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  1. sandhiller

    About chain saws

    That looks really good. Will have to see if dealer has one in stock I can get hands on. Thanks!
  2. sandhiller

    About chain saws

    Thought about taking my sawzall but think a chainsaw would work much better. Plan on running up to Rapid City before Christmas and will go by my Stihl dealer in Chadron so best bet would be to stop in and get one in my hands. With the new battery technology, these cordless tools are getting amazing. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. sandhiller

    About chain saws

    Please explain the difference in an arborist saw vs a regular chain saw that I am use to.
  4. sandhiller

    Winter wood supply.

    Very nice! Looks well engineered and built. Reminds me of one I saw that was mounted upside down so the guy never left his skid steer, just drove around and dropped the splitter on top of the logs. He said he did it because of the size of the logs he was splitting was too hard on his back. I thought that was pretty ingenious. Oh, and by the way you weld neater than I write
  5. sandhiller

    About chain saws

    Been thinking about electric since I heard they came out. I carry my 032AV with 20" bar with me fencing the canyons (I have to walk because it is too steep/rough to get along it any other way) , it is heavy and most of the time more saw than I need. I use it to cut windfall branches off fence and cut posts (cedar) to replace broken ones. I wouldn't need more than a 14" bar, maybe 12". How big is the bar on yours? I have all Milwaukee cordless tools so have plenty batteries and chargers if I go with theirs but am a fan of Stihl chainsaws. I could put a smaller bar on my Stihl but the electric intrigues me.
  6. sandhiller

    About chain saws

    We have to have chainsaws on our trucks to meet the requirements of our mutual aide contract with the BIA, and Stihl is the saw we prefer. I have a Stihl 032AV for personal use that has to be over 30 years old but it just keeps running like a new one.
  7. sandhiller

    Super H

    Same story as my recent 656H purchase. It's nice when it has a back story like that.
  8. sandhiller

    Front wheel colors

    Very nice pair! I like the red/silver effect too. I think it's classy.
  9. sandhiller

    Super H

    Very nice, it looks pretty complete and in good shape from here. I had a '53 SH that I mainly used for a rake tractor. They are great little tractors and I wish I had mine back!
  10. sandhiller

    Life of a Feed Delivery Guy

    I don't like hanging that back chain off the back of the drawbar on the end of a clevis (one point in the center), by going through the wheels, it is effectively tying to two points and more solid. and I don't like chaining to that front casting run through a clevis(IMHO that front casting is more for a straight pull, not an up or down load). Will chaining down this way break that casting, probably not but I don't want to find out. I feel the way I do it now anchors the tractor to the deck of the trailer solidly. Personal preference, that is all. Have I chained it his way, yes, did I have a bad experience, no. There are many acceptable ways to secure a load and in the end it is up to the driver to be confident in the way he does it.
  11. sandhiller

    Life of a Feed Delivery Guy

    I used to go behind the steering pedestal over top of front tires. In back, I would go through the rear wheels near the bottom. If I was worried about paint, I had old mudflap to use.
  12. sandhiller

    Winter wood supply.

    I've burned wood all my life, until the boys left home, mother isn't much of a wood chucker any more and I ain't needin the exercise that much so the "silver bullet" is a pretty good replacement. I do miss the smell of good ash wood burning and there is nothing warmer than the radiant heat coming off that wood stove in the corner of the shop.
  13. sandhiller

    RIP Roy Clark

    "I'm a pickin' and I'm a grinnin'" with Buck, the two made quite a pair. He will be missed but his music will live on. One of the best.
  14. sandhiller

    I had the best dream last night

    OMG OMG OMG, I will never be able to look at camo britches on a female girl without thinkin' of ole Muffin Top Hillary, Thanks Lorenzo