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  1. It is curious, waiting to here the back story myself Jake.
  2. I'm just going to throw out a guess A snowy afternoon of shooting distance on a hay meadow in Western Nebraska.
  3. I am curious what customer service (866-200-2354) had to say to all these people? As a seller of firearms, I like to know peoples' experiences with firearms as well as customer service of manufacturers.
  4. Wife found a box of these in the church basement after a Legion Aux mtg. Anyone collect them? PM me I'll send ya a couple.
  5. Man I Like Fishin'.............tooπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜
  6. I have sold from .22LR to .45-70 including the .410 bore. Shot most of them. Quality and accuracy. No complaints from any of my customers on any of 'em.
  7. I think it is real sad. I think of the men who rode them. Maybe they were able to be sold as surplus. Hope they found a way to be owned by someone.
  8. My wife was an RN in our local nursing home for many years. She then went into a hospice program which is where she is now. There was no set standard for how nursing homes dealt with this covid bs. Many had to follow standards set by corporate or could lose funding. Locally owned nursing homes had the most latitude but could still lose medicare funding. Some completely shut down to any outside visitors, some let family in if the resident was put on hospice and some let family members in the last few days of a persons life. Many elderly died alone without family surrounding them
  9. Awesome shot of a very cool moment Steve! Congratulations!
  10. My ol buddy Gus enjoying one of the nicest days we've had in a while.
  11. My sympathies to you, the family and colleagues of Mr. Haigh. A selfless man who served his community admirably.
  12. sandhiller


    Luckily I have good neighbors (six on border fences) and we decided ourselves which parts we will go around in the spring. Sad when legal has to get involved. One neighbor I have 3/4 mile stretch, I go around every spring because it is on of the first pastures I turn into and one of their last. I don't mind, they are good neighbors and will upkeep during the summer when they turn in. Breeding season is the worst as bulls love to tear up fence, Anything gets tore up too bad and we will meet, sort cows if needed and fix it together. Good fence makes good neighbors!
  13. sandhiller


    And toilet flush spins backwards in Australia.............it's a confusing world🀠
  14. Totally misread the title...................................πŸ˜ͺ
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