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  1. Leather and I suppose upholstery too. Damn, I wish I could find that fruitloop that has my good one. If I get a chance I will go clean this one up and see if I can find make and model.
  2. Was it James Arness and Dennis Weaver in Gunsmoke, all time favorite. A young Clint Eastwood in Rawhide was always watched.😎 When I was younger,I used to practice the Chuck Conner's "squint" from the Rifleman...................................... oh heck, I still do, way cool😎😄 Laramie and Death Valley Days (sometimes Ronny Reagan introduces the show) on the Grit Channel on Dish like to have it on in the background when eating dinner or snow days, they have a lot of good old western movies too. Amazing how many actors got their start in those old westerns. Like 560dennis says, 'skipper" was usually a blacksmith and/or bad guy, "professor" was always a bad guy😂 I think the later Hopalong Cassidy series the bad guys would be in a car but Hoppy still chased them down on a horse. 🤪 Then bellied up to the bar for a "sasparilla" 😋 Listen to Radio Classics on Sirius when I'm in the truck. Jimmy Stewart in The Six Shooter, John Dehner in Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel, Fort Laramie
  3. Hmm, dunno. I just run a good solid bead all the way around except for about two inches on the bottom for eye matter drainage. Run my hand around and smash it in good. Hair needs to be dry. If it's wet or real dirty, it won't stick as good. Apologize for telling you stuff you probably already know, just trying to help.
  4. Ever got it on your pants? 😁
  5. Can depend if baldie or brockel(sp). Seen both colors and pink with black speckle.
  6. Get a pair of scissors, cut a circle, voila, pinkeye patch. The missus doesn't trust me with scissors (I keep wanting to run with 'em) otherwise i think even I could do it😄😂
  7. Wife makes her own patches out of old blue jeans. Size to fit!
  8. Not sure what the vets are like there. Here "scrip" is just something vet has to have on file I think. I have bought Micotil and Draxxin recently and nothing was asked for on my part anyway. If I'm in a hurry and want something scrip from the feed store (2hrs closer than the vet) , they will call my vet and he will ok over the phone. Don't know what happens after that as far as any paperwork is concerned. I have had good luck with Zuprevo for pinkeye but ultra expensive, like $1200 for 250ml bottle. (10cc dose for cow size critter) Eye patch best thing for pinkeye and maybe some Terramycin powder, LA200 used to be good also but haven't used it for awhile.
  9. Cody Kilgore Cowboys lost their bid for the State 6 man title with a loss in the semi-finals (their first of the season) to the McCool Junction Mustangs. Forget what you see in the news. These young men are the real role models. I'm proud of them all! This shot was taken after the game not sure who wrote the text below photo. This was the perfect ending to one of the most spectacular football games I've witnessed. A small ranching community and a small farming community square off in the middle of God's amazing handiwork, the Nebraska Sandhills. Both Communities have much to be proud of on their young men they are raising along with their coaches. All Glory is given to God. Congratulations Cody Kilgore Cowboys and McCool Junction Mustangs for great seasons. There is much here our communities have been blessed with.
  10. Not quite sure which situation you are talking about with the "quad machines"???. If you are talking about trying get cows across river or bridge, a dog, no matter how good he was would have cattle scattered through fences and into the trees in the background in the pic up and down the river. Rough country, not a nice big open pasture like in the video. The dog in the video did a **** of a job gathering yearlings, no argument. I don't like running cattle however. "Slow is fast". Given time I would have got them by myself however I was out of time as cows were out of grass and causing trouble. Swallowed my pride and asked for help.
  11. I will trade you 1 packrat for TEN mice. B*st*rds are winning the war at home. Won't eat poison and mice get peanut butter licked off rat traps. Tried the smaller live traps, got trail cam of mice stealing bait out of them. The packrats will empty the cake out of one 50# pound sack on the bottom by the time I get the ton fed. Bout 4 days. Will be feeding 650# a day come Dec 1st so will be bringing 3 ton home at a time. Guy where wife works, traps feral cats around town and we've turned out 7 in the barn so far. Haven't seen any sign of them. Think the rats are running them off. Just need one good bada$$ed hunter. In the meantime I did this. They could climb up the bbls when laying on their side. If they climb up this I'm going to either buy shipping container or a cake bin.
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