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  1. Think that is what I was looking at. Thought the yellow would be better. Only plan on using them in fog and snow. Bet they were heated and bring a hefty price tag.
  2. County was still out working when I come home tonight. Trying to widen bad spots that will drift shut again if the wind picks up like it is supposed to ahead of a warm front. At least they are trying. Highway 20 was starting to finger drift again tonight. County and state budgets are going to be strained. But.....we should have grass this coming summer. Some consolation at least.
  3. Guess I never considered that. You are right I'll bet. Anything that takes operation of the pickup away from me I shut off if there is a button for it.
  4. Wouldn't need three pt. It would get the processor through the drifts to the cows!
  5. Yeah, I ain't a kool kid, just want to see in the fog.......................... I drive the truck mostly at night and nothing pizzes me off more than the super bright lights of today and people that will not dim early enough. These will be aimed hopefully so they do not cause problems for oncoming drivers.
  6. Eating tools I guess. Found them with the last of my mom's stuff. Belonged to my grandma and I remember eating with them as a small boy. Came over with them when they came over hear from Germany about 1920 so have to be well over a hundred years old.
  7. That is what I am trying to get away from is the glare. Hoping yellow, softer light maybe would not glare so much. Mainly need the bulb to make heat to keep the lenses melted off. I saw a chart one time that measured lights in Kelvins? and told which ones were better for fog, etc.
  8. Would be the cats meeeooow!😄
  9. I really like the LED headlights I put on the Pete but wondered what they would be like in freezing fog or wet sticky snow. The other night I found out, not good. So I have been looking around for some halogen (create heat to melt lens) for the grill guard. For those that know lights, what do you think of these or what do you use? These are about 80 bucks for a pair from Summit https://www.summitracing.com/parts/HLA-005750512
  10. Dont think you would be any happier up here Nick. This was the Y south of Valentine Saturday night. Good Samaritan driver tried to help pull him out with no luck Took a tow truck And I am sure you recognize this road, highway cam today. And intersection Probably could make that corner in your sleep 😴😉 I held off going after fuel one more day. Temps in the 30's coming so we will get a welcome break. 🌞
  11. My landlords are Gen One 12v fans and have 2 or 3 that they keep up nice, even repainted. They are pullin' sonsaguns. They also have a 2016 or 18 that has had some work and it is a beast for pulling and mpg's. They have a son just out of highschool that knows his way around them and does most all the work. More work than dad wants sometimes😆
  12. Really nice lineup Tim. Hope prices are strong and you have a great sale!
  13. A friend of mine did his tractor rears. Had to drill those holes first. He wasn't sure it was worth the effort. Anyway he only did the one set.
  14. I will not start a tirade on what I think of this criminally idiotic requirement for people of good character trying to legally enter this country on a mission of good will while looking the other way for people with bad intentions freely and illegally entering from the south because they know the worse thing that can happen to them is a hot meal and a bus ride back home.
  15. Hanged if I didn't notice their ears. Next time I take the neighbor girls fishin, I'll make sure they are properly protected Thanks Mike!
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