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  1. sandhiller


    i just looked it up Sold in Wisconsin only Spotted Cow Nobody liked Fat Squirrels I guess as it's discontinued But you can still get Two Women............UFF DAA!!!
  2. They sell a lot out here. I have bought a Ford pu, a Dodge pu and a Durango from them. Been very honest with us. Will describe any flaws and take any pics you want. Will deliver with right of refusal by customer. They gave me a week to decide if I was happy with them I was and still am. I would buy from them again no hesitation.
  3. Spark from exhaust, bearing, metal on metal movement in the processor, just like to stay out of the pastures when conditions are like they are today. I may very well have to go fight fire somewhere today. Do not want to go to one I accidentally started.
  4. Grandpa alway put coffee grounds behind the chicken house for his "fish worm bed" Did it help??? When we stuck the tater fork in the ground It always come up with red wigglers!
  5. The fire at Stapleton was caused by kids and fireworks, they caught em and are considering charges. Right now we have a burn ban on and with it comes the ability to press charges. In my area I have never heard of anyone being held liable for causing a fire through negligence. But as more fires cause more damage the subject is being brought up more often. I would think insurance companies would be the main push for this and it will basically end up them suing each other as most folks do not have the funds to pay for the huge costs associated with a wild fire. We are under Red Flag warning again today until 5pm and it is going to be a long day listening and hoping a page doesn't come over the radio. I didn't even take my bale processor out to feed cows today as wind was already 28 gusting to 40 at 6:30 this morning. It is supposed to go down under 10 around dark and I will feed then.
  6. I hadn't thought about that but have noticed how many times a redpower thread will pop up when I google a problem That is how I found this site, much to my happiness and everyone else's dismay😄
  7. Oh, and an anomaly in Nebraska maybe. When I bought my 7 bale inline GN hay trailer I asked for a Manufacturers Cert of Origin so I could license it. Salesman looked at me like I had three heads, said don't need to license it. So I haven't, It must be 40' long with side marker lights and running, stop and turn lights. I have never been stopped so
  8. I'm all for giving out free passes until I come up on one at night, the trailer with no lights (and no relective tape) covering up the pickup tail lights. And all of a sudden my truck headlights picks up something in front of me........close, going 20 mph slower than me. Then grownup words are bounced around the inside of the cab. Bonus words if he left turns in front of me
  9. You tree tappers are built differnt than us common folk😉😄
  10. Including driver's life saved.....................priceless!
  11. I have no idea of your situation, but if all you have had is processed water, like bottled water, than yeah it is pretty bland Our water out here, filtered down into the Ogallala aquafier comes back up through our wells with an excellent taste and flavor. I think there have even been some attempts to bottle and sell it but maybe to much regulatory red tape and requirements, not sure. Any way, I always take bottled water (out of the tap and house well) with when I am away from home. It is just as good out of any windmill on the place. And as Doug said, your body needs good clean water
  12. I used to drink so much Dew it started hurting my gut. Have one ever so often but don't drink much for pop of any kind Good old well water is best And luckily we sit on top of the best tasting water anywhere, bar none, mic drop🤠
  13. Bunn coffee maker Folgers classic roast For the truck Fill to top of square with coffee Three of these Couple glurgs of this Fill the rest with ice cream Better than any store bought, if your into this kinda thing
  14. Glad you made it down there safe Nick Putting one another's needs ahead of our own is what it's all about. The Lord is smiling down on you today!
  15. Happy Birthday Robert and all celebrating today I hope you all enjoy your special day!
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