved here and went around the fence for the first time, I found someone had placed a bean can upside down on a fence post down in the canyons. Thought it was odd and lifted the can off the post. Bats! There were about 5 of them living up in there. Quickly set the can back down before they flew away. I check on them every year when I walk that fence. Not sure what kind they are, kinda brownish/reddish/tanish colored.
  11. Stay strong, stay positive, help others when you can and remember😃
  12. Looks very sharp, nice work!!! They used to have a hit an miss exhibit at the Bassett Ranch Exp. Loved hearing those motors run during the show. A friend and neighbor had one on a standby generator when he bought the ranch. The motor runs but the new guy that bought the feed store was a licensed electrician and is rebuilding the generator. Might have to get some more information or pictures next time I go to town. It is a big and heavy old bugger, that I know. I helped him him get it out of the generator shed when he replaced it with a new Generac.
  13. We have been doing these things for years. When you live 60 miles from a town with services, this is common. Also, some implement dealers have a drop off box outside the feed store in Cody. Call them during the day and they will run a pickup after they close to drop off parts in the box. (this works if you don't absolutely have to have it now of course) An old neighbor of mine would never go to town until he had 4 separate stops to make.
  14. Thank you for coming onto the forum Laurie. As you've read in the previous posts, your uncle meant a great deal to all of on here. His experiences and memories were priceless and enjoyed and admired by all. I learned so much from him. My condolences to you and the family.
  15. Yup remember it well from the small pox vaccination, left a blister that scarred over mine is faded too but it looked like this
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