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  1. My plan (🤣😂🤣) is to leave after the Fire Mtg Thursday night and head South. Maybe make it to Broken Bow (gonna wing it) and catch some sleep. Pull in fresh as a daisy on Friday! What time do the show grounds open to the general public in the morning?
  2. I have both. A Remington 700 ADL in .30-06 was my first bolt action deer rifle when I stepped up from .30-30 at around 14 years of age. It was also the rifle my boys grew into when they left the .243 which was their first deer rifle. A lot of venison put into the freezer with the venerable ought six. As far as .308's, a Savage Mod 10 as well as a Savage Mod 110, rebarreled with a 18" heavy bbl, folding stock and Sightron SIII 6x24 scope lays in my pickup seat very well and is very comfortable at long ranges. An AR-10 also found it's way home because...........well...............just because😃 I don't really put one ahead of the other, they are all very good tools that do what they are designed to do.
  3. Says they will be exhibiting at RPRU https://tractormuseum.unl.edu/
  4. When I was a young pup, this guy I knew, old Ag teacher, hired me to get ten pivots running on some ground he had rented and planted to corn. Just get em around once he said. I didn't catch on and the money was good so I said OK. About half way through, this black Suburban with Gov plates pulled up to me and two very imposing gentlemen got out. They questioned me up one side and down the other on what the H3LL I was doing out there. They had me sweating large caliber bullets. Once they figured out I was an innocent, they lightened up and actually had a great sense of humor. (they knew they had their man) They told me they suspected the guy was trying to defraud Fed Crop Ins and had planted bin run corn. I found out later they had paid for his room and board at the gray bar hotel in Lincoln for a ten year stay. I had no interest in going back to see if that corn ever grew or not😏 😄 🤠
  5. Feeding the squirrel with a marionette?
  6. Mostly AB around here. Before the marketing geniuses dropped their pants anyways. It was always bud heavy or just "red". Busch lite or just "blue". I don't think much Bud Light was ever drank Small town bar, you didn't even have to say, barmaid knew what you drank and was getting it when she saw you come in the door. If it was a switch night you'd better holler, "it's a whiskey night darlin" and she would get the Pendleton an water comin. Damn I miss the Clydesdales. Only reason I watched the Superbowl. Best commercials ever!
  7. Pretty sure the oil will get hot in a hurry with that size res. Larger tank and maybe even oil cooler inline would not hurt.
  8. I agree. When it was new I tried hauling 1000# of salt and mineral out to cows. It did it but I didn't like the way it felt. 600# is my limit now.
  9. So, I'm doing the neighbors chores while they are gone for a few days and he has this cow that gets out every night and I put her back every morning. She is getting tricky though. Started dragging a branch around to cover her tracks 🧐😏🤠
  10. Looks like congratulations are in order.🤠
  11. Received five pot loads of pairs this morning Waiting on the crew to get here to go to grass with them. Nice and cool in the breeze on top while I wait
  12. On of my favorite movies of all time!
  13. A few years back, my son worked for a breeder that also showed Belgiums. Love them big babies!
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