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  1. Wife drives through Ted Turner's Fawn Lake Ranch on the way to see one her patients. She snapped this today.
  2. If you can walk up to the animal, make your imaginary X and hit that spot. I have never had to use more than my Ruger MKII And I will throw in another attaboy for checking up on the situation. I go by more than a few drug busts and many regular stops on HWY 83 at night in the truck. Often wonder if one of these times I will come up on one gone bad. Conceal carry for a reason and hope to never have to use it.
  3. sandhiller

    52 days

    Glad you were able to bring her home Prayers for continued, speedy and complete recovery.
  4. I have tried a lot of different brands over the years. Some that people here just love, did not work for me. Some that I really like but can't get any more. The tire I buy for my dually and 3/4 ton is the Firestone Transforce AT. Good combination of traction on snow and ice, sand and good wear on pavement(usually 50 to 60 thousand miles). Quiet and good riding tire. Run 60# of air in the F250 and 65 rear 70 front on the dually.
  5. I shot trap as a youngster with a Western Field Pump 20ga. Later on I inherited dad's Ithaca SKB. It is not the fanciest but maybe the fanciest I own. It will be passed on down to my boys as one of the family firearms i will not sell Only shoot on special occasions now, last time was during youngest son's stag party before he got married.
  6. Wifey said I was fairly well behaved at the docs today 😄 so she took me to Cabela's in Rapid. In an effort to improve bilateral relations between this old codger and a fine upstanding Marlin loving New Zoolander. I went into the used gun room looking for a lever. The only one they had was an honest old 1894 in 30WCF (1901 mfg) that I just didn't feel lived up to the lowest price they were willing to take. They had a few M-1's but no IHC mfg so prices I felt was a bit rich also. In an effort to get me outta there and I think noticing my brides pleading eyes to get us on the road ahead of the weather. They cut me a deal on this very clean and well cared for Benelli M2. It shoulders beautifully and the action is butter smooth. I know it isn't your true passion Mike but maybe you will appreciate this better than the "plastic Lego guns" that I sometimes put to work.🤠span widget
  7. And this right here is why I throw gimpy legged frogs in the water. It is a meal 'OL Mr Newman from New Zooland just can't resist. And although his discourse would be at home with his slippers on in any conversation of the educated elite.............................. It is a pure diamond on a old tractor forum Thank you for comin' through Michael😃 I see you have other posts but I am off to the beautiful Black Hills of SD to get my back poked and prodded upon. Will catch up later
  8. It's all in good fun Just chummin the waters a bit😄 He has a very unique way of dropping words on a page that always makes me smile 😊
  9. Always thought these shotties were pretty cool. I have my grandpa's field grade. But if I tried to load and shoot as fast as this young lady. I would have eight bloody stumps for fingers😄 I know I just kicked the door open for a certain ******** *** **** ***** ************ *** who likes the old ratchet action boom sticks in obsolete calibres ( I even spelt it wrong just so you didn't have to struggle through the reading part even though I think you stopped at the video Mike ) Oops, gave it away☹️. 😄☺️🤠
  10. In my quite less than overpopulated spot on a map, there would be no one left to do business with😄 Seth, I sold a balebed to a "kept" man one time. He made me pay with petty bs and whining the entire time he owned it. When it came time for a new one, I politely declined to give him a price quote. Best sale I ever lost😅
  11. All the caps I got on the program many many years ago were black also. Never bothered me but I guess you can rattle can them if you have a mind to.
  12. I prefer Whitetails here because they spend more time in a corn field whereas the Muleys spend more time out in the hills on grass. It is a rough rule, not 100%
  13. Aerodynamic truck and fuel tanker trailer, wind still raises **** with me more than anything.
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