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  1. Today is a day of celebration, Old Gus finally caught a ground squirrel😀. And he has dug up a scope of country over the years trying to do it😋😂
  2. If connected to the main house, summer kitchen. If separate from the main house, then cook house or cook shack. Some of the bigger ranches may be cooking for 20 to 30 men during haying season so I would imagine they would need a big kitchen with tables enough to feed them also. Probably a bit different than the summer kitchen I was thinking of. Either way people found ways to make do and make their life as comfortable as possible before REA came in.
  3. sandhiller

    May 22nd

    3.57" since it started raining Monday noon and the ground was all white here this morning also. Changed back to rain again now. 10 day looks a little warmer but wet. The Curlews have now walked in snow 3 times. That should be enough to let spring come in😄
  4. LOL my mistake, was quoting 88 about pallets and put yours in by mistake😂. On the handyman jacks, got some old wore out ones including wooden handled that I would never use. I do have 2 good ones that I use to push, pull and lift. Like any tool be careful and pay attention to what I am doing and I get along just fine. They have their place. I keep them clean and lube before use.
  5. I've still got a dozen or so in the barn and salt shed. They're handy for keeping stuff up off the dirt floor. I get 3 or 4 new ones a month in the winter, just had bout 50 more than I needed. Would have gladly given them away.
  6. That Indian is Rad, Word from the Bird, I wouldn't razz yer berries😎😂🤣
  7. sandhiller

    New joke

    I just think it's neat that the Teutul's are so passionate about flora.😋 Thankyou interweb, I never would have known😄😂🤣
  8. They were like a porch, used for cooking in the summer to keep from heating the rest of the house up.
  9. Very sorry to hear the sad news. My condolences to the family and friends.
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