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  1. Those CG guys are just plain amazing, fearless
  2. 8 trucks for 4 1/2 hours. That happens up on the Rosebud too. Lot of fires are lit up there. They contract with us as a first responder to any fires on tribal land. Also have a contract with the Forest. Keeps us in business. Tax money ain't enough. We have fundraisers (hate having to ask people to give us money so we can volunteer our time to fight their fires) and that helps but the paid fires really make a difference.
  3. We got barn cats, pretty wild but will come up when I feed them. When my son was still pretty young he brought this tiny kitten up to the house. Said he found it in the barn in the bottom of a stack of tires. This kitten was on the fight big time. I think what happened is mother had her litter in those tires and the tom cat killed them all except for this one. Even had it's tail chewed off. Well mother decided it would be her house cat. I am a dog person but gotta admit this cat grew on me. It is one helluva hunter still at ten years old and is always bringing stuff it caught up in the yard. It comes up to me when I am working at the desk and I scratch it on the back of the head and then it lays down or walks away. We get along just fine. Just never been one to have a lap cat. Here is a pic of it on top of the tack room being not impressed with the barn cats😄 It would much rather hang with the dogs (they get to come in the house too)😄
  4. A way of hanging to keep the muscles from contracting (rigor mortis)?
  5. If I got the dogs in the PU I leave the windows down and keys in. Gus is 120# of "that's close enough". If someone makes eye contact with him he will lock eyes with a quiet steady stare that keeps people at a fair distance, very intimidating. But sadly if dogs are not with me, I lock up. I have things in my PU that I don't want anyone to have. People have changed, It ain't the same country I grew up in. The rats have left the sewer (I80) and are traveling the smaller lines. Just don't know who is out there any more. The way the courts are today, if someone would take a gun out of my pickup and commit a crime with it, I would probably get in more trouble than they would. What's the old saying "better safe than sorry".
  6. I have wondered if there was a way to have a motion sensor hooked up to a recording of a really big azz mean dog growl.😆 Wanted to set it up in the shop in case anyone wondered in late at night. 😉
  7. I got one for ya. So, I'm sitting home getting prepared for our Fire District annual meeting and Budget Hearing when the page goes off. Cool, no wind, good humidity. WTH? Anyway respond and put the grass fire out. On tribal land so pays well. Am in the process of turning in the paperwork now, taking a break😁 Any way would never guess what started it. Contract fencing crew was rolling up 4 strands of old barb wire when somehow one strand uncoiled, shot up into the air and coiled around the power lines shorting to ground and starting the fire! Been doing this for 25 some years and this is a first😄 I can laugh because this was an easy fire (except for getting there was a ******). Tribe will pay the dept $3375 and I made it back in time to grab a quick bite and make the mtg😃 show me the money😆
  8. Bath salts...............................................
  9. You have some very active fires there. A granddaughter of a friend of mine is going to school in Casper to be a wildland firefighter or something like that. Since the fires have started she is not going to classes but out on these big fires. Instructors say she will learn more from the seasoned veterans then they could ever teach her in a classroom. She has just been certified at the federal level. Last we heard she was headed to Oregon. Continued prayers for all involved with the fires out west.
  10. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power Lao-Tzu
  11. I might be. Whut is it?????????????????? Does it have something to do with limiting the effects of rigor mortis????????????????? Flying blind here🤔 😀😁
  12. If I could write code, whenever someone posted there dumbazzed exploits on FB, as soon as they hit enter it would give them a shock, no more than 220v. Dont want to be mean to the dumbazzes. Just enough to scintillate their synapses😆
  13. I think we are on the same page. My "1000 round calibers" are .17HMR, .22LR, .223, .308, 9mm, .40 and .45 All others are minimum 100 rds. Ammo is stored in their own gun safe, not fire proof however. Firemen know which room is my gun room😳😉😁
  14. sandhiller


    Doesn't know his boot from a belt buckle🤪
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