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  1. And what's so noticeable about one eyebrow?
  2. Glad you are here to remind us. We all do alot of things each day that can kill us. We have a lot on our minds and I am guilty of thinking of other jobs needing done instead of full concentration on task at hand. Have to remind myself to slow down, one thing at a time. The man upstairs has saved me from my dumba$$ self more than once. Glad no one was injured and you can move on.
  3. In the last 10 years had a Cummins Red Top N14 with a 10 sp, Detroit S60 12.7 and now a S60 14L both with 13sp. Of the three the Cummins was the smoothest and quietest. All were set around 500hp. Hard to get used to the noise and vibration of the Detroit's after being in the Cummins. I'm thinking a new dampener might help though. That being said, the little 12.7 pulled as well as the 14 and got 1.5 better mpg doing it. Now I'm only pulling around 81K so your extra 25K might really make it work. In my situation I would run a 12.7 again. Have heard Pittsburg Power are the gurus for the Series 60. They supposedly have some tunes that get the most out of these motors. But that is heresay not speaking from experience.
  4. Ooooo the Bailey's sounds dangerous. I have a hard enough time weaning myself off of it with coffee after Christmas. 😄
  5. Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎈. Hope you all have a great day.
  6. I don't have AC in Hayfield tractors, don't like to go from hot to cold when I'm out working. BUT, gotta have it to sleep and prefer it on a sit down meal. Dang humidity is so high here this summer, if you ain't in a/c your wringin' wet from head to toe. 😠
  7. I bought my old 6600 off a ranch sale. There was a green and yellow (not jd) riding lawnmower sitting next to it in line that brought 500, I gave 250 for the swather 😂. Used it for three years, no breakdowns, sold it for 1000😃
  8. Sounds like I need to make the effort to see Pete's next time I'm on a parts run. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. My old 6600 had the slant six and my 6650 has the Perkins, it is a gutsy little motor and has enough power for that machine. Hesstons were (still are) good ol machines.
  10. The steering wheel in my big truck tilts and telescopes same as my pickup. I'm guessing the more horizontal/flat position of yours is to make it easier to turn the slow speed sharp corners of city driving where it was designed to spend most of its life. Just a guess. I have an old 64 passenger Bluebird bus and it has a flatter orientation too.
  11. OK, sorry can't help, didn't make it that far. Came from the north.
  12. Yes All States. Was Pete's just next door. If so, doesn't look like much going on. Sorry can't answer for sure.
  13. Only 85 here today and 70 forecast for tomorrow, not great for haying but good for working on a certain broke down swather 😋
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