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  1. sandhiller

    Hydrostatic driven Farm Vehicles

    Thank you, it was quite a step up from my '53 SM with Dual loader.
  2. sandhiller

    Little chilly outside tonight.

    Way too early for that white stuff!! We went from a high of 91 yesterday to a forecast high of 61 today and maybe getting down in the 30's at night this week. I think fall is here.
  3. sandhiller

    Hydrostatic driven Farm Vehicles

    I have a Hesston 6650 swather with Perkins dsl and 16' header and a 656 Hydro loader tractor that also pulls a rake in the hay field. I like the smaller size to get around in the corrals and the hydro is just handier and can creep along at very slow speeds when needed.
  4. sandhiller

    More Dean Koontz Quotes

    not sure if this is relevant runner, but it seems like the farther away we get from Christianity and the way we were raised, people try to make sense of evil and it is simply evil and we shouldn't be ashamed for calling it out and fighting against it.
  5. sandhiller

    Why Indians rode Appaloosa into battle

    married one that wouldn't bite kick or throw me off. Oh, and didn't own an Appy
  6. sandhiller

    New joke

    I sent all my information in to one of the ancestry sites to see if they could research my family tree. They sent me back a packet of seeds and suggested I start over.
  7. sandhiller

    Why Indians rode Appaloosa into battle

    I once had a girlfriend with an appaloosa horse. I let them both go for the exact reasons you stated above.
  8. sandhiller

    Saw this pulling into Home Depot

    On the old 2cycle Detroits, I was always told to slam your hand in the door and hit your shin on the way up and you were in the right mindset to drive them like they needed to be driven. Back in the 70's a custom harvester friend of mine had all IHC coe's with 855 Cummins and 13sp for his straight trucks. Cut from Havre MT to Oklahoma. They were fun to drive back then but as has been said, it sure is nice to drive the more modern trucks now. So much quieter and the ride is better than any of my pickups. If you have a decent COE around here now it is a good time to sell as prices are fairly strong.
  9. sandhiller

    Bee's nest in gun barrel.

    Paper wasps here, in the fall they will start making nests in every small hole they can find in the shop. If I can get air to the hole it sounds about like a BB gun going off when it comes out the other side or have to use oring pick or wire to clean out of blind holes, no way to stop them everywhere, just deal with them when they do. As far as rifle in my Ranger, it is in a soft case in the back window behind the seat belts, keeps the bbl clear and dust off the rest of the rifle.
  10. sandhiller

    Seed corn signs

    I'm sure you farmers see these all the time and it is advertising for the companies to sell you their latest best varieties, but in grass country they just want is poor dumb ranchers to know it is CORN!
  11. sandhiller

    What happened to Farmall H and M values?

    '53 SM, ps, live hyd, add on 3pt for bale fork to add rear wt. Dual 300 loader all put together for $2500. Not as nice as the new shiny stuff but I get a lot of work done with it. How far does $2500 get you? Maybe not your #1 high private, but as a backup loader/rake/chore tractor, nice to have around. Not seein' a lot of love here. Alright flame away, beat me up, I just felt someone had to stand up for the old girls who helped pay for a lot of ranches/farms.
  12. sandhiller

    Plans for Farmall H three point hitch

    Here is one I have on my SM. I use a 2x8 hyd cylinder for the top link. The pic is kinda busy on a phone. Maybe better on computer. I have another one laying around here somewhere but not sure where. If you'd like better pics let me know
  13. sandhiller

    Road Construction

    Another reason is to control the speed of the people driving by equipment and men working maybe five feet away from you. I know after the pilot car pulls off, it looks like a running start to the Indy 500 with everyone passing everyone else trying to get in the lead making up that maybe 15 minutes they lost.
  14. sandhiller

    Road Construction

    So I'm driving down the road one day and come up on "slow down, road construction ahead", stop in a line of cars and wait for the pilot car. It finally comes from the other way and we get to go. As I'm driving I notice there is no construction equipment, state pickups or anything on the side of the road. We went maybe a mile where the pilot car pulled off at the next flagger and went on our way. So, we got a complete flagger/pilot car set up with absolutely no road construction crew! So, was this flagger/pilot car school? Did these people screw up at their last assignment and were banished to middle of nowhere highway 83 in some sort of purgatory? Somewhere was there a road construction crew w/o a flagger crew? The next day they were gone with no sign they had ever been there. Am I not getting enough sleep? Anyway, I agree with those above, if I'm first in line, I will visit with them and offer a bottle of water or coffee. Met some really nice people and I would not want their job!