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  1. I bought this socket set to keep in my Polaris Ranger Stanley brand And evidently the rocket surgeon that designed it doesn't think we use 3/4 any more😳 At first I was a bit W T F ish Then just had to laugh I just took the 13/16 out and dropped a 3/4 in its place so all is good. But jeebuz, no 3/4 really? 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Hope the sun comes out today and anyone left gets out and gets home in good shape Safe travels everyone!
  3. Nope, me either. Hope they start the crack of We got heat coming as it's humid as all get out.
  4. This SE SD, Marion I believe. Hopefully will drop down into the Missouri instead of going east
  5. Maybe better sleep on top of it! In all seriousness, be safe and wish you all safe passage back home. Especially those with equipment or other displays
  6. The boy bout thirty miles west of me got a good rain today
  7. You dont give Pendleton Give em Old Crow🥴
  8. When the squirrels raise havoc around here I drag out the squirrel o matic 2000 😂
  9. I'm all for shootin' but if you are in a situation where you can't Set out a pan of whiskey soaked corn or other grain. You can then walk around and pick them up when they are too drunk to fly. But then you got a drunk pigeon on yer hands...............................😂
  10. Be the first one on your block with an igloo built out of stoves washers and dryers. Use it as a guest house for relatives that bring you crap. Modern problems require modern solutions!😉😄
  11. The Boys are waitin to go to the dance And the Girls are ready
  12. I see the Little Sioux is a foot over flood stage. And flood warnings all around Spencer Haven't heard anybody talk about it so assume it is a non issue?
  13. Gotta know the super secret handshake😄
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